GAIMAN, Hugh Timothy
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GAIMAN, Hugh Timothy

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GAIMAN, Hugh Timothy Empty GAIMAN, Hugh Timothy

Post by Hugh Gaiman Mon Sep 24, 2012 4:19 am

GAIMAN, Hugh Timothy Tumblr_ly16dt2TBn1qmuxuf



    FULL NAME: Hugh Timothy Gaiman


    AGE: Sixty

    DATE OF BIRTH: December 20th, 1965

    ALLEGIANCE: The Ministry of Magic

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Ex-Hufflepuff, American.

    Care of Magical Creatures-O
    Defense Against The Dark Arts-E
    History of Magic-P
    Muggle Studies-O

    WAND: Oak, Dragon Fang core, 10", very light & good for Transfiguration.
    Hugh's wand was a gift from his wizard uncle. From the moment it chose him it became his most treasured items. There was an unfortunate mishap in the summer of his sixth year. His family home burned down taking most of his books and his wand with it. Fortunately, his uncle was able to pull it from the fire. It was badly scorched but it remained working. Since then Hugh has refused to fix the blackened piece of wood in memory of that fateful day.

    PLAY BY: Jim Beaver


    HAIR COLOR: Brown and balding
    Hugh inherited the Gaiman gene that contributes to balding hair. As far as Hugh has known most of the men in his family on his father's side have ended up bald. Some blooming early in life and other's very late. Hugh still has a little bit of hair on his head however and he intends on keeping it for as long as possible.

    EYE COLOR: Blue
    Despite Hugh's rough exterior he can be quite the softy at times. His blue eyes are an entrance into his inner self. People look at his eyes and see anger and fury from his time at war but if they look hard enough they'll also see other things. They might glance upon compassion and fear, even love if they look hard enough. Characteristics that don't often come around with Hugh.

    HEIGHT: 6' 1"
    Hugh may not be the tallest guy out there but he isn't a midget either. He inherited this gene from his mother's side.

    BODY TYPE: Aged
    Hugh was born right before Voldemort came to power. Which means he's been in multiple wars before. Those years spent being vigilant have almost made him a soldier of sorts. He has a routine of exercises he does every morning to maintain peak physical condition for his age. He likes to keep active so he doesn't fall behind when it comes to the young people of this day and age. You never know when another wizard war will break out.

    Hugh's wardrobe contains pretty basic pieces of clothing. Most of his clothes all share the same patter of plaid. But he sometimes dwells away from patterns and goes with a solid colour-mostly grays, dark greens, and blacks. Going almost daily with a dark undershirt and a plaid long sleeved button up shirt. He doesn't own a single pair of shorts preferring jeans of any kind. Jeans make him feel more protected then shorts ever will. Hugh ALWAYS sports a ball cap on any occasion. If anyone makes any attempts to touch his hat they get cursed into oblivion. He owns multiple pairs of the same pair of boots all in the same colour. Sometimes he swaps his ball cap our for a stetson or some other form of hat linked to the old west.

    Hugh's never clean shaven. It makes him look too pretty. He likes to have a full grown beard attached to his face at all times. Either a full on beard of a bushy mustache with some stubble. The manlier he looks the better is his mentality. He's always giving off an air of the bachelor life of an old man-which isn't necessarily.

    Although Hugh considers himself a man among men he does enjoy certain smells. He showers every night and every morning-keeping himself well groomed and clean. He sports a cologne he was introduced to at a young age-a type of cologne that won him his first date with his late wife.


    01: Loyal
    02: Humble
    03: Hard-working
    04: Flexible
    05: Intelligent
    06: Honest & Trustworthy
    07: Self-disciplined
    08: Empathetic
    09: Mature-ish
    10: Respectful

    01: Reserved/Guarded
    02: Grumpy
    03: Stubborn
    04: Blunt
    05: Quick tempered
    06: Moody
    07: Suspicious/Mistrusting
    08: Resentful

    01: Handling dangerous creatures
    02: Offensive magic & Charms
    03: Sarcasm & Wit
    04: Working under pressure
    05: Drinking

    01: Working in a group of 4+
    02: Frequent Nightmares
    03: Young people & Manners
    04: Anger
    05: Authority Figures

    01: Writing
    02: Travelling
    03: Quiet
    04: Drinking
    05: Independence
    06: Animals
    07: Reading
    08: Dueling
    09: Straightforwardness

    01: War
    02: Arrogance
    03: Power hungry authority figures
    04: Ignorance
    05: Douchebaggery
    06: People
    07: Bullies
    08: Complaining
    09: Selfishness

    01: To find someone he's willing to accept
    02: Peace

    01: Humming when very deep in thought
    02: Wand twirling between fingers when bored

    BOGGART: Spiders
    As a child Hugh had lived on a ranch with his muggle mother and father. He would spend his days wandering around and exploring the ranch and the woods surrounding it. When he was seven years old on a Sunday afternoon he had gone a little too far into the woods. When his parents hadn't seen him for a while they went out to look for him. He had fallen into a deep pit that was just as wide full of spiders. His voice had gone hoarse from screaming out of fear. And since then Hugh can barely stand to look at a picture of a spider.

