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Ravenclaw Graduate
Ella Woods
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WOODS, Elizabeth "Ella" Blair

on Fri Dec 16, 2016 7:50 pm
They were the last people you'd expect to be involved in anything strange or mysterious, because they just didn't hold with such nonsense

   Character's Legal Name: Elizabeth Blair Woods

   “Ella/Lizzy”- preferred nicknames
   “Elle/Ellz”- occasionally used by family & friends
   “Ellie”- her father and Uncle Aidan
   "Elmo"- Uncle Brady
   “Ell’s Bells”- her father and uncles, affectionately
   “Elspeth”- her sister, Jane (in response to “Janet”)
   “Good Queen Bess”- her father, affectionately; her grandmother, cousins, and siblings,
   “Liddy”-  Mariella & other babies’ attempt to pronounce “Lizzy”
   “Liz”- don’t do it.
   “Eliza”- Danny.

   Age: 25

   Hogwarts House: Ex-Ravenclaw

   Blood Type: Halfblood

   Species: Human

   Face claim: Lily Collins

...Aunt Petunia often said that Dudley looked like a baby angel - Harry often said that Dudley looked like a pig in a wig

Ella has a heart-shaped face with delicate features, round hazel eyes that usually settle on a dark brown but have yet to definitively choose it over green, a small perky nose, pink lips and a sharp chin. Her eyes are her best feature, dark and long-lashed, always alight with something- mischief, anger, excitement. Her emotions play out on her face, a level of expression that is invaluable to the actress she once was. She is rarely seen not in a state of animation, and her lips stretch easily into smiles and scowls, her laughter loud and warm, her anger equally so.

Her hair is mass of dark curls that since being grown out of a teenage pixie cut usually reach some point between her shoulders and shoulder blades, medium brown with auburn tones in the sun save for brief forays into ginger and purple territory in her fourth and sixth years, respectively. Taming it is a struggle every morning and a battle only won by pulling it up into a bun or a messy braid if not straightened. Most commonly it is wrestled into a bun out of which stray strands make their way over the course of the day. Wearing her hair down shaves years off her appearance, and so it is rarely seen completely out in public settings and is usually pinned up. Every now and then she contemplates cutting it into the bob of her late teens but she has not yet gone through with it.

Height-wise she is pretty average, with a rather petite figure that is dangerously deceptive in regards to the strength it contains. Years of competitive quidditch have gifted her with lean muscles and toned arms and legs, though in recent years she’s become skinnier and softer than her more active youth- but her weight has yet to prove a struggle and so this has not been a cause for concern.

Though not averse to dressing professionally when the occasion calls for it, on an everyday basis she dresses like an art student or a failed actress, and in this she is sadly predictable. For comfort and warmth, oversized jumpers, cardigans and hoodies are her go-to casual outfits, paired with jeans or leggings. Shorts and tights more occasionally. For work she is marginally smarter, putting on proper shoes instead of scuffed boots or old trainers and shirts that don’t have some sort of slogan spread across the front, with skirts making an occasional appearance.

Makeup is generally very light, limited to mascara or eyeliner, concealer where needed, occasionally a lick of red or pink lipstick. She’s fortunate that her skin is quite clear and even-toned, with even the freckles of her teenage years disappearing once her quiddtich days and compulsive sun-tanning habit ended. She does, however, have a recurring stress spot that pops up above her right eyebrow when she’s unwell or especially harried. It hasn’t been seen in two years, but she suspects it’s still lurking.

All these factors combined tend to make her look younger than she is, though not drastically, and this isn’t something she actively aims for. She cleans up very nicely when the effort is required, with makeup, fitted clothes, and her hair done up she gains a maturity that her usual presentation forgoes. Putting in such effort is always a sign of respect for who or whatever has elicited it, a far cry from the casualness she prefers. In the parties she frequented in her younger years, she was happy to dress up, but it happens far less frequently now and though not strictly requiring coercion rarely occurs without good reason.

......If only the hat had mentioned a house for people who felt a bit queasy, that would have been the one for him

Ella is vivacious and lively, or as her dad used to say “a sparky kid”. Her features are expressive, she talks with her hands and if anything were to grab people’s attention it is this animation, that speaks of life and vitality. She’s also obnoxiously stubborn, very set in her ways and opinions, and quick to form opinions of people and things, equally quick to express them. Her judgement can be merciless, her teasing equally so. She once liked to think she had a handle on other people's characters and intentions, but recent events revealed her overestimation of this ability and have left her completely uncertain of it.

Ella is startlingly bright, her intelligence manifesting itself most obviously in her quick wit and humour. The greatest weapon she wields is a sarcasm so finely honed people are often unable to tell if she’s joking or not. She is generally able to find the humour in any situation, which often makes her amused when she shouldn’t be. This can be particularly problematic when it occurs at the expense of others. However, a redeeming quality of hers is that she is equally if not more capable of laughing at herself, often reacting with amusement to others’ mocking, though (ironically) she doesn’t take kindly to being properly judged. She has no patience for pretentiousness or fake people and likes to think of herself as firmly down to earth and ‘real’- a little too blunt, if you asked her family and friends. The worst social crime you can commit in Ella’s books is not being in possession of a sense of humour.

Though her bark is most certainly worse than her bite, she also doesn’t shy away from physical conflict, but as she’s gotten older fists and teeth have been exchanged for jinxes and hexes. Growing up, she was definitely the child who gave back as good as she got on the playground, kicking her tormentors in the ankles and pouring sand down their tops, but now she settles for a sharp comment or two. Her brutal honesty tends to either closely endear her to people or grievously offend, occasionally both at the same time. Ella is, of course, unapologetic, or not attentive enough to be sympathetic. Sharp-tongued and with a talent for holding grudges, Ella’s anger is best avoided and actually not that easily aroused. But once it is, it’s awful. She has a tendency to freeze people out when she feels particularly threatened or insulted, pulling no punches when it comes to letting them know what she thinks of them.

