AVALON, Evalyn Desinty
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AVALON, Evalyn Desinty

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AVALON, Evalyn Desinty Empty AVALON, Evalyn Desinty

Post by Leven Ashe Fri Nov 25, 2011 6:04 am

AVALON, Evalyn Desinty 20080412014445

Evalyn Destiny Avalon


    FULL NAME: Evalyn Destiny Avalon.

    NICKNAMES: Eva or Avalon.

    AGE: Recently turned Sixteen.

    ALLEGIANCE: Neutral.

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Ravenclaw | | Or | | Gryffindor .

    CLASSES: Defense Against the Dark Arts | | Transfiguration.

    WAND: Ash, Veela Hair, 9½" & Unyielding.

    PLAY BY: None.


    HAIR COLOR: Naturally White.

    EYE COLOR: Bright, pure crystal blue.

    HEIGHT: Five foot six.

    BODY TYPE: Evalyn has a very, natural slender appearance due to her Veela bloodline. Although, she isn't like those girls who are just all skin and bones. She has slight muscle built on her upper arms, with some leg muscle at the same time. Showing she actually doesn't laze around the place.

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: Other than wearing the normal student uniform. Otherwise, on her normal and no class days. Evalyn wears a navy blue long sleeve shirt with a spiral white design running up the back of the shirt. During the fall and winter season, Evalyn wears a wool fabric like jacket that buttons up and appears to be very model, or style-ish like. It appears to keep her extreme warm, which she agrees to anyone who asks. Whenever she's out, she tends to keep her want up the right sleeve in case anything were to happen. Evalyn always keeps it in her mind she has to be mindful of what she does with that arm in order to keep it from breaking. Of course, during the winter time, Evalyn wears either loose, or tight jeans with deep pockets in order to hide certain things. Also wearing a leather belt due to the fact She wears black boots with very skinny laces.

    During the summer and spring season, Evalyn wears a either a elbow length black shirt, or during the extreme hot weather, Evalyn will wear a shirt that is sleeveless and clings to her body that's actually the colour red. Regardless of the weather, she'll either wear the normal loose or tight pair of jeans. And normally wears purple flip-flops. Overall, she keeps her nails a clear aqua blue, and a silver heart locket around her neck.


      ◦ Because of Evalyn's weak stomach, she's taught herself how to cook her own food in case she isn't quite sure about how others can cook food.
      ◦ One of her Goals when she gets older is to be a model, thus showing off style very talented in a sense.
      ◦ When it comes to the threat, or insult of her family, she becomes very threatening like. Because very few people actually know what happens when they anger a Veela, they become very surprised. Thus, Evalyn's drive to protect her family becomes the strongest thing ever.
      ◦ Weather it be a strength, or one of those useless talents, Evalyn's ability to run is very good, possibly that of one who is able to run track for a long period of time.

      ◦ Evalyn is not good with physical fighting. Although, she tends to find ways to keep herself holding strong until someone can help, or she really is down for the count.
      ◦ Evalyn actually suffers from Insomnia because of the fact she was attacked when younger. Thus, she tends to appear quite sleepy during Afternoon classes, but some how gets energy back during the evening hours.
      ◦ She has a very weak stomach for under cooked foods, or something that does not taste exactly right to her. Thus, she's always been careful about what she should, or shouldn't be eating during breakfast and dinner in the Grand Hall.
      ◦ Evalyn is an easily emotional teenager, for the exact reasons why, no one is sure why. It's possibly only Evalyn knows why she is like this. And tends to keep this a secret from a lot of other people.

      ◦ Even though she doesn't play, Evalyn is very interested and loves to watch Quddish games, and sometimes the practices for Ravenclaw. She doesn't believe she has what it takes in order to be on the House team, thus never has tried out. Although, some say she should before graduating Hogwarts.
      ◦ History has always been a personal favorite subject for Evayln, may it be normal muggle history she learned before Hogwarts, or Magical history during her current time and years in Hogwarts.
      ◦ Evalyn loves to just read on a good, stormy or rainy day some where near a window. Due to the fact it makes her feel at piece, or she tends to get distracted and watches the water droplets fall from the sky and touch the windows.

