STARR, Cithrin Shiera
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STARR, Cithrin Shiera

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STARR, Cithrin Shiera  Empty STARR, Cithrin Shiera

Post by Shiera C Starr Mon Sep 17, 2012 12:59 am

STARR, Cithrin Shiera  Shiera2



    FULL NAME: Shiera Cithrin Starr

    NICKNAMES: Mother used to call her “little mermaid” before her death, was teased about her middle name during her early years at Hogwarts so keeps it a secret, ex-husband calls her Sher, occasionally.

    AGE: 33

    ALLEGIANCE: Undecided as of yet but Shiera is usually the type who sides with the winners, also known as which side offers her more.

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Hufflepuff alumni

    CLASSES: Was particularly good at Arithmancy and History in her school years. Obtained an E for Charms, Astronomy and Defence. An A in transfiguration, and Potions. Hated Herbology with a passion. Was a fair flier and played substitute Chaser on the Hufflepuff team but only because team captain asked her to and because he was her boyfriend.

    WAND: 12 inches, weirdwood, unicorn hair, “adaptable”

    PLAY BY: Natalie Dormer


    HAIR COLOR:Bright, almost artificial blond

    EYE COLOR:Steel Grey and capable of narrowing into terrifying slits when she is displeased

    HEIGHT: 5 foot 7

    BODY TYPE: wholesome, curvy


    Growing up, Shiera had always been on the heavy side. Not out rightly fat but definitely chunkier than some of the other girls her age. However, as soon as puberty hit, she grow into the curves. Her hair, originally a wheat blond colour she started dying into a more prominent (eye catching) gold at the age of sixteen. Her eyes are the only part of her that remain unchanged to this day and while she doesn’t particularly like the colour, she likes the fact that at least something in her will always be the same. Shiera gained popularity when she hit puberty in her third year and has never been short on dates since. She looks after herself well not because she is shallow but because she knows how shallow the world can be. She also has no qualms about using her looks to get what she wants.



    Quick to anger
    Generally unsympathetic

    Hard liquor

    Being bored
    Work related frustrations
    Her ex husband

    Shiera is rather aimless in terms of goals these days. She always thought her goal would be to achieve a high ranking position in the bank she used to work for and family wise, to have a few kids. But after her divorce and subsequent quitting of her job, she isn’t sure where to go or what to do. She has enough money to stay comfortably on her own without working but seeing as she hates boredom, she is scouting the market for work.

    Taps her fingernails against surfaces whenever she gets the urge to bite them. Shiera is not about to relapse into a habit that took her so many painful months to quit as a teen.

    BOGGART: Her ex husband on the day they decided to split up. More specifically, the fear that every nasty thing he said about her is true.

    PATRONUS: Used to be her wedding day. Hasn’t had the need to conjure up a Patronus for many years now so is unsure at the moment.

    DEMENTOR: Losing her first child to miscarriage

    VERITASERUM: Shame at being unable to give birth successfully

    MIRROR OF ERISED: Her with a child in her arms

    As a child, Shiera was always quietly curious which meant she spent a lot of time observing her surroundings. She was a bit of a loner in her early years at Hogwarts because on her first day, a few second year girls decided to target her for her body structure and the fact that she didn’t have a mother. Shiera started gaining some confidence in her third year when she started blossoming but knowing how shallow people can be, never made the kind of close friends one can confide things to. By the time she had graduated, her confidence level was at its highest. She was beautiful, in love, popular and had a great job lined up. This lasted for approximately two years and then she went through her first miscarriage. Today, Shiera is more shrewd, calculative and calm than she has ever been. She also does not trust easily because she has been hurt by the one person she thought would never hurt her.


    FATHER: Marcus Starr

    MOTHER: Allison Starr

    SIBLING(S): -

    OTHER: Ex husband Jon Fossoway, son Conner (died during birth), daughter Alysanne (died during birth)

    BLOOD STATUS: Half blood

    RACE: Human/Witch

    SOCIAL STATUS: Father is wealthy, married life was upper middle class.

    PET(S):Used to have a rabbit at Hogwarts which died in her seventh year. Hasn’t had the heart to get another pet since. Though if you ask, she’ll just say she’s too busy for things like that.


    OTHER POSSESSIONS: A necklace made up of equal parts emeralds and sapphires that keep changing. Wears it sometimes but mostly likes it because its the only thing she has of her mother’s.


    Early Years:
    Shiera doesn’t remember much of her mother or her childhood. She knows from her father that her mother was sick for a long time and used to call Shiera “little mermaid” but has no idea why. Since she never knew her mother, Shiera never really missed her. Her father used to leave her on her own a lot when she was old enough for it and for the most part, the girl enjoyed her own company.

    Hogwarts Years:
    As stated above, Shiera didn’t have the best of starts at school but managed to gain sufficient popularity and fame later. She was never the best student (unless in an Arithmancy class in which she was considered something of a genius) and not very actively involved in Quidditch. The most life altering thing that happened to her during her Hogwarts years was meeting Jon Fossoway, a year above her and Captain of the Quidditch team. Their relationship held strong even after she graduated and when she turned 20, they got married because there was no longer any point in waiting.

    Jon was almost instantly snatched up by one of the league teams after graduation and had amassed enough influence in a year to secure his girlfriend a job in the code breaking department at Gringgots upon her own graduation. Shiera spent two years working there before realising that while ciphers and codes were fun, what she really liked was banking. Sadly, Gringotts was solely run by Goblins under a document signed and agreed on by the Ministry so she had to look for work elsewhere. She started at an investment firm and over the next ten years, did well enough to be made director. At the age of 30, she was offered a position with a large bank operating independent of Goblins and took it, even if the job involved a relocation to Kent, Ireland. Jon was still playing Quidditch so he was away most of the time and it didn’t matter to him where they lived.

    The first time she found evidence of her husband’s extra marital affair was when she picked up a copy of the Prophet one morning to see his face splashes all over the front of the sports section, snogging some red headed witch she had never seen. This followed a confrontation, an apology from Jon and her starting to not trust him. Over the next few years, the situation escalated out of control until one morning Shiera (over coffee and a Prophet) asked for a divorce. Jon went crazy and started yelling at her. He stormed out of the house later and she quietly packed her things and floo-ed to her father’s estate. She filed for divorce the next day, refused to answer his letters and speak to him and after a few months, moved to London to see if she could get a fresh start on her life.


    YOUR NAME: Sam

    RP EXPERIENCE: 5-6 years I think

    HOW YOU FOUND US: Forumotion


    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: To roleplay at Potter’s Army

Shiera C Starr
Shiera C Starr

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STARR, Cithrin Shiera  Empty Re: STARR, Cithrin Shiera

Post by Khaat Lupin Tue Sep 18, 2012 10:30 pm

Welcome aboard! I like Shiera. She looks good to me. If you need help with anything, give a yell. You'll find we're a friendly bunch here.

Accepted and sorted into grads!
Khaat Lupin
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