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Sixth Year Hufflepuff
Sixth Year Hufflepuff
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FORTESCUE, Carenza Jeanette

on Wed Jun 17, 2015 12:23 am



FULL NAME: Carenza Jeanette Fortescue

NICKNAME(S): CJ, variations of Ren (Renny, Renna, etc.), Fortescue.

BIRTHDAY: Aged 25 | b. 31st January 2003


Primary Loyalties
The Fortescue Family.

Educational Loyalties
Beauxbatons Academy for Magic,
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry,
Slytherin House,
Slytherin House Quidditch Team.

Political Loyalties
The French Ministry of Magic,
The British Ministry of Magic,

Occupational Loyalties
The Department of Magical Law and Enforcement,
The Auror Office,
The Minister's Office,

Sporting Loyalties
The Quidditch Association,
The French Quidditch League,
The Marseille Macaroons Quidditch Team,
The British and Irish Quidditch League,
The English National Quidditch Team,
The Chudley Cannons Quidditch Team,
The Football Association,
The English Premier League,
The English National Football Team,
Liverpool Football Club.



HOMETOWN: Liverpool, North-West England, UK.

CURRENT RESIDENCE: Islington, North-London, England, UK.

WAND: Willow, 9 inches, Dragon Heart-string core, Rigid.  


HAIR COLOUR: Originally: Dirty Blonde – Currently: Dark Brown

EYE COLOUR: Pale blue


BODY BUILD: Thin, willowy


Bestrewn with tattoos and piercings, Carenza has cultivated a rather harsh image that is juxtaposed by her thin, pointed feminine features and full lips. She pairs that with a rather manly sense of style that makes it seem very strange whenever she wears something pastel or dress-like. She is a big fan of jeans and t-shirts and boots and rarely deviates from that casting call. It often makes her hard to approach but once you know her and realise how friendly she is, it almost makes the way she conveys herself in her appearance quite funny.  

PLAY BY: Ruby Rose


001. Ambitious,
002. Annoying,
003. Calm,
004. Caring,
005. Clumsy,
006. Commitment-phobic,
007. Crafty,
008. Creative,
009. Detached,
010. Easily bored,
011. Flippant,
012. Friendly,
013. Good-humoured,
014. Intuitive,
015. Loyal,
016. Mischievous,
017. Optimistic,
018. Playful,
019. Practical,
020. Principled,
021. Private,
022. Reckless,
023. Relaxed,
024. Resourceful,
025. Restless,
026. Spontaneous,
027. Stubborn,
028. Temperamental,
029. Tidy,
030. Unsentimental.

001. Beer,
002. Cakes,
003. Clubs,
004. Jazz,
005. Kayaking,
006. Muggle Movies,
007. New experiences,
008. Poker,
009. Tattoos,
010. Travelling,

011. Azkaban,
012. Being tickled,
013. Coffee,
014. Early mornings,
015. Disloyalty,
016. Drama,
017. Injustice,
018. Liars,
019. Mice,
020. Stagnation.

001. Become an Auror ✓
002. Retire as an Auror
003. Get her own flat ✓
004. Learn a new language
005. Visit all of the Greek islands
006. Go to a beer festival every year
007. Get another pet – preferably a cat
008. Avoid Azkaban, errr … returning to it
009. Date everyone in the Ministry who’s single and her type
010. Go backpacking

001. Puts her feet on tables
002. Chews gum
003. Plays with her ear piercings
004. Always listening to music
005. Writes notes on her hands
006. Is constantly drinking cola
007. Rarely wears a bra
008. Plays with fingers when nervous
009. Sleeps without covers on
010. Is always applying healing salve


PATRONUS: Playing football when she was younger,

DEMENTOR: Her last mission as an Auror,

VERITASERUM: She has no idea what her plans are in life, even though she appears self-assured,

MIRROR OF ERISED: Unconstrained freedom,


Personality: ISTP: ‘The Virtuoso’,
Star Sign: Aquarius,
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral,

Carenza the Friend
When it comes to friendships, characteristically Carenza is difficult to pin down. She rides a strange line between having friends and not having them. She would argue that she does not have any and merely has a catalogue of acquaintances, some whom she sees more than others. It’s probably a fair assessment but it would also be wise to point out to her that she does have friends who do care for her. Mind you, that only serves to bring out the fight or flight mechanism in her and it’s most definitely always on flight mode. Though, she cares more than she thinks.

