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PAPADOPOULOS, Maia Delphine  Li9olo10

What’s Happening?
Since every few months or so a few of our old members get the inspiration to revisit their old stomping grounds we have decided to keep PA open as a place to revisit old threads and start new ones devoid of any serious overarching plot or setting. Take this time to start any of those really weird threads you never got to make with old friends and make them now! Just remember to come say hello in the chatbox below or in the discord. Links have been provided in the "Comings and Goings" forum as well as the welcome widget above.


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PAPADOPOULOS, Maia Delphine  Empty PAPADOPOULOS, Maia Delphine

Post by Hugo Weasley Sat Jun 16, 2012 2:46 pm

PAPADOPOULOS, Maia Delphine  Tumblr_m5daljta4A1rwh6cdo1_500

MAIA DELPHINE PAPADOPOULOS ______________________________________________________________________________________


    FULL NAME: Maia Delphine Papadopoulos

    NICKNAMES: Pappy – courtesy of Augustus and Kendall Rookwood.

    AGE: Eighteen – b. May 24th 2007

    BLOOD STATUS: Muggleborn.

    RACE: Human.

    ALLEGIANCE: Rookwood Family.

    PLAY BY: Adriana Lima.


    HAIR COLOR: Dark Brown.

    EYE COLOR: Azurite Blue.

    HEIGHT: 5’6

    BODY TYPE: Slender, Curvaceous.

    Maia was blessed with her mother’s long, thick, luscious locks that tumble from her scalp to fall around her torso, reaching down to just below her breasts. It is soft to the touch and easy to curl and twist into any style she wishes to possess. Her face is oval in shape and soft with no harsh edges to it. Her chin rounds off nicely, jutting out only slightly from her face as a whole. Her eyes are almond shaped, large and striking, the irises the colour of pale, azurite blue.

    Her eyes are framed by long, dark, delicate eyelashes that curl upward towards her hairline, giving her a slightly doe-eyed look. Her lips are a full Cupid’s bow, coloured with the prettiest of cherry reds. Maia’s neck is long and slender, connecting to her narrow shoulders with an elegant stroke of her tan skin. She is quite small in terms of her torso, her legs making up most of her height. She is blessed, however, with ample bosom and a unique spattering of freckles that dot across her stomach. She has made very few modifications to her appearance over the years.

    Her state of dress is usually lacking, her business reducing her to wearing very little but when she is permitted to covering up she enjoys soft, silken dressing gowns in deep colours that are beautiful against her skin tone. Rarely is she required to dress appropriately in day-wear. Only once was that ever required and she wore smart dress clothes which she keeps in the small wardrobes that she is supplied with depending on where she goes. It’s something she tries to wear as often as the opportunity presents itself – which, really, isn’t often at all.


    001. Resourceful.
    002. Charming.
    003. Sensitive.
    004. Dreamer.
    005. Proud.
    006. Sly.
    007. Quarrelsome.
    008. Vindictive.
    009. Surly.
    010. Provocative.
    011. Rash.
    012. Listener.
    013. Musical.
    014. Uneducated.
    015. Curious.
    016. Stubborn.
    017. Gentle.
    018. Compassionate.
    019. Graceful.
    020. Thoughtful.

    001. Abandonment.
    002. Heights.
    003. Rejection.
    004. Magic.
    005. Darkness.
    006. Fire.
    007. Auction.
    008. Death.
    009. Loss.
    010. Spiders.

    001. Ouzo.
    002. Fish.
    003. Sailing.
    004. Olives.
    005. Sunshine.
    006. Long walks.
    007. Swimming.
    008. Fresh fruit.
    009. Summer breeze.
    010. Travelling.

    001. British weather.
    002. Meat.
    003. Wizards.
    004. The Rookwoods.
    005. Laziness.
    006. Vanity.
    007. Cruelty.
    008. Wine.
    009. Cheap bread.
    010. Winter.

    001. Buy a little cottage somewhere on the continent.
    002. Leave slavery.
    003. To learn how to use magic.
    004. Buy herself a wand one day.
    005. To gain an education.

    001. Fiddles, constantly, with anything and everything.
    002. Plays with her earrings.
    003. Taps her fingers against her lips.
    004. Pulls on her earlobe a lot – a nervous tick.
    005. Walks left foot first.

