EMOF, Gahn Ne'Os (update)
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EMOF, Gahn Ne'Os  (update) Li9olo10

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EMOF, Gahn Ne'Os (update)

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EMOF, Gahn Ne'Os  (update) Empty EMOF, Gahn Ne'Os (update)

Post by Ne'Os Emof Wed Sep 19, 2012 6:54 am

EMOF, Gahn Ne'Os  (update) Storm-11

Ne'Os Emof


    FULL NAME: Ne'Os Gahn Emof

    NICKNAMES: Ne (pronounced knee)

    AGE: 43


    ALLEGIANCE: Death Eaters

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Slytherin

    WAND: Ebony, Basilisk skin, 8 inches, rigid.

    PLAY BY: Colm Feore


    HAIR COLOR: Brown

    EYE COLOR: Blue

    HEIGHT: 6'2

    BODY TYPE: Thin yet muscular

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: Ne'Os enjoys using transfiguration to change his appearence. When it isnt effected he looks clean shaven but because of the prior owners career path he has a long scar going from above his right eye and curving down his face to his chin. Now that he has become a vampire his face is gaunt yet very handsome. His skin is corpse pale. He has baby blue eyes with specks of bright green in them clearly placed by some magical means perhaps to honor his mother's family. When angered his eyes turn pitch black.


    - Despite his evil moral compass he is a good person.
    - Is very loyal to those he deems worthy
    - Highly Intelligent
    - Very skilled at creating magical artifacts
    - Highly skilled at torture

    - Underestimates his enemy
    - Has a god complex
    - He is bad tempered
    - Bossy
    - Over confident

    -Dark Magic
    -The order of the Phoenix
    -People that waste his time
    -Matthew LeStrange
    -People that get in his way.

    To achieve immortality
    To rule the world and bring it to a time where technology didn't rival magic.
    To find a student who can carry on his teachings
    To achieve the knowledge of all forms of magic and how to use it.

    He addresses people he respects with a phrase such as strong one, dark one, young one, and wise one. This is most likely caused by him being raised around vampires.

    BOGGART: To have to face all of those he killed for eternity.

    PATRONUS: The birth of his child.

    DEMENTOR: Being cursed by Grindelwald.

    VERITASERUM: The real reason why he was turned into a vampire the first time.

    MIRROR OF ERISED: To achieve true immortality and true understanding of magic.

    PERSONALITY: Ne'Os is a odd duck. He has friends on both sides of the conflict and treats them well. This however, doesn't mean that they are safe from his wrath should they invoke it. He is extremely caring and enjoys being surrounded by family and friends. He is deeply scarred by Grindelwald who cursed him in a way to experience every dark memory he ever had including all of the things he learned when he died. He has tasked himself to learn everything about magic that he can.


    FATHER: Zack Emof (Deceased)

    MOTHER: Cameron Aarla (Deceased)

    SIBLING(S): (unknown)

    OTHER: N/A

    BLOOD STATUS: Pureblood

    RACE: Vampire

    SOCIAL STATUS: Wealthy

    PET(S): The Raven (see magical artifacts)

    BROOMSTICK(): none as Ne'Os doesn't trust them.

    OTHER POSSESSIONS: Some odds and ends some magical some not.


    Early Years:
    Ne'Os was born to a explorer named Zack Emof. Upon the moment of his birth he was motherless as she died in child birth. At the age of three Ne'Os had started going with his father on explorations and it was during a expedition in a unstable tomb that he was bit by a vampire and turned into one himself. His father, wanting revenge, spent the rest of his life employing vampire hunters to find and kill the vampire that turned his son and the vampires that served him. Ne'Os was sent to dermstrang just before he was transferred to Hogwarts.