For those who are her friends, although she would never concede it she does care about them deeply. Meaningful relationships are something she struggles to forge in that she prefers to keep things organic and varied and interesting. Stagnation is something she tries to avoid, leading to taking her friends (or acquaintances) on mad adventures. This is a two-fold thing for her as often she does it to help them forget about their own drama, too. She’s a good person to use to get out of that funk, take a break with and maybe get some inspired (more likely unhelpful but witty) advice from when trying to deal with it.

There is usually one thing that makes it clear when Carenza does have a friend and it is that desire to defend them at all costs – but only because no one can be mean to them but her. She has been compared to a Newfoundland dog, ironic given that it is her Patronus, in that she is loyal to a fault. There is something very animalistic in the way she deals with her friendships once they are passed that point. There is an almost visceral sense of volatility, not towards them but towards anyone who is a perceived threat to her friends. This doesn’t come out often, mind you, as she would prefer to keep it cool and not let them know that she cares to that degree but it is very much there.

Ultimately what Carenza is as a friend is a good time. She is good-humoured, laid-back and incredibly adaptable – although many would rightly call that inconsistent. Nevertheless, it means that she is always generally available for some kind of mischief and she loves it best when someone matches her when it comes to pulling pranks or just teasing her friends generally. In a more solemn sense she loves a good debate with them on a myriad of subjects – she is particularly weirdly learned in different types of fungi and she feels quite passionate about the subject – but she still likes to keep things light because she personally doesn’t want to think about bad things and she also doesn’t want to be considered the friend that it’s best to unload the bad stuff on. It is a bit of a useless procedure, though, because she is still the shoulder to cry on and the ear to listen and though she huffs and puffs about it she doesn’t mind really because ultimately she will do anything for her friends because they’re the ones she really loves.

Carenza the Lover
Infamous for trawling her way through Hufflepuff House during her Hogwarts years, Carenza developed – and maintained – a bit of a reputation for being a player. Player, she’d say she wasn’t. Serial dater but a perpetual bachelor, she’d agree to. You still have the problem of her not wanting to be tied down here but with the idea of being with someone for any length of time this becomes more acute and more panicked. Even the slightest whiff of another person looking for something serious and Carenza pays her bill and gets the hell out of there. Her mother has told her numerous times that she needs to grow up and think about settling down but after the monstrous reality that was the marriage law, Carenza is more or less set on being available forever.

In the same way that she is erratic and adventurous as a friend, she is that ten-fold with people she’s attracted to. Her dates, varied and inspired and downright mad at times, were always the talk of Hogwarts and post-Hogwarts it has been no different. She wants to impress, secretly in love with the look on people’s faces when they realise that the surprise is all for them. She also wants to make people feel loved even if she can’t love them herself. She doesn’t know why she has commitment issues – especially as her parents’ marriage is brilliant – but it could be that, secret hopeless romantic that she is, she is looking for the one. Looking is an active verb suggesting she is somehow unsatisfied with her life and that’s not true. She’s perfectly happy to be dating.


Note: All of the names, etc. here are just mainly to fill out this part of her application. If anyone wants to play a family member and you’re reading this now, feel free to PM me and we can chat about it.