      ◦ Werewolves have always been something that Evalyn has been terrified, and soon it slowly turned into a dislike for them. This is kept secret from people so she isn't seen as someone who doesn't understand their kind. She's very fearful of them. It'd be hard for anyone to change her mind about this race unless it meant her life depended on it.
      ◦ Needless fighting and bloodshed. It's something that Evalyn had been raised with, that she nor anyone else should cause needless loss and death. Fighting will only be the last resort during a life threatening situation comes to the Veela.
      ◦ Because of the always horrible and nightmare memory of the werewolves, Evalyn hates being outside during a full moon. Many of her friends made fun of her because of this, and stays in the common room throughout the night, until its time for bed then curls up in her own bed. And tries to dream without being plagued or with her insomnia kicking in.

      ◦ Professor | | It was always a great want of Evalyn's, she wishes to become a Professor at Hogwarts, or any of them Wizard and Witches schools across the world. Although, she isn't sure exactly what subject she would want to teach. That's the only thing that she isn't sure as of yet.

      ◦ Modeling | | This isn't exactly her own Goal, but it's something that allows her to look forward to something in case her dream of being a professor doesn't work out. Many males and females of the Avalon family have been models, in and outside of the Wizard World. Although, they try to stay out of the Muggle world. For the sake of keeping magic a secret, like everyone else.

      ◦ Murmurs to herself.
      ◦ Taps her fingers to the memories of random music melodies.
      ◦ Rolls her nails across a flat surface.

    BOGGART: Werewolf | | At a young age, Evalyn's family had gone out for a seasonal family reunion. She decided it was going to be fun, and went out with the older children and came across a very pissed off werewolf. Sadly, two of the teenagers tried to be heroes and protect everyone else. Evalyn only remembered the howl and the screams of her family members before she took off back to everyone else. Evalyn believes this same wolf is after her whenever there is a full moon outside.

    PATRONUS: Aunt Alvara | | Right before her parents had sent her off to Hogwarts, is when her Aunt Alvara had given her the silver heart locket. It was known that her Aunt along with her brother, were twins thus went to Hogwarts at the same time. It was a old female tradition that either the wife who went, or another family member, would give the next generation a piece of them in order to keep them "Safe" from the dangers that plagued the Wizard and Witch world.

    DEMENTOR: Skyler | | When she was old enough, her parents decided that it was a good idea that they should tell Evalyn a heavy secret about her. Her parents had told Evalyn that many of their family members were twins. This made a very slightly happy Evalyn the question, where was her twin? Hurt and still sadden by the fact she was so.. happy, caused a great deal of pain. Thus, her parents had said that her twin was named Skyler, but sadly he wasn't strong enough during birth, thus he was a Still Birth. Which caused this to become the worst memory of Evalyn, finding out she was living her life, along with her dead twin's.

    VERITASERUM: The Greatest secret that Evalyn hides from a large majority of other students at Hogwarts is actually her race. It was something that she learned when every young, her parents had taught Evalyn that she could never tell anyone about who, or what she is. Thus, causing her to find this a very, very big habit. Evalyn is always hiding the fact she is a Veela, even though certain Professors are aware of her race. And they actually abide by the fact she would rather keep it a secret from the other students. Little, to no one is aware she is a Veela, and if they do, it's a thought that she may be a Veela. Never being confirmed by this fact.

    MIRROR OF ERISED: The only greatest Desire is known to her very close family members is the desire of Evalyn wanting to be in a world where herself, and Skyler were alive and going to Hogwarts together. This world, is where she was never plagued by the nightmares of being hunted and possibly murdered by the one werewolf.

    PERSONALITY: Many people figure that because of her looks, she's an outspoken, attention looking teenager. Although, that's nothing what Evalyn is like. Instead, she tends to keep to herself, and tries to stay out of the way of gaining too much attention. She figures this is bad because her parents had always taught her that she should try to stay out of eyes of many people before she was invited to Hogwarts. Because of this, Evalyn doesn't really interact with other teens her age, or older/younger. Causing her to have some type of conflicts with other teens and when trying to speak with them. Regardless, she tries her best to try not to be as or too shy. There have been a few times when she's been around a male student that she has a crush on, thus having her starting to obtain a slight stutter, or she'll act very nervous and this is when she starts to tab her fingers against something. May it be a wall, or a desk. Possibly her own leg as well.


