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Simon Gnimagnon
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GNIMAGNON, Simon Jonathan

on Sun Nov 27, 2016 11:04 pm
They were the last people you'd expect to be involved in anything strange or mysterious, because they just didn't hold with such nonsense

   Character's Legal Name: Simon Jonathan Gnimagnon

   “Sim”- used by his wife & close friends, preferred nickname
   “Simo”- childhood nickname used by his mother
   “Sime”- commonly used but not preferred
   “Simone”- used (unsuccessfully) by his mother & brother-in-law to tease him into getting a     haircut

   Age: 27

   Hogwarts House: Ex-Hufflepuff

   Blood Type: Halfblood

   Species: Human

   Face claim: Willy Cartier

...Aunt Petunia often said that Dudley looked like a baby angel - Harry often said that Dudley looked like a pig in a wig

Simon has a rather ethnically ambiguous appearance, with most unable to determine quite where his origins lie. It is often clear that he is biracial, but which races precisely is harder to pinpoint. His French-Vietnamese heritage displays itself in his almond eyes and smooth dark hair, while his Senegalese genetics are what grant him a swarthy complexion and a propensity to darken quickly and intensely in extended periods of sunny weather. His features lean more towards his mother, with high flat cheekbones, a long face and a straight, thin nose. Sim is slim and nimble, not muscular but not pudgy, preferring a healthy diet and getting in some moderate exercise. He isn’t amazingly tall but stands at a respectable 5”10, which elevates him above most people.

His clothes are always smart-casual, not scruffy but not showy, rather simple and muted. He does not shy away from colour but prefers neutral tones, particularly monochromes and simple, dark robes, though he is equally comfortable in muggle and magical clothing. His hair is the most noticeable and unusual aspect of his appearance, as it is longer than ordinarily expected of his gender. It usually reaches just past his shoulders and he prefers to wear it out, parted in the middle. However, he avoids looking feminine by the facial hair he usually grows and keeps closely trimmed, with the barest trace of a beard and moustache that he keeps short and neat. His limbs are long and slim and his steps quick and light. Overall, Sim gives the impression of someone easy-going, unobtrusive, and of simple pleasures, a rather nice contrast to his naturally striking appearance, which prevents him from being completely unnoticeable.

......If only the hat had mentioned a house for people who felt a bit queasy, that would have been the one for him

+ Kind- The result of a gentle nature and a mellow worldview, Simon is essentially compassionate and benevolent, assuming the best of people and treating them with respect. He is not just polite, but nice, displaying graciousness in all his interactions regardless of age or importance. He rarely harbours or displays ill will towards people, usually just maintaining a distance if anyone proves especially unlikable or disagreeable. He is remarkable patient, not quick to anger, and happy to please others.

+ Diplomatic- Fair and just, exactly as a Hufflepuff should be. His tact and care over his words makes him easy to deal with and good at diffusing tensions, especially as he is not inclined to fits of anger or passion. In arguments, he is usually non-partisan, preferring to fix things through compromise or discussion. He generally fares well under pressure, and is able to remain calm and collected in conflict. In some ways, he is good at looking at an issue from all angles and seeing the bigger picture if only because he absolutely does not want to unfairly or accidentally do wrong by others, no matter how fraught the situation.

+ Hardworking- That quintessential Hufflepuff trait. Simon worked industriously through school and in his career, but his diligence translates to all aspects of his life. If given a task, he will spend all the time needed to follow through with it, and when faced with a problem, he will work at it until satisfied it has been resolved. Considerable time and effort are invested into his marriage and friendships, and he is known to volunteer his help with odd jobs and favours needed by those close to him (which makes him especially popular in times of hardship). This comes quite naturally to him, and effort is not something he sees as a chore or a burden. Rather, he enjoys the satisfaction of seeing something done, more so if it is something from which others will directly benefit.

