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WEASLEY, Victoire Gabrielle

on Sun Feb 22, 2015 10:22 pm



FULL NAME: Victoire Gabrielle Weasley

NICKNAMES: Vicky, Vic.  

AGE&BIRTHDAY: Twenty-Six | 2nd May 2001.

SPECIES: Human | 1/8 Veela | Werewolf Blood.

BLOOD TYPE: Pureblood.  


Primary Family Loyalties
The Weasley Family,
The Delacour Family,

Secondary Family Loyalties
The Potter Family,
The Granger Family,
The Johnson Family,

Education Allegiances
Tinworth Primary School,
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry,
Gryffindor House,
Gryffindor House Quidditch Team,

Sporting Allegiances
The Quidditch Association,
The British and Irish Quidditch League,
The Chudley Cannons,
The English National Quidditch Team,

Political Allegiances
The Order of the Phoenix,
The Ministry of Magic,

Employment Allegiances
Formerly-Madam Malkin’s Robes for All Occasions,
Formerly-Florean Fortescue’s Ice Cream Shop,
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry,
The Hogwarts Hospital Wing,

OCCUPATION: Hogwarts Mediwitch

WAND: Willow wood with a core of Unicorn Tail Hair, 13 inches, whippy.

Willow is an uncommon wand wood with healing power, and I have noted that the ideal owner for a willow wand often has some (usually unwarranted) insecurity, however well they may try and hide it. While many confident customers insist on trying a willow wand (attracted by their handsome appearance and well-founded reputation for enabling advanced, non-verbal magic) my willow wands have consistently selected those of greatest potential, rather than those who feel they have little to learn. It has always been a proverb in my family that he who has furthest to travel will go fastest with willow. – J.K.R.

Unicorn hair generally produces the most consistent magic, and is least subject to fluctuations and blockages. Wands with unicorn cores are generally the most difficult to turn to the Dark Arts. They are the most faithful of all wands, and usually remain strongly attached to their first owner, irrespective of whether he or she was an accomplished witch or wizard. Minor disadvantages of unicorn hair are that they do not make the most powerful wands (although the wand wood may compensate) and that they are prone to melancholy if seriously mishandled, meaning that the hair may 'die' and need replacing. – J.K.R.

PLAY BY: Rosamund Pike



“A young woman was standing in the doorway, a woman of such breath-taking beauty that the room seemed to have become strangely airless. She was tall and willowy with long blonde hair and appeared to emanate a faint, silvery glow.”
– Harry Potter describes Fleur Delacour’s appearance.

Like her mother before her, when Victoire enters a room, she can stifle the breaths of those within it. She bears the same classical, aristocratic-elegant beauty of all of the Delacours and her connection to that family is more obvious upon first sight than it is that she is a Weasley. On more than a few occasions when at work functions, she has surprised people she has been speaking to by telling them her surname. She couldn’t be less Weasley-like if she tried. Even with hand-me-down robes, the offspring of Draco Malfoy would have trouble pegging her as one.

She doesn’t have one strand of red hair and instead it is a glossy gold that her mother painstakingly made sure grew soft and smooth instead of flyaway and unmanageable. In keeping with that, Victoire has a rigorous hair upkeep policy and there are several stages that she has to go through, such as washing, conditioning and blow drying – not to mention hot oil treatments – before she even goes to the hair dressers. It has often been wryly commented, mostly by Bill that: if Victoire was going to go bankrupt then her hair would be the cause.

Her bone structure is very much belonging to her mother. She has a rounded, yet ever so slightly squared hairline and a smooth plane of forehead. Arching across them are dark brows that have had an untold number of things done to them over the years. Her high cheekbones give her face a slightly fierce edge to it which she is constantly trying to soften with blusher and other make-up tricks and tips. Her nose is quite long but small and the end peeks up just slightly. Her lips are thin but are a similar pretty pink like her sister’s and stretch widely when she smiles. Her eyes aren’t big but nor are they small and in the trick of different lights can seem to change colour – from a muddy green to a rich chestnut.