    FATHER: Arthur Avalon. Forty-Three. | | Wizard | |

    MOTHER: Yulia Avalon (nee Trevon). Thirty-Nine. | | PureBlood | |

    SIBLING(S): Skyler Avalon | | Twin | | Still Born.

    OTHER: Aunt Alvara Belita (nee Avalon). Forty-Three.


    RACE: Veela.

    SOCIAL STATUS: Wealthy.

    PET(S): A bronze coloured Owl named "Garrett". This owl is known to carry mail and letters to and from Evalyn. It was originally her Aunt's offspring from her female owl. Garrett has chosen Evalyn because she had taken care of its broken wing.

    BROOMSTICK(): None.



    Early Years: Evalyn was born to a young woman who was only twenty-three named Yulia. Yulia was then married to a man named Arthur only three years prior to the daughter's birth. Although, Evalyn wasn't the only expect birth that day. Sadly, what would've been her twin brother already named Skyler, had been born a Still Birth. This was causing great pain upon Yulia, and it appeared that Evalyn had been very weak during this early stage of life.

    Arthur, who is a twin himself, understood what his newly born daughter was going through. Due to himself and his sister also have a special bond that was made at birth, or something before the actual birth. Possibly within the nine or eight months of being within the mother's womb. It was a very long few weeks before Yulia and Arthur were even able to take Evalyn home, and Yulia was still healing over the loss of one child.

    As Evalyn grew older, her parents quickly told her about who and what they were. Also teaching the young child that she would have to keep this secret from the other children around her, and the adults too. The parents made this as some sort of a game due to the fact she wasn't that bright at a young age, and thought many things were about playing games, and nothing else!

    Although, as she got older, Evalyn came to understand better that she was part of a magical race that people known as humans, or "Muggles" did not know about. Thus, this is when her paranoid feeling around muggles started to blossom, where she feared that she may slip up even the tiniest. This paranoia had only started when she was only seven years old! Although, sadly this wasn't the only thing that was going to start when she was seven years of age..

    The Avalon family had always had a small family reunion in a part of the world where not many Muggles went to, only where other magical creatures would gather for their own traditional things if they ever have one. The Avalon is a long line of pureblood Veela's, even welcoming off-spring of Wizards and Veela's who then have Half-Veelas. This allowed Evalyn to speak out among her family members that understood what she was going through at such a young age.

    Many of the older teens spoke about Magical schools they were going to, where they were being trained to handle and cast magic. Along with protecting them against something known as the Dark Arts. This made Evalyn very curious about schools like this, then leading her to wonder if she would ever be invited to one of these schools (to which, of course, was sent an invite). Although, this wasn't the only eventful thing during this day. More excitement was coming that very night..

    Some of the older and adults had a lot of drinks that night, and a majority of the teenagers decided to go out into the near by forests, some of the children that included Evalyn had gone with them into the forest. Many of the children were fearing about the forests, although Evalyn wasn't really scared, since she knew that some of her cousins had known magic from those Schools that they were always talking about. Thus, she felt very safe with them. Although, that safe feeling came to a stop when the small group came across one very pissed off, and recently changed werewolf during the full moon cycle. Some of the non-drunk teens decided they should try to play hero to protect the group. Sadly, Evalyn had taken off during the first attack the werewolf pulled on them.

    She had raced through the forest, with some of the other children and one or two teens back to the estate where the entire Avalon family was staying. This is where the main family and found out and some of the elder (Not elderly) members had gone out to try and find their sons and daughters that had ventured out into the forest. Evalyn's parents had came to her rather quickly and kept her close throughout the night. When the Avalon family members returned, some of them were carrying the teenagers that weren't fast enough; which were still alive. Some.. were unlucky, wives were crying as they returned with blood on their clothes. This then sparked the plague of nightmares about werewolves, along with the fact of Insomnia.

