GOULD, Zoe Marie
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GOULD, Zoe Marie

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GOULD, Zoe Marie Empty GOULD, Zoe Marie

Post by Zoe Gould Fri Jul 08, 2011 8:59 pm

GOULD, Zoe Marie GeorgiaES_228x456

Zoe Marie Gould


    FULL NAME: Zoe Marie Gould


    AGE: 25

    ALLEGIANCE: Neutral

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: ex - Ravenclaw

    CLASSES: grad

    WAND TYPE: Dogwood and Dragon Heartstring

    PLAY BY: Georgia Frost


    HAIR COLOR: Brown

    EYE COLOR: Hazel

    HEIGHT: 5’ 9”

    BODY TYPE: thin

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: When you first meet Zoe, she seems like your everyday run of the mill Ministry worker. Plain brown hair, hazel eyes, dressed nicely, and only slightly pretty. Taller than your everyday girl, she was used to towering over her friends, and she had the legs of a model, though she didn’t use them for modeling at all. Dressed nicely most of the time, if you know Zoe after work, you’d be extremely surprised at her choice of clothing. And her array of wigs that she could use at any point in time. From business woman, to total black makeover, you wouldn’t be able to tell that Zoe was the business worker at night.
    After work, her outfit changes to black pants and a tight black shirt, an array of button loops, and pockets adorn her pants and waist, and an array of weapons gets thrown into her arsenal of holsters, and hidden spaces. Her hair gets frazzled, and wigs are kept in her bag, to ensure a hasty get a way. Eyes turn blue with the help of contacts, and multiple pairs of clothing are put into the bag with the wigs.


    Aiming at moving targets
    Arranging the needs of a department
    Hunting down creatures

    Social Skills
    Snappy comebacks

    Hunting down dangerous creatures
    Killing dangerous creatures

    Creatures parading as humans and are not
    Being lied to
    People in general

    To kill every non human race out there (like that will happen but it’s her goal)

    She kills creatures in her spare time.. what else could be a quirk?
    Always has a knife in her boot.

    BOGGART: Being turned into a vampire/werewolf

    PATRONUS: Her dad teaching her how to shoot

    DEMENTOR: The Death of her Mother.

    VERITASERUM: She kills animals after work and at night.

    MIRROR OF ERISED: To see every kind of magical creature destroyed

    PERSONALITY: In everyday conversation, Zoe is a normal person, boarding boring, she has little to say, and doesn’t say it much.. she keeps to herself, and if she is forced to interact, she will be shy, and blush easily. At work she can take command, and she can often get pretty bossy, but she knows what she wants done, and will do it, albeit a bit roughly at first.
    Though Zoe can be a bit moody, and bossy, she does have a relatively nice side to her. If you actually do get in on her non killer or everyday boring side, she is a person with a great sense of humor, who loves pick up lines, and one-liners. Her favorite food is chocolate, and her idea of the best date ever is to sit in a park, at night, under the full moon, having a picnic (With a wizard preferably).
    However, Zoe has a dark side to her as well, for if she’s not at work, or at home eating chocolate, she’s out and about.. dressed in black, a pointed wooden staff in her hand, silver bullets in a gun, and following her trail from the day’s work, to find and destroy werewolves/vampires, and other disgusting creatures of the night. She doesn’t mind Muggles, or half bloods, but it’s the mix breeds that make her suffer. People like Hagrid, and Lupin make her angry, and vampires are always perfect for stabbing in the heart with a wooden stake.


    FATHER: Harold Gould – Worked in the Ministry until he retired at age 60. Worked in the Department of Mysteries, and after getting a mysterious illness that he had contracted while working there, he decided to retire. Now having to use a wheelchair to get places, he took up the hobby of building miniature boats, and painting them.
    Before he retired, when Zoe was a kid, he was a very active man, loved to go hiking, and would often take Zoe shooting at the nearby shooting range. It was here that Zoe wielded her first gun, and it proved to be one of the best times she can remember, and will often help her to produce her protronus. Her father was a kind man, who always helped people for the better, but after his wife died, he got into a state, where all he would work on, was his miniature boats.

