BENNETT, Philippa Anabelle
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BENNETT, Philippa Anabelle

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BENNETT, Philippa Anabelle Empty BENNETT, Philippa Anabelle

Post by Alice Rousseau Mon Jan 17, 2011 12:01 am

BENNETT, Philippa Anabelle 2djcso5



    FULL NAME: Philippa Annabelle Bennett.

    NICKNAMES: Pippa.

    AGE&BIRTHDAY: Fifteen, May 24th 2009.

    YEAR: Fifth Year.

    ALLEGIANCE: Potter’s Army.

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Slytherin

    WAND TYPE: 12 inches, Holly, Phoenix Feather.

    PLAY BY: Valentine Fillol Cordier.


    HAIR COLOR: Dark Brown.

    EYE COLOR: Hazel.

    HEIGHT: 5’6

    BODY TYPE: Slender.

    SKIN COLOUR: Caucasian.

    Philippa inherited her mother’s slender, gangly frame. Although Philippa missed out on the height gene from both sides of the family, she is all leg. Her torso is quite short, adding emphasis to the long, slender leg. If she were a high-heel type of girl than that would add even more emphasis to the creamy limbs. She is not beautiful by any means but neither is she ugly. If Philippa had a category then it would most likely be ‘plain’. She is not nearly as attractive as her elder sister but that suits her just fine. She is happy to be overlooked because she can get away with a lot more. She is pretty in her own mischievous way though with her long, triangular nose and slightly pointed yet rounded chin. She had a circular face and it changes as her weight fluctuates. Her face can be full and rounded at times and gaunt and sunken as other times. She has oddly small feet and long, fingers to balance the oddity out. She has a mole underneath her left eye and several on her right cheek although they’re not nearly as defined as that particular one. She has thin, Cupid’s bow lips that finish her off and she looks overall like a small child. However, childhood only lasts on the body so long and from some angles she looks shockingly beyond her years.


    + The subtle art of flirtation.
    + Intelligent.
    + Sporty.
    + Creative.
    + Photography.
    + Football – mid-fielder, striker.
    + Rugby.
    + Swimming.
    + Hockey.
    + Gymnastics.

    + Tactless.
    + Rude at times much to her dismay.
    + Her mother and sister – in her opinion.
    + Smoking.
    + Finds it difficult to make friends – finds people too disagreeable.
    + Flying.
    + Quidditch.

    football, thigh-high-socks, dc. martins, old-fashioned cars, swimming, mint ice cream, stew, rugby, oranges, bouncing on beds, soft bedding, foreign countries, books, food fights, bright colours, summer, coats, tea, thai food, theatre, old movies, monopoly, cluedo, nudity, jumping in puddles, rainy nights, nicotine, lightening, black clouds, dreadlocks, white gold, lager, bonfires, barbeques, history, rock icons, the royal family, working in the garage in town, diving, skiing, surfing, holidays, australia, times square, edinburgh, coffee, duelling, candy, broccoli, sausage rolls, bacon butties, cheese, older men, walking barefoot across hardwood floors, fluffy rugs, west highland white terriers, scottish countryside, her brother’s girlfriend, lazing around in pyjamas, weekends, spanish, dragons, lasagne, monkeys, aeroplanes, labradoodles, photography, detention with the male professors.

    her sister, her sister’s boyfriend, her sister’s ex-boyfriend, the guy her sister is cheating on her current boyfriend with, divination, rudeness, cold winds, people fussing over her (not that it happens often), christmas, rejection, idiocy, tight-wads, having to foot the bill, high heels, skirts, tights, first years, being caught smoking, white wine, parties, beauty spells, her mother’s dress sense, when the cars don’t work again, moving around, her father’s job, the “bastard” that stole her dc. martins, flamingos, crying, spaghetti bolognese, vampires, poorly written books, stand-offish people, anger directed at her, when people don’t flirt back, owl shite, pigeons, milk, chinese food, when people lie to her or to someone else, being denied the right to know the truth.

    + to get good grades in her O.W.L’s.
    + to understand magic.
    + to have sex with one of her male professors.
    + to graduate Hogwarts having done the first and the third.
    + to take a gap-year and go backpacking.

    + Philippa is besotted with elder men, she finds boys her age tedious.
    + Bites her nails.
    + She has a habit of fancying dead people.
    + She draws on her school blouses.
    + Likes to paint the nails of the boys in her year – she might not be attracted to them but she likes to dress them up and such.
    + Eats her food by type so if she has a roast she’ll eat her potatoes first then her carrots then her broccoli etc.
    + Colour-codes her underwear.
    + Loves having a vase filled with seasonal flowers by her bed.
    + Always has her camera with her.

    BOGGART: Losing her brother/Her brother’s corpse.

    PATRONUS: Philippa hasn’t learned how to cast a Patronus yet and the memory is also inapplicable as she hasn’t had to sift through her memories to find one strong enough to cast a Patronus with.

    DEMENTOR: Hitting her head on the bottom of the pool during a dive.