Of those she loves, Ella is fiercely protective and almost unreasonably fond. Her loyalty is unwavering, and woe betide anyone who attempts to wrong someone she’s taken under her wing. Though she stands up for herself just as readily, Ella cares more about those important to her than she does about herself, a quality only recognised by a tight inner circle who have had the opportunity to witness this selflessness over the years. She will put them before herself every time, and usually without a murmur of complaint so that they don’t always realise it’s happening. She doesn’t hesitate to stand up for herself or others if she feels they are being mistreated, even if that requires challenging authority or holds personal risk for her.

Ella is talkative in that she doesn’t shy from making conversation and doesn’t balk at talking to strangers. She treats everyone the same, no matter the age or rank in society. In younger years, this translated to impertinence, but it comes off as refreshing more frequently now, depending on the person. However she’s also loud, crude, on occasion, and utterly unapologetic, uncompromising in her forthrightness. If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen, as she would say. But she would do well to take more care over causing offence to those she dislikes, as she can been stunningly thoughtless on occasion if convinced (however wrongly) that the person deserves it.

She’s never been one for formalities, but recently has become a lot more guarded in terms of who she allows herself to get close to- she’s more likely to judge and observe than throw herself into the thick of socialisation. In many ways she is more cautious than she once was, understandably given recent events. Her confidence took a heavy blow that she hasn’t quite come to terms with. She is less trusting, less open, and highly suspicious of people who tell her what to do, or seem to have a vested interest in her affairs. Unfounded or not, these suspicions push her away from people and opportunities, though it is mostly her own fear that directs this. Though generally she has a healthy sense of responsibility, she also has a tendency to hide away from her problems and bury herself in work to avoid having to face up to inner conflict or particularly difficult issues.

..................Hey! My eyes aren't 'glistening with the ghosts of my past'!

   Early Years:

Sam Woods and Rebecca Lynch's romance was a complete whirlwind affair. What began as a brief three month long relationship culminated in an impulsive marriage that proved surprisingly long-lasting, built on a love that proved a stronger foundation than anyone could have foreseen. It was to this unexpected but intensely happy partnership that Jane and later Ella were born, the two angelic baby girls needed to complete the happy family picture.

Well, not quite. While Jane was the picture of sweetness and smiles, their second-born daughter was an altogether different breed of child. Precocious, headstrong, and with a determination that for her two easy-going parents was startling, Ella made as many enemies as friends in pre-school and later primary school, unafraid to stand her ground- or her sandpit, as it were. Her sister, the paragon of good behaviour, was an exemplary example for Ella to follow and though she tried, it simply was not in her to be as sweet and forgiving as Jane. A lucky thing, then, that the eldest Woods child and both parents were tolerant of their youngest’s scrapes- Sam more so than Rebecca, the designated disciplinarian. In any case, it was quite the loving family portrait and the girls grew up indulged but not coddled, not particularly well off but happy enough that they never noticed.

Sam was an Englishman who’d made a permanent home of Ireland for the sake of his wife, and for the first 8 years of her life, Ella grew up in a small ramshackle little house with her parents and older sister in Dublin, where they were brought up in the suburbs, not quite removed from the hustle and bustle of the city but far enough that going into town was a novelty eagerly anticipated. By Ella more than the rest of their unit. This happened more frequently once their mother had also returned to work and the girls spent more time in after-school clubs or with friends, moving out of their small family circle and into a wider social world they took to unsurprisingly well.

With the move to Dublin, Sam had left behind his work as a gardener to join the muggle police force, a job to which he proved surprisingly well-suited with stories recounted every night to the eager, captive audience of his two young girls. It was a happy, normal existence. At least, until he got sick. Cancer, terminal, unexpected. And her father, to whom Ella looked up more than anyone in existence, who was in every sense her ultimate kindred spirit, was gone within the year.

Sam’s death wasn’t quite a drawn-out affair, though it did feel endless. Rebecca’s part-time job as a clerk at the town hall was not well-paying enough to support herself and two young children, and they were still reeling from the loss of their anchor. The little family felt adrift from any means of support. Not a few weeks later, salvation came in the form of Ella’s Uncle Brady, who came up to visit them and found that it wasn’t much work to convince his sister to move back to her hometown where she would be in close proximity to her mother and older brother, who could help provide the support they needed. So it was that they spent the next three years in Galway, in an even smaller cottage a stone’s throw from Brady’s family and a short drive from Amelia.

This proximity to the extended family proved a very fortunate thing when Jane entered Hogwarts that autumn, leaving Ella behind to miss the company of her two favourite people on earth. Her cousins, too, were off to school, and lacking the companionship of her sister and the diversions of the Lynch boys the years ahead looked very lonely for Ella. It was then, most fortuitously, that Caroline Bellevue came into her life. Quiet, pretty, and- at first glance- unassuming, she was the only daughter of a French family that had (quite inexplicably) moved to their village and settled right down the road from Ella’s own house. She was also, as Ella soon discovered, not nearly as boring or quiet as she seemed. The two took to each other almost impossibly well. It helped that Caroline’s family was magical, their classes shared and both equally wanting for company. Over playdates and break-times the girls became inseparable, happy for the fast friendship and their parents happier for the interminable boredom that was now banished.

Bryan, too, came into Ella and Rebecca’s lives that year but the prospect of a step-father wasn’t nearly as exciting as the fantastic friendship that had been gained. Recently bereaved with a young baby in his care, he was unsurprisingly of more interest to Ella’s mother than to herself. If Ella had been less distracted with the newfound company she dedicated herself (as much as a child could) to, she might have been a better witness to their courtship, and eventual relationship. But the announcement of an engagement at the end of that year took her as much by surprise as it did the absent Jane- not because it was unexpected, but because she simply had paid no mind to it, in typical childish naiveté. Had she been less generous, a little more selfish, Ella might have resented Bryan for stepping into her father’s place. Except he didn’t even attempt such a usurpation, and with Jane’s understanding, magnanimous lead and the excitement of a new baby brother the addition was quietly and calmly accepted.

