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SONG, alphonso penny

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SONG, alphonso penny Empty SONG, alphonso penny

Post by Alphonso Song Mon May 21, 2012 3:04 am

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  • Alphonso Penny Song

  • Al or Alphie

  • 28, Graduate

  • The Order

  • Ravenclaw

  • Oak, Dragon Heart string 11 1/2 inches, Bendy

    PLAY BY:
  • Matt Smith


  • Black

  • Smokey Blue

  • 5' 11.25'' (181 cm)

  • Average

  • Al has the face of a young man, despite his age. Nobody ever believes him when he tells them that he's twenty eight. He's always looked young for his age and doubts that it's going to change soon. He is not too fond of facial hair and shaves whenever he see's whiskers. It just doesn't suit his face or his personality. The most prominent feature of him would have to be his fairly large chin. It makes him look a tiny bit older but not entirely. He's been told countless times that he was going to get all the ladies with his looks but he's only had two real relationships and has been single for the past five years.

  • Al doesn't make too much about his appearance but always wants to look good. He doesn't normally use product in his hair unless he back combs it which is rare. He let's it loose using the tiniest bit of product. He keeps himself well groomed as well, as stated above he shaves regularly and showers every day. He has a bit of fondness for bow ties. So he can sometimes be seen wearing a bow tie when dressing up for something or even on a regular day. Tweed as well, he likes tweed. No idea why, but it looks good on him.

  • When Al isn't wearing tweed or a bow tie he enjoys sweaters and t shirts. He likes the casual/dressy type of outfit normally sporting a nice sweater, jeans, and either a pair of converse or dress shoes. And a fez, sometimes for fun he'll wear a fez as well. Fezzes are cool. He really doesn't care what people think about his appearance and wear's some of the most bizarre outfits. And having the body that he does he looks good in just about everything. Oh, and did I mention that all of his pants and jackets have pockets that are bigger on the inside.


  • Trustworthy
  • Loyal
  • Adventurous
  • Romantic
  • Creative
  • Observant
  • Sympathetic
  • Intelligent
  • Hilarious
  • Energetic

  • Unorganized
  • Secretive
  • Temperamental
  • Impatient
  • Fidgety
  • Impulsive
  • Picky
  • Aggressive
  • Judgmental
  • Childish

  • Talking
  • Stamina/Running
  • Memorization
  • Creativity
  • Thinking
  • Observation
  • Dueling
  • Debating/Arguing
  • Reading
  • Playing

  • Organization
  • Leading
  • Patience
  • Sitting still
  • Temper
  • Sleeping
  • Admitting defeat
  • Scheduling
  • Girls
  • Secrets

  • Unpredictability
  • Action/Adventure
  • Danger
  • Rain/Thunder storms
  • Bow ties & Fezzes
  • Reading
  • Debating
  • Fish fingers & Custard
  • Learning
  • Space

  • Killing/Death
  • The Ordinary
  • Waiting
  • Interruption's
  • Secrets
  • Questioning
  • Pears
  • Archaeologists
  • Apples
  • Flying

  • To travel through time and space
  • To have a theme song
  • To find a good woman-preferably a little bit older
  • To buy a full size police box

  • Chews on the tip of his wand when deep in thought
  • Thinks out loud when panicked or stressed
  • Talks to himself
  • A tendency to keep score of sometime trivial things

  • Himself, the things he could be capable of.

  • Laying down with his mother as she sang him to sleep when he was younger. Looking at his enchanted ceiling-it was a wonderful view of the entire universe.

  • His father's locking him in the cellar for two days when his mother was away

  • Al has an irrational fear of statues. Specifically ones that look like angels.

  • To lay down with his son/daughter, singing to him/her as they gaze at the charmed ceiling.

