MALFOY, Aleksandra
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MALFOY, Aleksandra

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MALFOY, Aleksandra Empty MALFOY, Aleksandra

Post by Aleksandra Malfoy Fri Feb 10, 2012 7:36 pm

MALFOY, Aleksandra Kaya_scodelario_2_by_nicollearl-d3feoa5



    FULL NAME: Aleksandra Malfoy

    NICKNAMES: Leksie

    AGE: 16


    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Slytherin

    CLASSES: Charms, potions and DADA

    WAND: (Wood type, core, length + flexibility) rosewood, unicorn hair, 27,5cm, flexible

    PLAY BY: Kaya Scodelario


    HAIR COLOR: brown (a malfoy with brown hair, is it possible ?! Sure it is !)

    EYE COLOR: blue

    HEIGHT: 1,70m

    BODY TYPE: thin

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: Give a general description of your characters appearance. At least 1 Paragraph

    Aleksandra is the kind of girl you have to notice, even if she doesn't do anything to make that happen. Her particularity are her piercing, intense blue eyes. She is beautiful, and even if she doesn't claim it, she knows about that - and love to play with this advantage. She is tall and thin - almost skinny. Her long brown hair are curled, even if she wears them straight sometimes. Her cheeky smile is magnetic, it says "you can try again and again, it's useless : you can't impress me"

    Aleksandra's clothes are, most of the time, a mix between rock and feminity. She wears a lot of black, white, gray and darkblue clothes. She likes jeans, but she has mini-dresses as favourite outfit. Except if the situation is unusual, whatever clothes she pick up, it's always ending as an "effortless" look.


    - clever
    - objective
    - manipulation
    - charming
    - determination
    - observer
    - calm
    - She always looks like if she didn't care about anything.

    - jaded
    - always needs someone to pay attention to her
    - cheeky
    - haughty
    - cold
    - remote
    - quickly bored

    - night
    - having fun
    - breaking the rules
    - showing people she figured out everything about them
    - freedom

    - Hufflepuffes
    - doing nothing
    - lame people
    - cowards
    - love

    - to enjoy life as much as possible.
    - to become someone. Someone other people respect, who is known as briliant in what she does.

    - when she can't sleep, she sits on the window supporting and look at the stars
    - when she gets bored (and it happens quickly) she is able to do anything to have fun.

    BOGGART: to be like other people. She loves being nonesuch

    PATRONUS: a butterfly - two years ago, during summer holiday, she went to the train station and took the first train she saw. It was so impulsive, and so exiting. It was perfect. (The train was going to Paris, she spent 2 days there and then she came back home.)

    DEMENTOR: Her father was mad - really mad - and disappointed. He didn't scream, but she felt his disapproval and it was enough. Aleksandra is proud of her family and her dad, and is weirdly closed to him.

    VERITASERUM: Aleksandra is clearly against dark arts. She let know everyone she isn't for the dark lord coming back, but she would never claimed that dark arts disgust her.

    MIRROR OF ERISED: to be on the head of magenmagot (yeah, it's kind of warring with the fact she loves breaking rules), magical world being in peace and her children in Slytherin at Hogwarts. She lives in the Malfoy manor with a husband who loves her but doesn't ask her to show him she also does.


    Aleksandra isn't the easier person to describe, because it's hard to know all the parts of her personality. She's kind of confusing, because she seems to be the colder people in the earth, and then you'll see that many people like her. Why ?! Because she's smart, funny, and that she always find something to do. Leksie hates being bored, so she always find something. However, people are not wrong when they think she can be mean. She has a gift to find things that hurt, and to push on them if she doesn't like you, or if you say something wrong in front of her. She has no mercy for people, except maybe for a few of them. Aleksandra is a very calm, casual person. She rarely minds about anything, even if she thinks a lot - about everything. She notices things about people, even if she doesn't care about them I told you she was confusing. However, these informations she notices often help her to get what she wants from some of their fellows. She hates taking the same way that everyone else, and if she does she wants it to be because she actually really think it's the best for her. She'll never do something not to be marginalized. Anyway, she knows that even if she'd be marginalized, it won't take her aura. She's the one other people try to follow, not the opposite. She's a MALFOY, and everyone knows it means something.


    FATHER: Draco Malfoy

    MOTHER: Astoria Malfoy (Greengrass)

    SIBLING(S): Scorpius Malfoy, Suzannah Malfoy

    OTHER: Grandfather : Lucius Malfoy Grandmother : Narcissa Black

    BLOOD STATUS: Pureblood

    RACE: Human

    SOCIAL STATUS: Wealthy

    an Owl


    a lot of thinks, you should better not know about.


    Early Years:

    When she was young, Aleksandra couldn't resist asking everything about Hogwarts to her father. Of course, she would never asked him with a pathetic tone, but she used to sneak around where he was, and asking him proudly one or two thinks "because the more you know the better". It always made him smile, because he was doing the same thing. She always knew she'll go to Slytherin. It was obvious : she had all the qualities required. But the house she hated wasn't Gryffindor, it was Hufflepuff. Ending in Hufflepuff would killed her : she would have die of shame. Her dad not only gave her the love of the green house : she also inherit the calm, the gift for the sarcasm, the pride and the famous Malfoy haughty attitude. Maybe she is a brunette, but she clearly deserve her last name.

