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COOPER, Hallie Caroline

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COOPER, Hallie Caroline  Empty COOPER, Hallie Caroline

Post by Hallie Cooper Mon Dec 12, 2011 6:16 pm

COOPER, Hallie Caroline  Brittany-snow



FULL NAME: Hallie Caroline Cooper

NICKNAMES: Hallie, Hal, Blondie (by Theodore Rookwood)

AGE: 23



Completed Ministry Of Magic Auror Training

Transfiguration (O) ,
Charms (E),
Potions (E),
Arithmancy (E)

NEW WAND: Rowan, Phoenix Feather Core, pliant, 11 inches
Rowan Wood: Has always been much-favoured for wands, because it is reputed to be more protective than any other, and in my experience renders all manner of defensive charms especially strong and difficult to break. It is commonly stated that no Dark witch or wizard ever owned a rowan wand. Rowan is most happily placed with the clear-headed and the pure-hearted, but this reputation for virtue ought not to fool anyone - these wands are the equal of any, often the better, and frequently out-perform others in duels.

Phoenix Feather Core: This is the rarest core type. Phoenix feathers are capable of the greatest range of magic, though they may take longer than either unicorn or dragon cores to reveal this. They show the most initiative, sometimes acting of their own accord, a quality that many witches and wizards dislike.
Phoenix feather wands are always the pickiest when it comes to potential owners, for the creature from which they are taken is one of the most independent and detached in the world. These wands are the hardest to tame and to personalise, and their allegiance is usually hard won.

LOST WAND: Pear, Dragon Heartstring, non-flexible, 11 inches

PLAY BY: Brittany Snow


HAIR COLOUR: Naturally Blonde




GENERAL APPEARANCE: Hallie is a naturally pretty young lady and always has been that girl with the white-blonde hair. Having been gifted with such looks Hallie takes pride in her appearance and always makes sure that she is presentable. Of course not everybody loves their appearance and Hallie is no different. Her blonde hair has a natural wave, almost curl, to it and in an attempt to reduce this the blonde combs sleakeazy's hair straightening solution through to prevent any frizziness. In addition Hallie has numerous scars and wounds from her antics and dramas. Notably a huge scar halfway up her left thigh serves as a relic to when her leg had been amputated after being so infected after a week of being chained and tortured in a dirty attic. Of course once her wound had healed and Hallie was tired of the prosthetic she went through the excruciating pain of regrowing her leg and now has two functioning legs once again.
Over time Hallie has now started to form crinkles around her eyes. These aren't pleasing to her and they make her feel older but they tell people that she has lived. She's cried. She's screamed. She's laughed. She's had a tough life but come out stronger.


+ Hallie is an adventurous girl and whether being adventurous is a strength or just a trait is for you to decide. I see it as one of her strengths a it shows her ability to be introduced to new things and shows that she is up for anything, thus developing her as a person.

+ Being incredibly courageous is another strength that she has. Hallie has developed this multiple times both before and after Hogwarts. Granted she has shown cowardice in her life as all people have, yet this is where she has learned the value of bravery and is now a highly honored trait of her.  

+ Her friends, family and generally anyone can depend on Hallie to always be there, whether it be talking about their problems or saving them from a rough or sticky situation. All in all she will always be there when she is needed.

+ Hallie is both loyal and faithful and would rather be tortured than betray or desert her friends. She is an excellent secret keeper.

+ Despite being reckless and throwing herself into dangerous situations she is protective over those she loves and cares for. So far so she is willing to step in front of them in duel and defend them until she can't any longer, this was illustrated during her seventh year in the shrieking shack when she fought her hardest and successful got Maura Goldstein to St Mungos whilst being tortured and cursed into almost oblivion by death eater Alexis D'Eath.

+ Transfiguration is Hallie's best magical ability and not only is she excellent at it both in and out of school , Hallie is able to utilise this skill when duelling to enhance the battle and play to her advantages in order to create a positive outcome. Hallie hopes to train to become an animagus, an ability that will prove useful in her career as an auror.

+ Hallie is exceptional skilled in defensive magic and can produce a powerful protego charm that is both long lasting and deflects the most powerful curses. This could be her protective nature shining through her magic. She is also fond of the spell salvia hexia.

+ Although she was sorted into Gryffindor Hallie is fairly intelligent and adept at studying, even if it was the death of her throughout Hogwarts. The difference between her mind and that of a Ravenclaw is that she usually goes with her heart and not her head, despite this she can think on the spot and is resourceful, making her a well rounded student.