    PATRONUS: Takes the form of a bear
    Although Hugh finds certain difficulty in creating a patronus his greatest memory is in fact more of a feeling; a memory of a feeling. Jumping off cliffs into water after Hogwarts graduation. The feeling of falling makes him feel so vulnerable yet so euphoric.

    DEMENTOR: Anything from the dark years. The years he spent attempting to save people from the wrath of Voldemort. More specifically finding his best childhood friend and her family murdered by Voldemort's followers.

    VERITASERUM: He's still afraid. He's constantly afraid that some new entity is going to rise up among the people and cause havoc again similar to Voldemort. He's getting older, he might not last so long if it happens again.

    MIRROR OF ERISED: If Hugh were to look into the Mirror of Erised he would see himself and a group of people around him. His friends from childhood all grown up. He wants to be with them again, for he is alone in this world. He is old, most of them have all passed away or were killed.

    Despite all the horrible past that Hugh's had to go through he is a fairly positive man. He keeps a very optimistic attitude with a lot of sarcasm thrown in there. But he'll grill you if you piss him off somehow. He's not exactly one to hold his tongue when something he likes is under attack and is pretty relentless once he starts. He's very blunt and brutally honest because that's how he's always been treated. His morals are good and his heart is always in a good place. He looks out for other people even though he doesn't like most of them and rarely complains.

    One of his biggest issues is that he's very reserved and rarely shares any aspect of his personal life with anyone. Spending a majority of his life during the age of Voldemort has taught him to trust no one. And even after all these years that trait has stuck with him as he grew older. However the fight against Voldemort has brought him many a good trait as well. He can perform beautifully under pressure and is a very quick thinker when he needs to be. He's easy enough to get along with but don't expect to learn much about him.


    FATHER: Johnathan Gaiman *Deceased
    Hugh's father was always there for him when he needed. In Hugh's eyes there was no father better than his own. Then again that's the view of any father in any child's eyes. He was as shocked as Hugh was when they found out he was a wizard. You had to go back nearly fourteen generations before you found any sign of magical talent in the Gaiman family. John's death hit Hugh very hard even though it was a natural death. The one person he looked up to most in the world was gone-the one he had fought to protect from Voldemort. All for nothing.

    MOTHER: Samantha Gaiman nee Tyler *Deceased
    Hugh's mother was a young mother, she had Hugh at the age of eighteen. She was a very protective mother and always cared about Hugh as her only child. However early in Hugh's childhood she contracted an illness that was not easily treatable. She succumbed to the illness when Hugh was Seventeen. He had received special permission to attend her funeral and missed nearly a month of classes to be with his father. He was almost happy that she didn't live to see what became of her son as he fought against Voldemort.


    OTHER: Samuel Gaiman, grandfather.

    BLOOD STATUS: Muggleborn

    RACE: Bear

    SOCIAL STATUS: Middle Class

    PET(S): Doc, a Rhodesian Ridgeback
    Hugh found Doc as a puppy five years ago. He was on a camping trip alone and found the poor dog injured laying next to a tree. Hugh, feeling sorry for the thing, healed it with ease. It just became attached to Hugh after that. Over time Hugh has become attached to Doc as well and they rare go anywhere not with each other. Doc has saved Hugh's life numerous times and Hugh has saved Doc's as well. It'd be unfair for their relationship to be considered master and pet. Doc is one of the few things Hugh genuinely enjoys in his life.

    OTHER POSSESSIONS: A small cottage in Scotland.


    Early Years:
    Hugh was born into an all muggle family dating back as far as fourteen generations. Only then are you going to find ANY sign of wizard activity; even then it's only been one wizard. So naturally he was raised to be a muggle in the 1960's. He was born in America to American parents but when the word was spreading that they were forcing fathers to go to war in Vietnam they found their way moving across the pond to London when he was three.

    There his parents came into quite a bit of money by chance and bought a ranch in Scotland. Being the American outsiders his parents were never really accepted in the small community they lived in. However as Hugh grew older the people in the community seemed to accept him more and more. By the age of seven Hugh was quite popular around the Scotts. He had many a friend that would sometimes venture to his family ranch.