Soon after the re-marriage, Bryan was transferred to his firm's main office in Limerick, and the family once again packed their bags and switched cities- for only two years, this time. But at that point, with Jane already at Hogwarts and Ella entering that very year, not much time was afforded them to make a home of the third city and it was to Scotland that attentions were diverted- Hogwarts and all the adventures it promised, the first being a reunion with not only her sister and cousins, but the best friend she had left behind in Connemara.

  Hogwarts Years:

Caroline was quickly sorted into Ravenclaw, where Ella soon followed. Traditionally the Lynches aligned themselves with Gryffindor, but Ella’s grandfather had been a Slytherin and her uncle a Hufflepuff- and her cousin Joanna, of course, was a squib. So there was never any concern amongst this brood over tie colours and such and house allegiances paled against the blood they shared. For Ella the Sorting Ceremony was a source of amused curiosity, akin to the personality tests she’d often taken in her sister’s magazines. She took after her mother rather than her father, after a long deliberation by the hat between Godric’s house and Rowena’s. In the end, the eagles won out purely because though the girl was sufficiently outgoing, it was her curiosity and ready mind that the Hat judged most promising (pre-empting, perhaps, the distractions offered by the less studious house and the focus offered by the other).

Though not part of any particular crowd, the girls enjoyed an easy popularity for their quick laughs and quicker wits, throwing themselves enthusiastically into the school scene and all it entailed- parties and pranks and all things in-between. It was easy enough for Ella to feel at home at Hogwarts- 3 of her cousins had already passed through the halls, and at the time she began 4 others were scattered across the years. Beyond EllaandCaro, the Lynch kids were a particularly boisterous bunch, marking their presence in the school with excellence and detentions alike- the latter, mostly. Certainly to the professors they were all well-known and though they were initially glad for a respite in the form of the small, intelligent girl after the last four boisterous boys they soon discovered this was not the case at all, as she proved just as much a challenge as her cousins had. Not her sister, of course, much as the ageing professors might have wished for a second coming of Jane to grace them with her presence. Unlike the eldest Woods girl, Ella was quickly recruited into the mischief-making of her older cousins, accepted into the fold of their social lives as a tried and tested ally in trouble-making and a generally charming youngster whom their friends found an amusing sidekick and entertaining company.

The unholy alliance lasted from her First Year until her Fifth, when all but the last of the Lynch boys had graduated and the staff of Hogwarts were granted a respite from the interminable activity and mischief they left in their wake. Fortunately for Ella, too, for with these distractions removed she was able to knuckle down and focus especially during her OWL year, with her efforts paying off in the form of a set of impressive results. The Sorting Hat had been correct in its assessment of her and she was intelligent, with a natural probing thirst for knowledge, and the Ravenclaw in her shone through in many of the lessons- none so much as Ancient Runes, History of Magic, Transfiguration, and Defence Against the Dark Arts. The former often professed to be the most boring, theory-heavy subjects at the school, but the heavy tomes held an allure for Ella while the fact-retention required proved a strength of hers. More than that, she enjoyed learning for its own sake, something that took up the time previously devoted to socialising and gave her more to show for it.

In her Third Year, Ella was made a seeker for the Ravenclaw Quidditch Team, a position she maintained until her Seventh when she hung up her kit in preparation for NEWT exams. This was also the year in which Ella was finally bestowed with the label of middle child, as a younger sibling, her half-sister Casey, joined the family fold. The girls’ initial excitement at the new addition was swallowed by schoolwork and distance- unavoidable, but greater than at first anticipated. At the end of the year, with the baby barely sixth months old, the news was broken that Bryan was once again being moved to a different office, this time across the pond. Since the offer was a rather incredible opportunity, as they understood from their parents’ barely concealed excitement, Ella and Jane could not conceivably refuse them the chance. Rebecca and Bryan, for their part, did not impose a move on the girls despite their cooperation, giving them the opportunity to join them if they wished or to stay in the UK, given that they spent most of the year away at school anyway.

It was rather firmly decreed by the girls (and inevitably their grandmother, uncles, and the rest of the brood) that they would not be leaving Hogwarts for Ilvermorny or any of its other transatlantic counterparts, so the decision was made to let them continue their education in the UK, at which point their Uncle Aidan stepped in to offer his guardianship until Ella had reached legal age. So it was sorted, and Rebecca and Bryan were off to the states, taking Darren and Casey along with them with the girls left behind under care of the more irresponsible, perhaps, of their uncles.

Holidays from that point on were spent in Cork, with Aidan’s family and the occasional authoritative presence of her grandmother. While Jane followed Rebecca abroad after graduation, securing an internship at Bryan’s firm and settling there a few years later following her marriage to an American, Ella remained firmly based in Ireland, only seeing her immediate family on their infrequent visits back. Her NEWT years passed by quickly but quietly, without the bustle and excitement of the earlier Hogwarts years. Everyone had moved on, and Ella looked forward to doing the same.

   After Hogwarts:

The unspoken expectation from when she was a child had been for Ella to follow her father into Law Enforcement and in her earlier years she herself had demonstrated interest in becoming an Auror. This was alongside becoming a historian, a baker, a TV host, and a Gringotts goblin. Her NEWT scores certainly attested to this somewhat ambition, though Ella herself was much more inclined to joining the Hit Squad. Neither of these happened, however, as in a perhaps not so surprising turn of events she announced rather unceremoniously upon graduation that she and Caroline were moving to London to pursue acting careers. It wasn’t unexpected, given that it had been a shared dream of the girls since their fifth year, and for two joined at the hip as themselves it seemed natural that where one went, the other followed. It wasn’t clear who was doing which on this occasion. In any case, there was little protest from any but Amelia, who’d had higher hopes for her grand-daughter and no faith at all in the likelihood of acting providing a stable income and the job security she saw as a necessity.