- One problem that Hallie faces is that she almost always let's her emotions drive her behavior, meaning she can be easily provoked and fall into dangerous situations. As a result her biggest weakness is, despite her intelligence, Hallie is incredibly reckless.

- Unfortunately Hallie can sometimes dramatises a situation, not always, sometimes. This is a weakness of hers because it means she isn't always being realistic in what lies ahead and can be an occasional downfall.

- Cute and handsome Men are a huge weakness of Hallie. Anyone good looking will make her weak at the knees as she is very involved in her sexuality. However if her emotions are running wild in 'fight mode', appearances will matter less to her: Carth Brownlowe as an example of this during the hostage of her friends. Despite being next to an incredibly handsome man Hallie didn't realise as she was too focused on saving the lives of her fellow students.

- Hallie has a certain disregard for the rules, which has gotten her into trouble countless times throughout Hogwarts. Even in her adult life she has bypassed regulations she deems pointless and this can cause her to get into trouble in work.

- She can be shallow at times and judge people by their appearances, mainly because appearances mean a lot to her. On the other hand once she has gotten to know someone their appearance matters much less, especially if they are a nice person.

- Divinations was her worst subject at Hogwarts, something that she found ridiculous so she had little patience for it. Hallie believes it all a huge farce and doesn't hide her skepticism.

+ Hallie likes to see justice prevail and aims to bring justice. This is due to her history of having her father murdered for no reason.

+ She loves being an auror and believes that there is nothing better than investigating crimes, solving them then seeing justice prevail. She also holds high respect for aurors and appreciates their point of view, even if she sometimes disagrees - which she will vocalise her disagreement.

+ Exploring is one of her favourite pastimes, whether it be scaling a rocky face or wandering a wood. She likes exploring so much that it has sometimes got the better of her and led her into unfortunate outcomes.

+ Because of her history of loved ones dying, disappearing and almost being killed Hallie appreciates the time she has with them and loves to spend time, living in the moment, laughing.  

+ It is no surprise that due to her splendid spellwork in transfiguration she is highly fond of the subject and is loves to use it during tasks as an auror.

+ As much as duelling means danger Hallie is rather fond of the rush she gets when interlocking wands with another witch or wizard and it allows her to showcase her wand work and the ability to think on her feet.

+ Acid pops, despite burning a hole in your Tongue if you eat them too long, are her favourite treat and she also loves a good fire whiskey. The burning sensation makes her veins pump with adrenaline.

+ Making mischief is something that Hallie enjoys. Whether it be payback on a nemesis or a playful prank.

+ Hallie likes hair. Simple as that. She loves getting compliments on her hair, which is naturally wavy although she used to straighten it with Sleakeazy's Hair Potion. Unfortunately now she is working her Mum no longer gives her money and her earnings can't be spent endlessly on hair straightening solution. As a result she now enjoys being creative in the way that she styles it.

+ Her favourite shop of all time is Weasley's Wizard Wheezes. Right down from their love potions to skiving snack boxes Hallie enjoys to spend time in the shop as well as purchase the goods.

+ Although she isn't the worlds best flier Hallie is fond of riding a broomstick if her hair is securely fastened into place. She is also a quidditch fan and attends the games every now and then - in particular the Tutshill Tornados matches who she supports.

+ Hallie likes to wear her fathers watch, which has a gold plate face and a brown leather strap. Her Mother doesn't know that she has this and would most likely flip the room so Hallie makes sure her Mum doesnt see her wear it. In fact she wears it not for the time or as a fashion statement but to feel close to her Father.

+ Hallie enjoys visiting Hogsmede and she particular loved the village whilst at Hogwarts because it was where she used to sneak out to in order to get her supply of acid pops and sneaky firewhiskeys.

+ Of course, like other girls her age, she adores attractive men. Staring at them, kissing them, pleasing them. Whatever the situation she will never usually fail to admire their rigid features.

+ Clubbing is another pastime of Hallie's because she loves to feel her sexuality when she dances, spend time with her friends and meet attractive men.

- Hallie can not stand people who are sly, cunning and will undercut people to get what they want. She sees it as lowly, feeble and cowardice. As a result she isn't fond of most Slytherin's. - People without compassion annoy her just as much as the cunning folk. She doesn't understand how people can e so heartless and twisted.

- Being called a coward really grinds her gears, simply because she knows she isn't but has once shown cowardice. Hallie blames herself from fleeing from a damaging werewolf and not ensuring her brother had reached safety before her. Despite being thirteen at the time and doing what any thirteen year old girl would do Hallie still feels guilty and being called a coward reminds her of this.

