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SWAN, Hadley

on Sat Jan 24, 2015 4:49 pm



FULL NAME: Hadley Olivia Swan

NICKNAMES:  Nobody really gives her a nickname. Probably because they assume she’ll give them dirty looks when they do.

AGE:  Twenty-three

OCCUPATION: Deputy Head of International Relations
Hadley is taking a break from that role in order to assist in the investigation of the Wizarding World’s Minister and the Ministry’s employees.

EDUCATION: Undergraduate – Columbia University, New York City, New York. United States.
Graduate School  - Birmingham University, Birmingham, England.

MAJOR: Undergraduate degree: Majored in Economics – Political Science
Masters degree: International Relations

PLACE OF RESIDENCE: Reading, Berkshire, England.

PLAY BY: Katheryn Winnick



EYE COLOUR: Grey-blue




Hadley looks nothing like her sister, Audriana, but that’s mostly because Hadley was adopted after her parents moved to Florida, leaving Audriana and Natalia in England together. Even in hair color, eye color, and height the girls are vastly different. In personality, they are not so completely different, but that mostly comes from both feeling determined to make up for their relationship with their parents.

Hadley’s most notable feature is hard to pick out, given that there are a few one might choose from. She has a small nose that pokes upwards slightly, and hovers over full lips that tend to rest in a slight pout when she isn’t actively thinking about her expression. Her eyes, too, are distinctive if only because of their tendency to appear grey instead of a typical blue. It depends, to an extent, on her eye shadow or what she’s wearing – or even the lighting – but, for the most part, they remain a piercing grey.

Her face is oval shaped, and her chin is not too prominent. Her hair, though, has a sort of crinkle to it, so she can’t really help how curly it is. Hadley’s hair is blonde with its own high and low lights – mostly because she doesn’t want to put aside the time to actually do it herself. So it isn’t specially done, and may not be as shiny or well maintained as others, but she thinks it fits her rather well.

Outside of work, she spends her time keeping up with the news by working out in front of either her television, or one at the gym. Exercising keeps her alert and paying attention, despite the fact that it helps to keep her in shape. The only other thing she worries too much about is ensuring that she looks somewhere between professional and attractive. The last thing she wants is for people to take advantage of her at work, or not take her seriously. So while her makeup is typically understated, and she doesn’t do too much with her hair, she does want to be intimidating to an extent. And, typically, she pulls it off.


01. Adaptable
02. Blunt
03. Challenging
04. Competitive
05. Complicated
06. Curious
07. Dedicated
08. Dutiful
09. Formal
10. Forthright
11. Hardworking
12. Impatient
13. Incisive
14. Intelligent
15. Mature
16. Meticulous
17. Opinionated
18. Proud
19. Punctual
20. Rational
21. Reserved
22. Sarcastic
23. Self-critical
24. Serious
25. Stubborn
26. Witty

01. Her job
02. Reality television (guilty pleasure)
03. Any food that’s Mediterranean
04. Chocolate
05. Summer
06. The countryside
07. The color red
08. Actually getting out and spending time with friends.
09. Coconut & ginger
10. Rum and coke

01. Being idle
02. Takeaway meals
03. Spicy foods
04. Animals
05. Traffic
06. Coffee
07. Losing control
08. Doctors’ offices
09. Being cold at night
10. Work parties

1. Prove herself to her adoptive parents.
2. Finally have some adventure and romance in her life.
3. Either improve her position within the British Ministry, or find a career that can fulfill her more fully.

1. Has to multitask in order to pay any attention to the news that doesn’t seem to apply to her.
2. Gets visibly angry when people judge her position just because she’s American (they usually get on her about the accent),
3. At restaurants, she has a habit of cleaning up the table and putting things back thanks to a few months working as a waitress before college.

GREATEST FEAR: Hadley worries that her parents might be disappointed in her, or that she will never be what they want her to be.

FONDEST MEMORY: She was four when she was adopted, and though it’s surprising that she can recall the day in the slightest, she knows the feeling if nothing else. The feeling of being chosen, that is.

WORST MEMORY: Aside from the bullying that came from people judging the fact that she was adopted, the only thing she could classify as her worst memory would be her stressful few weeks of applying to undergraduate universities. It worked out brilliantly, in the end, considering she loved her choice and the university was highly ranked.

GREATEST DESIRE: More than anything else, Hadley wants someone to make her open up, and to help her create adventures, since she hasn’t really had any times like that – even her time at school was treated as a serious affair.