  • Al is generally pretty chill with everything that goes down. But he loves a good adventure, and the more dangerous the better. And being the observant bastard that he is often finds his way out of sticky situations-sometimes even talking his way out of it. However when it comes to someone walking his bow tie or fez he simply states "Bow ties/fezzes are cool". And being particularly skilled in reading and memorization he's a very good information source for everyone around him. Though he does his best not to become known as the "walking encyclopedia" like he was in his first year. And when he's deep in thought or trying very hard to remember something he likes to ramble on about what he CAN remember and what's important about it.

  • Al has never been fond of Archaeology, he thinks archaeologists are just really smug. Always bragging about how they found stuff out about the past-well it's the past. Al likes to think about the future and how unpredictable it was. Just thinking about the fact that everything in his life could change tomorrow made him happy. And it's even better if it's raining outside, he loves running/walking in the rain. Stamina has always been very important to him in case he can't talk his way out of a situation and has to run away. Running away is always a good option, he doesn't really like killing. On very rare occasion's he'll kill, although he is capable. He's afraid of what he actually is capable of, he could hurt some people.

  • When Al is talking he does not like to be interrupted. You interrupt him when he's talking and you have a silencing charm on you faster than he can pause to cast it. And when he is trying to think very hard he needs complete silence-and he doesn't like waiting. If you tell Al to wait he'll be all fidgety unless he HAS to be still. One of the few instances when he's willing to wait is when he's preparing one of his favourite snacks-fish fingers and custard. It's an odd combination but oh so good. He often debates about this with people which can lead to other debates and arguments which he loves. But he has issues losing them and admitting when he has lost them-although he rarely does. He's also very sentimental and empathetic to people who have suffered. Always willing to sacrifice something of his own to help other people. He loves to cheer people up like that and it brings a smile to his face when he sees a smile on theirs.

  • One of Al's greatest ambitions is to be able to travel through time in space. He's tried fixing his grandfathers time turner but no luck. He has it all in one piece and it spins however there's a piece missing that he can't find anywhere. And ever since he was a child he had wanted to go into space. His mother even charmed his ceiling to display as much of the universe that it could. He's always wanted to go up and see a real star, the glowing ball of gas that it is. And he wants to do all this while his theme song is playing in the background. It's a dream he's wanted ever since he was a kid and just kept holding onto it because it's cool.


  • David Song, Wizard (Pureblood) age 50

  • Melody Pond, Witch (Muggle Born) age 47

  • Half Blood, his mother is muggleborn

  • Human

  • Middle Class

  • He has a cat named Stormageddon or Stormy for short

  • A watch that translates any language it hears to English
  • A bag that's bigger on the inside
  • A broken time turner, it was his grandfather's
  • A journal that he writes in daily


    Early Years:
  • The first few years of Al's life were pretty calm and cool. His parents got along great and treated him like the angel that he was. He wasn't spoiled nor was he deprived of anything. He was raised perfectly, but the perfect magic parents. Naturally he knew about magic from an early age and had a firm grasp of it by the time his letter came. But when Al was round seven things started to change in his household.

  • His father started becoming violent, his mother had to take his wand away multiple times just so he wouldn't hex them. He would never have tried to kill them but he would still curse them sometimes when he was angry or they did something wrong. Al didn't know why his father suddenly became violent but he remained strong for his mother. And she remained strong for him. Eventually she had enough and left his father taking him with her. Leaving the house and possessions inside to his dad.

  • They lived with his mothers parents for a little while until they got a small apartment for the two of them. His mother never remarried nor did she ever look back at his father. And his father never bothered then ever again. But he had caused Al some sever emotional trauma-he didn't trust anyone besides his mom for several years, even leading into his first year at Hogwarts. But when his letter arrived he couldn't have been more happy. And his mother went out with him and bought him all new everything for his first year at Hogwarts.

    Hogwarts Years:
  • Hogwarts, to Al, was a Safe Haven. Sure he missed his mother a lot but he was happy there. His first year was a little rough as he didn't really talk to anyone. Still suffering from his childhood emotional troubles he mostly read books and didn't socialize much. He was sorted into Ravenclaw and it soon became apparent why. He was a brilliant student who learned everything much faster than the other students as well as being able to memorize spells and definitions with ease. This continued throughout his school life. However in his second year it wasn't as prioritized as it was in his first year.

