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on Fri Nov 20, 2015 4:58 pm



FULL NAME: Samuel Johnathan Nesbitt

NICKNAMES: Sam, Sammy(only Sarah called him that)

AGE: 28


HOGWARTS HOUSE: Gryffindor Graduate

CLASSES: graduate.

WAND:Mahogany, 12 inches, phoenix feather good with dueling

PLAY BY: Jared Padalecki


HAIR COLOUR: light brown

EYE COLOUR: Emerald green


BODY BUILD: tall muscular built to him.

GENERAL APPEARANCE:Sam stands about 6'0 in height with light brown hair and emerald green eyes. Sam has a bit of a egg like face with a nose that goes well with his face. His emerald green eyes are bright and full of emotions and feelings,you can always tell if he's mad or upset by looking into his eyes. Sam wears his hair parted with his hair out of his eyes although it sometimes tends to get in his way. Sam is the type of person who likes to wear plaid shirt with blue jeans when he on holidays or on weekends. Sam isn't picky about what color he wears for he basically looks good in any color.


+Good at DADA
+good at muggle fighting (took karate as well as other classes due to him being bullied alot in school)
+rather good duelist
+quick learner
+excellent in CoMC
+good listener

-horrible at potions
-lets his emotions get the best of him
-sometimes act before thinking
-tends to flip off the handle alot
-cold heated  (at times)
-reserved  (at times )

+thunderstorms/rainy days
+Animals magical or muggle

-Death Eaters
-people who judge others
•settle down with someone and start a family
•find out who killed his sister Sarah
•Discover the world

•raises his eyebrows alot especially when something surprise him.
•plays with his hands quite a bit when he nervous or scared
•licks his lips alot when talking or thinking
•Sam greatest fear dying and never telling his family how much he loved them and means to him

Kid: the birth of his baby sister
Now: when he became a Spirit Specialist like his father

DEMENTOR: The death of his sister Sarah

VERITASERUM: tried to find ways to bring his sister black, but he gave up.

•to see his sister again.

Sam is a very sweet down to earth type of guy who loves having a good time. Although Sam can be very emotional at times to where he doesn't want anyone around him and he just wants to be left alone. Like all guys, he can be very stubborn indeed as well as flip off the handle at times over small things. Sam is very brave and loyal to his friends and family and will do anything to protect them. Sam is very smart and bright and loves reading as well as a good sense of adventures. 


FATHER: Johnathan Nesbitt, 55, works in Spirit division

MOTHER: Mariana Nesbitt, 55, works in Muggle hospital

Sarah Nesbitt  (decreased)


BLOOD STATUS:  Half-blood

SPECIES: only members who have been regularly active for one month are able to create non-human characters

SOCIAL STATUS: middle class

•A red owl named Scarlett
• A German Shepherd named Rex



Samuel Johnathan Nesbitt was born on May 2, 2008 by Johnathan and Mariana Nesbitt. Sam is the only boy of Johnathan and Mariana Nesbitt for his little sister was dead when she was the only girl. When Sam was two years old his little sister was born, making him one proud big brother. Before he went to Hogwarts Sam went to muggle school but it didn't go well for he was picked on and bullied quite a bit by older boys. Tired of being picked on Sam to karate classes as well as other classes to defend himself against bullies
At the age of eleven, Sam was accepted into Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardly. Like any first year, Sam was fascinated by the castle, and often wondered around causing him to get lost.
Year two: Sam joined the Gryffindor quidditch team as the newest Chaser for the team, along with Cheering Charms and turning animals into goblets,  Sam became friends with Saphira who's one of his best friends even to this day.
Year three: this is the year Sam was finally able to go to the famous Hogsmeade village he heard so much about, his little sister Sarah also attended Hogwarts as a first year.
Year four: Sam spent the most majority of this year with his little sister, it was also the year he taught Sarah to fly which didn't end to well, they ended up crashing into a tree and breaking his arm due to Sarah not controlling the broom very well.  Although after he was healed he taught her as promised
Year Five: Sam's OWL year, Sam was so afraid that he would fail, he studied constantly for them, he ended up making seven OWLs .
Year six: Sam relaxed a bit this year after last year, he didn't worry as much for he knew that he was smart and going to pass, although he was hammered with homework preparing him for his next and final year at Hogwarts.
Year seven:  NEWT year, the one thing that'll tell you if you were going out to the real world or was going to do the seventh year over again, luckily Sam passed with the same score as his OWLs.