    BOGGART: Abandonment.

    PATRONUS: Maia has no knowledge of the spell. It is also worth noting that no such memory she has had would be strong enough to allow her to cast it.

    DEMENTOR: Her first auction.

    VERITASERUM: She has ‘attended’ to a number of dignitaries, nobles and parliamentarians.

    MIRROR OF ERISED: To live a long and happy life with someone who loves her and maybe, just maybe, have a family.


    Maia is not a shy person but the language barrier that wedges itself between her and those around her has always proved difficult to overcome and so she prefers to keep to herself. She is certainly more of a listener than she is a talker but she is not one to take things lying down and will fight her corner in any way possible if she feels threatened or accused of something. She is quite a surly individual and is often in quite a disagreeable mood, making her not the best company to be around. She prefers peace and quiet over the loud and the outrageous. She is an incredibly curious individual, her desire to learn unquenched by even the heaviest of material.

    Maia does, however, lack basic manners. She was never taught how to properly hold her cutlery and she is lacking in the ability to conduct herself in what is considered to be ‘elevated company.’ It is for that reason that she often appears to be simple or just simply, stupid. She isn’t, though. No; far from it in fact. Maia is incredibly, but not overtly, intelligent; she just has trouble expressing herself. Her language-inflicted silence has proved to be quite useful as she hears and sees rather than distracting herself with inane chatter. Bizarrely enough, despite appearing almost barbaric in the way she conducts herself, she carries herself with a grace that seems very out of place considering her roguish behaviour.

    Though Maia is very much a dreamer she is also practical and does not shy away from a challenge. She is resourceful and quick thinking and acts rashly, but effectively. If you want me to conclude then I shall by saying that she is a thoroughly confusing but interesting individual that is, understandably, quite guarded but at the same time, very open. Just remember one thing: she doesn’t forgive easily; not to mention, she’s a tremendous flirt!


    FATHER: Nikos Papadopoulos

    MOTHER: Thalia Papadopoulos – deceased.

    Brother – Michalis Papadopoulos | Twenty-eight.
    Sister – Marianthe Papadopoulos | Twenty-five
    Brother – Makos Papadopoulos | Twenty-two

    SOCIAL STATUS: Poor, slave girl.

    WAND: Maia has never possessed a wand.


    Maia was born into the destitute Papadopoulos family in May 2007. She was the third child too many. Having one child, a son, was all Nikos and Thalia had wanted but when their second and third children were born it was decided that enough was enough. Maia was the last thing they’d wanted. It had been a joint decision not to have another child but when she was born it was clear there was nothing that they could do, they’d have to resign themselves to the poverty that they were doomed to live with. Their financial situation had also had a lot left to be desired, even then, but when Maia was born, the expense of having her pushed the family over the edge and they found themselves penniless and unable to cope.

    Within a year, Nikos walked out on them, claiming that he was going to the mainland to get a job. The family had lived in Sami on the Ionian island of Cephalonia since the birth of Michalis. Nikos had worked at the port doing a mix of shipping and fishing work. He lost his job in early 2002 and did odd jobs from that point on, watching with dismay as two more children were born post that forced bout of unemployment. At first he had been optimistic but by the time Maia was born the situation had reached breaking point and so Nikos filled the sturdiest of their bags with some essentials and left during the night, leaving a note on the kitchen table before slipping out the back door. He never returned.

    From there the situation grew ever worse. Thalia became increasingly bitter and was forced to send Michalis to work, something the boy did less than willingly. Thankfully though Thalia could put sending Michalis to work for as long as possible, only having to do so in the early spring of Maia’s sixth birthday when Nikos had been gone almost as long as the girl had been alive and Thalia decided she could no longer support the family without help. Michalis went to work the docks and Marianthe got an apprenticeship with some textiles workers. Makos was still too young to help but did as much as he could by hanging out on street corners, his arms laden with newspapers.

    From there, surely it should’ve gotten better and not worse. It actually did neither. They remained in a constant, fitful state of wondering what was going to happen the next day, whether they’d lose the house or not. Thankfully they did not, but it was becoming increasingly obvious that something was going to have to change otherwise when school returned for all of the children, Thalia would be in big trouble.

