August, Martin Bellius
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August, Martin Bellius

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August, Martin Bellius Empty August, Martin Bellius

Post by Martin August Thu May 03, 2012 4:43 pm

August, Martin Bellius Tumblrkt8hdsxtwp1qa2cjd

Martin Bellius August


    FULL NAME: Martin Bellius August

    NICKNAMES: Marty, Martin Jr.

    AGE: 21

    ALLEGIANCE: Ministry of Magic

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Ex-Ravenclaw

    CLASSES: --

    WAND: Pine with Dragon core, 13½ inches, Hard

    PLAY BY: Hunter Parrish


    HAIR COLOR: Blonde

    EYE COLOR: Blue

    HEIGHT: 5'7"

    BODY TYPE: Athletic

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: Well, Martin has blonde hair which is short on the sides and back but long enough on top so that he can style it and give himself the look that he's known for by his friends. His blue eyes (some say the colour of his eyes is turquoise) match just perfectly with his blonde hair, creating a contrast, that makes people notice the beauty that he carries in his deep blue eyes. With all this, a smile must be there, he always has a smile in his happy face, different kinds of smile, some intriguing or just pure joy, but no matter what, the smile is always there. Martin has an athletic body which he is proud of because is not everyone that can keep in shape like he does, but he doesn't like to brag about that. He usually wears a t-shirt with a shirt over, jeans or khaki pants but he also likes to wear a jacket, a black one, that his mother gave him. He only suits up to work. He carries with him a silver necklace his parents gave him, he carries it in his pocket and only puts it around his neck when he's in intense action because he doesn't want to lose it.


    - Good dueller
    - Never leaves a partner behind
    - Wise and intelligent
    - Physically strong and agile
    - Can think by himself
    - Great at flying
    - Great at brewing potions

    - Very shy
    - Jealous
    - Loses his temper easily
    - Doesn't always rage but when he does is in a very bad way
    - Isolates himself without even noticing

    - Sports
    - Challenges
    - Being with his friends
    - Flying
    - Writing
    - Duelling
    - Animals and Magical Creatures

    - Being alone
    - Boredom
    - Stupid people
    - Being ignored
    - Awkward silence
    - Injustice
    - Death Eaters

    To be head of the Magical Law Enforcement. To be known worldwide for something good.

    Long times passing the necklace, his parents gave him, from hand to hand thinking.

    BOGGART: Martin alone without his friends and family.

    PATRONUS: First time he saw some of the magical creatures with his bestfriend. His first victory at a duel.

    DEMENTOR: His parents having a really bad discussion while he was at a corner of the house crying.

    VERITASERUM: Left two students near death because of a trick they did to him in a moment that he was in rage.

    MIRROR OF ERISED: Having a great family (wife and children) while being Head of Magical Law Enforcement.

    PERSONALITY: Martin is a shy young man that loves his family and friends, he likes to spend time with them. He is attracted by the unknown and mysterious stuff. He doesn't have many friends due to being shy but if someone talks to him, he answers and may develop a great conversation. He just needs someone that makes him be what he really is, a talkative and sociable person, he doesn't seem to be like that because he is always thinking about what the others think and doesn't like to be judged. He has an opinion of everything he sees, experiences, listens to, people that are around him, everything, and he would like to share his opinions, yet, keeps it to himself or only shares it with Chris, because due to thinking in a different way than other people, he's afraid that, like has already happened before, people judge him and think he's crazy or just weird. He wants to be seen like he really is and not like others think he is. But to people that use to be with him he's always happy, funny and ready to help, he only has bad humour when someone puts him like that, he's not that kind of person that wakes up in bad humour and then transmits that to people but still, when he is in bad humour he keeps that to himself because he knows that other people aren't guilty of his bad humour. Martin always seeks to be wiser, to be the very best, because he knows he can do it, but it won't be easy, it's a challenge, a hard one, and that only motivates him.