Hadley knows that she needs to be serious and focused on her job, but she secretly gets excited about little things, and really does enjoy a good conversation – especially debates. But she feels a need to impress her adoptive parents, unaware of why they chose to adopt rather than have a child of their own when they could have done so. She wants to take a break and let loose a bit, but is someone who tries a bit too hard. Someone who can get her to go out drinking or spend an evening “wasting time” is someone that she very much wants to spend time with. And/or someone who has impressed her or who she cares for in a more romantic sense. She won’t ask for interaction, and won’t seek it out, but she does hope that people will come along and pull her into their social life so that she doesn’t feel like she is slacking off as much.

She is more tenderhearted than she seems, and truly wants to lean towards the side of mercy over revenge or vengeance. Her work will almost always come first – and it would take someone who was incredibly important to her to change that. Additionally, it would take someone very close to her to make her realize that she has a bit of an ego problem. She may not be confident around people like her parents, or her family in general, but she is highly self-assured when it comes to her career and who she is as a person. She knows that she is intelligent, at least somewhat good-looking, and successful in her job. The real issue arises when she feels a need to defend herself. Otherwise, she can do a fairly decent job of keeping those opinions to herself. If not, well the person with whom she is arguing will get quite an earful.

As much as she can talk when it comes to defending herself, Hadley finds it impossible to discuss emotions, her desire for adventure outside of traveling for her job, or her feelings about her family. She has a list of things that she thinks could be made better, and the questions of whether or not she could affect any change are the ones that distract her from her work. The idea of what could become and what the future might bring fascinates her. She, also, tends to open herself up to things that might bring out her more emotional side, if only because she is often so stoic that she wants so badly to experience life without the need to be so serious.

Personality type: ENFJ

“Many ENFJs have tremendous power to manipulate others with their phenomenal interpersonal skills and unique salesmanship. But it's usually not meant as manipulation -- ENFJs generally believe in their dreams, and see themselves as helpers and enablers, which they usually are.

ENFJs are global learners. They see the big picture. The ENFJs focus is expansive. Some can juggle an amazing number of responsibilities or projects simultaneously. Many ENFJs have tremendous entrepreneurial ability.

ENFJs are, by definition, Js, with whom we associate organization and decisiveness. ENFJs are organized in the arena of interpersonal affairs. Their offices may or may not be cluttered, but their conclusions (reached through feelings) about people and motives are drawn much more quickly and are more resilient than those of their NFP counterparts.

ENFJs know and appreciate people. Like most NFs, (and Feelers in general), they are apt to neglect themselves and their own needs for the needs of others. They have thinner psychological boundaries than most, and are at risk for being hurt or even abused by less sensitive people. ENFJs often take on more of the burdens of others than they can bear.

In the sway of this rational function, these folks are predisposed to closure in matters pertaining to people, and especially on behalf of their beloved. As extraverts, their contacts are wide ranging. Face-to-face relationships are intense, personable and warm, though they may be so infrequently achieved that intimate friendships are rare.

The dynamic nature of their intuition moves ENFJs from one project to another with the assurance that the next one will be perfect, or much more nearly so than the last. ENFJs are continually looking for newer and better solutions to benefit their extensive family, staff, or organization.”


FATHER: Brenden Swan, adoptive

MOTHER: Amy Swan, adoptive

SIBLING/S: Audriana Swan (though Hadley isn’t aware of her)




BACKGROUND: Hadley was adopted at the age of four by the Swans, and a part of her was always worried that they might change their minds about her. Throughout elementary school in central Florida, she was one of the more quiet students, and was uninterested in going to parties with her classmates. Throughout her schooling in Florida, Hadley merely became more determined and more focused on her studies. It wasn’t until a school trip to the UK (which her parents weren’t exactly fans of, mind you, given that Audriana was assumedly still there) that she realized she might want to live somewhere else.

Originally, her intended major in college was simply Government, due to her hopes of making things better in the most obvious way she could see. But after a class delving into International Affairs, she changed majors and decided to go onto Graduate school in England.

It took several years to rise up to her current position in the British Ministry, but with her decision to take more hours per term than was needed, she graduated early, so she’s actually quite impressed with her position, given her age. As for relationships in England, she hasn’t too many. But those that she does have are important to her, and she does her best to make time for them outside of work. Regarding the investigation, Hadley isn’t at all sure what to expect. Frankly, she hasn’t been briefed as much as she would have liked, so she’s coming into it all with a serious lack of preparation. She probably wouldn’t have taken the job if she had known the whole story.



MAIN CHARACTER: Adrienne Poliakoff

CHARACTER PURPOSE: To help with the site plot Very Happy And 'cause I love her lots.

Re: SWAN, Hadley

on Sat Jan 24, 2015 8:45 pm
We have our first muggle ^^
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