Victoire stands at a little taller than average. This only serves to add to the willowiness of her figure. Her legs and arms seem long, because of this, and it was especially pronounced when she was younger. Since she has gotten older, though, she’s grown into her figure and, as such, has learned how to compliment it with what she wears and how she moves. The latter in particular has been something she has been learning to do since she was a child. After learning how to walk she followed her mother around, mirroring Fleur’s effortlessly beautiful glide. Victoire has never seemed to really be able to emulate it how she wanted to, however and it was a source strife for her during her teenaged years.

In trying to emulate her mother, Victoire grew to have a certain taste in clothes. She is very feminine in this way and adores pastel colours. She loathes trousers, much preferring to wear skirts but relents in the winter and wears them. Equally, her wardrobe is full of dresses and pretty blouses. Despite her line of work she still remains very much on the side of her femininity – even if cream blouses in hospitals don’t always go together. Nevertheless, she is a girl who still has that love of dressing up from when she was a child and she takes any opportunity possible to wear pretty jewellery, paint her nails and do her hair. Even if she isn’t even going anywhere, she’ll go out for the sheer joy of being able to dress up.  

Unlike her mother, Victoire doesn’t have perfection down to a subtle art. Even Fleur doesn’t, really, but in the eyes of her daughter she can do no wrong. Victoire stumbles in a physical way with the pox marks she has. When she was little she caught a nasty bit of dragon pox and suffered dreadfully with it. She refused to not scratch at the spots, too, and so she has been left with awful scars from that time. Though they have faded with cream and the like, Victoire knows they are there and if you do too then they are easy to pick out. She is incredibly insecure about these and are a black mark on her record, much to her infinite horror and dismay.


001. Arrogant,
002. Bossy,
003. Brave,
004. Cautious,
005. Compassionate,
006. Competitive,
007. Confident,
008. Conscientious,
009. Critical,
010. Demanding,
011. Dependent,
012. Eloquent,
013. Envious,
014. Fiercely loyal,
015. Generous,
016. Helpful,
017. Home-bird,
018. Intuitive,
019. Low self-esteem,
020. Obedient,
021. Perfectionist,
022. Prideful,
023. Prim and proper,
024. Protective,  
025. Responsible,
026. Self-disciplined,
027. Sentimental,
028. Shy,
029. Strong-willed,
030. Vain.

001. Loves Magical Creatures,
002. Fashion and Beauty,
003. Rosé wine,
004. Parties,
005. Cakes,
006. Summer,
007. Pumpkin Juice,
008. Salons,
009. Video Games,
010. Long walks,

011. Creepy-Crawlies,  
012. Laziness,
013. Being cooped up,
014. Prejudice,
015. Mess,
016. Surprises,
017. Winter,
018. Boredom,
019. Garish colours,
020. Large gatherings.


Short Term: Next Six Months
001. Become the Matron of the Hospital Wing,
002. Get divorced,
003. Take a photography class,
004. Get good at a new sport,
005. Fix up her cottage in Hogsmeade,  
006. Get another cat,

Medium Term: Next Five Years
007. Return to university and study Care of Magical Creatures,
008. Do some significant volunteer or charity work,
009. Travel – Victoire’s not sure where, she just wants to,
010. Devote some time to creating a library,
011. Do some amateur acting,
012. Perhaps (and she’s being optimistic here) start a family,

Long Term: Next Decade
013. Settle down somewhere – preferably in Cornwall or Devon,
014. Get a very stable career and finally decide what that is,
015. Save enough money so that she can help her children with schooling,
016. Devote time to perhaps cultivating a garden,
017. Own several cats,
018. Perhaps set up her own business if finances allow.

001. Has to plan absolutely everything,
002. Is always, always, always on time or early,
003. Has a pouty resting face,
004. Spends far too much time on her appearance,
005. Always has to be dressed – can’t lay around in her pyjamas,
006. Fiddles with her necklaces,
007. Rubs her eyes a lot,
008. Constantly checks in the mirror,
009. Wrinkles her nose when confused,
010. Always forgets what to say if she’s nervous in conversation.

BOGGART: Victoire is terrified that she will lose her family.

PATRONUS: One of the first big summer family parties that she can remember.

DEMENTOR: Her wedding day.

VERITASERUM: She wishes she was a Muggle.

MIRROR OF ERISED: Victoire would love to actually feel as though she fits in with her family as an equal.