Name: Florean Fortescue Jr.
Birthday: April 22nd 1977
Blood Status: Half-Blood
Profession: Owner of Florean Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlour
Faction: Order of the Phoenix

Name: Tamsin Fortescue née Arundell
Birthday: June 2nd 1976
Blood Status: Muggle-Born
Profession: Ice Cream Maker at Florean Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlour
Faction: Order of the Phoenix

Name: Travian Fortescue
Birthday: September 14th 2012
Blood Status: Half-Blood
House: Ravenclaw

Name: Tristram Fortescue
Birthday: September 22nd 2013
Blood Status: Half-Blood
House: Ravenclaw

Name: Demelza Fortescue
Birthday: May 1st 2015
Blood Status: Half-Blood
House: Ravenclaw

Name: Florean Fortescue Sr.
Life Dates: January 13th 1951 – c. August 1996
Blood Status: Pureblood
Profession: Former- Owner of Florean Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlour
Faction: Neutral

Name: Geraldine Fortescue née Mulpepper
Birthday: December 20th 1952
Blood Status: Half-Blood
Profession: Former- Ice Cream Maker at Florean Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlour
Faction: Order of the Phoenix

Name: Diggory Arundell
Birthday: September 2nd 1949
Blood Status: Muggle
Profession: Former- Farmer
Faction: Neutral

Name: Rosenwyn Arundell née Raleigh
Birthday: February 15th 1950
Blood Status: Muggle
Profession: Former- Cheese maker
Faction: Neutral

OTHER: Many cousins, aunts, uncles, etc.


PETS: An owl named Mopsey.



In Liverpool on the last day of January in 2003, Florean and Tamsin Fortescue became parents for the first time to a little baby girl. The couple had been married for a few years and had been moving from jobs until they ended up in Merseyside. There they started their family and they knew that from that moment on that stability was important and a necessity that they couldn’t scrimp on. They settled into rather dull jobs and the money they earned from them kept their little family going for several years until they moved back to London when Tamsin fell pregnant again, unexpectedly, nine years later.

Until her ninth birthday, Carenza grew up in Liverpool as an unabashed fan of the eponymous football team. She attended school there until they moved and she even picked up the accent much to the amusement of her father who bore a cockney twang and to the mock-dismay of her Cornish mother. The three made an odd pair when they attended Ren’s parents’ evenings and other events, especially when they all spoke at once. They were extremely close and Florean and Tamsin always made sure that one of them was looking after Carenza both for a practical reason, because they couldn’t afford a babysitter, and for emotional reasons as they wanted to be with her.

As it was, looking after Carenza mainly meant sitting on the low wall in the front garden and watching her bound up and down the street with her friends, playing football. She was a very popular little girl and her tendency towards boyishness was something that both Florean and Tamsin noticed but neither appeared fazed about. Even when Tamsin’s mother came to visit and nit-picked over how they were raising Carenza, neither parent cared because their daughter was happy and healthy, and as far as they were concerned as long as she was those two things it didn’t matter what she looked like or acted like – well, as long as she was polite.

Tamsin falling pregnant again coincided with Florean’s brother no longer wishing to run the ice cream parlour in London. Threatening to sell it, his brother put Florean between a rock and a hard place. His home and friends were now in Liverpool. To upend everything and move would not be forgiven, of that he was sure. He was going to let his brother sell it but in the end it was Carenza who said he had to keep it and Tamsin agreed. So, reluctantly, Florean moved them all down to London and together the three of them breathed through life into the ice cream shop so that it was a place to go no matter what the season.

Carenza had first shown signs of magic when she had been a little over two year’s old and had summoned the biscuit tin to her while she and her mother had been watching a film. The Fortescues did their best to arm their daughter with some knowledge of magic so she could control it in front of the Muggles but when they moved to London they sent her to a Hogwarts preparatory school in the city which meant she would be able to do a lot more with her magic in the sense that she wouldn’t have to worry about bottling it up. The school was in Diagon Alley, too, so it meant that both Florean and Tamsin could work not worrying about Carenza because she only had to walk down the road to come home again. They lived above the shop and still do.

After her brother Travian was born, the following year Tristram followed. For a girl who had once had her parents’ undivided attention, to have two baby brothers was strange indeed. However, Carenza didn’t mind them much because although they were loud and didn’t really do much, they were quite sweet and it was an excuse to watch cartoons. Florean and Tamsin made sure to juggle their children so they still spent quality time with their daughter, though, and so no one’s relationship suffered. In fact, the family was arguably stronger for it.

