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Fenrir Greyback
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on Tue Apr 08, 2014 10:32 pm



FULL NAME:Fenrir Greyback



ALLEGIANCE: His own pack



WAND: a specially made wand that he’s had for years.  It’s a combination of black laurel, makore, and monterillo woods, making it a very dark wand, requiring a dark heart to wield it. It has a basilisk skin and doxy wing core.  It is 12 1/3 inches, and very unyielding.  It has a dark, well worn iron band around the handle.  It’s old, and it looks it.  Its also well attuned to its dark owner.

PLAY BY:This was an issue. There are almost NO elderly werewolves .Do you have ANY idea how hard it is to find a pic of an 80 year old werewolf? Seriously?  SO—since I already use Anthony Hopkins, I am choosing to use him again for Fenrir, but Fenrir will only be seen in werewolf form, and Michael Tremaine will never ever be seen in werewolf form—Actually he’d rather die than to do that.


HAIR COLOUR:Grey, white, silver, wire-y textured.

EYE COLOUR: icy blue gray

COMPARATIVE HEIGHT: Tall, brushing 6’

BODY BUILD: somewhat stocky.  Barrel chested. Used to be a man of great strength and musculature, but much of that has been lost due to aging.

GENERAL APPEARANCE: Fenrir’s appearance is imposing.  It commands respect. Part of that comes from his reputation and who he used to be.  Part of it is just the downright fear he brings out of others because they know not just what he has done but what he can still do.  He is well aware that his is the patriarch of the werewolf race, and he presents himself as the informal king of his race—as he believes he is. He has somewhat of an ability to be charismatic amongst his own kind, while making no attempt to be that sort of a draw to other species. To other species, he only intends to inspire fear.


+loyal to his own race
+has learned a bit about strategy in his lifetime, mostly from his time with Voldemort
+understands dark magic well
+excels in curses and hexes
+loyal to family or those he has incorporated into his pack
-mercurial, and hot tempered
-lost a great deal of his human conscience a long time ago
-thinks nothing of killing

+rare meat
+running his own pack
+procreating.  There should be as many werewolves as possible, after all. Should there not?
+giving orders
-fruits and vegetables, generally speaking.
-being subservient in any form
-being taken lightly because of his age
-the arrogance and discrimination of humans

GOALS:His goal has always been to create as large a werewolf race as possible, and at his advanced age, his goal now is to inspire other werewolves to take up his cause with a vengence.

HABITS & QUIRKS:prefers layered clothing, his favorite piece is a duster made of gray wool and gray leather—its old but he prefers it. He has an oversized chair in his den made of stone, wood, and leather.  It is not far from the oversized stone fireplace.  It is the center of the main hall in his den, and he intends himself to be the main focus.  He has a compulsion to know what is going on in his pack at all times and to be the final decision maker in every matter—no matter how large or how small.

BOGGART: (Greatest Fear) betrayal

PATRONUS: (Fondest Memory)  The high points in Voldemort’s rule, and his memories of being the most feared criminal, besides Voldemort, in the wizarding world.

DEMENTOR: (Worst Memory) Voldemort’s defeat—it felt like Fenrir was losing it all—all they’d worked form

VERITASERUM: (Greatest Secret)—He has retained more and more werewolf physical features over the years.  His speech is becoming a bit more gutteral.  He states it is because he finds no reason to be human anymore, but the truth of it is that there are very few werewolves that live to such an age, let alone one that prefers to be in werewolf form over human.  The truth is that he is finding it harder and harder to be human at all.

MIRROR OF ERISED: (Greatest Desire)—To leave werewolves with a strong chance of taking their rightful place in the world.

PERSONALITY:Fenrir has spent most of his life living as an outcast, and he has little respect for anyone in authority.  He spurns must human conventions. He has enough wealth to take care of his pack, and his pack is what he is dedicated to.  He has not accumulated wealth for comfort.  He has not experienced comfort, and so it is a foreign concept to him.  His existence has consisted of survival, brutality, and loyalty to his own pack and family.


FATHER:Buck Greyback (deceased)
MOTHER:Clotilda Greyback (deceased)

SIBLING/S:Fenrir doesn’t honestly know.

OTHER:He’s lost track of how many offspring he’s produced, but there aren’t that many who haven’t left to start their own pack now.  

SPORADIC FEMALE PARTNER:  Fiona Mariatos | b. 1982 | Human | Pureblood | Homemaker

Ariel Damien Greyback:  b 2006; Werewolf; Halfblood
Orion Mariatos-Brenner | b. 2011 | Human | Half-Blood
Penelope Mariatos-Brenner | b. 2016 | Human | Half-Blood

BLOOD STATUS:  Halfblood

SPECIES: Werewolf


optional. students may only bring owls, cats, mice and toads to Hogwarts.

optional.  magical artefacts must be claimed through the magical artefacts claim


Early Years:Fenrir’s memories of his early years have become dimmer through the years.  He doesn’t remember many things from being human. He doesn’t remember being turned, although he does remember being told it happened when he was very small.  His parents, so far as he remembers, were poor, and when they had a werewolf son, they cast him out in utter fear for their own survival.  He was raised on the streets by whatever tramp would take him in for awhile.  In his early years, he often killed whatever adult would befriend him, his curse being out of his control. It kept him from getting close to anyone.

Hogwarts Years:Fenrir never received a Hogwarts letter since he spent most of his life under the Ministry radar, living on the streets.  He did find a pack of werewolves, in his early adolescence, that took him in and taught him about his magical traits and how to use them. They also taught him about how to control his curse. That was something he desperately wanted to learn because it had kept him from any semblance of a normal life.  He was also dedicated to strength training in order to further ensure his own survival. Over time, he proved himself within his own pack and rose in its ranks to make the pack his own.

Adulthood: Fenrir was recruited in the woods by Tom Riddle who promised him power.  Power to create as many werewolves as he liked.  Sometimes he even got that.  When he wasn’t working for Riddle, he was trying to develop the skills to stay a werewolf outside of the full moon, and he was turning as many people to being werewolves as possible. He learned that they were much more useful if he turned them early. Then he had the benefit of the education the pack could provide, much like he had had. The older someone was when they were turned, the more human they tended to remain. He was also learning that having as many children as possible was beneficial for the pack and was, for him, one of his few forms of pleasurable sport.
One of the children he turned was Remus Lupin, who Fenrir came later to despise because of Lupin’s fight to remain human as much as possible.  He was to later side against Lupin and others in the wizarding war while he remained in the service of Voldemort.  For awhile, it was presumed that Fenrir had not survived the war, but in fact, he had returned to the privacy of the pack.  After the death of Voldemort, Fenrir has allowed the younger generation to take over his cause, and he chooses to live as the alpha male of his pack.







You didn’t honestly look to see if I’d do this, did you?

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Seventh Year Gryffindor
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Re: GREYBACK, Fenrir

on Mon Apr 14, 2014 2:25 am
Looks good Khaat!

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