For two years the girls made the city their playground, balancing part-time jobs with acting courses and collecting a slew of similarly minded acquaintances- thrill-seeking, art-making (irresponsible, in Amelia’s estimation) friends of various ages and persuasions. None so close or deep-seated as their own, the people fluttered leisurely in and out of their lives and the duo were content enough to simply float along pretending to make something of themselves. At the time, it seemed like a mode of living that could last forever- though Ella knew it couldn’t, it was easy to resist calls of reality when both were equally committed to upholding the illusion. Or so she thought.

When Ella was 20, the unthinkable occurred and Caroline met Bill Collins, a restaurateur and investor of whom Ella thoroughly disapproved, and then went on to marry him not a year later with no prior warning, a union of which Ella is still intensely suspicious and a little disbelieving- given that their first meeting occurred in a launderette, of all places. She couldn’t understand why Caroline would settle for someone so serious and uninteresting, but her greatest fear was that she would lose her best friend to the union. Caroline’s assurances worked to silence these fears but never to quell them, and the bittersweet occasion was a cause for more sorrow than joy, in the end. It did however help that he was extremely well off and Caroline was, in Ella's words, "set for life".

The impromptu marriage and departure of her best friend put an end to any dreams of starving artistry, as it became clear she had to find a job to double her meagre income if she wanted to keep their flat after Caro had moved out. Bill, in a misguided romantic gesture, purchased the flat before Caroline had left, which only infuriated Ella further and made her even more determined to never fall back on a rent payment. And she was far too stubborn to give up the place where they’d found their adult feet and got their first taste of the big city. Acting dreams were set aside as quickly as they’d been adopted, and it was to the Ministry Ella went, tail (not quite) between her legs. Amelia, of course, was overjoyed.

She was older than the typical Auror trainee, and without the luxury of time or parents’ pockets to fall back on since she was loathe to give up her independence after having just become accustomed to it. But her exemplary grades came into belated use, and she was able to find herself a position on the Law Enforcement Patrol with a view to being promoted to a Hitwitch after a year. The arrangement suited her well- her grandmother even better- and it seemed to her, at least, that a new, sensible, adult chapter of her life was properly beginning, prompted in part by the life changes of those around her.

In a turn of events not at all unique to this particular witch, it was the Marriage Law that threw the first wrench in these plans. The irony is that it wasn’t a Ministry missive that set the events into motion, but the lack of one.

But, I digress.

What followed is a chapter of her life Ella and those close to her refer to simply as the 'Danny Disaster' and which those who are not would do best to refrain from mentioning in her presence.

At the time of these events, Ella had not, like much of the population, yet received her inauspicious letter. She had no doubt that she would. And when she did, she would have to comply. As a Ministry employee, she did not have the luxury of laying low and hoping they didn’t notice- or, failing that, of making a disappearance and hoping no magical officials would catch up to her. She was one of those very magical officials. And truthfully, she saw a promising future in Law Enforcement that she was loathe to give up simply to make a stand against the very institution she’d decided to serve. More than that, Azkaban was not at all an appealing prospect. Ella was many things, but dementor-proof she was not. That didn’t mean she would quietly give in to injustice. But until it occurred, she had no idea what she’d do faced with the reality- and in the end, she never had a chance to find out.

She met him at the Ministry café. And just as not two years earlier she’d ridiculed Caroline and Bill’s union for its inauspicious beginnings, her own began over a chicken salad sandwich and a carton of pumpkin juice. Later, she would recall that even from that first meeting she hadn’t known why he’d been in the Ministry in the first place, or what he did for a living. But Ella was new and alone and he was charming and funny, and they were both- in a stupendous, unfortunate stroke of not-luck- very single. With relationship status and its consequences having become an icebreaker, almost, in those first few weeks, the conversation took that turn more quickly than it ever otherwise would have and- as not-luck would have it- they were both equally uncertain, resentful, and reluctant to go through with the Ministry’s whims, if only out of sheer stubbornness. Celebrating the coincidence, Danny was confident (or desperate, she later realised) enough to propose both a plan and marriage in that very same queue. And Ella- impossibly, stupidly, but not unexpectedly- agreed.

She fell in love with him just as easily as she’d fallen into the partnership- alarmingly so. Though she’d never actually intended for it to happen, it did. At first, it was simply a way out. They were in it together, two disgruntled Ministry employees pulling a fast one and riding out the political turmoil safely. It was an inside joke and an adventure, and better than what was happening to everyone else, at the time. She hadn’t accounted for how much time they’d be spending together over those next few months. She hadn’t accounted for the way two separate lives start to blur into one when allowed to converge. By the time she realised what was occuring, it was far too late for anything resembling doubt to make its presence known. They do say this particular emotion is blind, after all. Although, it took a lot more than blindness to miss what had been happening, really, right under her nose the entire time.

For the entire year Ella had been living with Danny in accidental bliss, he’d been using her position to access confidential information, tamper with evidence, and later, when the net started closing in, to set her up to take the fall. She was not a high-ranking official, or anyone remotely important. Just a freshly minted member of the patrol who was new to the entire thing with her eyes on an ambitious, but achievable prize. An all-but-guaranteed promotion barring any major incidents. But this incident was arguably more major than she or the department had accounted for.

She blamed herself, of course. She was intelligent, experienced, and cynical enough to see through lies and facades- or so she rebuked herself after the fact. In any case, it all came out when she was called into her superior’s office for a disciplinary meeting that she’d never (but Danny always had, of course) seen coming. It quickly became clear she was indeed as innocent as she professed herself, but a culprit had to be found. They asked about people close to Ella, who would have had access to her key-card, to the reports she sometimes took home to finish and the cases that came through. Someone close enough to guess, if all else failed, her passwords and various security questions. Not even Caroline had been privy to that much of her life that year. The only one was Danny. Ella was in love but she wasn’t stupid. She pointed them reluctantly (disbelievingly) in his direction and it all happened very quickly after that.