When Carenza turned eleven, the decision was made to send her to Beauxbatons instead of Hogwarts. Carenza’s aunt Helene had become a professor there, leading to her husband’s attempts to sell the ice cream shop before they’d moved down there, and Florean and Tamsin were offered a scholarship for her. Hogwarts would have been too expensive otherwise. The benefit of having Helene there meant that though it was further away, Beauxbatons worked out cheaper and thus the decision was taken that she should go there rather than to Scotland. But, problematically, it meant that she was away from the friends she’d made and, well, Carenza didn’t last long there at all.  


What no one had actually thought about was that Carenza couldn’t speak French. Cornish? Definitely. A bit of German? Yes, but no one really knew why. French? Not even a whisper. She managed a year, although no one was particularly sure how. In the summer after her first year, Carenza refused to go back to Beauxbatons. Her attempts to fit in and to learn the language had meant her grades had suffered and she utterly refused to go back. Tamsin and Florean agreed without question and so a meeting was set up in order to get Carenza into Hogwarts. She was given a tutor to get her caught up with the other first years going into their second year and once she had robes sorted and all the rest, she found herself climbing onto the Hogwarts Express on September 1st.

Sorting a second year student isn’t very normal but the house that Carenza found herself going into almost as soon as the hat touched to her hair, shorn short during the summer, was Slytherin. She didn’t initially think she fit in there but Slytherin was indeed the place where real friends were made and the support of her house mates was exactly what she needed in those first few months after arriving at Hogwarts. Just being there brought out the traits that fit her neatly into the house. She became all the more resourceful and determined and ambitious as she knew where she was coming from now – she certainly wasn’t confused by any French – so she could work out where she wanted to go.

There was a noted difference in the temperament of Carenza when she came home. She was a lot happier and much more positive, making the extra expense worth it as far as Florean and Tamsin were concerned. She began to work in the shop that year. She proved very popular with the people that frequented it and she helped her father design some different ice cream flavours, something she would continue to do throughout her Hogwarts year and even now she pops in with an idea. She also used that summer to visit the friends she’d made throughout the year and study her books for her third year in which she’d begin her O.W.L electives.

Carenza chose to take Care of Magical Creatures, Arithmancy, and Muggle Studies for her electives. Muggle Studies was by far her easiest class as she had spent a lot of time in the Muggle world. She didn’t spend much time revising her subjects, though, as she got onto the house Quidditch team as a Beater and was, thereafter, busy training with her partner – though much to the ire of the Ravenclaws she studied with occasionally, her grades didn’t slip below an EE. Slytherin also one the house cup that year and a fair few Hufflepuffs broke their collarbones as a result of stray bludgers.

O.W.L year was dreadful – and that’s putting it mildly. After a meeting with her head of house, it was determined that Carenza had the potential to become an Auror. After reading around the profession, she was utterly committed to becoming one, willing to do whatever it took. She wasn’t a very good friend that year, spending a lot of time in the library to maintain her grades. Quidditch was the best distraction she could have hoped for. Indeed, hitting bludgers at other players – mind you, not her own – was a great stress relief. That was also the year she started dating, though nothing happened until the following year when she could take a little time off from studying.

Carenza’s results that summer were excellent and nothing fell below an EE grade, meaning that she’d maintained that throughout her advancing years at Hogwarts. It also meant that she could begin her application for a place on the Auror programme and she worked on it all summer ready to present to her head of house once she returned. It wouldn’t become valid unless she had the grades that she was predicted at the end of her N.E.W.Ts but getting the application in that early meant that she’d be one of the first to be considered when the time came and making sure that her head of house got that was one of the first things she did at Hogwarts.

Up until her sixth year, Carenza had been underwhelmed by the entirety of the Hogwarts students in her year. Something seemed to take place over that summer that caused her to do a three-sixty degree turn on that, though. She began to date everyone she could get her hands on – well, those who she was attracted to, that is. Much to the bemusement of her parents, she would write regularly about how she’d dated this girl or this guy and about how all of them are terrible into comparison to the new someone in her life. It set a pattern that she followed through into her adult life – plenty of dating but no sign at all of settling down.