    + Parchment,
    + Aftershave,
    + Tea,
    + Autumn.

    MIRROR OF ERISED: Her Erised is cloudy. Philippa doesn’t know what she wants, not really.

    Philippa is an excitable mess of a girl. She’s bright, sporty and loves the outdoors. She loves her sport, more so than she does her books which is a hard to beat. When she came to Hogwarts she developed a love of her books yet she never forgot sport. Philippa is competitive, flirty and tomboy-esque. She hates skirts, tights and anything to do with that sort of thing. She’s tough emotionally and doesn’t take any crap. She has a thing for older men, though – something which she loves yet doesn’t exactly understand. She doesn’t know why but she finds them sexy – it’s a turn on. Anyone older than her by at least six or seven years is good news in her book. Philippa wants to branch out a hell of a lot more but how she hasn’t exactly decided yet. She’s working on it, though. She wants to understand magic, understand why she has magic. She might be flighty, unpredictable and strange but she has a good head on her shoulders.


    FATHER: William Isaac Bennett.

    MOTHER: Deborah Anne Witten-Bennett.


    Eleanor Katrina Bennett,

    Stephan Michael Benett,


    Kelly Elizabeth Mitch, Stephan’s girlfriend,

    Jackson Farrows, Eleanor’s boyfriend.

    Graham Roberts, Eleanor’s bit on the side.

    Harry Daniels, Eleanor’s ex-boyfriend.

    BLOOD STATUS: Muggleborn.

    RACE: Human.

    SOCIAL STATUS: Middle-Class.

    PET(S): A Labradoodle named Charlie.

    + Various pieces of lingerie.
    + Second-hand books.
    + Hats of various shapes, sizes and types.
    + Diaries.
    + Photo Album.
    + Camera.


    Early Years:

    Philippa was born in Brighton, England in the May of 2009. She didn’t remain there for long though. Her father’s job with the RAF meant that they were constantly having to move from base to base, from country to country and when Philippa was born, their next stop was Australia. It is unknown as to why William was there but the facts state that he was and that is all Philippa concerns herself with. It was in Australia that she spent her first few years, completely ignorant to the world around her. She began to walk and talk there. She became more aware of herself there. She was five when they moved back to Britain, just starting school. Her siblings were more irate than she was at the move, though. Philippa hadn’t made many friends at her pre-school. She’d found it difficult to socialise with the children her age, preferring the elder ones instead. This didn’t concern her parents as much as it should have done at all. Generally, by her mother, Philippa was ignored.

    When Philippa started Primary School, she excelled in both sports and academics much to the chagrin of her mother and elder sister who had both struggled with the former. Her father and brother encouraged her sportiness, often taking her to football matches at the weekends and rugby matches during Half-term. Usually they’d make a week out of that, driving to Wales from Manchester where they’d moved, and go to the different games on. She excelled particularly in football and rugby – what a surprise – but showed aptitude for swimming, gymnastics and other such sports. Her mother encouraged the swimming, sending her off to be taught, at the local swimming pool, how to dive. The tutelage got her several medals and she developed a rather large crush on her instructor during that.

    When Philippa received her Hogwarts letter, she was sceptical yet at the same time pleased. A Ministry Official visited her family and explained to her the magical world as well as informing them. Her father was reluctant to let her go into the world but was supportive all the same. She visited Diagon Alley with her father and her brother a week later, accompanied by a Ministry Official. Then, on September 1st, Philippa boarded the train to Hogwarts.

    Hogwarts Years:

    When she arrived at Hogwarts, Philippa, like all of the other students her age, went through the sorting process. The hat was placed upon her head and came to the conclusion that she belonged in ___. Even at Hogwarts, where she was the same as everyone else, Philippa found it difficult to make friends. She did truly feel different and delved into her studies like any normal Muggeborn would. She wanted to catch up. She wanted to be the best she could be. She even pushed herself during flying lessons. She was crestfallen to find that she could neither fly well nor play Quidditch as she would liked to. She was a disappointment to herself but she soon got over it, realising that she could smuggle a football onto the grounds in her trunk if she was so inclined.

    As the years progressed, Philippa remained the same for the most part – at least emotionally. She was fit, sporty and well put together. Now, she’s worrying about her O.W.L’s. She has to find the balance between fun and studies. To be honest, she’s finding that difficult. Still, she’s trying.



    YOUR NAME: Amy/Eli.

    RP EXPERIENCE: A year.

    HOW YOU FOUND US: Affiliates.

    OTHER CHARACTERS: Elijah Krum, Ariel Damian Greyback, Rafael Armstrong, Cyrus G. Skeeter, Robert Andrew Dent, Jenifer Elizabeth Dent, Narcissa Malfoy.


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BENNETT, Philippa Anabelle Empty Re: BENNETT, Philippa Anabelle

Post by Matthew Lestrange Mon Jan 17, 2011 3:07 am

So *cough* this is the character with the hots for professors. Errm...rather odd application but also very funny at the same time.

and Sorted into

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