Linstrum, Whight Yngve
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Linstrum, Whight Yngve

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Linstrum, Whight Yngve Empty Linstrum, Whight Yngve

Post by Whight Linstrum Mon Dec 12, 2011 11:07 pm

Linstrum, Whight Yngve CILLY-cillian-murphy-31756263-400-600

Whight Yngve Linstrum


FULL NAME: Whight Yngve Linstrum

AGE: 21




WAND: 12"- Elder wood, Basilisk skin
11"- Hornbeam, Dragonheart String. (The wand of Whight's father)

PLAY BY: Cillian Murphy


    HAIR COLOR: Dark Brown

    EYE COLOR: Blue

    HEIGHT: 5' 9"

    BODY TYPE: Thin

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: Whight is smooth and fluid in all his motions. He walks with his head held high with a proud stride. Typically he dresses in articles that resemble a casual suit; nothing too formal but nothing too informal topped with a touch of sophistication by his glasses. When his attire is matched with how well he carries himself, he immediately gains a level of respect that is a mark higher than the average respect given to those making their first impression.


Defense Against the Dark Arts / Dark Arts.

Too Reserved.
Too Analytical.



Avenge the murder of his parents.
Fulfill his parent's dream.
Find peace.

Always carries a journal.
Avoids eye contact.
Laughs to himself.

BOGGART: Attachment.

PATRONUS: Tales of both world from his parents.

DEMENTOR: The murder of his parents.


MIRROR OF ERISED: Peace and contentment.

PERSONALITY: Whight is a very well reserved individual. Though he may not say much, he is constantly analyzing everything he sees, hears, and knows. When he does speak he does not waste his time and he gets directly to the point. He does not let the effects of his parents death show in his outward appearance. Instead, he carries himself with great pride and lets no one step on his toes or speak down to him. He may seems timid at times but this is only his way of waiting for the appropriate point to execute whatever he may have in mind.


FATHER: Connor Linstrum- Wizard- Worked for the Department of International Magical Cooperation where he was head of security for a ministry sub-group that dealt with the new rising affair of bringing to two worlds together.

MOTHER: Rayn Prideux- Muggle- Worked under the England’s Prime Minister as the Deputy Prime Minister. Her primary goal was to assist the poor and fight for those who were thought to be worthless or of less stature.

The auras were in place as he remained stationed at the front door of the city's council building. He heard the door behind him open and as he turned he and the women collided into one another dumping her paperwork on to the wet pavement. Embarrassed and taken aback he apologized to the woman and helped her gather her belongings. Once they finally laid eyes on one another, the connection would never again be severed.


OTHER: After the death of his parents Whight was quickly adopted by Desiderius Aspelin, a Durmstrang professor.

BLOOD STATUS: Half-blood.

RACE: Human

SOCIAL STATUS: Upper Middle Class

OTHER POSSESSIONS: Journal: Has endless pages and information from any other form of script can be transferred into the journal for later reading.


Early Years:
Having fallen in love with a wizard, Rayn soon learned about a world hidden from her kind. The two of them had fallen madly in love with one another and they spent every second they possible could together. One the eve of their two year anniversary, Connor popped the question and with joyous tear filled eyes, she accepted.

Soon after their marriage a baby boy by the name of Whight was conceived which signified the start of the greatest adventure either of them had encountered. Over the years Whight was raised with the two most loving parents anyone could find. Due to the status' of the two parents, money was never a problem, therefore, Whight was never left needing or wanting anything; he never wanted more than he needed in the first place. Though his family had money, Whight was raised to be humble, cherish every moment in life, to be patient, and ultimately that he wasn't above or below anyone, "We are equals."

Seeing the family out strolling about their day-to-day lives, one would never guess how well off they were and how perfectly happy they were with their lives. A mother who had devoted the majority of her life to assisting the less fortunate and a father who work to ensure the safety of those trying to bring the two worlds together; their wealth was only seen in the donations they made in serving the betterment of society.

Whight grew up as a well behaved child who rarely ever disobeyed his parents. He was taught and he knew his place well; he spoke when spoken to and otherwise he kept to himself where he was perfectly happy being lost in thought. Curiosity was something Whight was known for. Constantly he questioned the world he saw through his wide wondrous eyes; everything was patiently answered by his parents to the best of their knowledge. Often during meals or before bed time, Whight’s parents would tell stories of their life, their dream, and tales that had not been forgotten in both worlds. Whight loved his life and he looked forward to being accepted to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry where he would aspire to become as great of a wizard as his father had become.