    After the Avalon family Reunion, and the sad nightmare that had fallen over that night, Evalyn was known to stay inside of the house once the sun had set behind the near by mountains. This worried her parents greatly, although it was only Arthur that understood what she was going through, due to the fact she had no one to speak to about this, and for the fact she had basically witnessed the very thing called Death, along with losing only recently met family members that had hurt her within her heart greatly.

    A year before an Invitation had been sent out to the Avalon family for Evalyn, her parents had told her the sad fact about her what would've been, Twin brother known as Skyler. At first, she was very happy to have the feeling she wasn't an only child. Although, finding out that Still Birth had meant Skyler was born dead, caused something to happen within her heart. Evalyn had immediately apparently caused a new type of bond between herself and Skyler. It was a connection that allowed Evalyn to have a new train a thought, it was like that small voice in the back of her mind. This was Skyler who would help her make hard choices when it came down to it. Her father, Arthur had felt this connection as well because the twin gene had came from his side of the family, and very faintly form his wife's.

    It wasn't until a year later did Evalyn gain the letter from the school of magic known as Hogwarts. Days before it was time for her to leave, Evalyn had been visited by her Aunt Alvara, who she had remembered seeing at the Avalon family reunion. Here is when Alvara had given her niece a very old traditional necklace that had started years and years before the family would be accepted into Hogwarts. Alvara hadn't told Yulia nor Arthur that she had placed a protection charm on the necklace in order to keep her only niece alive.

    Hogwarts Years: During the first year of Hogwarts, Evalyn had been sorted into Ravenclaw/Griffindor because of the talents and persona that she carried. The sorting hat though believed that even though certain traits weren't present at the time would unfold once she was older and met more people within her years at Hogwarts. Within her, she was quite surprised to be placed within this house. Her family members had gotten mostly one of the three that she hadn't been placed into. Evalyn wondered what made her so different from past Avalon members.

    The first year at Hogwarts was quite different from Evalyn to work with. With the fact she had to hide her status, even though she didn't have to, was sort of, kind of a lot of work. Due to many people wondered why she was so silent and kept to herself. Old habits died hard on her end when she was living with Muggles. Another thing that was hard on her was the fact she had insomnia, causing some of the Professors to either scold her on a daily basics, or the fact she was awake throughout the entire night during a full moon.

    Evalyn had gotten through the first Year of Hogwarts without anything to really worry about. Of course she made a few more friends that she kept in touch by writing letters to them during the time off they had before the next year. Within the year she had off from Hogwarts, Evalyn started to get heavy nightmares about either the Werewolf event when she was seven years old, or a new type of dream. This dream included herself and what would've been Skyler going to Hogwarts together.

    For some reason, Evalyn started to keep this a secret from her parents, Yulia and Arthur, she believed the new like bond she created with her dead brother is starting these type of dreams. Perhaps he's trying to tell her something? Maybe he isn't actually dead.. but alive? This caused a great unsettling feeling within her gut. Did either of her parents lie about the fact? Or was.. Or was Skyler alive and the hospital had pulled something?

    Within the next four years, everything had gone smoothly for Evalyn, nothing great happened within either of the four years leading up to her Fifth. The nightmares about the werewolf event was becoming worse and worse, so was her Insomnia, causing her to become very light headed in between classes. Causing worry once Professors had sent word back home to Yulia and Arthur.

    During the summer before going back to Hogwarts for her Fifth year, she had a very strange and real like dream. It was both her and Skyler, or what he may have appeared like at Hogwarts. It looked like a day without any classes and they were down by the waters edge. They acted as if this was the first time they had seen each other. Evalyn remembered seeing him hug her tightly, saying how they all lied, they were lying to her. Everything they had said was a lie. That he was never dead, they just wanted a daughter, not a filthy son. When she had awake from the Dream, Evalyn's relationship with mostly her mother started to fall apart. What made it worse was when she had left for the train station without letting either of her parents be aware that she was leaving. It was only a couple hours after had they noticed she had left for the train.

