HAREL, Esther Dana
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HAREL, Esther Dana

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HAREL, Esther Dana Empty HAREL, Esther Dana

Post by Esther Harel Fri Dec 30, 2011 7:00 pm

HAREL, Esther Dana Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRJeJrbalrem6Z6xMRrl7wHW_dckzJD09UlzzKAhDz4_wFcbljNgw

Esther Dana Harel


    FULL NAME: Esther Dana Harel

    NICKNAMES: Est, Dana

    AGE: 20

    ALLEGIANCE: Neutral

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Hufflepuff (Grad)

    WAND: Cedar, 11", Veela Hair, Supple
    PLAY BY: Dana International


    HAIR COLOR: Black

    EYE COLOR: Brown

    HEIGHT: 5'7

    BODY TYPE: Slender

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: Esther is rather tall but not that much. She has a slightly hooked nose but she has tried many times to correct it. She has a complexion that matches most people from her area, Israel. She has thin arms but they are quite long. She often wears false nails and her hair is usually down and silky or frizzy. She has long-ish legs but she walks quite elegantly. She sometimes has a starnge stare that seems to dig deep into the soul. She has slightly thin lips but they don't make her look uptight.


    House-hold spells


    Her best friend Rosheen
    Witch Weekly

    Bad hair days

    To become a succesful singer/musician
    To find love

    She always paints her nails to match the occaision
    She fiddles with her hair when she's worried

    Death ( her idea of him)

    Her first kiss

    Her sister's death

    She had a part in accidentally killing her sister

    To see herself as a musician or singer and she is famous

    Esther is one of the people who Hufflepuff took on because there was no-where else for her. She is vain and tried to attract the attention of people around her. She can be kind but to her, that seems like a different planet. She will sit with someone and talk when they're sad but she is a bit 49% vain and purely annoying, 51% kind hearted.


    FATHER: Mattiyahu Harel

    MOTHER: Sham'a Harel (nee Saab)

    SIBLING(S): Mariam Shah (nee Harel) *Deceased*

    OTHER: None

    BLOOD STATUS: Halfblood

    RACE: Human

    SOCIAL STATUS: Wealthy

    PET(S): Augery, Brigit

    BROOMSTICK(): Firebolt



    Early Years:
    Esther was born to a wealthy Israeli family, the Harels, in a manor house just outside of Joppa. Her mother was a witch and her father a Muggle. Her father was Israeli and her mother Egyptian. She had an older sister named Mariam. Esther was named after the Princess of Persia mentioned in the Bible and Torah. Her mother never really liked Esther as much as she did Mariam. Her father favoured Esther. When Esther was 10, her parents had a huge argument and her mother won using magic. She took Mariam to live in Aswan, Egypt. Esther stayed with her father willingly. Esther received her Hogwarts letter a few weeks after moving to England.

    Hogwarts Years: Esther go tot Hogwarts and knew nothing about it. She had expected to go to an Israeli school. They declined her. Her mother had made sure that any Egyptian magic schools would not accept her either. Th elie that was told was the Esther was a werwolf and nearly killed her mother and sister. When Esther learned this, she sat crying at the Hufflepuff table at breakfast. It took the force of her two best friends to carry her to Herbology. Esther did well in most classes but found anything outside horrible and hated every second. She dropped Herbology and CoMC after her OWLS. She graduated with many good marks.

    Adulthood: When Esther graduated, she met her sister in Egypt. There was a duel between the two and Mariam won and just left Esther on the desert floor. A group of Bedouin wizards found her and helped her track down Mariam. When they found her, they mistook her for one of their enemies, Esther's mother. The Bedouins had a duel with Mariam and the battle got them to the top of a large shpinx statue. Esther tried to Stun some of the battlers so that it would die down. Die down it did. She accidentally hit Mariam who fell off the top of the statue and fell to her death. Esther ran away from Egypt and returned to her father in England and she never told him what had happened in Egypt...


    YOUR NAME: Lil (nickname)

    RP EXPERIENCE: About a year

    HOW YOU FOUND US: Rosheen Cassidy told me about it.


    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: To enjoy this wonderful website

    RP SAMPLE: Esther walked into the Leaky Cauldron after the tradegy in Egypt. She sat down at a table and stared at it. She remembered how Mariam had fell. She remembered what she had done. She kept staring until tears ran down from her eyes. She thought about how Mariam's husband had looked at her. She remembered how her mother had tried to curse her. How could she, Esther, have done this. She put her head down onto the table and cried for what seemed like an age. When she had finally collected herslef, she ordered a strong Firewhisky. She drank and hoped that it would burn off what could be burned off from that incident. When she had finished, she went to the fire and got ready to tell her father...

Esther Harel
Esther Harel

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HAREL, Esther Dana Empty Re: HAREL, Esther Dana

Post by Khaat Lupin Fri Dec 30, 2011 10:16 pm

Hm..Esther's development as a Hufflepuff is well done. She has some of the hallmarks that I look for in some of the other houses but not enough of any of them to sway me in any direction other than Hufflepuff. Well done, there. I like the middle eastern history. That is a very interesting angle, and i think it will be interesting to see how her native culture might collide with British norms.

Accepted and sorted into grads.

And welcome!

Khaat Lupin
Khaat Lupin
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HAREL, Esther Dana Empty Re: HAREL, Esther Dana

Post by Jess Potter Fri Dec 30, 2011 11:24 pm

Jess Potter
Jess Potter
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