He was taken in for questioning, quickly charged and just as quickly vanished from his cell while awaiting trial, leaving in his wake a myriad of untied ends and unanswered questions. All for Ella to bear the brunt of yet again, the Ministry’s suspicion redirected before it was reluctantly forgotten. It was only after his disappearance that she found out the full extent of his lies. Danny Daniels was nothing but a persona: his name, age, and background fabricated, his crimes many and varied. He'd been a wanted man before even becoming a married one. The only silver lining was that he’d made efforts to amend that before he disappeared, leaving behind signed divorce papers in what might have been a final kindness but what Ella saw as more of a last laugh than a gesture of goodwill. If Danny had never been real, the marriage had been a sham to start with, after all.

Working through the emotional fall-out was near impossible, what with the true nature of her feelings and the progression of the relationship not yet known to those around her. Her friends and family all thought she’d had a close call, taken a risk that backfired and been played for a fool by a conman- no deeper a betrayal that that. She couldn’t bring herself to replace their exasperation and sympathy with all out pity. But to herself the truth was easy to admit. Had she loved him? Yes. Had she known him? Not at all. These conclusions were the complete opposite of what she’d initially thought, and the realisation was painful enough that any and all reminders of that very brief period were removed, got rid of- or, in the case of their her flat, vacated. The job, of course, abandoned. In a show of clemency, the department had allowed her to keep it but her guilt (and pride) demanded she resign, promptly and unquestionably, with no contingency plans in place and nothing else lined up.

Sunita found her when she was drowning her sorrows, feeling uncharacteristically sorry for herself- enough that her tongue was looser than it might otherwise have been. That was the first time she heard about Wordsworth Preparatory Academy. A muggle-magical primary school where the children would learn alongside each other, hopefully fostering some tolerance between the worlds in the next generation, since it seemed so lacking in this one. Sunita Prakash was passionate about muggle rights, but more than that, she was dangerously business-minded and really quite brilliant. The time could not have been more appropriate, what with the tentative merging of the two worlds. And Ella, she thought, would be perfect for the job.

And so Miss Lizzy was born. It was a persona more than a part, really, but one that barely required any acting at all. Only for the first week, when she was still halfway out of the hole Danny Daniels had punted her into. After that, she took well to her new position, her mischievous nature finding humour in every day and more importantly, a distraction even out of work, with lesson plans and finger puppets that needed constant attending to. And when the Ministry’s muggle-magical integration experiment finally drew to a close, Ella had more to occupy her as they fought to keep the school open, working with the rest of the staff to rearrange the entire structure and find a compromise that allowed them to still cater to children on both sides of the divide. She was tenacious, Sunita even more so, and Wordsworth Prep was eventually allowed to continue providing a bi-partisan education for the foreseeable future.

Over the next year, Ella found that she grew surprisingly comfortable in teaching. But she had never seen it as a long-term career, despite her enjoyment of it. More and more as she moves further away from her teenage years she feels the urge not to let her magical knowledge go to waste, feeling a desire to move into a career path that allows her to put it into practice on a more regular basis and in a more active capacity than she has to date. So far, she has resisted the mounting pressures from those around her- her best friend’s suggestions to go into the newly formed DWN, her cousin’s urging to follow him into curse-breaking, and her grandmother’s inexplicable push to enter Goblin-Liaision. She knows she doesn’t want to be Miss Lizzy forever, but she’s not sure whether to revisit her old dreams or find new ones. More importantly, she’s not sure whether her confidence has recovered enough for either.


Let us slip into the night and pursue that flighty temptress, adventure

Personal Information

Date of Birth: 28th July 2004

Nationality: British-Irish

Occupation: Nursery teacher

Hometown: Dublin, Republic of Ireland

Current Address: Bayswater, London / County Kerry, Republic of Ireland

Social Status: Aspiring middle class (a shift in recent generations from working class)

Economic Status: Self-sufficient but not wealthy

Magical Information

Patronus: Raccoon

Amortentia: kerosene, babies’ hair, tobacco, tomato soup

Favourite kind of magic: Defence Against the Dark Arts

Least favourite kind of magic: Herbology

Classes taken:
Ancient Runes- O  
Astronomy- EE      
Care of Magical Creatures- O
Charms- O    
DADA- O    
Herbology- EE
History of Magic- O      
Muggle Studies- O    
Potions- EE
Transfiguration- O    

Ancient Runes- O
Astronomy- EE
Charms- O
History of Magic- O
Transfiguration- O



coffee outings
oversized anything
patterned socks
board games
dad jokes
breakfast dates
listening to the radio
muggle films
warm drinks (tea, coffee, hot chocolate, anything. She’s the type that will heat Ribena up before drinking it)
chocolate ice-cream
spicy food
Witch Weekly
forehead kisses
jazz & blues
creative swearing

dress codes
small portions
films that make her cry
being told ‘no’
offensive humour (jokes that rely on any kind of bigotry to be funny. Not humour, in her estimation.)
her hair
cold feet
flip flops
brussel sprouts
colour-changing nail polish (the amount of times she’s had to put this on one of her nieces or students…)
the smell of cleaning products
door-to-door salesmen
people children don’t like
cooking proper food (eating it is a completely different story)

Doodles on everything
Hums when brushing teeth
Listens to heavy metal when angry
Chews pencils, but not pens or quills
Either curls up or spreads herself over any surface- takes up the whole couch, bed, etc.
Always ends up on the floor when watching T.V. (when you hang around children long enough)
Uses out of date slang
Likes to make her own greeting cards

Queen of inventive curses
Pro-gift wrapper
Laughs at a lower pitch than she talks

Brush up her magical knowledge, particularly more practical forms (working with kids doesn't allow much scope for this).
Maintain the friendships and family relationships she has.
Avoid meaningful romantic attachments that might result in emotional catastrophe (See: Danny Daniels).
Quit smoking.
Change jobs (she fears she's grown complacent).
Settle into (and excel at) a career she can see herself staying in long-term (this was once Law Enforcement, but that seems unlikely now).
Eventually buy her old flat off Bill.
Stop 'house-sitting' Sarah O'Leary's place and get her own cottage.

