WEASLEY, Molly Carlotta
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WEASLEY, Molly Carlotta

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WEASLEY, Molly Carlotta Empty WEASLEY, Molly Carlotta

Post by Molz Weasley Sun Aug 26, 2012 1:54 pm

WEASLEY, Molly Carlotta Molly-c-quinn-molly-quinn-29032933-333-500



    FULL NAME: Molly Carlotta Weasley.

    NICKNAMES: M, Mols.

    AGE: Born 31st February 2005, fifteen and fifth year.

    ALLEGIANCE: Potter's Army.

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Gryffindor.

    CLASSES: Defense Against the Dark Arts and Care of Magical Creatures.

    WAND: Cherry, Dragon Heartstring, 8 3/4 inches, nice and supple.

    PLAY BY: Molly C. Quinn.


    HAIR COLOR: Typical Weasley red.

    EYE COLOR: Bright blue.

    HEIGHT: Average, around 5'6".

    BODY TYPE: Relatively fit, since most of her spare time is spent playing Quidditch or chasing around magical creatures.

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: Molly has the typical Weasley red hair, which goes with her blue eyes. She's not stereotypically beautiful, but she's pretty in her own way. She has quite soft features, which she hates, so she tries to cover by using make-up and harsher hair styles. She isn't particularly thin, but due to her high level of exercise she has more muscles than most females her age.


    Good with magical creatures.
    Quidditch, as a Chaser.
    Has an accurate instinct for things.

    Her temper.
    Her impatience.
    Often does things without thinking them through.

    Magical creatures.
    Her family, well, most of the time.

    Studying from textbooks or writing essays - she likes a practical approach.
    History of Magic.
    People trying to tell her what to do.

    Become Quidditch Captain one day.
    Become a Professional Quidditch Player.
    Work with dangerous and exciting magical creatures.

    Hates missing out steps on stairs.
    She can't stand not knowing things, when she knows people are keeping things from her.
    She's strangely flexible and can stand or be in weird positions for ages without getting tired.

    BOGGART: Failing at everything.

    PATRONUS: When she got her first pet, a half-cat half-kneazle, named Tarla.

    DEMENTOR: When Tarla was ill and Molly thought she would die.

    VERITASERUM: Doesn't have any...yet!

    MIRROR OF ERISED: Her surrounded by animals and a family of her own.

    Molly is quite a caring person, though most people don't realise it. She loves running around with magical creatures and wants to do exciting and new things, but she is a generous person who is loyal to her friends and isn't afraid to stand up for what is right. She has a bit of a mischievous streak, which is fine on her own, but if with others who will encourage her, could be lead to pranks and the like. She also believes in fighting evil, which is why she's interested in Defense Against the Dark Arts, the only subject she compares much about aside from Care of Magical Creatures. Molly finds it hard to make friends a lot of the time. She can appear to be someone who most people think as a nice, friendly girl but isn't close to that many people.

    Molly isn't a very studious girl. She doesn't see the point in reading textbooks and writing essays, she believes the best way to learn things is to go out and do them. She loves Care of Magical Creatures and she doesn't mind Defense Against the Dark Arts, but isn't crazy about any other subjects. She knows that they can be useful, so puts up with them, but plans to drop the rest of them after her OWLs.


    FATHER: Percy Ignatius Weasley.

    MOTHER: Audrey Carlotta Weasley, née Stallone.

    SIBLING(S): Lucy ____ Weasley, third year Hufflepuff.

    OTHER: N/A. Has a big Weasley family, isn't that close to most of them, as her father isn't.

    BLOOD STATUS: Pureblood.

    RACE: Human.

    SOCIAL STATUS: Middle class.

    PET(S): Her half-cat half-kneazle Tarla, which she took to Hogwarts with her. She wasn't allowed any more pets, though kept feeding strays so that they'd come back to her house. She'd ended up with a myriad of kneazles in her garden before she had left for Hogwarts, which left once they realized Molly wasn't there anymore.

    Nimbus 2010. Molly got it a year ago, after saving up for ages and getting a summer job the previous year. She loves it so much and is constantly cleaning it and taking care of it..



    Early Years:
    Molly grew up with her mother, father and sister in a house just outside of London. Her father, Percy, worked for the Ministry and was fairly high up now from what she gathered. She never cared much about her fathers work though. He worked long hours and so both she and her sister were closer to her mother, who stayed at home with them until they both started Hogwarts.

    Molly, Lucy and her mother had always been quite close. Their mother would show them little bits of magic and taught them how to fly. Her mother wasn't that advanced at flying though, and soon Molly became better than her and started teaching her younger sister who seemed to like it as well. When Molly began Hogwarts she missed her family.

    Hogwarts Years:
    Molly was excited to start Hogwarts. She was sorted into Gryffindor, like most of her father's family had been. She didn't enjoy all of the classes. It wasn't until third year that she got to study Care of Magical Creatures that she cared about any of them that much. She had a few friends here and there, she got on with most people, but never found herself particularly close to anyone in particular.

    At the start of her third year, her sister started, but Lucy was sorted into Hufflepuff like their mother. Molly was slightly disappointed, as she would have liked to be in the same house as her sister. Also, they didn't see that much of each other which Molly didn't like. Different houses and years made it difficult. This year, she hoped, since Lucy could go to Hogsmeade and such Molly thought things might change.

    Molly was happy to start her fifth year. Only one more year of the annoying subjects, she told herself, to which she hoped to drop everything aside from Defense Against the Dark Arts and Care of Magical Creatures. She knew most people took more than two subjects, but she decided to cross that bridge when she came to it.

    Adulthood: (At least 1 paragraph of your characters history after Hogwarts)


    YOUR NAME: Jemma!

    RP EXPERIENCE: Like, five years now.

    HOW YOU FOUND US: Searching Google images for Ravenclaw avatars Smile.

    OTHER CHARACTERS: Jemma Tiquelle and Aidan Willson.

    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: Wanted to play a fifth year Gryffie girl and a canon, so Molly was perfect! Want some family-like RP as well as other plots in mind. PA needs more canons!


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WEASLEY, Molly Carlotta Empty Re: WEASLEY, Molly Carlotta

Post by Khaat Lupin Sun Aug 26, 2012 9:06 pm

accepted and sorted into gryffindor. nice to see you adding her!
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WEASLEY, Molly Carlotta Empty Re: WEASLEY, Molly Carlotta

Post by Anabelle Mulciber Sun Aug 26, 2012 9:50 pm

Moved c:
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