+ Honest- In both speech and action. Frank, but not blunt and never harsh, is how he modulates his words, and genuinely and earnestly is how he conducts himself. “Honesty is the best policy” is something he firmly believes and fully intends to drill into his children- being morally and legally upstanding, he simply does not feel the need to disguise any aspect of his life. That's not to say he is emotionally transparent or a chronic over-sharer, but what you see is generally what you get with Sim.

+/- Humble- Sim is not one to seek glory or recognition; he is happy to work quietly in the background or on the sidelines, only really needing his own sense of accomplishment and the satisfaction of a job well done. He is not quick to proclaim his skills or accomplishments, though he is not unaware of the things he does well. However, this can at times lead to him being overlooked for louder characters, or missing out on opportunities to challenge himself or hone his skills further. It can also, coupled with his gentle and easy going demeanour, lead to people assuming he is ok with things he isn’t necessarily, simply because he doesn’t make a point of putting himself or his views out there.

- Domestic- Probably a result of his exceedingly happy marriage & rewarding fatherhood, Simon is an unashamed homebody. His standard response to “where would you rather be” at any and all times of the day is “home”, he does not relish the thought of going out for social reasons, and reluctantly works extra hours only out of a sense of obligation/ duty to the poor muggles he helps on a daily basis. He is not a recluse; in fact he rather enjoys his job and likes his friends but, he simply in all honesty would rather be home with Corinne and the twins.

- Non-committal- Just as he is hardworking, he is also reluctant to take on too many extra responsibilities outside of what he feels are his duties or small favours to friends. Being tied down by a load of extra jobs isn’t a notion he relishes, a direct result of his happy domesticity. As such, he is not quick to align himself with causes nor to others, preferring to preserve as much of his free time as possible for Corinne and the twins. He is careful not to let this impact his friendships nor put his loyalties in doubt, but it is with a silent grudging reluctance that he gets involved in things outside of work and the bare minimum of social dues.

- Passive- Simon is not a total doormat- there are some things, namely his family and the disadvantaged (muggles) that he will staunchly stand by, no matter how quietly. However, his conflict-avoidance sometimes veers into passive territory, where he will let things pass simply to avoid an argument. He doesn’t do too badly in confrontation, but is very averse to it and simply too mellow to bother with it. Similarly, if he is pushed enough about something, he will often give in just to have some peace. Particularly if this is done by very brash or loud characters, who he just doesn’t have it in him to keep refusing. What makes this even more difficult is that he does not always mind being taken advantage of, though he is generally smart enough to realise when it is happening. But he is naturally a little too forgiving and altruistic. Even if he doesn’t actually want to do something, once someone appeals to his sense of duty or friendship, he finds it intensely difficult to refuse if it is direct and he is unable to avoid or sidestep the issue.

..................Hey! My eyes aren't 'glistening with the ghosts of my past'!

   Early Years:

Of his parents’ relationship Simon knows very little, not having any memories of his father from his childhood, though it is his understanding he was present for the first year of his life and not much else beyond that. For the first 11 years of his existence, Sim lived exclusively with his mother, spending the earlier years of his childhood in Senegal, his father’s country of origin and his birthplace.

Simon’s childhood was happy and relatively free of hardship, though he and his mother led an at times rather itinerant life. In their neighbourhood in Senegal, he enjoyed the company and security of a close-knit community life, with many friends among the neighbours and long hot days spent kicking balls and throwing rocks out in the sun. The area they lived in was primarily a muggle area, so Sim’s early years were lived among those who had no knowledge of magic such that it was a rather insignificant part of his life, something he was aware of, of which his mother made use but not something he held in awe or longed for. He saw that happiness and a full life were possible without it, and thus never held it up as something important or at all crucial to his (or anyone’s) existence. Above all, he learned to be ok with difference and to treasure the human connections in people that were present no matter the many distinctions separating them. His early years, then, might have been called a study in tolerance.