- As her father was murdered by death eaters when she was young Hallie has since then opposed all dark magic and death eaters and this hatred is the spark that caused her ambition to become an auror to burn bright.

- Werewolves. Her brother was bitten by a werewolf and so Hallie detests them and everything that they do, apart from her brother of course. Hallie believes them to be untrustworthy and usually delve into dark magic like famous werewolf Fenrir Greyback.

- The memory of sending her brother away in order to protect her family from the dangers he may cause and not protecting him hard enough haunts her and it is a part of her that she dislikes, even if she did learn from her mistake.

- Hallie dislikes the wind and rain, purely because they mess up her hair, which she spends time in perfecting and ensuring it is presentable. She also finds wind and rain rather depressing as grey clouds are usually polluting the sky and casting a gloomy look below.

- People who don't take pride in their appearance, appear grubby and give off the impression that they don't care or look after themselves Hallie tries to stay away from, although as she is now an auror chances are she will meet these people more often than usual.

- Ironically she dislikes people judging her and assuming she is just a pathetic dumb blonde when infact she is fairly intelligent and ha more guts and courage than those who look down at her simply because she is fond of her appearance and how she looks.

+ To discover the truth about her Father
+ Register as an animagus
+ Promote to a hit wizard
+ Become an full trained auror
+ Achieve strong NEWT grades
+ Find her brother

HABITS & QUIRKS: Hallie pays a lot of attention to detail, she notices things, especially on how people are behaving. She rubs her teeth with her tongue when she is thinking. Very expressive with her eyes, they give away her emotions.

BOGGART: There is no surprise that given the incident that happened as a child, when her brother was bitten by a werewolf and later disappeared, her boggart once took the form of a savage werewolf. However she has now become stronger and moved on from that fear. Her greatest fear is being alone, losing all of her family members and so her boggart becomes one of her loved ones murdered. Moreover this fear is strengthened because it was when she was hit by James Blood, werewolf, she fell, damaged the fetus she was carrying thus bringing an end to her pregnancy.

PATRONUS: The corporeal patronus that Hallie conjures is in the form of a lioness. This  symbolises her courage, boldness and protectiveness - which are her main attributes. When conjuring the patronus Hallie can call upon any memory where she is happy, the one that always works for her without fail is the day before her Father was murdered when the family were whole and enjoying a picnic in a nearby wood by a stream.

DEMENTOR: When the dementors are close by Hallie is affected by them more so than others because of the emotional dark pain she has experienced. The sound of the death eaters attacking the Muggle village then going later to kill her father whilst she hid with her Mum and brother in a closet upstairs rings in her ears. Hallie hears her Fathers yells and the laughs of the death eaters. In addition the memory of being chased by a werewolf and her brother being bitten also infects her mind, bringing a sense of depression into her soul.

VERITASERUM: Hallie's dark secret is that the morning after her brother Toby was bitten by a werewolf she sneaked into the wood behind their cottage and found him, clothes torn, slashes around his arms and distinct canine teeth. Hallie told him to go, leave and never come back. At the time she did this in fear that he would transform and kill their Mother and her. However thinking back Hallie's real reason was because she felt guilty. Every time she would look at him, every time she gazed at the moon Hallie would feel guilty, as though she caused this for not protecting her brother well enough the night of the werewolf attack.

MIRROR OF ERISED: The greatest desire of Hallie Cooper was once to see the werewolf that bit her brother imprisoned in Azkaban, surrounding by death eaters and seeing him tortured. Not killed. Tortured. She wanted him to feel the pain that she felt when he took Toby away from her and further destroyed their already broken family.
However, after suffering the loss off her child, when Hallie looks into the mirror she sees herself with her son, who has grown up to the age of eleven, and both are happy. He is boarding the Hogwarts Express and is completely healthy.

PERSONALITY: Hallie is adventurous although can be sometimes reckless and thinks more with her curiosity rather than her mind at times. She can often let her emotions get the better of her, especially since her brother was bitten by a werewolf. Hallie is loyal and believes that friendship is one of the most important things. She would risk anything to save a life of her friends, and would probably enjoy doing so too. Hallie is very fond of her dueling and defensive abilities and so her favourite compliments to here is 'You're an incredible auror'


FATHER: Robert Cooper - Alive

MOTHER: Amelia Cooper - Alive

SIBLING: Toby Cooper - Werewolf

SPOUSE: Theodore Rookwood - Divorced

BLOOD STATUS:  Halfblood



Sandy-colour Cat named Peardrop
Big Barn Owl named Barney
Both disowned/released upon fleeing to Spain and hasn't been reunited with them since returning to England.