Whight grew nervous as the days passed and he had not yet received his letter from Hogwarts. His parents, like always, reminded him to be patient and reassured him that the letter would come. Then it happened, a day Whight would never allow himself to forget, a day that would change his life and his purpose forever. No letter was received that day but something just as life altering occurred. The family of three made their way through the ghettos of London. Whight’s mother had one small stop to make in a city office before the family left for their small weekend vacation.

His father parked the car while his mother scrambled for her credentials. She turned to Whight saying, “I’ll be right back.” She gave a quick kiss to her husband and the car door shut just as quickly as it had opened. The streets were filthy; garbage in every corner, people sleeping on newspapers and rags near barrels of fire. Crowds of homeless roamed aimlessly in front of the graffiti painted building; some begging, others trading, and several arguing.

As his mother crossed the street, he and his father kept a close eye on her watching her do what they had seen her do over a hundred times; she always insisted that they remain in the car and that she was perfectly safe. As she approached the group a drunk beggar neared her with a one hand around a bottle and the other extended; just as many had done a thousand times before. She was polite and she acknowledged the man who soon began to ask her for money. Whight watched as his mother made a gesture towards the car and showed that she had no money on her person. This infuriated the man who then took a step closer to give her a drunken push. She spun to try and regain balance and in doing so she accidentally knocked the bottle out of the man’s hand. Whight’s father immediately jumped out of the car to assist his wife after the attack. The beggar studied the broken bottle lying at his feet and then looked back up with eyes of pure hate toward the helpless woman. Their eyes met and a fear instantly coursed through her. As she turned to get away a bullet burst through her chest dropping her instantly. The weapon was quickly turned toward the approaching husband who was reaching for something within his coat pocket and three shots were quickly fired into his chest. Whight stood leaning on the car door screaming in agony with tear filled eyes at the death of his parents. The man pointed the gun at to the boy. Angry, he looked the weapon dead in its eye. They beggar pulled the trigger but only clicks were produced. Whight stared hard with hate as the wind began to erase the weapon away as if it were made of sand; still he continued to stare. The beggar started screaming for his life as his hand began to eat away as the gun had done just moments ago. He pulled his hand to his chest and ran into the nearby crowd still shrieking in pain.

The crowd went about their business as if nothing had happened. Whight ran to his mother whose last breath was taken as she looked he son in the eyes. Tears spilled from Whight onto his mother’s face; nothing could be done. He looked up at the growing crowd and felt terrified. Knowing his mother was dead he ran back to the side of his father. It felt uncomfortable to Whight to see how peaceful his father had looked; as if he had entered a great sleep where he could never be hurt or bothered again. He knelt down and caressed his father’s cheek shaking and screaming for him to wake up. When no response came he reexamined the body one last time and noticed his father’s wand sitting in his lifeless hand. Whight checked his surroundings, pocketed the wand, and out of fear, ran to the only place he knew he might be safe.

The closest thing Whight knew as family outside of his own was an old friend who quickly took him in. Desiderius Aspelin was a professor in Durmstrang who took an interest in the muggle world. He felt that since he taught and lived in the wizardry world most of the year, it would be good for him to change things up and learn about everything life had to offer. Desiderius was confused at first by the random boy's arrived; he looked nothing like his normal self. The professor had later solved the mystery when he recalled that Whight's father was a Metamorphagus; the trait obviously had been passed down. Desiderius was more than appalled by the events that had taken place for he loved the Linstrums, not only were they wonderful people but they were the only people he could discuss the events taking place within the wizardry world. Desiderius quickly took Whight in as if he was one of his own. Whight was more than happy to be accepted by the wise man otherwise he would have had no place else to go. The professor saw the potential within Whight and he soon wanted to see what the boy was capable of. When the school year finally approached Whight did not decide to go to Hogwarts even after receiving his letter. Instead he had decided to follow Desiderius to Durmstrang Institute for Magical Learning where he would take the appropriate classes and be personally tutored over the winter and summer breaks.

Knowing that Durmstrang only accepted pure-bloods, Desiderius spoke with the Headmaster in attempt to grant Whight acceptance into the school. The Headmaster agreed under the conditions that Whight keep his real identity to himself and unknown to others, and that if he began to fall behind in his studies expulsion would be immediate. Not wanting to go to Hogwarts, which would serve as a constant reminder of his father, Whight quickly and gladly accepted the Headmaster's offer.

Just days before they would be leaving to stat the school year, the two of them made their way through Diagon Alley to purchase the needed materials for school; professor and student. New robes, class books, quills, and such items where all gathered; but when it came to the wand Whight had no desire to part with his father's. The wand felt right and Desiderius had already instructed him on how to use it properly. He said though it was his father's wand, it seemed to have changed allegiance upon his death, latching itself onto the closest of blood relations it could. The wand required confidence to be use properly and without confidence only a wisp of the desired spell would be produced.