    Meanwhile, strange goings on were happening around Maia. Glass items were smash if she cried, items she wanted would mysteriously end up in her cot even though Thalia was sure they had been over the other side of the room. It was obvious that something was not quite right about the child but Thalia was too busy trying to get money up together to really notice what was happening with her youngest child. Most of the time she joined her sister at the textiles mill, creating all kinds of havoc and no one realising quite why it was happening. The girl would giggle to herself while sat on one of the tables while pillows and shirts and curtains would fly around the warehouse. They weren’t quite able to gather what was going on but quietly the other seamstresses attributed the strange goings on to Maia as they were smart enough to notice that such odd things did not happen if she was not there. There was something strange about the girl – this they knew; only, they didn’t quite know what.

    In the autumn after her sixth birthday, the family once again fell into financial turmoil. This time though, they were saved by an offer from an elderly woman in Athens – a friend of Thalia’s mother. She offered to take Maia off of her hands as it was Maia who had proved to be the drain on resources. Thalia readily accepted and though the guilt gnawed at her for weeks afterwards, she knew sending Maia away had been the right thing to do. Later she would come to regret her decision though as it was on the portside that was to be the last time she ever saw her daughter.

    The education that Maia had had while in the care of her parents had been a brief one. When she joined the old lady – Nikola – in Athens she was placed into a form of tutored education so that she could focus on both learning and learning how to look after the household which was what Nikola had taken her on for. Her time at Nikola’s was short and ended an abrupt fashion that would follow her for the rest of her childhood. Nikola was old, incredibly so, when Maia joined her and she only lasted five more years before dying, having suffered with a disease doctors had struggled to identify for years. Maia was uprooted yet again but she did not go back to her mother. Rather she was transported with the other young girls that had spent time with Nikola and they found themselves in the very heart of Athens, in that parts everyone knew not to go whether it be day or night.

    It was there that Maia was first sold. She can vividly remember standing wedged between two taller far prettier girls that had come from all over Greece. She can recall the grimy faces of those that looked over her, tugged at her arms, her face and yanked at the shirt that was eight sizes too big for her spindly frame. They inspected what felt like every pore of her body and she had never before felt so exposed. She was last to be sold, she found out an hour after the intrusion by what felt like random strangers. Every muscle in her body seemed to spasm as she walked up the wooden steps though it was unknown to her whether it was from the cold or out of nervousness. She kept her eyes firmly shut as sums as high as 700 Euros were flung across the room. Then they began to climb steadily higher and Maia was dragged this way and that to show off exactly what she had to offer. In the end she went for a little over 15,000 Euros, something that at that time was not a small fee at all. Maia went to an Egyptian businessman from Alexandria who had bought several others a week or so before. He was a valued customer and though those in charge did not care, Maia was assured she was going to a good place.

    That time is vague in her memory though aspects of it remain vivid and haunt her to no end. She did not realise then that what she had been placed into was slavery. It wasn’t until she arrived in Alexandria that she truly understood what it was that was going on.

    They arrived there by boat, her buyer, Aaron Shaaban, believing that the sea air would do Maia and the other girls some good. It didn’t. Most were ill on the way there and Maia didn’t shake off the pale, strained facade until a week or so after they arrived in the bustling city. It was there that she learned the tricks of her trade, was tutored in the act of allure. She found herself in a club of some sorts. It was underground with no windows, the air heavy and stuffy with cigarette smoke, sex and alcohol.

    Maia was one of the dancers, an unseen, masked face that people could leer at but never touch. Aaron knew to protect his youngest but most prized. Maia came with a hefty European sum and he wasn’t about to give her up lightly. He kept her mostly for himself, sending her up to his lavishly furnished rooms after she was done with her portion of the show and the tone would wind down so the businessmen and such could do exactly what they’d gone to the club to do.

    Maia remained there until she was eighteen years old. Then it was clear it was time to move on.


    YOUR NAME: Eli. :3

    RP EXPERIENCE: Some, quite a bit.

    HOW YOU FOUND US: I was born here.

    OTHER CHARACTERS: I don’t even know anymore.



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PAPADOPOULOS, Maia Delphine  Empty Re: PAPADOPOULOS, Maia Delphine

Post by Khaat Lupin Sat Jun 16, 2012 3:04 pm

it will be interesting to see how she develops

accepted and sorted into other.

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