Upon first meeting Victoire, you may find her standoffish, cold, and difficult to talk to. This is because Victoire often struggles meeting new people and her manicured, meticulously preened exterior makes her appear to be self-obsessed and her critical appreciation of her own strengths makes her seem arrogant. She is, there is no doubt about it, but these traits do not appear in the degrees that you may think when you first meet her. In fact, these traits are reflexive and provoked by social anxiety more than they are pronounced and fully-fledged. She is very self-aware and, indeed, she could be said to be far too self-obsessed for her own good and standoffish and cold for these reasons are words to be levelled at her but Victoire certainly doesn’t mean to come off this way.

In fact, Victoire has many of the nurturing, kind, and generous traits of the Weasleys. She is an incredibly friendly young woman when set at ease and though to begin with she may struggle with chatting to a stranger eventually once she’s learned a few things about them. In new social situations she tends to get a little bit het up but she enjoys the company of other people and likes being in large groups. What she doesn’t like is intense, one-on-one conversation. She never liked it when she was a student and she definitely still doesn’t like it now, having always felt told off and in trouble during such encounters.

Victoire is a fiercely loyal young woman. She most definitely belongs in Gryffindor if that was what her house placement was based on. She is intensely family-orientated and due to the age difference between herself and her siblings has always had a bit of a ‘mother hen’ kind of streak in her. The women she models herself on – her grandmother Molly and her mother – are also intensely mothering and so it isn’t hard to see where she gets that from. She cares so easily and so resolutely that she is a firm and inexhaustible friend, generous towards anyone who needs it. She’s also something of a home-in bird so though she now lives in Hogsmeade, she is forever popping home or going to the Burrow for no particular reason but just for the assurance of home.

Victoire is a people pleaser and could be forgiven for being something of a ‘yes-(wo)man.’ She is highly obedient and is conscientious especially when given orders. She is cautious when she does do things and unlike most Gryffindors acts in a more rational way. She is not particularly good at trying new things. She prefers to have an established way of completing tasks and if she doesn’t have one, a little bit of panic will ensue until she can sit down and plan things out. She is a worry-wort, also, so imagine what a problem it is for her if she can’t plan?

Within her family, Victoire got lost. Even though she was the first born and therefore got more attention from her parents, when everyone got together, especially once Dominique and Louis were born, she found herself paling into insignificance. She isn’t visibly very enticing and she’s not as quick-witted and slick as her siblings and she envies them for that. She had to find a different way to stand out amongst the crowd and she did so by taking charge of her younger family members as best she could, though at the time it was clumsily done. As a result she’s quite bossy but she’s also very sensitive to how she is viewed in a room. Though she likes being the centre of attention she doesn’t really know how to act when she is so she much prefers to be part of a crowd, even if she resents being lost in it.

When working, Victoire can be a hard-arse. Even with her younger siblings she can be difficult, almost belligerent. This is not because she wants to pick a fight – rather the opposite as she can be docile to the point of meekness – but she expects a lot from her co-workers and people who she has to contend with in a team situation and sometimes she is completely rude without even realising. Even her friends she can berate for laziness or whatever else. She doesn’t like conflict as a rule - which is ironic because there’s plenty of it in her family – but she often inadvertently incites it by having high expectations of people. This is born out of a desire for everyone she cares about to do well, though, so she doesn’t mean bad by it but she is prone, whether she realises it or not, to move the goal posts and thus she’s not really the best sort of manager to have if you’re not a hard worker.

Whilst she is very arrogant and utterly obsessed and a complete perfectionist, prone to spending vast amounts of money to indulge these traits, Victoire is also very restrained. She is regimented and likes order and though sometimes she may seem chaotic, oftentimes she is far from that and actually knows exactly what she is doing. She is a very motivated woman, determined to get far in life. She won’t do anything unless there is a clear goal in mind and she picks her choices very carefully, always weighing up the pros and cons and she’ll never do something that could damage her future or damage her career, which ultimately will decide her future.

The quick answer about Victoire is that she’s a good person. She takes a lot of shtick and doesn’t really react to it. She ultimately is just out to do the best for everyone and she’s not often very good at it and she’s certainly terrible at talking about things that matter – she’s not really the best at communicating feelings and the like. She listens, though. She wants to help everyone she comes across and she really just wants to do good in the world. Whether that comes off or not, is another question entirely, though.


