Cummings, James Oswald.
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Cummings, James Oswald.

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Cummings, James Oswald. Empty Cummings, James Oswald.

Post by James Cummings Fri Jan 27, 2012 10:47 am

Cummings, James Oswald. VeniceMagLiam4

James Oswald Cummings


    FULL NAME: James Oswald Cummings

    NICKNAMES: Jay or Jamie

    AGE: The Year is determined by your age

    ALLEGIANCE: Neutral

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Ex-Ravenclaw

    CLASSES: (Students only. Please choose from Charms, CoMC, DADA, Transfiguration, and Potions. 2 Minimum for Basic students and 2 for NEWTs, or one class and an internship for NEWTs)

    WAND: Endcap: St Silver Dirtydog by Jerry Gehringer / Handle: Snakewood / Shaft: Blackwood / Tip: St Silver Hellhound / Accents: St Silver / slight flex.

    PLAY BY: Liam Neeson


    HAIR COLOR: Brown with slight grey at temples.

    EYE COLOR: Blue

    HEIGHT: 6' 4" (1.93 m)

    BODY TYPE: He is a well built and muscular man. It comes from the physical work he does for his family as in mending their roof and fixing fences and also for the organization he works for. He does a lot of lifting and fixing things.

    He looks like a well traveled man and knowledgeable as he will sit with a good book rather than drink. He likes suits, he is always well groomed, his manner is one of a rare up bringing. That means he respects authority, but at the same time will think outside the box. Even with his clothing, he will wear good quality clothing and have nothing less than the best to keep up his facade of being a professor of sorts, when he is in fact an Ex Auror. His shirts are always kept pressed and neat as with his hair and his shoes are always polished to perfection as his training.


    * Photographic memory
    * Good wand control
    * Knowledgeable in maps and lay outs of any building or place he is set to.

    * Not good with Dogs or wolves
    * Not a good climber
    * can not make a potion other than a sleeping potion.

    * Children
    * Books
    * Horses

    * People who use others for their own gain
    * Some werewolves (not all of them)
    * Greasy foods

    * To finally retire and settle down with his wife and hold his grand kids.

    * Always carries shrunken spare clothes , be it a shirt of full suit.

    * Losing his family to werewolves.

    * The day he met his wife under a cherry tree in Japan.

    *The day he found out about child trafficking after his youngest was taken.

    * always swims first thing in the morning.

    * To provide a secure home for his family and to be with his friends.

    He is a head strong stubborn man, with a forthright and caring attitude. Which is brought out buy his wife and three children. His mind is always on the go and he is, when on a mission, devoted to seeing it. He loves to sit with his wife on his knee and read feeling closeness between them is key to a good relationship. He focuses on his job and he does it well. He never rushes into a job with out knowing two things, the strengths and the weakness of the person or people he is going after.


    FATHER: Joseph Albert Cummings

    MOTHER: Marie Emma Sumner

    Brother : Albert John Cummings
    Sister : Julie Emma Watson

    Wife: Margaret Ann Ravenwood
    Stuart (12 years old)
    Rose (7 years old)
    Irving (2 years old)

    BLOOD STATUS: Halfblood

    RACE: Human

    SOCIAL STATUS: Middle Class

    PET(S): A weasel called Cinnamon.

    Nimbus 2000, The handle of the broom is made of mahogany inlaid with gold lettering.

    Silver hip flask engraved with his name given by his father.
    A gold medallion


    Early Years:
    Born James Oswald Cummings in great Ormond street hospital. He was a sickly child in and out of hospital till he turned three when something changed and he from then on grew stronger each day. His mother fussed over him since he was an only child, as they did not want another and go through the whole going to hospital again. Now he grew not just in body, but in mind, using his free time to read. Soon he could read books beyond his own age, much to his parents delight. He would play with other children in his street and they would follow him around, he was happy being out side in the fresh air.

    Hogwarts Years:
    Soon he got his letter and his parents could not have been happier they made sure he had everything he needed for Hogwarts, down to getting him a cinnamon colored weasel that he had seen in Diagon alley two days before. He named her Cinnamon as that's what her color was. His sorting ceremony went with out trouble and he was put in Ravenclaw because of his love of books and reading.

    He found classes to be interesting and managed to get through the first year of school pretty well but after that he was seemingly the brunt of many a Sytherin practical joke. Even though they tried he always managed to avoid it they could never figure out why so they continued until he left.

    James now an adult joined the Auror's as he had passed all his exams with high marks. He was good at his job and caught several evil wizards during his time there. But something was missing and he found it the day he came across a small child huddled and dirty in a wear house he didn't know where he had come from. But he did know that several men came and took him away now his curiosity got the better of him and he followed them to a house in Paris.

    There he met a man called Robert Lupin who persuaded him to join his organization putting his combined Auror skills and his natural deducting skills to good use, though he kept his membership of the organization secret and continued to work as an Auror using there information to help the organization. But after meeting his wife and learning she was pregnant and a difficult mission, he choose to leave the Auror's and concentrate on Other things, his family and the organization, feeling it was safer for him and his family.


    YOUR NAME: Darkangel

    RP EXPERIENCE: 4 years

    HOW YOU FOUND US: All ready a member

    OTHER CHARACTERS: Jess and Jack Blackheart, Cassidy and Steven Walker, John walker
    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: To give me a character that is totally opposite to my others and who is free to move around the board if needed.


James Cummings
James Cummings

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Cummings, James Oswald. Empty Re: Cummings, James Oswald.

Post by Zada Forbes D'Eath Fri Jan 27, 2012 3:19 pm

accepted and sorted into grads.
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Zada Forbes D'Eath

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