    Adulthood: Unwritten.


    YOUR NAME: Alexis - Lexi.

    RP EXPERIENCE: Roughly Four Years.

    HOW YOU FOUND US: Forummotion.



    RP SAMPLE: This is a bleach styled RP ^_^'' Sorry.~
    The sky was raining down upon this land. Gods and Goddesses were crying, for what reason, no one was sure. Puddles were slowly growing over sometime, even the rivers would start to overflow. Even with the rain, people were walking with umbrella's to different places. Although, some of them were unable to to get out of the rain, having to run around trying to not get soaking wet. Slowly the crowd in the distracts became nothing. Time for work.

    Although, the rain continued to come down upon the world. A worker who was bored out of their mind, looked out the office window. And saw something very strange. A pink -- old fashion umbrella. It was one of those from olden times Japanese, or when there were those dances for tourists.

    Underneath this umbrella was a young woman with long blue hair. Blue. This was the type of a dark sea raging storm. Her skin was soft white, with little brown eyeshadow around eerie yellow eyes. One hand was holding the umbrella; the other was resting on top of the hilt of a very old fashioned sword. Bare feet did not chill at the touch of a cold street, or ice freezing puddles. Instead, they felt warm to her.

    This woman wasn't too concerned about the people in the buildings. Or some that were lagging outside in the rain. Once of twice she caught those that were "Able" to see her watch for a moment before running off, remembering where to go. Her eyes sometimes would glance around to some of those walking past her way too fast.

    Eyes of eerie snake yellow looked out to a vast river that spread out before her. Slowly, the umbrella in the hand moved towards the ground; at the same time as this woman slowly started to walk on the water. By mid step in the center of the river, it slowly started to fade into nothing as it hit the water. Fading into some type of spirit before it absorbed into the sheath, a sword finally came to be instead the "Thought" of the hand on top of the hilt.

    As the right hand had gone for the handle of the sword, she flash-stepped away from a large hand that was about to come crashing down upon her smaller form. Thunder started to rumble at the exact moment this blue haired woman reformed in the air, full image and body. The right hand was holding an average sized sword, with it's sheath now on the back stuck between her body, and the three layers of sashes. This woman held her sword close to the arm, as if it was bending with the arm as she stood there in the air, as if standing on a platform.

    The creature that was attacking her had a large mask on, it's body disfigured almost. It let out a angered, and a hungry roar. The air from the roar pushed back her hair, messing it up in the process. The strange creature took off for her, speed near fast as her own. It was about to bring it's fists down upon her once again; although the sword had gone and sliced through it's knuckles. Now this creature let out a pained roar. For some reason, the blue haired woman became distracted and it's other hand came slamming down upon her body.

    The smaller body had gone flying in the air, and into the large river. Normal humans, would be dead and crushed by this moment. Instead, the Creature roared once again, perhaps out of greatness or something along those lines. But, that was the end of the line for this creature. The sword from the woman had been thrown with speed and pierced the center of the head with the blade. Down on the water, she stood with a slight stagger. Coughing out water and whipping away some saliva that had dripped out of the corner from behind thrown so far. So fast.

    The sword came back, Sheathing it back; although it slowly faded as the umbrella from the river returned slowly coming out of the water. Her hand was grabbing it before leaning it against the shoulder side. The rain was now coming to a close. The sun was peaking through gray clouds, the woman gone before anyone would be able to notice.

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Post by Jess Potter Fri Nov 25, 2011 6:42 am

Looks like a great app, I'd probably accept it if I didn't know you wanted to finish more on it. Am I to take it you just want to enhance the "Hogwarts years" section?
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Post by Leven Ashe Fri Nov 25, 2011 2:39 pm

Leven Ashe
Leven Ashe
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AVALON, Evalyn Desinty Empty Re: AVALON, Evalyn Desinty

Post by Jess Potter Fri Nov 25, 2011 11:31 pm

Brilliant application, accepted and sorted into Ravenclaw! Welcome to the site.
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Jess Potter
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Gryffindor Graduate

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