FATHER: William Arthur Weasley | b. 29/11/1970 | Pure-Blood | Order

MOTHER: Fleur Isabelle Weasley née Delacour | b. c. 1977 | Pure-Blood | Order

Dominique Pauline Weasley | 22/12/2007 | Pure-Blood | Order
Louis Odalis Weasley | b. c. 2008 | Pure-Blood | Order

Monsieur Delacour | maternal grandfather
Apolline Delacour | maternal grandmother

Arthur Weasley | paternal grandfather
Molly Weasley | paternal grandmother


Gabrielle Delacour | aunt
Gisele Delacour | cousin
Julien Delacour | cousin


Charlie Weasley | uncle
Melissa Weasley | aunt
Sawyer Weasley | cousin
Casey Weasley | cousin

Percy Weasley | uncle
Audrey Weasley | aunt
Molly Weasley II | cousin
Lucy Weasley | cousin

George Weasley | uncle
Angelina Weasley | aunt
Fred Weasley II | cousin
Roxanne Weasley | cousin

Ronald Weasley | uncle
Hermione Weasley | aunt
Rose Weasley | cousin
Hugo Weasley | cousin

Ginny Potter | aunt – deceased.
Harry Potter | uncle – deceased.
James Potter | cousin
Albus Potter | cousin
Lily Potter | cousin

SOCIAL STATUS: Middle Class.

HOME TOWN: Tinworth, Cornwall, England, UK.

CURRENT RESIDENCE: Hogsmeade Village, Scotland, UK.

- Kneazle: Willa,
- Owl: Pharaoh.



One of the first of the Weasley children to be born, Victoire was a bright white light that emerged from the end of the Wizarding War. Two years after the Final Battle, scars were still being healed but when she was born, it seemed as if a lot of the pain and the strife had been done away with. There was great celebration, everyone coming together again for her christening and the subsequent feast which no doubt saw the conception of many other children in the process. Victoire’s birth rallied in happier times and there was a new voice at Shell Cottage to join the crash of the ocean and the joy of Bill and Fleur.

Until the birth of their second child, Dominique, when Victoire was around five years old, they lived just the three of them, encouraging their young daughter’s talents. She became a keen gymnast from an early age by the virtue of her parents wanting to socialise her with other children at a time when there weren’t actually many Weasley grandchildren running around. Soon enough, though, there were millions of them – or at least it seemed like it – and the quiet young girl soon got lost amongst them all. Dominique, Victoire felt, commanded an inordinate amount of attention and her elder sister grew a bit more demanding though with a new baby in the house, much of this went unnoticed.

Thankfully, Victoire wasn’t entirely forgotten and once a new routine was gathered, attention returned to her. Her mother began to do more things with her, even endeavouring to teach her French which Victoire picked up quite quickly once she got going. She began to go to horse riding lessons and soon enough her days were taken up by her magical preparatory school which she attended with other young witches and wizards her age. There she learned lots of important things and she got to be part of the swim team as well as the drama club and got to do lots of important shows that everyone came to – though that bit was embarrassing.

She began to like her little family in the end and she certainly liked Shell Cottage better than The Burrow even if she enjoyed seeing her grandma Molly. As she got closer to school-age – proper school, that is – more and more discussions were being had about where she was going to go and everyone had an opinion on it, even if they didn’t ask Victoire. Hogwarts, Bill demanded. Fleur wanted Beauxbatons. Finally in the end her father got her way and for a while Fleur didn’t talk to him but eventually she warmed to the idea and even accompanied them to Diagon Alley when it was time for her to get her things which Victoire was immensely glad for because though she loved her father, they often got in trouble with her mother because they never seemed to come home from shopping with what they were meant to.

Victoire had a very close bond with her parents because of those first years in which they had to trial parenting on her. Though there was a blip with the birth of her siblings in which she was highly resentful of her mother, it was a time in which her relationship with her father developed more and so once things levelled out once more and attention returned to her, she found she had wonderful relationships with both of them. She absolutely adored her parents and still does to this day. It was the rest of the family she struggled with. It was big and loud and not entirely like herself. What maddened her was that her siblings who she found difficult to warm to at first – though later with gusto became big sister – slipped into it with noted ease. Hogwarts was where she was determined to shine, though.