    Hogwarts Years: Ne'Os's stay at Hogwarts was much shorter than most. His first years were normal...or as normal as it could be for a vampire student. He made friends and enemies just as all students and it wasn't until his 5th year that he joined the Death Eaters. That was when his lust for power started. He quickly became the head death eater and assisted the Dark Lord Voldemort in planning to take over the school during his 6th year. Although Ne'Os had plans of his own and it was during the peak of the battle that he carried out his plans and killed Voldemort on top of the Astronomy Tower and claimed the elder wand as his own. It was shortly after the Battle that Ne'Os dropped out of Hogwarts. It was sometime during his stay at hogwarts he created his first horcrux.

    Adulthood: After Ne'Os had dropped out he received the order of Merlin, First Class. And it was shortly after that the ministry decided to run a investigation in his life as a Death Eater. This is when his life started to go down hill very fast. It started with his trial and his double life sentence to Azkaban that kicked it off offically. He spent a few weeks in Azkaban before he had worked out a way to escape. With the aid of Kingsley shacklebolt and another Order member he managed to escape the prision and assault Hogwarts again this time to kick out the death eater headmaster.

    After this he tricked the Order into thinking he had changed and even gave them a convincing copy of his horcrux as a symbol of his devotion. He really was spying on them and soon betrayed them and rejoined the Death Eaters this time as a outcast and labeled a traitor. During this time he created a extremely dark artifact he called the robes of deaths hand. The robes themselves granted him protection from most complex spells and many basic ones but had a flaw they were defeated by a simple disarming spell.

    Soon after the Death Eaters plotted do attack the order and their base of operations. Knowing this was his chance to gain prestige in the Death Eaters he sought out those he considered powerful and used ancient magic to make them sign their magic over to him. He then used their magic to power his enchanted robes. It was during the Battle of Grimwauld place that Ne'Os was killed by Matthew LeStrange.

    A unknown period of time passed before Ne'Os was able to find a opportunity to come back to the realm of the living. He found his opportunity when a curse breaker ran into a ancient artifact that forced him soul from his body yet didn't kill him. Ne'Os took this opportunity and took up residence. The side effect was that he lost every memory he had and it was over a few months leading up to the recent Battle of Hogwarts to gain them all back. He then served Grindelwald for a short time and stayed with the wizard until a few weeks after Grindelwald gained the title of Minister of Magic and started investigations of his employees at the ministry, one of which being Ne'Os. Feeling betrayed he left to restart the injured Death Eaters. He then met with the Order and they began plotting to take down Grindelwald. While they succeeded to take down Grindelwald they failed to end his life and Ne'Os nearly lost himself in a curse Grindelwald placed on him.

    Then the Green itch came. At first it was a simple cough and sneeze type virus. But then it turned deadly. It left Ne'Os severely weakened and without magic. He had no choice but to flee the country so he could make a attempt to recover. When he returned he found the Death Eaters under new management. Uncharacteristically he made no move to stop this. He was still weak but thanks to death eater help he managed to gain back some of his magic and beat back the symptoms.

    Recently Ne'Os has found a opportunity to become a vampire again while he was rescuing his old friend Khaat. With his new found and re-found vampire abilities he found himself with the ability to make a new artifact, The Raven. This artifact perhaps being the most powerful object he has ever created is now a very significant part of his life, as it is connected to him through a magical symbiotic link. He plans to raise as much prestige within the Death Eaters as he can before he does anything else.


    YOUR NAME: Taylor

    RP EXPERIENCE: A few years

    HOW YOU FOUND US: Andrian referred me a long time ago in a galaxy far far away.

    OTHER CHARACTERS: none but might make a new one in the future.

    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: To have fun what else.

Ne'Os Emof
Ne'Os Emof
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Slytherin Graduate

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EMOF, Gahn Ne'Os  (update) Empty Re: EMOF, Gahn Ne'Os (update)

Post by Khaat Lupin Thu Sep 20, 2012 2:11 am

that looks like the ne'os that i know. nice to see him updated. accepted and filed in graduates.
Khaat Lupin
Khaat Lupin
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