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MIN, Xiu Seok

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MIN, Xiu Seok Empty MIN, Xiu Seok

Post by Xiu Min Thu Apr 12, 2012 3:45 pm

MIN, Xiu Seok Tumblr_m2a00wDwY71qamrc3o1_500

Xiu Min Seok


    FULL NAME: Xiu Seok Min

    NICKNAMES: He is called 'Minnie and Dumpling a lot, although he doesn't like these nicknames.

    AGE: 17 years old.

    ALLEGIANCE: Neutral.

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Hufflepuff - Gryffindor

    Charms & Defence against the dark arts.

    WAND: A 9.8 inches long rosewooden wand with a unicorns hair core. Sturdy.

    PLAY BY: Kim Minseok from EXO-M


    HAIR COLOR: A beatiful dark brown, that ever so slightly turns to red when in the sunlight.

    EYE COLOR: A warm, brownish color. In shadow, they seem black.

    HEIGHT: About 5"8. He's not a very tall guy.

    BODY TYPE: Xiu Min is a quite muscular, straight standing guy. He's rather manly-looking.

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: Xiu is what people would call a handsome guy. With his short, darkbrown hair that never seems to move and warm brown eyes, he seems rather average, but has something about him quite unexplainable. It is not arrogance, nor snobbism. He just seems very confident about himself. His 177 centimeter long body always stands up straight. His chin, never pointing towards the ground. He has a muscular, but not rough looking body. He has the type of body that can mix elegance with mass, because his musculature doesn't make him any lighter. The young man has reasons though, to have such a high self esteem. He is a pretty face. Not only is he rather muscular, he also has a very symmetrical face, a sharp but pretty nose and catlike eyes. Yes, a pretty face indeed. He might be a man pleasuring to look at, but he never takes advantage of this. Luckaly.


    - Xiu's good at martial arts:
    Kendo, Tai chi and Wushu, which gives him confidence and bravoury.
    - He's also very patient, intelligent and cooperative.
    - He's a hard worker, and will do anything to archieve what he wants.
    - He's great with anything that lives; Humans, but also creatures and plants.
    - Most of all, he's able to perform minimal Legilimens, for he has been intigued by the mind his whole life.

    - Xiu is really bad at cotrolling his emotions, wheter it be sadness, happyness or anger.
    - He's really bad at flying on a broomstick.
    - He's very awkward in situations. Making bad jokes, leaving blanks : loses friends because of this.
    - Also, he's easily distracted.

    - Music is most enjoyable.
    - Finishing off work he's been working on a long time.
    - Obviously, pretty girls.
    - Mastering complex types of magic.
    - ASMR.

    - Hypocrisy.
    - People who don't take initiative.
    - Things half finished.
    - Overratement.
    - Larvae.

    Xiu has no specific goals.
    However, he would very much know as much complex magic as possible in the en of his life.

    - He's a nailbiter...
    - He scratches the back of his neck when in an awkward situation.
    - When in though, he pouts.
    - He likes to talk to himself when he's alone.

    - The corpse of his mother. She's the person he loves most in this world. Losing a person that means so much to him would just be total agony. She has always been good to him, raising him to be a loving boy, fearing nothing. He feels most grateful towards her ...no. He wouldn't even think of her death. Never.

    - His patronus is a Scorpion. The memory he thinks of while casting it is the day he got to buy his wand. He would finally be able to use magic the way he wanted to. He'd be able to recreate the things he had seen the greatest wizards do. He remembers his mother go to Ollivanders shop, bringing him with him. Seeing all these boxes with wands in them...one wanting to be his, for it is the wand that chooses the wizard. He tried so many, none seem to fit his hand. Except for one, probable y the 34th he tried. It responded exactely as he wanted. It felt good in his hand. When he realised he would spend the rest with his life with it, he could only show a smile on his face. Never would he be alble to fully express the joy he felt in that moment.

    - Oh no. When he was 8 years old, he witnessed the worst thing. When walking from the playing-area near his house, to his home, little Xiu saw it. A dead dog. This might not be very traumatising, but when he approached it (for he is very curious) he saw thousant and thousant of larvae devouring the poor dog. When suddenly, he heard the dog was in fact still alive. Making pitysounds. Hoping to be releaved from it's agonising pain. Xiu ran home. For the next week he had only be having nightmares of him, being devoured by larvae, not being able to excapt the pain.