Her seventh year ended in a blaze of glory. Slytherin won the House Cup and the Quidditch Cup too. Her grades were excellent and she was accepted onto the Auror programme in the summer. She is definitely one of those people who would say school is the best time in your life, though. Once at Hogwarts, life was a breeze. Outside, though, in the real world… things were a little bit different.


At first, Carenza struggled on the auror programme. She didn’t get along with any of the others and some of the training made her feel downtrodden and dejected. She put it on hold and decided to do something else of a couple of years. She had no idea what, though, and it was only when she was talking to a club bouncer one night that it occurred to her that she could do that job. She was a tall young woman but hardly bulky so six weeks later she made a fairly interesting figure. Yet if there was one thing Carenza could do then it was manhandle the rowdy blokes so in a strange sort of way she was actually quite good as a bouncer. Six months later she was working as a bailiff instead with the same guy she’d been a bouncer with – Pedro.

In the end, though, she went back to the Ministry and finished her training. She qualified as an Auror just after her 20th birthday and started on active duty in March. She was partnered with Elizabeth Murdoch initially but she changed partners in September and began to work with an Auror who just liked to be called Holmes, as though he was somehow of the Sherlock variety.

During the marriage law fiasco, Carenza opted for Azkaban over marriage much to the distinct surprise of everyone who knew her. She met the bloke that she was meant to marry and reproduce with him, hated him in fat and the whole premise behind the thing. She spent the duration of the law in Azkaban, sat in minimum security biding her time and waiting until it was over. When it was all over and finished with, she quietly returned to the Auror division, linking up once more with Holmes to continue where she had left off. Albeit now, people struggled to look at her knowing she’d been in Azkaban and Carenza eagerly fanned the flames of rumour that were saying she’d assaulted the deputy minister. It was oddly satisfying to see the shock on the faces of the other aurors before they scuttled away.

Carenza’s job as an Auror lasted just over four years. It ended in flames. She didn’t do anything wrong, mind you. I mean it quite literally.

She and Holmes were raiding the house of an old Death Eater sympathiser gone mad. They’d been keeping tabs on him for years but now they had just cause to arrest him – only, he was waiting for them. He waited until they were inside and then he lit the place on fire. Trapped inside with back up on its way but far off, all they could do was try and get to the wizard but it was too late by the time they did and the house was beginning to cave in. The last thing Carenza can remember is the beams above them beginning to fall in. After that, everything went black.

“We took so much skin off your ass, you have no idea.”

The Healers were so damn happy. So damn happy. For them, it was a job well done. For her, it was agony. Nearly twenty skin grafts later, they were beginning to use potions to settle it in and ease away the scars so that her skin would look just as good as it had done before the fire. Holmes lived, just. Carenza bounced back, though, in a funny sort of way. She decided to try and reclaim her skin – mostly because it had until then been sat on her bum. That resulted in the many tattoos she has now. It certainly garnered the ire of her mother – and the admiration of her siblings – but it was her way of dealing with what happened and she moved on.

Only, the Aurors weren’t as keen as she was to let her back out in the field.

So, she was jobless. They gave her redundancy pay and offered to let work with the law enforcement officers but, stubborn as a mule, Carenza refused to lower her expectations – ironic considering she became a secretary. Well, she’s the Minister’s secretary so she’s the secretary of all secretaries but nonetheless, she left and though she never really left the Ministry she found a new medium and got her own desk, too.

After the accident, she also finally moved out of her parents’ house properly. She’d been bunking with friends on and off for a few years but she bought a flat in North London and settled in amongst the Arsenal fans. It certainly had its perks – close to home but private, and perfect for bringing her dates to. And that’s where she is today.




HOW YOU FOUND US: I live here


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Re: FORTESCUE, Carenza Jeanette

on Wed Jun 17, 2015 12:41 am
Woo! Let the insanity commence Razz

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