    MOTHER: Nancy Gould – Muggle interior designer. (deceased) Nancy Gould was the loving mother of Zoe and Danny Gould, and wife to Harold Gould. While on her weekend from work, Nancy was home alone, while the kids were at school (They went to Muggle school around this time, and so they were both off at the local muggle school). Harold was still working, when the house was broken into. It happened that a rogue Vampire had found out that their Wizarding family was in the area, and had broken in. After realizing no one was home but Nancy, he proceeded to drink her blood (Most of it) And leave her to die on the ground in the front room. Overturning everything, and stealing what he could carry, before leaving the house a wreck.
    When the children got back from school, they knew something was wrong, for the front door was slightly open. It was Zoe who found her mother, covered in her own blood, and nearly empty of it, with two tiny teeth marks on her neck, when they realized what had happened. They immediately called their father, and after transporting her to St. Mungos for autopsy, he took the kids to their grandparents house, where they would stay for the next week and a half.

    SIBLING(S): Danny Gould – Zoe’s younger brother. Nearly five years younger than Zoe, he barely remembers the incident with his mother. He grew up noisy, and happy, and playful, like any normal child should, while Zoe grew darker, and brooding by the day. Danny made a lot of friends during his time at Hogwarts, and was always much more social then Zoe ever was.

    OTHER:Zoe’s grandparents. The father and mother of her father (Now deceased). They were the ones Zoe and Danny were sent to stay with for a week and a half after the vampire killed her mother.

    BLOOD STATUS: Half blood

    RACE: Human

    SOCIAL STATUS: Middle Class

    PET(S): An owl, named Artemis


    A picture of her mother, taken only a week or so before her death.


    Early Years: While her early years were marked with the death of her mother, it was also the mark of many other things. It was during this time that Zoe learned how to properly shoot a gun, she was also taken to dance classes, where she learned everything from Ballet, to Jazz, to break dancing. Excelling in this, she was taught how to swim at an early age, and after dance (Which she quit when she was five) She took martial arts, where she was taught how to use a staff in fighting, and also how to calm her mind when stressed. By the age of 11, Zoe was an average student in martial arts, and would often have to employ her use of calming her mind, for when she was young, Zoe often got hot headed, and would argue frequently.

    Hogwarts Years: Still enraged by her mother’s brutal death, Zoe made it a goal to learn everything she could about magical creatures, see their plans, their ways of killing, and their motives. In 3rd year, she took special attention in taking Care of Magical Creatures, and also Potions, and Herbology. Being a Ravenclaw, it wasn’t very different for her to spend a lot of her time in the library, reading and looking up things, documenting what she found, and often drawing small animations in her book, about how to properly kill a vampire, how to calm her mind before she shot, and where the best place to shoot a Werewolf was at.
    During Hogwarts, she knew that she wanted to work in the Ministry of Magic, at the Department of Creatures. Working to get an ‘understanding’ of the creatures, before she moved to get to a higher goal (Which of course was to exterminate them all). It was obvious that she was taking a different approach to learning about the creatures, but she never made it to obvious by hiding her notebooks under her mattress, and keeping to herself for the most part, she made it through school, teased by the other houses, and ignored by her own, while her brother (Who came five years after her) was sorted into Gryffindor, and was extremely popular.

    Adulthood: After Hogwarts, Zoe went and applied for a job at the Ministry of Magic, for a position in the Department of Creatures. Getting a small desk job in there, she wasn’t satisfied, so she started to work her way up to the top, working hard to get to the main, head position of the department, and it was only then, that she let her dream of killing, and exacting revenge of Magical Creatures, take hold of her, and she started her nightly jaunts of saving Muggles and Wizards alike, from the Demon’s spawn that was Magical Creatures.


    YOUR NAME: Molly


    HOW YOU FOUND US: err, I have charries

    OTHER CHARACTERS: Chase Moor, Felix Barker, Zara Ellis, Selene Brun, Rise Lehmberg, and Pricilla Cuffe.

    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: To Eliminate all non human races!! Well… to give a new angle towards the ever increasing non human characters!


Zoe Gould
Zoe Gould

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GOULD, Zoe Marie Empty Re: GOULD, Zoe Marie

Post by Elijah Krum Sat Jul 09, 2011 9:54 pm

Lovely! Accepted and sorted into Graduates!
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GOULD, Zoe Marie Empty Re: GOULD, Zoe Marie

Post by Jess Potter Fri Nov 02, 2012 11:30 pm

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