Apparition License & Her Fathers Watch (stolen)


Early Years: Hallie grew up in a loving family, which is the main reason family and friendship is important to her. They used to live in the Lake District and so she and her brother used to also explore the woods, which is where she gained her courage from as they used to sneak in when it was dark. However, due to dark times that soon arouse due to her father being a Muggleborn he was soon murdered by death eaters when he attempted to protect the muggles in the nearby village. When the death eaters came to his house their Mother slipped Toby and herself into a vanishing cabinet until the death eaters had gone. It was difficult for Hallie to get over her Fathers death although she was strong for her brother who didn't really understand what had happened with him being four at the time.

Hogwarts Years: Hallie was soon sorted into the as her Father was in at Hogwarts (Gryffindor) and began to excel in transfiguration and defense against the dark arts. Hallie has created quiet a personality since arrival and this has purely been because of the house she is in as her housemates share similar characteristics, allowing her to engage with that part of her personality. She is bold and will not shy away from saying her opinion if she is asked or her emotions lead her to saying it.

However one summer when she was 13, after the second year, her and Toby were exploring the forest near their cottage and a werewolf appeared and chased them back, however her brother was bitten and so also became a werewolf. Hallie luckily managed to escape into the cottage and told her Mother that savage werewolves were trying to get in. Her mother successfully thought them back unaware that her son was on of them. In the morning Hallie ventured into the forest and found her brother. She told him to leave and never come back. After this incident Hallie soon regretted this and to this day nobody knows that her brother is a werewolf.
Hallie returned to Hogwarts after the summer rather down heartened and the spark that was once in her had vanished, however as the year went on this pain eventually passed - although Hallie talks about her emotions a lot this is one thing that she never talked about even with her best friend Maura due to her guilt of sending her brother away. Hallie never managed to figure out why she did this but subconsciously knows it was to protect the family and to protect her emotions because it would have been too much for her to see him everyday and feel guilt for letting her brother get bitten - even though she couldn't have stopped it.

Hallie began dating Henry Yewbeam, fellow Gryffindor, in the fifth year. Hallie and Henry were the perfect match, both were adventurous and both had a knack for getting into trouble. Henry was the captain of the Quidditch Team and Hallie soon became the most sought after girl in Gryffindor House, possibly the school. However popularity soon went to Henry's head and he gradually became more and more of an idiot, or 'jackass' as Hallie called him. Their relationship soon began to grow rocky towards the end of the sixth year and Henry and Hallie ended up having a blazing row in the Gryffindor common room. That evening Henry stormed out and cheated on Hallie with Steppe Seker, thus tying a knot in the end of Hallie and Henry's relationship. Hallie wasn't shy about ruining his reputation and making it clear that he cheated on her and Henry went off the rails so to speak. He began dating Steppe Seker and became a rude, arrogant human being. So much so all his friends turned against him and it led him into the dark arts. Hallie did still care about him and tried to help, however he simply shot her help down and ever since then Hallie hasn't spoken to him since.

During Hallie's seventh year at Hogwarts she was studying hard and developed a love interest in Brian Sullivan, someone who she used to roll her eyes at because of how he attracted the girls and was rather up himself. Falling for him left her confused at first because she used to find him arrogant. After a while her emotions passed when she realised that Brian had simply used her and didn't hold a special place in his heart for Hallie.
At the end of May, just before her NEWT's the Gryffindor needed to de-stress from the study and intended to go on an adventure to find giants that were rumored to be in the surrounding mountains (she wanted to see for herself). Maura attempted to stop her knowing Hallie would get into trouble but when they were venturing down the whomping willow they heard screams from the shrieking shack and entered to find Taranee Raine and Carly (a Hufflepuff) being tortured. In an attempt to save the girls Hallie risked her own life, taking on Alexis D'eath herself whilst Maura was taken hostage and tortured to, almost death, by James Darling. This night was traumatic and there was a point when her blasting charm caused Maura and James to fall through the floor, of which James pretended that Maura had died because of Hallie's spell. Luckily help arrived in the form of Darcy, Ryo and Sam Nesbitt and reassured Hallie that Maura was alive. The Gryffindor managed to escape with Maura and apparate to St Mungo's (which was difficult given the state the pair were in and distance they had to travel). Hallie waited until Maura made a full recovery before the pair returned to Hogwarts.
Hallie then sat her NEWT's and graduated from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry.