At the age of 10, he and his mother moved to France where he was enrolled in a muggle school for the last remaining year of his primary education. Since his mother had been intending to send him to Beauxbatons, where she herself had gone when she was a girl, the move was intended to acclimatize him to the new country. It wasn't as hard as it might have been, in part due to Sim's relaxed approach to this as all matters. In Senegal he had attended a French-language school where they were also taught some English, a muggle school with muggle subjects just like all the other children in his neighbourhood. When the school day ended he would go home with one of his friends, whose parents often babysat for Vera while she was at work. Now, Sim spent most of his time at home in their apartment talking to his old friends over the internet or making friends with their new neighbours. It wasn't as easy as it had been in Senegal, and the weather and food were strange and entirely new but the year passed quickly and soon he was entering Beauxbatons.

   Hogwarts Years:

Beginning at the French school was the first time he had ever lived exclusively among wizards and in the magical world. This change was more monumental than the relocation from country to country and took the better part of his first two years to get used to. As an only child with a mother who worked full time, Sim was used to solitude, but this was the first time he had properly experienced loneliness. With no technology to keep in touch with his muggle friends in Senegal, and with his mother abroad again for work, Simon didn't take easily to Beauxbatons. But he was naturally likeable and easy to get along with, and he soon managed to feel content even if not entirely comfortable in the new environment. No complaints were expressed, however, and he focused instead on his classes and embracing the magical side of himself he'd never previously paid much thought to.

It went well for three years, until the beginning of his fourth year when he was faced with yet another big relocation, this time to the UK. Sim had never known much at all about his mother's work, only that it often required her to take long mysterious trips abroad and had connected her with a network of very strange acquaintances who he rarely got to meet properly. So an explanation as to why Beauxbatons was suddenly exchanged for Hogwarts was not really forthcoming but Sim wasn't one to protest, and since his mother was stationed in the UK for the next year at least, he was happy to follow.

Since he'd long overcome the language barrier due to his studies of English the most immediate problem was his looming OWLs, which were taken a year earlier at Hogwarts than at Beauxbatons. He was assigned a tutor- and 'fate' seems a fitting word here, since this particular classmate turned out to be not only far too sweet and far too pretty, but also half French, and thus a promise of familiarity in a strange place.

He was drawn to Corrine primarily because she got it. She seemed to understand many things about him instinctively, from his mixed heritage to his easygoing, mellow nature. Both quiet but likeable, patient, gentle, and possessing a positive, loving worldview, it was no surprise that they eventually became fast friends. She was more reserved than him, but Sim knew better than to mistake shyness for meekness or softness for weakness. Indeed, she helped him get involved in Hogwarts life more easily, despite her reticence, and Simon quickly became more at home in the British school than he'd ever been in France. He joined the quidditch team as a keeper in his fifth year, became a regular at both the Duelling Club and the Gobstones Club, and maintained his good grades in most subjects with Corinne's help at first and later, once he'd grasped the different curriculum, by himself.

It was no surprise, either, that he fell in love with her and she with him, neither really knowing which happened first. In any case, by his sixth year he knew this was the woman with whom he wanted to share the rest of his life, and by their seventh year this was an unofficial understanding between the two. They both graduated with a decent roster of grades under their belts, strangely unfazed by the diverging paths that awaited them.

   After Hogwarts:

Upon graduation, Sim took up a job at the Ministry, as an intern in the Department of Magical Transportation. He had no long-term plans to remain there, but it suited his finely honed work ethic and patience for routine while acting as a stepping stone to other Ministry careers.

Corinne, meanwhile, had gone to France to continue her studies and take up a temporary teaching position at Beauxbatons, returning two years later. Their years apart were not as difficult as long-distance relationships often tend to be, given that they didn’t doubt theirs was a temporary situation and there was a certainty in both of them that they’d be spending the rest of their lives together, regardless of whatever detours they took at present. It helped, of course, that Sim had long since been accepted into the fold of Corinne’s family, with the Warbecks having adopted him as one of their own since the inception of his friendship with Corinne in their 5th year. Family dinners, holidays, visits were all spent with them as they took it for granted that his eventual official joining of the family was all but guaranteed. In the absence of their daughter, he was treated as a son, and when she returned they wasted no time in legally sealing the deal and commencing an indecently blissfully marital life.