Victoire was terribly homesick when she first started Hogwarts and for at least a month she found it horrendously difficult. She was sorted into Gryffindor where everyone else in her family had gone. She took solace in that but she knew she didn’t really belong there. She’d begged the Hat to sort her there, for fear of disappointing her father – and her uncle Ron, as it was, who scared her a little bit. The Hat was begrudging but sorted her there regardless and she found herself amongst people she wasn’t really sure of. Slowly but surely she got to make friends and from there she was something of a social flower, willing to befriend anyone that was pleasant to her – but then of course there were the Slytherins who were just … well, they were quarrelsome, weren’t they?

Second year was much of a muchness though it was the first time that Victoire could have a broomstick. She was excited to have one as she really did love her flying lessons and she found that the freedom to roam really let her clear her head. She was glad for it, too, because she found herself often going out for a fly about and she rarely liked to go back inside. She never joined the Quidditch team, though. That was a bit too out of her depth – even if she did thoroughly enjoy watching the games and occasionally watching the Gryffindor team practise when it was a bright and sunny day.

In her third year she picked her optional courses which she’d take on into her O.W.L and N.E.W.T years. She selected Arithmancy, Care of Magical Creatures, and Ancient Runes. She was distasteful of Divination. She really enjoyed school by this point and was beginning to get into her mind what she wanted to do for a career. She was proving to be quite the ambitious witch – not merely content with average. This was problematic as she really was not a particularly gifted witch. She was alright. She was only ever alright but she wanted to be much better than that. During her third and fourth year she spent a lot of time going to Hogsmeade. It was there she saw a little cottage with flowers in the garden and a white fence and roses growing through the slats that she rather fell in love with. She liked visiting it – well, in between going to Honeydukes, of course.

All of Victoire’s hard work paid off in her O.W.L year. She was made a Prefect that year, also, and she focused on her duties when not having to study – which was all the time. For all that effort she got straight Es apart from an O in Care of Magical Creatures and she was utterly ecstatic. No one heard the last of it, either. For weeks she went on about it and no amount of teasing from her uncle George could dissuade her from talking about how well she’d done. Her father, level-headed as ever, reminded her that she still had a long way to go and though that deflated her a little bit, she knew she had to refocus.

Refocus she did. Victoire ultimately did very well in her N.E.W.Ts but her last year was plagued with university applications and goodness only knows what else. She stumbled along the way, to say the least, but in the end she did well enough in her N.E.W.Ts – mostly Es with a few dodgy looking As – and it was enough to go to Mediwizard school which she’d wanted to do since picking her subjects in her third year. She was overjoyed to finally leave Hogwarts, too, having largely grown out of the education process.


After a long summer, it took Victoire a long time to sink back into education again. Nevertheless, once university started she threw herself into it with gusto. She was attentive and thorough in all of her research, showing great aptitude for the subject she’d pledged herself to. Just as with Hogwarts, once she got over the anxiety of a new place and new people she became a social flower. She also took some time to get a few hobbies. She found that she especially liked painting and after only glancing over it during her Hogwarts years she more seriously took up the flute.

Though she’d always had her owl, she waited until her second year of university before she purchased her kneazle – Willa – something she thought was well overdue. She also spent this year moving around a lot. People move a certain number of times in their life, don’t they? Well, Vic was doing that in a big way. She didn’t want to share a flat with her friends and she knew she needed to be near her uni though she could apparate in. There were all of these things that she needed to account for but in the end, losing temper with her inability to commit, Bill found her a house to rent in Hogsmeade.

That house was, interestingly enough, the same one she had admired while at school. She spent a long time doing it up – the owner having long died and her son only just getting around to renting it out but not able to do much before Victoire moved in. He helped as much as possible and by the spring she was starting to do the garden, bringing on flowers to put in hanging baskets about the porch and in boxes and borders so that it looked just as it used to when she had been younger. She even considered getting a dog but Willa made it quite clear that wasn’t going to happen. So no dog – but she had her house.

