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MORGAN, Benjamin Michael

on Fri Oct 09, 2015 9:34 pm



FULL NAME: Benjamin Michael Morgan IV

NICKNAMES: Benji, Michael  

AGE: 27




WAND: Birch, phoenix feather, nine and a half inches, sturdy

PLAY BY: Colton Haynes


HAIR COLOUR: Brown with blonde highlights



BODY BUILD: Muscular

GENERAL APPEARANCE: Benji is six feet five inches tall and weighs roughly about one hundred twenty pounds. He has brown hair with blonde highlights and hazel eyes that change different colors depending on his mood. He wears jeans and dark t-shirts or Slytherin green. He has tattoos on his arms, on his left is a full sleeve and on the right it only reaches to above his elbow.  


-Kind at times

-Messing with people

-Clinging people
-Crazy people
-Morning people

-Find a wife
-Be a good father to his son

HABITS & QUIRKS: When he's concentrating he bites his lip

BOGGART: Losing his son

PATRONUS: His son walking to him

DEMENTOR: Getting so sick he couldn't take care of his son and had to hire someone to do it for him.

VERITASERUM: His mother didn't die but just left them because she didn't want them

MIRROR OF ERISED: To find a wife that won't think that him and his son aren't worth the trouble.

PERSONALITY: Benji gets really bossy when he needs something or he wants something he'll boss someone around to get it. He is cunning when he wants something particular from someone and he usually gets it. He flirts with everyone and often flirts with two people at the same time, he tends to get bored if they are not interesting enough for him which is often. If he is seeing someone and they start getting a lot of attention from others he gets really jealous and will scare the other person off. He will get really stubborn if someone tries to sway him from something he's fixated on. He doesn't do anything that can be predicted he never does something twice always doing it differently each time.


FATHER: Benjamin Morgan III

MOTHER: Misty Morgan (Hemshaw)

Jackson Morgan (20)
Helena Dobitus (18, Maiden: Morgan)
Pete Morgan (15)

Jax Morgan (son, 6)
Benjamin Morgan II (grandfather)
Lizzy Morgan (grandmother)
Lexi Morgan (aunt)

BLOOD STATUS: Half-blood  



PET/S: Black Labrador puppy named Chocolate and Mastiff named Simba



EARLY YEARS: When he was born his mother fell ill and he was taken care of by the house elves on the estate. He was two when his mother got better and was able to take care of him, but he would cry when every she held him. He was four when he accidentally set one of the house elves free but they didn't leave because they were loyal to the house. When he was six years old his brother Jackson was born but Benji didn't go around him much because he was too small. At the age of eight his sister Helena was born but he spent most of his time in the closet where he built a fort out of cushions and linens. He didn't like being around his siblings as much though Jackson followed him around often. At the age of nine he had climbed a tree to get away from his brother when he grabbed a weak branch. He fell from the tree breaking his left arm and his right leg, his parents didn't let him outside without supervision again. At the age eleven he got his letter from Hogwarts the same day his brother Pete was born. One of the house elves took him to get what he needed for school.

HOGWARTS YEARS: In his first year he got into seven fights with two different houses, none of which he started. He was picked on because he was small in height, he hadn't hit his growth spurt yet. In his second year he flirted with a lot of girls from Gryffindor and Hufflepuff. It wasn't until his third year that he ended up with a black eye because he flirted with a girl who was taken. He thought it was well worth it since he ended up with her in the end. His fourth and fifth years were quiet and uneventful as he tried to keep his head down and concentrate on school. It wasn't until his sixth year he met a girl who had bumped into him almost knocking him into the lake. She was in Ravenclaw but she had stolen his heart the second she started speaking. In the seventh year they were off and on because she kept breaking up with him then getting back with him.

ADULTHOOD: Upon leaving Hogwarts they decided to get married, it took two years before she decided on everything. He let her do all the arrangements because she shot down every idea he had. So he let her have free rein. They got married when they were nineteen and the first couple of years were rocky with their jobs then trying to buy a house that was big enough to have children in. He was twenty-one when his son was born and he held him for the first time. His wife grew depressed after having the baby, he quit his job because she didn't want to stay at home with the baby anymore. At age twenty-three he began noticing that his wife was getting home later and later soon after not coming home at all. When he confronted her about it she told him that he she was leaving. She left the next day without saying good bye to either him or his son. He went back to work hiring a nanny to help him take care of the baby when he was working. After that day he was guarded around anyone that showed interest in him and put up walls around his heart. At the age of twenty-five he got really sick and couldn't take care of his son. He had to hire the nanny full time to help him because no one else would. His parents blamed him for the failed marriage between him and his wife telling him that he was on his own from then on. His sickness went away after three days and didn't return, he didn't give it to anyone else either. He made sure that everything in his bedroom was cleaned, sanitized and his sheets burned. After that he spent the next two years making a career so that he could provide for him and his son.



RP EXPERIENCE: uh I don't remember sorry


MAIN CHARACTER: Lilyanya Faulkner

CHARACTER PURPOSE: A change of personality and a change of personality.


At least one paragraph - skip if you have another character
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Re: MORGAN, Benjamin Michael

on Sat Oct 10, 2015 10:00 pm
he sounds fine to me, anya.

accepted and sorted to grads!

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