Adulthood: Upon graduation Hallie managed to secure a job in the auror office as a trainee auror - finally fulfilling her life ambitious and taking in her stride. Within her first month she had worked exceptionally hard and managed to capture a death eater, Charlotte Topez, at the battle of the shrieking shack. However the next day her captive was found dead in the Ministry Atrium. Along with Carth Brownlowe Hallie began to investigate the reason behind the murder, which soon became public via the Daily Prophet.
The day after the murder of Charlotte Topez Hallie was mugged in Diagon Alley when walking back to her new apartment (that she moved into upon getting the job). Her wand and auror documents remained safe yet the one thing that mean't the world to Hallie, her Father's watch, was stolen. It was this evening a Toby Cooper came to her rescue and she discovered that her brother was alive and safe. Upon their meeting she invited Toby to live with her in the flat above Madame Malkins Robes but initially kept the fact Toby is safe a secret from her month because he was a flight risk and she wouldn't want to see her Mother heartbroken once more by losing her son for a second time.

Hallie was one of the first to be coupled in the new marriage law and was partnered with Theodore Rookwood, a high status wizard who is none other than the Headmaster of Hogwarts. This created problems in her family circle seeing as Theodore is her Mothers boss and her friend Maura was rather disgusted, After not starting on the best of terms Hallie is now married to Theodore after a beautiful wedding, which made her genuinely happy. She decided to change her name to Rookwood out of consideration and decency to him as well as tradition. This also shows that she cares somewhat about him already and is optimistic and hopeful that the relationship will pay off.

Being one of the auror's on call Hallie attended the scene when Thoar Ellidir and James Blood's rouge werewolf pack invaded Hogwarts and set fire to Gryffindor tower. Unfortunately Hallie fell from Gryffindor Tower in an attempt to fight the fiendfyre, however has made a full recovery thanks to the help of Sophia Granger.

Unfortunately Hallie had less than a month before more drama hit. After meeting Theodore's Father , who didn't approve of her, he paid death eaters to capture and kill her to soften the dent his son had caused on their family crest for marrying a half blood. Henry Yewbeam, a new recruit for the death eaters, was given this task as an initiation test to see how useful he could be to them. As a result Henry took Hallie hostage, although due to their history, found it difficult to kill her and instead tortured her. She was in the attic of Borgin and Burkes for an entire week with moldy bread and stale water being forced down her throat so Henry could keep her alive ever so slightly. Finally Henry came to terms with his destiny to kill his ex-girlfriend and when he arrived to take her to D'Eath Manor and kill her in front of the other death eaters Theodore Rookwood had discovered where she was and rescued his wife.
Theodore took Hallie back to Cooper Cottage where Cael Ivanov, his personal healer, arrived to tend to Hallie wounds. It appeared she had a bad infection in her leg and there was no way to save it. Her bone was fractured and rotting whilst the flesh had began to blister and proved the leg to be non-salvageable. Thus Hallie underwent an amputation and woke up outraged and shocked. For a while Hallie was hostile towards any that contributed to the moment her leg was cut off: Those involved in the marriage law, The Rookwoods, Death Eaters and Cael Ivanov - her Mother to an extent too.
Hallie returned to worth with a prosthetic with her mood and her outlook on life is gradually returning to the optimistic end of the spectrum where it once lived. She has now managed to overcome this new difficulty and after her leg, or lack of, caused so many turbulent issues in her life, such as the almost breakdown of her marriage - in order to rescue this breakdown Hallie underwent the excruciating pain of regrowing her leg.  

Hallie took part in the battle against James Blood and aided Marcus Belby in the direct rescuing of Khaat Lupin and her newborn twins (fighting on the side of the order and death eaters). It was during this moment she realised how much potential she must have as an auror because Marcus Belby took her to the Lupin's safehouse where she met Robert Lupin, the minister of magic.
On an ordinary day of late August 2027 Hallie was twenty nine weeks pregnant. She was doing her rounds as an auror and going to call in on Henry Yewbeam as she had a warrant for his arrest for not following the marriage law (she wasn't aware he had already been locked in his vault at Gringotts). Before she managed to go into the Eeylops where he worked Khaat Lupin and Marcus Belby came cantering down Diagon Alley. Hallie was asked to accompany them as Lupin was in a peculiar state of mind after seeing a vision through her seer abilities. They were led, by Khaat, to the catacombs of Knockturn Alley where there was once an illegal potions lab. Upon arriving they discovered that the place had been trashed, the employees had been murdered and they soon figured out that it was James Blood's pack who had caused this crime. James Blood soon arrived accompanied with a small group of members from his pack. A duel broke out and Hallie ended up taking a heavy blow and fall from Blood. It was this that caused the failure of her pregnancy and Hallie lost her child. When Theodore arrived at St Mungo's he didn't comfort his wife (who was holding their baby boy who had to been delivered due to how far along the pregnancy Hallie was), instead turning and walking away without a blink.  