So, the young witch plodded along. She graduated – as all university students have to eventually. She joined St. Mungo’s and thereafter she stagnated a little bit. She didn’t find that there was much purpose or excitement in her life there, even if it was a challenge. She wondered if she’d entered into the wrong career and found the whole hospital environment stifling, demoralising and ultimately not a place she wanted to be. Ironically, she ended up in the place that she had been so eager to leave. It was on her doorstep. It was the place that would always be home: Hogwarts.

They were looking for a matron with two years’ worth of experience. Victoire had twiddled her thumbs and painted her way through two years at St. Mungo’s and she had a whole garage full of nonsense canvases through which she’d managed to get rid of some of her anxiety. Some of it, mind you. She could already envisage the walks up to the school in the mornings and the excitement of being there again – of being amongst learning students and treating the inevitable Quidditch injuries. She realised that it was there, the place she’d wanted to leave for so long towards the end of her school year, that she wanted to return. So she did.

Needless to say, Victoire was so much happier there. However, that wasn’t to last. Soon enough, students classed as half-breeds were being removed and, trapped, Victoire had to temporarily resign. She fell into the category in a big way. So, she left. She retired to her cottage once more and began to do odd jobs in Hogsmeade – much to the mild irritation of the shop owners. Irritated, that is, only because they knew she didn’t belong there.

During this time, Victoire had started seeing someone and it was quite significant, really, because though she was quite a popular girl in her time, she’d never really dated. She didn’t think she was the kind of girl that people were interested in so she was highly surprised when Lucas Avery was. She adored spending time with him and they became little moments she really treasured. It was silly and light-hearted and every time she was with him she felt as though all of the stresses of work and family and all the rest just went away. In a way, Lucas was like her paintings. Her very own painting.

In the spring, she went to visit her grandparents in France. She hesitated to invite Lucas, instead promising to see him when she got back. When she did get home, though, exalted and excited to see him, she found letters demanding that she make her presence known at the Ministry. She’d been matched. The Marriage Law. In her panic, she went to find him and suggested, more level-headedly than perhaps she appeared, that they marry – not because she necessarily wanted to marry him but so that they could both be free of it and so that they could carry on as they were.

They couldn’t carry on as it were. As it turned out, she found that he didn’t want her anymore and Victoire shuffled quietly out of his life as though she’d never been in it in the first place. She went to the Ministry for her meeting, met her match and got ready for married life. He sent her the engagement ring by post but she never sent it. He let her and her mother do all of the wedding plans, too. In the end it was Fleur and Molly, mainly. They knew what kind of wedding Victoire would want – she was the kind of girl to have it all planned out by fifteen.

It was perfect. It really was. But at the end of the aisle, the man who she had wanted to be there, to ride out the law with, wasn’t there This was a stranger. She didn’t love him. She didn’t hate him. She wasn’t even sure she liked him. She was neutral. None of it meant anything to her and in the private moments she stole for herself after the ceremony she found herself in tears, crouched in a closet, shaking. It was Bill who found her, who held her, who drew her hair back away from where it was sticking to her cheeks, who told her he loved her and that none of this was going to last forever. She’d never been so devastated and she was left determined that she never would be again.

She was taken back to Shell Cottage that night. She never moved in with her husband and the Ministry didn’t really follow up on it, either. She eventually went back to her little cottage and soon enough she went back to work, too. She got rhythm back in her life and patiently waited. She was excellent at waiting, she found. The law was overturned. She got her divorce. Now, in the wake of it, she’s trying to piece the bits of herself that she was robbed of back together and make sense of herself. She’s shaken, upset, but not defeated and she has her purpose back – as well as a little measure of happiness.



RP EXPERIENCE: Loads – but still an amateur.

HOW YOU FOUND US: I live here.


CHARACTER PURPOSE: Well, it was because she sort of just arrived but now it’s apparently for pain because I love her and people have hurt her and I just … yup.
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Re: WEASLEY, Victoire Gabrielle

on Sun Feb 22, 2015 10:50 pm
Wait. Short term goal: Get another cat. Medium term goal: Get several cats. Long term goal: Open cat rescue sanctuary. JK!

No, seriously, she's wonderful. It'll be nice to have more Hogsmeade neighbors!

Accepted and sorted to grads!

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