Throughout Whight's school years he did exactly what was expected of him. He mainly kept to himself and only made friends with those he felt would be powerful individuals in the near future. There were many who approached him but if they failed to show their worth the connection was immediately severed; he changed his appearance to avoid awkward undesired conversations. He spent most of his time in the library studying Defense Against the Dark Arts equally as much as he studied the Dark Arts. He excelled in all his classes but he never strived to be the best; he did not want to receive the attention. He was never involved in sports and he never took any non-beneficial leisurely field trips.

Upon graduation he was ranked among the top 3% of the class. He carried himself with pride and great stature. Desiderius couldn't have been more proud of the man he took in only seven years ago. Whight had become exactly who Desiderius wanted him to be; intelligent, proud, and strong and reserved with magic.

Whight grew very attached to Desiderius and his teachings. After graduation Whight decided that he would take an apprenticeship beneath the old man until life had changed it's course for him. He would remain going to Durmstrang as the professors assistant while also taking care of his foreign affairs that Desiderius himself couldn't deal with.

At times these affairs took him to places he didn't necessarily want to go or really be seen. In these instances he used his Metamorphagus ability to conceal his identity. He had taken a new found liking to his ability and he rarely shifted back to his original appearance due to the fact that he looked more and more like his father everyday; this didn't sit well within him and it would soon be time to even replace his wand for one of his own. He was always careful though not to approach anyone that knew him by other features; only Desiderius knew of his secret(s) and he intended to keep it that way.


I, II, III, IV, V,



RP EXPERIENCE: 5 years of pencil and paper role playing. First time online play.



PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: New way to role play when I can't get the group together.

He had almost forgotten what the day represented. He walked out of his room to find a small black leather book lying on the table. It was decorated with a bright white ribbon tied not only around the book but a small black quill as well. Placed next to the objects was a small card that read: Happy Birthday. I will be returning shortly to give further explanation to your gift along with a little something else. -Desiderius Excitement passed through Whight because he knew that the man's gifts were always interesting.

He pick up his new present and began to untie the ribbon. He placed the quill on the table and slid his hand across the face of the book. At the motion his name streaked across the cover in silver cursive script. His name resonated for only a moment and then vanished as if nothing was there to begin with. He opened the book only to find blank pages. He assumed it was a journal but he knew there had to be more to it; nothing was hardly as it ever seemed in the wizard world. He took a seat at the table and began to write the story of his life from the first memory he ever had to current times. Hours passed and when he had felt he had almost written enough for the day the front door opened. The old man walked to the dining room where Whight sat. He was holding a piece of paper in his hand and a smile on his face. "I see you have been enjoying the journal," his smile widened. "It's no ordinary journal, you see. This little book is comprised with endless pages in which you will be able to write in for as long as you like. Also this book will keep the words or any other script you wish for it to hold. Just place this book beside the book you wish to copy, turn your wand from the book to your journal and there you will have it for later readings or for reference to something you may have forgotten."

Whight looked down and flipped through the pages once more. The man continued, "The first page is also your index. Place your first two fingers on the top of the page, think of what you wish to view and those subjects will be displayed with page numbers at their side. Also, this book cannot be read by anyone else. When the book is closed the words scramble and the new reader has nothing to look at but uninterruptable nonsense." He took the book and showed Whight that his previous entry was now a jumbled mess while in the hands of the professor.

Whight was more that excited by the gift, he was already thinking of ways that the book could help him; no worries of memorizing everything he read, the notes he cold constantly take, and just the fact that it was a gift made him feel warmer. He went to thank the man but he was cut off with, "And that's not all. You're old enough now that if you wish to live on your own you're perfectly capable of such an act. I know we have talked about this before but I made it official and as of today you are the new owner of your parent's old house." Whight was overwhelmed and had no idea what to say to the man. He loved his old home, and even though it was a constant reminder of his parents, he welcomed it because it made him feel at peace as he did many years ago. Desiderius was well aware of what was going on inside the young man, he could see it in his eyes. At that, the wise man rose from the table and headed to the kitchen to start dinner.

Whight sat at the table reading his new ownership paperwork over and over. He had never expected such a gift and tears almost trickled down his cheeks but he kept his composure. He finally expressed his thanks over the meal with other discussions of the future. That night he began to pack his belongings; he would be returning home within the week.

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Linstrum, Whight Yngve Joker-chooses-charizard
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looks good! accepted and sorted into grads!

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