Other People

Significant Other/s:
Danny Daniels; 27; ex-husband

Children: About 30, all honorary.

Biological Mother:
Rebecca Aoife Kavanagh (nee Lynch, formerly Woods); 49
Ella was never as close to her mother as she was to her father, though she is perhaps more similar to her mother than she realises. Rebecca's remarriage and relocation to the U.S during Ella's teenage years meant that she didn't have much of a chance to know her mother as a friend rather than a parent, but has also meant they have had a positive relationship on the whole, as absence does make the heart grow fonder. Ella respects her mother's strength and kindness, and she remains one of the few people Ella is careful not to upset or offend, though Rebecca has always been somewhat tolerant of Ella's misbehaviours, perhaps out of a soft spot for her similarity to Sam. She was the strict parent growing up but Ella has never resented her, not even for remarrying so soon after her father's death (though this did take some conciliation at the time).

Biological Father:
Sam Edward Woods; 52 (deceased at 36)
The person Ella was closest to in the world before he passed away, Sam understood his daughter better than most others ever come close to. It helped that they shared the same sense of humour and laid-back attitude, though in temperament he was closer to Jane. However, he was always encouraging of Ella and unfailingly proud of her, despite her trouble-making as a child and tendency to get into scrapes at school. His death hit Ella the hardest. He remains the person whose opinion she most values, and she gets much of her motivation from the need to make him proud where he is now. On the whole she is over his death, though avoids discussing it as she is still apt to get sentimental and a little sorrowful depending on the state of her life at the time.

Bryan Kenneth Kavanagh; 54
Ella's relationship with her step-father is on the whole quite distant, but not hostile. He has never been anything but kind and thoughtful to her and Jane and loving and respectful to their mother, so the girls have never really had a bone to pick with him. In the beginning of he and Rebecca's relationship, Ella was wary of Bryan and did not make efforts to get to know him, not wanting to encourage him to act as a replacement of their father though when he didn’t actually attempt to do so this made way to indifference. Entering Hogwarts soon after, Ella began to appreciate him as a source of support for her mother, and they are currently friendly but not quite affectionate, treating him more as a likeable uncle than a father. Bryan does not seem to mind, and when they do get together he is treated as much a part of the family as anyone else, which works well all round.

Guardian: From ages 14-18, her Uncle Aidan shared guardianship with her mother.

Jane Garrett (nee Woods); 28; older sister
Ella's main inspiration and rock growing up, she maintains a healthy dose of respect and affection for her older sister, who was the well-behaved, angelic child to Ella's rowdy exuberance. There has never been any resentment between the two, however, and despite the years between them and the vastly differing personalities, they have always got on exceedingly well. Jane's relocation to the U.S. hit Ella harder than her mother and step-father's. Although the two maintain a steady stream of contact, their busy lives sometimes mean long periods of absence. Her visits when they occur are a cause for celebration all round, and the two are yet again inseparable on these occasions.

Casey Kavanagh; 12; half-sister
Ella doesn’t actually know her younger sister very well, which Casey likely rues more than Ella does. In part due to the age difference, in greater part due to the physical distance separating them, their relationship never even had the chance to become as strong as the one between Ella and Jane- and Jane and Casey, once their older sister had joined the family abroad. Casey is shy, quiet, and easily intimidated- particularly by her most distant sibling and the extended bunch- and wishes she wasn’t. She’s also creative, smart, and perceptive, which might endear her more closely to Ella were these qualities more readily displayed. As it is, Ella treats Casey with warmth and affection, but they are never in each other’s company quite long enough to overcome that careful barrier.  

Darren Kavanagh; 16; step-brother
Bryan's son from his first marriage, he has known Rebecca as his mother and Ella and Jane as his sisters his whole life, and so he is looked at as no less than a brother to them. He is a little more familiar than Casey, to whom he is very close, and easy-going enough that he gets on very well with his older sisters. A natural mediator and more forthcoming than their younger sister, he is Ella's best port of call for updates on the family when contact is required. Though comfortable with the rest of the extended bunch, he can occasionally be retiring, growing suddenly conscious of the fact that they are step-relations. He remains, however, one of Amelia's firm favourite grandchildren- a cause for teasing by Ella, though not resentment.

Other Family Members:
Joe Garrett; 28; brother-in-law
Strange, perhaps, considering her attitude to Bill, Ella remains exceedingly fond of her brother-in-law and he of her. But probably not too surprising given his close similarity to Jane in character and his rather impressive patience and quiet humour, which quickly gained Ella's approval. He takes care not to encroach on the sisters' relationship, something Ella strongly appreciates, and in return she has always been happy to see him, considering him a good friend as well as a brother.

Poppy Garrett; 6; niece
Ella’s niece takes after her aunt more than either of her parents, and it’s a running joke in the family that Poppy's birth was a way of ensuring Jane wouldn’t have any peace even across the Atlantic. When reunited with each other, Lid and Pop prove a dangerous combination, dreaming up hare-brained schemes at the expense of those around them, the older only encouraging the younger. Poppy's awe of her aunt is such that she began to copy her accent when she learned to speak and firmly stuck with it, something the rest of the family finds intensely amusing. In behaviour she might be an exact double of her aunt, and Ella is certain that this potential will continue to be realised as she gets older- with her guiding influence, of course.