ADULTHOOD: After Sam graduated from Hogwarts, Sam lost his little sister in a accident, Sarah was hit by someone out front of their house while riding her bike.  Devastated, Sam went into grieving over the lost of his sister and spent two years trying to find ways to bring her back, after tons of research he knew that even magic could bring her back.  At the age of twenty he went to become a Spirit Specialist in the ministry of magic.  Sam still works at the ministry and has his own place in muggle London.


ALSO KNOWN AS:Keegan(Keegs)

RP EXPERIENCE: about 8 years

HOW YOU FOUND US: old member


CHARACTER PURPOSE: Bringing Sam back after being gone awhile


After being sick for a week, Sam was glad to be outside after a week of being stuck in his house with nothing to do. Seeing how he had the day off, Sam decided to head towards downtown London to get some shopping done much to Sophia's or any of his friends dismay. But Sam wasn't going to listen them, he wanted to have some fun after five days of being sick and he still was a little sick. Getting out of bed, he headed towards the bathroom before he looked in the mirror at himself. He looked horrible, his eyes looked tired and puffy although he knew he gotten some sleep and his hair was matted and messy. Taking a quick shower, Sam quickly dried himself off with a drying spell and looked at himself and nodded. "Maybe it was because I just wasn't clean."Sam thought to himself shrugging. Quickly getting dressed Sam flicked his wand at his hair making it straight like he always wears it. 

Walking out of his house, Sam gotten in his car before heading towards London to get some new clothes. For some reason, his mind was else where for some reason, it was probably due to him still being sick. Although Sam knew that wasn't the case, he was scared about this stupid marriage law, it was really bugging him for some reason. Sam wondered who his match was going to be, he hoped it wasn't someone he knew, or that was going to be awkward.. Although who knew, maybe ir could work out for them in the long run. Pf... who wad he kidding? He always had his history of bad luck, who wouldn't say this wouldn't be the same?

Sighing to himself he parked his car and walked down the crowed street of London as the cool fall wind blew through his hair. Wrapping his coat more around his body he headed towards a cafe for a warm hot chocolate to warm himself up from walking in the cool wind. Although Sam was usually warm, he figured his sickness was making him cold and tired. 

As he reached the cafe he pushed opened the door and headed towards a table and gave the waitress a soft warm smile. "May I have a hot chocolate please?"Sam asked her softly as she blushed and nodded as she looked at his emerald eyes. Everyone says, that Sam has the most beautiful and goreous eyes you'll ever see. shaking his head as she took his order Sam gotten out his money and set in on the table. As the waitress came back and set his drink down Sam gave her the money. "Thankyou, keep the rest as a tip!"said Sam as he took a drink of his butterbeer before his emerald eyes looked around for his friends. Sighing as he didn't see any of them he set his hot chocolate down before he stood up taking off his jacket. Hearing a crash on the floor Sam whipped around to see he knocked someone over by accident. "Oh my gosh I'm so sorry, are you ok, I didn't get any on you did I?"Sam asked softly his emerald eyes checking to see if the girl was hurt

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Re: Nesbitt,Sam

on Wed Dec 02, 2015 4:09 am
Keegan, we can give 2 weeks for a new app. You're coming up on the 2 week due date. Let us know if there's something we can help with!


Re: Nesbitt,Sam

on Tue Dec 08, 2015 1:52 am
OK.. I think Sam is FINALLY done!
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Gryffindor Graduate
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Re: Nesbitt,Sam

on Tue Dec 08, 2015 4:19 am
Welcome back, Keegan! Sam looks fine to me. Don't forget to apply for your face claim, if you haven't done it already.

Accepted and sorted to grads!

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Re: Nesbitt,Sam

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