DELACOUR, Julien Éduoard
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DELACOUR, Julien Éduoard

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DELACOUR, Julien Éduoard Empty DELACOUR, Julien Éduoard

Post by Julien Delacour Fri Aug 17, 2012 5:07 pm

DELACOUR, Julien Éduoard Tumblr_ld473urIlz1qf7jgro1_500



    FULL NAME: Julien Éduoard Delacour

    NICKNAMES: Jules, which is the obvious one out of his first name; and Jude, which is another less blatant, but the boy’s preferred, one.

    AGE: Sixteen

    ALLEGIANCE: Neutral, unless given a reason not to be. The boy’s father was murdered during one of the many tussles between Aurors and the Death Eaters. Suffering the loss, he has gotten better after the bitter phase of hating any existing opposing factions, regardless of what they stand, and which is good or evil. Now, though, Julien is leaning towards mere nonchalance, which reaps no allegiance(s) yet.

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Ravenclaw

    N.E.W.T.s CLASSES: Alchemy, Ancient Runes, Astronomy, DADA, History of Magic, Potions, and Transfiguration

    EXTRA-CURRICULAR CLASSES: Apparition, Magical Theory, and Ancient Studies

    WAND TYPE: Eucalyptus, Sphinx Whiskers and Fwooper Feather, 14 ½ inches, Sturdy

    001. Lively
    002. Willing
    003. Powerful
    004. Proficient with Wandlore
    005. Helpful for wand-based arts
    006. Imported wood from Australia
    007. Commands limelight
    008. Natural convicting allure
    009. Clever
    010. Creative
    011. Talented prankster
    012. Unconcerned with consequences
    013. Boost to Charms and Curses
    014. Mark of ill-omen
    015. Could potentially drive its wielder mad, very gradually

    PLAY BY: Francisco Lachowski


    HAIR COLOR: Cooper Brown

    EYE COLOR: Russet Brown

    HEIGHT: 6’0 | 1.85m

    BODY TYPE: Julien is well-fed, but that is not a euphemism for plus-sized. Instead, thanks to his penchant for athletics, it is all turning out rather nicely, as his body progresses from a boy’s to a young man’s. Julien’s shoulders have become rather sturdy and fairly muscled. His limbs and torso are decently toned and lean. If he keeps true to his Delacour roots, the boy should find himself rather statuesque in years to come.

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: Part of the requirement of being a Delacour is to be well-presented. Generations of Delacours are taught, from a tender age, the importance and the manner in which they should be groomed and be dressed like. While the availability of wardrobe is Julien also likes to add a bit of fun to what he wears.


    001. Active
    002. Affectionate
    003. Animated
    004. Ambitious
    005. Articulate
    006. Assertive
    007. Bilingual
    008. Boisterous
    009. Cheerful
    010. Compulsive
    011. Confident
    012. Creative
    013. Cultured
    014. Debonair
    015. Dishonest
    016. Disorganised
    017. Domineering
    018. Egocentric
    019. Energetic
    020. Fidgety
    021. Flamboyant
    022. Flirtatious
    023. Fun-loving
    024. Gregarious
    025. Immodest
    026. Impatient
    027. deceptivelyImpeccable
    028. Insensitive
    029. Intellectual
    030. Logical
    031. Materialistic
    032. Non-commital
    033. Opinionated
    034. Optimistic
    035. Pragmatic
    036. Temperamental
    037. Vain
    038. Shrewd

    001. The Delacours
    002. Exotic cuisines
    003. Wandlore
    004. Attention
    005. Ostentatious occasions
    006. Reading
    007. Quidditch
    008. Tea
    009. The French Countryside
    010. Non-committal relationships
    012. Cats
    013. Horse-back riding

    001. The Average Crowd
    002. Junk food
    003. Heavy Metal music
    004. Nuts
    005. Coffee
    006. Creepy-crawlies
    007. Bureaucracy
    008. Muggle technology
    009. Losing
    010. His conditionWeakness
    011. Apologising
    012. Muggle transportation
    013. Being cooped up

    001. To be the most eligible bachelor of his year
    002. To permanently overcome his genetic illness
    003. To make an impact during his time at Hogwarts
    004. To be proficient in Wandlore, and to learn the art of Wand-making

    Julien has a tendency to breathe very loudly, especially when he sleeps. He also clenches his fists habitually, as if he is frequently attempting to grasp onto something. The boy often impatient and frustrated over something, and one can always find him tapping his foot in thought, or tapping his fingers against any surface.

    BOGGART: Darkness, the one that you are subjected to when you are asleep or unconscious. This is undoubtedly related to his mental condition.