Jem Garrett; 4; nephew
Jem is still a little too young to keep up with his older sister and aunt, though this doesn't stop him from trying. He isn't nearly as spirited and disorderly as they are, though, and often he can only tag along and watch from the sidelines, a little too well-behaved to join in the excitement. In appearance and personality he is exactly like his father, which Ella finds immensely amusing considering how enamoured the younger Garrett is of her. In this, however, he is more like Jane, as the dynamic between him and Poppy, young as they are, is certainly reflective of her and Ella's relationship had their ages been reversed.

John Terrence Lynch; 86; maternal grandfather (deceased at 58)
m. Amelia Heather Lynch; 84; maternal grandmother
The family matriarch, sharp-witted and sharp-tongued despite her advanced age, she is just as- if not more- stubborn as her grand-daughter. Very much involved in her children and grand-children's lives, with very firm opinions of what they should and should not be doing. She keeps in steady contact with Ella, much to her sometime annoyance, with the primary topic usually being her love-life- or lack thereof. Amelia was intensely ambitious in her younger years but chose to devote much of that energy to her family instead, and as a result she takes on an encouraging (some would say pressuring) role in relation to her descendants' lives, education, and later careers.

Brendan “Brady” Lynch; 59; maternal uncle
m. Eileen Taicligh; 58
The eldest of Ella’s uncles, Brady was a massive source of support for Rebecca and the girls after Sam’s death, encouraging Ella’s mother to move back to her hometown and providing financial help until they managed to get back on their feet. Prior to that, Easter and Summer holidays were spent with him and his family, with Ella and Jane treated as younger sisters to his own kids. His opinion is highly valued by Ella; he often takes on the role of peacekeeper in regards to the extended family and his wife Eileen is Ella’s favourite aunt. Currently based in Belfast, Ella sees him less frequently than she did in her formative years.
   Nora O’Shea (nee Lynch); 33; maternal cousin
   m. Eoin O’Shea; 36
       -Delaney O’Shea; 6
       -Colin O’Shea; 5
       -Keely O’Shea; 4
The eldest Lynch cousin and unsurprisingly the most responsible, Nora was the anchor to her siblings and the Woods girls growing up, keeping them in line as much as she could. The age difference between her and Ella meant that they never grew close as contemporaries, but she respected her cousin’s success at school despite occasional unruliness, a nice contrast to her trouble-making brothers. Ella sees her infrequently after Nora’s marriage and her own move to London, but finds her children entertaining and their mother’s calm confidence reassuring, particularly on more fraught family occasions.
   Sean Lynch; 29; maternal cousin
   m. Mel Nakamura; 26
Ella’s favourite, perhaps, of the Lynch boys and the one she was closest to both in and out of school. Sean took Ella under his wing in her first year, though he’s kept an eye out for her her whole life. The mastermind of mischief in his Hogwarts days in both class and on the Quidditch pitch, he now works as a Cursebreaker for Gringotts, with brief stints in security between assignments. His recent shacking-up is a secret very well-kept, with Ella as one of its keepers.
   Conley Lynch; 28; maternal cousin
The slipperiest of her cousins, where Sean was the best at getting Ella into trouble Conley was best at getting her out of it. That isn’t to say he’s the well-behaved out of the boys- far from it, he’s simply the most cunning. In recent years Ella, like many of the family, has lost touch with him as he set off on one of his mysterious adventures that not much information is ever provided about. His job is as much a mystery as the rest of him, but his knack for sensing impending trouble for himself and others is uncanny and unfailing.
   Trevor Lynch; 27; maternal cousin
Trevor has always been known as ‘the quiet one’ amongst family and friends and for good reason- it’s rare that he makes conversation with even his siblings, though he’s never completely wanted for company. Most times, he is happy to silently go along with his brothers’ shenanigans, though he contributes the least to their schemes. His reservation doesn’t quite translate to observance, so he isn’t the best ear if a listening one is needed. He is, however, reliable when the occasion calls for it. Ella has seen him less in recent years as he establishes himself as a mediwizard and aspiring healer.
   Devin Lynch; 26; maternal cousin
The closest to Ella in age but perhaps the most enigmatic, Devin is almost as reserved as Trevor, but not nearly as obliging. In his teenage years he like his brothers was heavily involved in the party scene, though he made a home of its more shadowy corners. A keen user of Sugar at the time, Ella suspects he has since moved onto Spice and other substances. It’s a strong suspicion, but Devin has never welcomed interference and Ella isn’t truthfully up for trying. In the right mood, his sharp wit and dark humour make him intensely entertaining and charming company.

Aidan Lynch; 54; maternal uncle; former Seeker for the Irish National Quidditch Team (retired)
d. Tess Winthrope-Lynch; 54
A professional quidditch player who shot to fame very young on the Irish National Team and retired quite late as the result of an aggravated head injury. In his younger years he was close friends with Ella's father, and he very much took on the father role to her after Brady’s relocation to Belfast and her mother's move abroad, with holidays often being spent with him when her parents weren't in the country. Despite his age, he remains startlingly relaxed (his ex-wife would say disgustingly careless) and (often inadvertently) entertaining company. However, his strained, tempestuous relationship with his ex-wife is a source of strife for all the family, with everyone doggedly avoiding them when they happen to be in the same vicinity as each other, and Ella is no exception to this.
   Joanna Haplin (nee Lynch); 30; maternal cousin
   m. John Haplin; 35
       -Lucy Haplin; 5
       -Phillip Haplin; 2
Jo is a squib who married a muggle without ever revealing to him the magical nature of the rest of the family. Ella, like many of the Lynches, isn’t sure of the wisdom of this, as it is entirely likely their children will turn out magical in an unpleasant surprise. Jo is capable and immensely responsible, but firmly in denial about this possibility. Ella and the family simply play along for now, treating John with a mixture of awkwardness and pity and the children with suspicious attentiveness.
   Alice Winslow (nee Lynch); 21; maternal cousin
   m. Frederic Winslow; 45
Alice is the petulant, spoilt, difficult middle child around whom the world often revolved when she was younger, but whose yearning for attention has never been satisfied. Most recently, this need for attention translated into a secret affair and later marriage to her much older university professor. The family intensely disapproves, and Alice intensely doesn’t care. On the occasional moment, Ella thinks her cousin is surprisingly bearable, but mostly the standard response to Alice’s theatrics is an eye-roll and a blind ear, to her immense frustration.
   Johnny Lynch; 17; maternal cousin
Ella's favourite of her younger cousins and the accidental black sheep of the family, perpetually in trouble with his father, grandmother, or older sisters. Harmless as a whole, but with an amazing ability to get into scrapes, though he does not actually seek attention as Alice does. Ella is his port of call when he needs a hideout for a few days (or weeks, as has happened before). She suspects his birth was the last-ditch attempt to save his parents' marriage, but its spectacular failure and troubled divorce overshadowed his early years. Still, he remains remarkably balanced and well-intentioned, despite his lack of foresight and painful tactlessness at times.