Sim had finished his internship before Corinne's return and joined the department as a Magical Transport Official, first in the Floo Office before transferring to Portkeys. A year into their marriage and the new position, he heard of the Improper Use of Magic Office advertising for new members of the Accidental Magic Reversal Squad through the office grapevine and applied, taking the opportunity to move on and to greener pastures. A recommendation from the Dept. of Magical Transport got him into training, and his surprisingly good performance got him onto the squad.

Accidental Magic Reversal quickly proved to be a job made for Sim. He was good at charms, and his care and precision made him well-suited to reversing accidents and covering the tracks of careless wizards and magic gone awry. And he liked the department and the fulfillment that came from knowing he was helping people. More importantly, he was extremely adept at dealing with muggles, which quickly made him an invaluable member of the team. Sim didn't see that there should be any reason to prevent other wizards from simply treating muggles normally, but he'd long since realised the magical kind were a strange lot in many ways, not all good.

The next five years were easy and uneventful, but for the birth of the twins in 2026. The babies were just as quiet and good-natured as their parents, and their early years were relatively smooth sailing for two newborns. The Gnimagnon unit became a little family, and those who knew them would perhaps say they were exceedingly content. For his part, Sim worked hard at the Ministry, growing comfortable with the routinized office work interspersed with the occasional catastrophe to sort out, while Corinne stayed at home with the children. The rhythm of family life was one Sim got quickly attached to and despite the political and social turmoil of recent years, one he is hesitant to disrupt for any reason or cause. So far, he's succeeded in not doing so.


Let us slip into the night and pursue that flighty temptress, adventure


Family gatherings
His in-laws
Sunday mornings
Muggles & their world
Pumpkin juice

Working overtime
Blood prejudice (or prejudice of any kind)
Unhealthy food
Being the centre of attention
Full schedules
Busy weekends

maintain close ties with his family and friends
raise the twins to be good humans and happy people to the best of his ability
(considers changing tracks to something more daring occasionally, but falters at the increased job hours and risks)
keep his girls living in comfort
expand their house at some point

Other People

Significant Other: Corinne Gnimagnon nee Warbeck; 27; wife

Tiana Gnimagnon; 3; daughter
Kayla Gnimagnon; 3; daughter

Biological Mother: Vera Francoise Leveque // Leveque Lòng Tin

Biological Father: Seydou Samuel Gimagnon


Other Family Members:
Dean Richardson Warbeck; 58; father in law
Melinda Warbeck nee Cartier; 57; mother in law

Alison “Ali” Griers nee Warbeck; 35; sister in law
John Griers; 36; brother in law
Kristina Griers; 12; niece
Catherine Pearson; 10; (adopted) niece
Cary Griers; 8; niece

Alistair “Alt” Warbeck 35; brother in law
Charlene Thomas; 40; sister in law
Jessica Warbeck; 11; niece
Zoe Warbeck; 9; niece

Celeste Warbeck; 17; sister in law

Out of Character
I'm Harry's half-sister, Dumbledore's daughter, Voldemort's niece, Sirius' cousin, Snape's daughter and Lupin's great grandmother...

   What should we call you: Alyssa

   RP Experience:-

   How you found us:-

   Main Character (we'll PM you on this account): This one'll do.

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Re: GNIMAGNON, Simon Jonathan

on Tue Nov 29, 2016 12:44 am
This is great, Alyssa. If you could just edit the information so the mandatory stuff is in the mandatory section of the template and the optional stuff is in the optional section, I'll be able to sort him.

If you're confused or have any questions, please do PM me.
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Re: GNIMAGNON, Simon Jonathan

on Tue Nov 29, 2016 2:46 am
Thank you! Done, I think.
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