Hallie resigned from her job as an auror the next day and legally filed for divorce. Upon filing for divorce Hallie was taken into the ministry of magic and sentenced to a lfietime in Azkaban for failing to follow the marriage law. However during her escape from Azkaban her Mother, Amelia Cooper, arrived, attacking the aurors who were taking Hallie into prison before grabbing her daughter and apparating away.
Amelia and Hallie returned to Cooper Cottage, gathered their belongings and sent an owl to Toby informing him that they were safe and when he finished the term at Hogwarts they would find him and take him to wherever they were for the Christmas holidays. Of course they couldn't say their exact location in a letter due to being on the run and wanted by the ministry. To escape this the pair fled to mainland Spain. Here Amelia acquired a muggle identity whilst her daughter attempted to overcome the issues haunting her.

The stay in Spain was therapeutic for Hallie. It allowed her to accept what had happened, review her life and it made her realise in spite of everything that had happened to her she was still a strong person who had overcome a lot. Time out of the wizarding world healed her and it was well needed for Hallie had even began to contemplate sparking a revolution in her grief, something that wouldn't have gone down well at all and would have landed her in a cell in Azkaban regardless of her marital status.

Whilst in Spain Hallie saw Gideon Pierce purchasing a vat of polyjuice potion, which provoked curiosity as to why he would be doing that here when he is the British minister of magic. Hallie later discovered that the British Ministry of Magic had been reformed after it's dramatic destruction during a press conference with Gideon Pierce - during which he was overthrown by returning minister Robert Lupin. This nugget of information only made the blonde wonder what was happening with her friends that she'd alienated herself from. Moreover Hallie knew Gideon was still out there, plotting, ready to possibly make a return to Britain one day and seek revenge, thus meaning her that she was unfinished, that there was still good that could be done in Britain for the friends she'd left behind and the innocent people who were non-the-wiser. Hallie immediately returned home, told her Mother that she was leaving and left Spain a much stronger, confident woman than she arrived. The time in Madrid had helped her heal. The Hallie Cooper that everybody knew before the leg amputation, before the failed marriage, before the miscarriage had been revived. Hallie Cooper, the girl with a little bit of fire in her heart, was back.

Upon her return to England Hallie began working as a waitress in the Leaky Cauldron. During one of her evening shifts a member of the Order of the Phoenix asked Hallie about her Fathers allegiance to the Order as rumors were circulating about a wizard that had been dispelling secrets to the death eaters at a point in time and all fingers were privately pointed at Robert Cooper. Discovering this information flipped Hallie's world once again upsides own as she began to question her entire life and childhood. Sadly Robert wasn't around for her to receive answers from so Hallie had to search for them herself to prove to herself that her Father was a loyal order member and not a death eater. As a result Hallie reapplied and successfully resumed her post as an auror in hope that she could back log all his documents and figure out who her Father may have associated with or if he was arrested during his time as an auror before his murder.

A month or so after investigating her Father's past she caught a glimpse of him in the ministry and confronted the minister for magic about her confusion and fear that she was hallucinating. Robert Lupin confirmed that she had seen her Father and informed her that he was an unspeakable and had been sent away on a mission that he couldn't disclose. It was soon brought to light that the ministry had worked with Robert Cooper in faking his death so that way his family were protected from another who may want to use them to get to him: If Robert Cooper was believed to be dead nobody would think to hurt his family. After thirteen years her Father was rescued after disappearing during the mission and has been brought back to England to be reunited with the Cooper family. Initially confused, heartbroken and devastated that half of her life had been a lie, that her values and aspirations had been constructed from a staged death Hallie has finally come to terms with her Father being alive and the Cooper family is, once again, whole. And in response to her question of his allegiance: He had been working for both the Order and the Death Eaters in an attempt to extract information for the ministry of magic and keep the pair in check somewhat.

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good app. welcome aboard. accepted and sorted into gryffindor

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