    Xiu has never had a secret greater than others, but the one thing he would be terrified to tell anyone is related to his worst fear. He would not ever tell anyone his fear of larvae. Xiu Min has no thing he is scared of, not even death. But Larvae...

    Himself, being praised by thousands of people for his great use of magic, ending the whole worlds problems and ending all evil.

    As fearless and handsome he may look, he is very average. He jokes around with his friends, helps the people around him and is an overall friendly 'dude'. He has his naggy or 'jerkish' periods of time, where Xiu is unfriendly to everyone, but that happens to every human being. It's called "being in a bad mood". The only special thing about Xiu Mins personality, is his awkwardness. He seems to ruin every every situation with his unfunny jokes, how awful they may be. Girls endlessly seem to 'friendzone' him, even though he isn't really interrested love-matters. When noone stands in his was, he'll do anything to archiee what he want to archieve. He's a boy dedicated to his studies. A handworking lad, making his mother proud. Xiu Min isn't really the rebelious type. Never won't he follow the law or dissobey his superiors, even though he doesn't lack the guts fo it. Xiu Min is...how shall i say this: A daredevil. When someone says he won't be able to do something, he takes this a a challenge and will do it anyway. But most of all; he cares. About a lot of things. He wouldn't hurt a fly. He is a very average, friendly young man.


    Zhou Min, 49 years old. Very loving man.

    Jinshé Houtsu, 45 years old. Even more loving than her husband.

    A little brother, Lu Han. He's 12 years old.




    Middleclass to wealthy. He hasn't lacked anything and had everything he ever wanted.

    A black cat named Exo. he loves this Kitty with all his heart and has had it from his first year in hogwards.

    He has no broom, and does not need/wantt one.

    None that have any great emotional value to him.


    Early Years:
    Xiu Min was born in Busan, Korea after his parents moved there from Shenyang, China. So his mothertongue is Chinese, altough knows basic Korean too. they have been living a happy life there, full of joy without any worries at all. Even though Xiu Min was only 3 years old, he had alot of friends whom came to visit every weekend in the weekend to play with their Rubby O' Chickens. But when Xiu Min was 6 years old, his parents and decided to move to London, for the sake of being multicultural. At first, Xiu was panicked. He couldn't speak a word of English, his friends wouldn't be there and most of all; It wouldn't be home. But as they went there, he felt like it was the right thing to do. The English culture grew on him and he familiarised with the English language, even though he still spoke mandarin with his parents every day. Having a witch for a mother, this made life fairly easy, although they were living in the muggle world. Ofcourse, when Xiu was 11 years old, he got his invitations letter to Hogwards. His happily carried it around all day, for he had been waiting for so long.

    Hogwarts Years:
    He remembers the first day he wentto school and got sorted into ___ [admin, you tell me ! ] He had no idea he would be sorted in this house, but was very happy he did, for he feared being sorted into Slytherin. Little Xiu Min met people right away. Some askeing why he talked so weird, some asking why he was asian and some just being nice while introducing themselves. None of them really seemed like best-friend material, but they looked nice. Time passed and Xiu Min was having the time of his life; he really enjoyed the classes, learning something new every day. His grades were amazing, for you do the thing you like the best. The class he liked the most is DatDA, for he felt like he related to the classmatter. And now, still being a student at Hogwarts




    I've RP'd a lot before, but never in this kind of "professional" setting. I'll adapt though!

    The forumotion search, by "Harry Potter"


    For RP'ing ofcourse!

    This is from another forum, but it's still written by me. Does that count? =)
Xiu Min
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MIN, Xiu Seok Empty Re: MIN, Xiu Seok

Post by Elijah Krum Thu Apr 12, 2012 4:07 pm

Welcome to PA! I'm Eli - one of the admins.
Great app, very nicely written. (: I enjoyed reading it!
Accepted and sorted into Hufflepuff!
Don't forget to claim your stuff and shoot me a pm if you need some help!
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MIN, Xiu Seok Empty Re: MIN, Xiu Seok

Post by Xiu Min Thu Apr 12, 2012 4:17 pm

Wow, such a fast response! I am amazed!
And thank yoooouuu! I hoped for Hufflepuff! It's my favourite house!
Hozay! <3
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