  • Everything changed for him in his second year. He met a girl who changed his life. She showed him that some people could be trusted. Not everyone of course, but some people. She became his best friend and he began to socialize at last. But after a while she mysteriously disappeared leaving Al alone again. He was unsure that he'd ever find a friend as great as she was. Then someone changed his mind entirely, Lena Medic. An older Gryffindor girl who loved adventure as much as he did. Sure she was older but it didn't bother him. In fact he used it to his advantages sometimes. But she left long before Al did. She kept in touch of course telling him of all her adventures. All the danger's that she faced, he lived for her stories. He grew attached to him, maybe even a little to her. He wasn't what it was but had strong feelings for this woman. (Empathy fits into here)

  • Al was always part of the top of the classes. But then again, he was a Ravenclaw student. He was always bugged for being at the top but in the actual bugging way. He became known as that kid that everyone liked and was pretty smart. He finished with incredibly high scores in his NEWT's. They said he would go on to do great things. He even heard whispers about what horrible things he could do if he turned to the dark side. He preferred not to listen to those whispers.

  • Outside of academics Al was big on adventure and wandering around. Having adventures with his friends and even bigger ones with his best friend. His personal favourite was wandering around the school at night without getting caught. He got quite good at it as he really didn't sleep that much-he's not big on sleep. Did I mention that? But when his final year at Hogwarts began to come to a close the most common phrase out of his mouth to all those who asked was "I don't want to go."

  • When Al graduated the first thing he did was contact his mother's old boss and try to get a job as an Arithmancer. He was very skilled with numbers and charts and knew he'd enjoy working there for some easy money. His plan was never to settle down and have a steady job he just needed some money. So he lived with his mother for a bit while working there and after he saved up some money he bought his own apartment. But he continued to work as an Arithmancer and call his mother twice a week. Once he had managed to save up enough money to get out there and enjoy life he was off. Saying goodbye to his mother he went on to have plenty of adventures.

  • Sometimes he would even have them with Lena. As a full grown adult fully mature he had grown to be quite taller than her. But his boyish face always made them look ten years about when in actuality they were only about 5. However always keeping in touch with his mother as well. He eventually went on to join the Order of the Phoenix. Wanting to help make this wizarding world safe for his future family and because of the danger everyone in the Order faced. He doesn't have a set home, normally staying in muggle hotels or in Grimmauld place when he can't find a decent hotel. He doesn't sleep much anyway and he can always be contacted by phone or Patronus.


  • Matty Boy!

  • It's been a few years

  • Been here for a while

  • Matthew Lestrange

  • Fun

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Post by Alphonso Song Tue May 22, 2012 4:09 am

And I believe that I am quite finished...I think
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Post by Khaat Lupin Wed May 23, 2012 12:09 am

rofl. you have been watching dr who and sherlock, haven't you? there seems to be a meld here. it should be interesing to see how he plays out.

accepted and sorted into grads.
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Post by Matthew Lestrange Wed May 23, 2012 12:10 am

FINALLY! And yes, Red and I have discovered our mutual love of Doctor Who and plan on dominating the site with references with our new characters!

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Matthew Lestrange
Matthew Lestrange
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Post by Khaat Lupin Wed May 23, 2012 12:18 am

ok. have fun. lol
Khaat Lupin
Khaat Lupin
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Gryffindor Graduate

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Post by Elijah Krum Wed May 23, 2012 2:52 pm

I shan't comment on how utterly unoriginal you are. Razz
I love you, Matty. Haha
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Elijah Krum
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Post by Alphonso Song Wed May 23, 2012 7:11 pm

You don't have to be original to have fun! Razz
But you gotta admit, I got pretty original with Matt!
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Alphonso Song

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