Richard Lynch; 46; maternal uncle
m. Rosalie “Rose” Tibbot-Lynch (nee Tibbot); 44
The absentee uncle, as he fancies himself too refined for his boisterous family. Often the butt of Ella and Aidan’s jokes, he avoids family gatherings because they always seem to devolve into a chaos he sees himself above getting involved in, but is often dragged into never-the-less. Ambitious and pretentious, though if you ask Ella he takes himself far too seriously. Which is unfortunate, because he is capable of being rather endearing on the rare occasion he loosens up. More often, though, his awkwardness translates to disapproval and snobbishness and the others' teasing quickly follows.
   Lydia Tibbot-Lynch; 14; maternal cousin
Had they been closer in age, Lydia and Ella would have undoubtedly butt heads, but the age difference has kept them on moderately good terms. Ella sees her as infrequently as she does her uncle Richard, and any annoyance is often precluded by a indulgent tolerance for her antics, helped by the fact that Lydia can be surprisingly witty and observant at times. On the whole, Ella doesn’t pay her much attention and has been happy to babysit her along with the other young’uns on the very rare occasion of a gathering (though not for extended periods of time, as their strong personalities do start to grate on each other eventually).
   Gretchen Tibbot-Lynch; 12; maternal cousin
   Cathy Tibbot-Lynch; 8; maternal cousin

Ross Kavanagh; 40; step-uncle
m. Sarah O’Leary; 40 (deceased at 22)
m. Philippa Kavanagh (nee Jameson); 42
Her step-father's brother, Ella is closer to him than she is to Bryan, likely due to his longstanding friendship with Aidan. He has always been a regular fixture at the Lynch household, and an uncle in all but blood to the girls. The loss of his first love at a young age left him shaken up and is something he has never fully recovered from, and his support and empathy after Sam's death was invaluable to Ella. In the aftermath of the Danny Disaster, he was the first to offer her a place to stay that wasn't her flat. The fact that this was Sarah's old cottage made the gesture even more meaningful, though there has never been even the consideration of repayment for this huge favour on his part. His restlessness means that he doesn't often stick in one place for too long, but Ella is always glad to see him, finding in him a kindred spirit and an understanding ear.
Damien Kavanagh; 18; step-cousin
Dyllan Kavanagh; 14; step-cousin

Important Friends:
Caroline Bellevue; 25; best friend
Beautiful, sweet, and at first glance the image of refinement and composure. However, she is capable of matching Ella’s wit word for word and has an equally lethal sense of humour. Much quieter and more polite than her best friend, she is Ella's closest confidante and a good foil to her abrasiveness at times. In their school days the two were inseparable and since Caroline's marriage they have remained in close frequent contact- though not as close as Ella would like.
m. Bill Collins; 33; "professional prat"
Ella is intensely suspicious and mistrustful of Bill- probably for no good reason, though she will insist otherwise. In reality, he and Caroline’s relationship simply completely blindsided her and she resents him for stealing her best friend, as she sees it, not believing him to be good enough for the beloved Caroline. He is usually suspicious and confused in the face of her teasing, and Caroline attempts to minimize interaction between them in order to keep the peace.
Mariella Collins; 3; god-daughter
Cherubic in every sense of the word, a lucky thing considering the amount of time spent with her unruly god-mother. Any other child might have become similarly cheeky purely by association, but Mariella remains doggedly sweet and well-behaved. She does, however, seem to register Ella’s dislike of Bill, which results in confusion from Bill and exasperation from Caroline when she repeats the strange remarks and epithets she picks up from her god-mother at home. Ostensibly named for both Ella and Caroline's mother, Marie, Ella is not entirely convinced she wasn't actually named after a great-aunt of Bill's, though Caroline maintains that this is not the case.

Sunita Prakash; 45; current employer
Jasper "Jizzy" Marlowe; 23; aspiring musician & nickname connoisseur
Madison Garfield; 22; artist
Miki Nakamura; 25; engineering student

Out of Character
I'm Harry's half-sister, Dumbledore's daughter, Voldemort's niece, Sirius' cousin, Snape's daughter and Lupin's great grandmother...

   What should we call you: Alyssa

   RP Experience:-

   How you found us:-

   Main Character (we'll PM you on this account): This one works.
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Re: WOODS, Elizabeth "Ella" Blair

on Mon Dec 19, 2016 1:12 am
Alyssa! I see you changed her playby! Cool cool.

I've gotta ask about the kerosene thing in the Amortentia. Has she been to a lot of campsites or something? I don't remember anything about her wanting to start any literal fires from what you told me, either. Just need to check before she can go through.
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Re: WOODS, Elizabeth "Ella" Blair

on Mon Dec 19, 2016 1:26 am
Lol I thought for a bit she'd just been really into lit fireplaces or something. It's no worries, really.

Since we've talked a bit about her and everything else seems to line up I think she looks fine! I'll go ahead and get her organized for you.
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