    FATHER: Martin Seif August

    MOTHER: Katherine Mira Bellius

    SIBLING(S): --

    OTHER: --

    BLOOD STATUS: Halfblood

    RACE: Human

    SOCIAL STATUS: Wealthy

    PET(S): A dog name Jackie.


    The necklace his parents gave him.


    Early Years: Martin was like any other kid, played, smiled and had friends. Martin had a bestfriend, Christopher Sattermöon, he always played with him and spent all his childhood with him, they did almost everything together, and sometimes they went to each other's house to build forts and play. Martin and Chris built this strong connection due to their similarities, and they were always there for each other. In school, Martin's teachers used to say that he was very smart and to Martin was like rules didn't apply to him, while every kid was doing and solving things in class like everyone else, Martin did the same, but in a different way, he had a very unique and different but great way to think. Still, Martin, knowing that he did not rely on that and kept studying, because if you want to be the best you have to work hard and Martin knew that and did his best to be the best. Martin always dreamt of flying, casting spells and brewing potions without even knowing it would become true. Martin always had great respect for his parents, he admired them, his father worked in the Ministry of Magic, and he was proud that his father was a great man and his mother, took care of him and was always there to support him like no one else could. Martin was grateful that he had an excellent mother. So, Martin's childhood was a normal one, like every normal kid, until Martin and Chris, both got their Hogwarts Letter.

    Hogwarts Years: Martin was surprised, he knew how good he was and what he was capable of but he wasn't expecting that. Those were some great news to him in his mind he was something like this: "Nice! Hogwarts, here I come!" but what people could see in that moment was his smile, nothing else. He was sorted into Ravenclaw and so was Chris, they were happy for that, it was good to know that their bestfriend would be at their side. At classes, Martin was one of the best, he was great at every class, the teachers were admired with his potential, they used to say that in their years of being a teacher at Hogwarts, they never saw someone with such potential, abilities, Martin is unique, they said. Martin had everything to be the best, he didn't disturb and dominated every class content, but he didn't react very well to provocations, and there were always those scumbags in class that provoked the others. Martin when provoked, he didn't care if he was in class or not, he just reacted to the provocations, sometimes even injuring the one that provoked him. "I don't disturb anyone, so they shouldn't disturb me either." That was what Martin thought and used to say to the teachers when they asked him why he reacted that way. If it wasn't for that little detail, Martin would be the very best, but still there was no one better than him, just equal. Martin worked hard to be the best, because, in the future, he wanted to be an Auror, the best that ever was! When the teachers allowed, Martin and Chris worked together in classes, they liked to work with each other, it was like nobody could stop them when they were together, in class, together, they did everything right and faster than anyone else. Martin had some problems, nothing that he couldn't take care of. Martin had friends, also had enemies and he had a girlfriend, but they broke up due to some problems, but the main problem was that she was focused in becoming a Death Eater, and that was something that Martin couldn't live with. His last words to her were: "I guess it's goodbye... Maybe we'll see each other in the future, not in so pleasant ways, I suppose. Until then." And they never talked to each other again, though that didn't have a big meaning to Martin, he knows he has done the right choice. Life kept on going and so did Martin he still kept being the great student he was and focused in graduating. After graduating he remained in his original path and went in to study to become an Auror.

    Adulthood: (In Progress)


    YOUR NAME: Call me by my username.


    HOW YOU FOUND US: A friend told me about this site.


    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: To have fun.


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Martin August
Martin August

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August, Martin Bellius Empty Re: August, Martin Bellius

Post by Martin August Sat May 12, 2012 9:16 pm

Done. Very Happy
Martin August
Martin August

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August, Martin Bellius Empty Re: August, Martin Bellius

Post by Jess Potter Sun May 13, 2012 1:05 am

Rightio. Ty for the PM, glad to see we got it sorted!

Would have been good to have added a little in adulthood, but it's all good Wink

Jess Potter
Jess Potter
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