    PATRONUS: A Stallion, although Julien is barely proficient at it, and would need more time and practice to ensure success at producing a Patronus at will, anytime.

    DEMENTOR: Losing his father made a negatively significant impact on the boy’s life. After all, Jan had been a loving father who spent time with his family whenever he was not down for a mission with the other Aurors in France.

    VERITASERUM: His mental condition, a sort of momentary paralysis that Healers have attributed to problems arising from the years of secret and scandalous inbreeding that takes place among the Pureblood families, typically those from the Elite community. Unlike his twin, Julien is a victim of this silent but damaging quality in the head, when one shuts down without warning, something which poses great danger at moments when a reaction or action is required of the person. While this means that Julien shouldn’t especially be taking part in sports like Quidditch, and even duelling, the condition has been kept under control by a prescription by the family’s Healer, who has emphasised time and again on the importance of consuming it every morning. If the condition does act up during the day, the potion must be forced into the boy’s mouth, even in his state of paralysis. Should he also wish to avoid sleep paralysis, another dose must be taken before sleep every night. It is surely a good thing that the Delacours have the wealth to sustain such an expensive need for the boy.

    MIRROR OF ERISED: Himself, accomplished, healthy, and with his complete family.

    PERSONALITY: While Julien has got a Quarter-Veela blood going for him, the impeccable impression that he asserts onto people’s minds can easily be ruptured if one tries hard enough to locate the elusive loophole to his person. Once that has been uncovered, the mere image would be shattered. Behind this deceptive perfection lies a boy who is plagued with an illness that has been said by Healers to be permanent and progressively deteriorating. The boy’s life will be one that is heavily dependent on the potion mixed by his Healer, for as long as he lives. Because of this, Julien has become a sort of fighter, refusing to be constrained by the seeming limits of his body. He has surprisingly achieved far more than was expected of him as a child. Given a possession of Delacour charm, the boy is also very well-liked. All of these have made him expect the best for himself, and to also believe himself to be the best, moulding the boy into a rather egocentric and demanding one, even if his charm and friendliness seem to make up for it.


    FATHER: Jan Manier. Pureblood. Former Auror. Murdered.

    MOTHER: Gabrielle Delacour. Quarter-Veela. A French citizen, she moved to London to work at the Ministry of Magic as an Auror but quit and returned to France.

    SIBLING(S): Gisèle and Hélène Delacour

    OTHER: Weasleys and Potters

    BLOOD STATUS: Tainted Pureblood

    RACE: Quarter-Veela

    SOCIAL STATUS: Socially, the family is an established name among the Wizarding Elite. This is due to a rich history and culture attached to that name. However, as with a lot of such families, the wealth has begun to dwindle, shifting primarily to the families who are successful in profiteering businesses.

    001. Hélène Cixous, named after one of the leading ladies of French Feminism, and also to annoy his eldest sister when he calls out for the cat.
    002. Audrey Hepburn, his newest babbycat.

    001. A Thunderbolt
    002. His father’s Nimbus

    A significant one, among others, would be a picture album with his father in most of the family photos.


    Early Years: Babby Jules had the luxury of a privileged childhood, one with loving parents and a silver platter. Naturally, Julien was the closest to his twin, having had to share the fights and the joys for the larger portion of his life so far. Despite the fact that Julien likes to bask in the attention of the two older females in his nuclear family, they also happen to be the ones who have shown him less attention than he would like. Gabrielle is especially detached, having been left in complete shambles after her husband’s murder, an event in which she has barely recovered from. And I hate history.

    Hogwarts Years:
    O.W.L.s Results,
    Astronomy – E
    Charms – A
    DADA – O
    Herbology – A
    History of Magic – E
    Potions – E
    Transfiguration - E
    Ancient Runes – E
    Arithmancy – O

    Adulthood: N/A


    YOUR NAME: Madd

    RP EXPERIENCE: (-14+24) - (-16+17) - (-19+23) years

    HOW YOU FOUND US: Difficult to quit

    OTHER CHARACTERS: Augustus Rookwood, Basilio Bermudez, Damien d'Eath, Kendall Rookwood, Thierry Krum, Trenton Thomas

    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: Reviving and revamping a character who once lived. Besides, I heard you’re in need of male characters?

Julien Delacour
Julien Delacour
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Sixth Year Gryffindor

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DELACOUR, Julien Éduoard Empty Re: DELACOUR, Julien Éduoard

Post by Elijah Krum Fri Aug 17, 2012 5:49 pm

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacepted! Very Happy


*plops him in Ravenclaw*

Elijah Krum
Elijah Krum
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Sixth Year Slytherin

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