    It was also at that age that Hugh began to experience bursts of magical energy. It all started when his hands were full carrying buckets of milk from one of the barns. Suddenly the door had just opened for him; of course he thought it was the wind and didn't mind it much. Eventually, however, larger things began happening until on his eleventh birthday he received his Hogwarts acceptance letter. His mother and father were completely flabbergasted and so was he. However after a few hours of excitement and confusion they came to terms with that fact that Hugh Gaiman was a wizard.

    Hogwarts Years:
    Hogwarts, to Hugh, was one of the greatest places on earth. It was a place where he could go to experience wonderful things he couldn't get at home. Of course there were fantastic things about his home life but Hogwarts was just so wonderful. Hugh was sorted into Hufflepuff after very little time under the Sorting Hat. He brought such a positive and happy mood to the table as soon as he sat down that almost everyone loved him immediately.

    Throughout his school life Hugh was a well educated student. Coming from muggle parents he wanted to learn as much as possible about magic. So studying extremely hard during his first two years was incredibly fun. However in his third year school became less exciting. So he turned to being a bit of a class clown. Of course he maintained average grades throughout his years between third and sixth year. His popularity rose over those years and he became well known as a fairly nice and humble boy. But one that could hold his own in a duel. Slytherin's were practically in charge of the school over his years. He had to learn to watch his back at all times. It was training without training.

    However over the summer of his seventh year his mother became ill. He was forced to mature a large deal in a very short time. He spent his summer helping his father at the farm using small amounts of magic. Never enough for any wizarding authority figure to notice but enough to really help them out. Not only that but he spent all his time not working with his mother, attempting to make her better. And it killed him not being able to use magic to heal her. For that summer he practically hated wizards, including himself. He blames himself for his mother's death in his seventh year.

    After his mothers death Hugh became very reserved and private. No longer would he be found laughing in the Great Hall with his friends from the varying houses. No, you would find him silent in the corner of the library studying and not talking or even looking at any one. The death of his mother changed him, for the better and for the worse. He was just relieved that it was the illness that took her rather than Voldemort and his followers.

    After Hogwarts Hugh practically dropped off the face of the earth. Still under the influence of his mothers death he went into training. Not auror training but an underground training. He had anger built up inside of him he needed to expel but he wanted to do it positively. So he began training under a man who was adamant at removing Voldemort from power. After many years of training and information gaining Hugh found himself close to Voldemort. Unfortunately, he found himself practically under control of the man leading them to death. He didn't like it, he had become a soldier-something he never wanted to become.

    Fortunately for him this leader was killed in battle. And not soon after Voldemort was thought to be defeated by Harry Potter. Hugh found himself free. Free from both the guilt of his mother's death and the war. Hugh was happy, the happiest he had been in years. He soon returned to his father's ranch only to find that he was selling it. His childhood home was gone and so was his father-it would be a long time until he saw his father again.

    Many years later Hugh found himself working for the American Ministry of Magic in the Magical Creatures department. He had a nice little apartment in New York, he was very content with his life. He still thinks back on that time-a time of peace. But then again peace is overrated. After a few years working there he got wind of Voldemort returning to power. Hugh was tired, but after years of silence and peace he was bored. He needed to get back into action, so he moved back to London and got a job at the British Ministry under the Auror department. He hated it, he was forced to go through mindless and pointless training that was peanuts compared to what he head to do before.

    Those were some of the darkest times of Hugh's life. Those nightmares still plague him, there was more death and destruction that previous-and it never ends.

    Presently Hugh is sixty years old and looking for work after disappearing again. He hopes to get a job at the British Ministry under the Department of Magical Creatures. After all, he loves those creatures.


    YOUR NAME: Matt

    RP EXPERIENCE: 3+ years going on 4

    HOW YOU FOUND US: Ancient Member

    OTHER CHARACTERS: Matthew Lestrang, Scott Bagman, Alphonso Song

    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: To ensure deliberate creation of character


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GAIMAN, Hugh Timothy Empty Re: GAIMAN, Hugh Timothy

Post by Khaat Lupin Fri Oct 05, 2012 11:07 pm

hugh, we give a 2 week window on applications. you're coming up on that very quickly. let us know how we can help you get this finished so you can use him!
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GAIMAN, Hugh Timothy Empty Re: GAIMAN, Hugh Timothy

Post by Hugh Gaiman Mon Oct 08, 2012 4:07 am

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GAIMAN, Hugh Timothy Empty Re: GAIMAN, Hugh Timothy

Post by Sophia Granger Mon Oct 08, 2012 2:12 pm

haha I like him, sound like a fun character to rp with! Wink Accepted and sorted into grads!
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