    When she was a child, she always had a lot of fun with her sister. She was kind, and she loved life and doing funny things. Of course, she loved spending time with her brother too, but everyone knows that when you're a child, girls stay, most of the time, with girls...and boys with boys.

    Hogwarts Years:

    Hogwarts is a place with which Aleksandra immediately felt in love. It's her true love story, the one she admits. Unfortunately, it also became her first misunderstanding with her dad, who was blaming this school for nearly everything. In Hogwarts, Leksie have friends - ones closer than others - but it's hard for her to trust someone. She discovered she hates dark arts, and she's against the Lord's come back. The first part, no one knows about it, and the second makes people look crossly at her. She doesn't care, of course, she is a Malfoy ! She keeps walking with the head up.

    Let's talk about her passion for breaking the rules : since her first year, it became a mission : breaking as much rules as possible. Of course, it's funnier when you're not alone, so she almost always take a friend with her.

    In Hogwarts, she is seen as mysterious. No one seems to know everything about her, but in the same time, they like talking and spending time with her. She always find something to have fun, because she thinks life has to be enjoyable. And when there is a conversation, she says the smart word, or the cheeky one - so people laugh, or admire.


    YOUR NAME: Natalia

    RP EXPERIENCE: 4 years, but only in french

    HOW YOU FOUND US: "Harry Potter RPG" on google.


    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: Dray is my favourite character (with weasley twins and marauders) so playing his daughter is AWESOME.


    People were walking all around me. I saw them, but I didn't pay attention to anyone. Some of them looked at me, but I don't care, I'm used to it. People who look at me are divided into two groups : the one who dreams about me every night because I'm pretty, and the dark Lord's fans. Both of them are stupid, they don't get it. If they were cleverer, they would notice that, for the first ones, I'll never be in their life except for that dreams, and the second ones, they'll loose their freedom, the right to say - and even think - their own opinion, and, in the end, their life. If I have to loose my life, I want to be free. So I kept walking through the corridors to reach the Great Hall, my books in my bag, wearing the uniform. My first lesson is going to begin, I have 10 minutes left. So I had two options : leaving now or being late. I chose the second one, listening to my stomach, who was screaming for food.

    Great Hall's always been wonderful. Hopefully, the four table were still there - I remember daddy was fearing that after the battle, they would have putted only one big table or a few of them, but with the four houses mixed. I could never eat in front of a Hufflepuff. I finished my toast and hurried up to the classroom - it was charms. I actually love that lesson, it's useful in everyday's life. It saved me a few times, included the one Rusard locked the entrance door when I was out - some meeting made me go outside, don't ask, it's private.

    Of course, the teacher gave me a warning for being late. I shrugged. I'm not scared, and being late in a classroom was the first point on my breaking-rules list. Of course, I try to avoid it most of the times - it would be stupid, and I must have good results for daddy being proud of me.

    I looked at my fellows, in the class. Merlin, how people can be born so ugly ?! In the other hand, it makes people like me more powerful. It's not vanity, I'm just saying the truth. Being honest with ourself is important, you should know that. Of course, some disadvantages come with it - for example, I had to accept that I'm clearly not sensitive to other people misfortune. I can see they're miserable before themselves, and I sometimes tell them because I'm bored, but it doesn't hurt me. Ok, maybe it's not a disadvantage for me, but you know what I meant.

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Aleksandra Malfoy
Aleksandra Malfoy

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MALFOY, Aleksandra Empty Re: MALFOY, Aleksandra

Post by Khaat Lupin Fri Feb 10, 2012 11:13 pm

You have a truly excellent start on this character but we do need you to do a paragraph on her personality. Please fill that in for me. I do nnot see any sort of huge things that i disagree with, at least not on my first reading. But we'll see when you have the personality added.!

And welcome aboard!

Khaat Lupin
Khaat Lupin
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Gryffindor Graduate

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MALFOY, Aleksandra Empty Re: MALFOY, Aleksandra

Post by Aleksandra Malfoy Fri Feb 10, 2012 11:28 pm

Thanks a lot ! Sorry, I skipped that part, but now it's done : )
Aleksandra Malfoy
Aleksandra Malfoy

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MALFOY, Aleksandra Empty Re: MALFOY, Aleksandra

Post by Khaat Lupin Fri Feb 10, 2012 11:35 pm

very nice. accepted. i'll sort you into slytherin in a moment.
Khaat Lupin
Khaat Lupin
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Gryffindor Graduate

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MALFOY, Aleksandra Empty Re: MALFOY, Aleksandra

Post by Aleksandra Malfoy Fri Feb 10, 2012 11:40 pm

Thank you ! Very Happy

Slytherin, the best house ever <3 Razz
Aleksandra Malfoy
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MALFOY, Aleksandra Empty Re: MALFOY, Aleksandra

Post by Elijah Krum Sat Feb 11, 2012 12:06 pm

Moved. Wink

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MALFOY, Aleksandra Empty Re: MALFOY, Aleksandra

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