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Post by Lee Shepherd on Sun Sep 08, 2013 6:22 pm



    FULL NAME: Lee Joseph Shepherd

    NICKNAMES: none he'll talk about

    AGE: Age 44,  Hogwarts' graduate

    ALLEGIANCE: American Magical Nation

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Ex Gryffindor


    WAND: Handcarved Curupay wood, with a core of Pegasus wing and Gryffin claw, 12 1/2 inches, slightly flexible

    PLAY BY:
    Ralph Fiennes


    HAIR COLOUR: dark blond/brown

    EYE COLOUR:blue

    COMPARATIVE HEIGHT: an even 6'.

    BODY BUILD: trim, fit, not overly muscular.

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: Lee tends to like subtlety in everything, including his looks. He's a Fed, and he often looks it. Black suits, white shirts, black ties.  In his role as the President of the American Magical Nation, he is primarily a bureaucrat now, but he hasn't lost his awareness that he needs the fitness and the flexibility from his origins as an auror.  In his off duty time, he prefers casual dress, sportshirts, sweaters, upscale generally, but abhors pretentiousness.


    S--defensive and offensive spells
    S-all games of strategy
    S--muggle weaponry and technology
    S--moves easily between wizarding world and muggle world.
    S--logic and reasoning
    S--loyalty to those he cares about
    S--self sacrificing
    S--Not scared by much

    W--Easily frustrated by magical gizmos. Understands them but that doesn't mean he likes them.
    W--Smokes heavier than he should
    W--Doesn't trust easily.  Likes control.
    W--Workaholic.  Never takes a vacation.  Well, hardly ever.
    W--Is chronically on call.  
    W--Doesn't have a life outside of his job.  Well, not much of one.
    W--Irregular sleeping and eating habits.
    W--Doesn't understand a potion from ice cream syrup.  Well, its a bit better than that--most of the time.


    L--Steak--particularly Texas steak.  
    L--Autumn and the smell of the leaves
    L--Living in America
    L--Being equally able to use muggle or wizarding items. Its a Fed requirement, you know.
    L--Running and Jogging
    L--Music, of almost every sort---except Rap and Metal.
    L--Art--almost every style
    L--Playing the piano
    L--Most outdoor sports

    D--Resists much contact with his British relatives
    D--Being a workaholic, but he doesn't know how to stop
    D--Not having anything outside of work that sounds like fun
    D--Being lonely
    D--Not getting a full night's sleep--hardly ever
    D--Chicken--if there's steak. Chicken is a last resort.  Its what's left.
    D--Winter. Loathes snow.
    D--Washington DC traffic
    D--"Fluffy little pink pastries"--pretentious desserts--anything pretentious, for that matter
    D--Overly flirty women--or anyone else that comes on too strong

    GOALS: Lee is a career man.  His goal right now is to make sure that, as best he can, things don't go wrong on his watch

    HABITS & QUIRKS:Checks the time frequently. Needs to be punctual.  Has a morning routine that he rarely deviates from: a morning run, then home to shower, then into the coffee shop for a cup of coffee and into the office, usually an hour early in order to read the papers and catch up on the news before the day begins.  Paces when he's thinking.

    BOGGART: In his career, Lee has seen many a man die.  He's had to be the trigger man more than he wants to think about.  He often sees the faces of those he's killed, -particularly the last looks as they breathed their last breaths.

    PATRONUS: A Christmas skiing trip with the first group of aurors that he had felt like a part of their team. 2 weeks in the snow in the Colorado mountains. Much as he hated snow, that was a wonderful holiday, and he remembers the laughter and the camaraderie in the holiday setting.

    DEMENTOR: A knife fight that went wrong in a bad section of Washington, years ago.  He carries the scars of it in his chest. He nearly died.  He does still carry a knife, but he always packs a gun now, along with his wand.  His friends tease him, affectionately, about him being armed for war. To a certain extent, he is.

    VERITASERUM: Death is often much more attractive to him than he admits.  He's lost too many people he loves to care sometimes if he's here or not.  He calls it "a bad mood." His dossier says he's prone to sporadic bursts of depression caused by past duty trauma.  He's gotten generally very good at performance skills to keep others from seeing it unless he feels close enough to them to not have to keep the front up for them.

    MIRROR OF ERISED: More than anything else, he longs for love.  He is terrified of even taking a chance because he doesn't want to bring anyone else into his world.

    PERSONALITY: Lee has a much gentler heart than he wants anyone to know. He keeps it well guarded and hidden behind the framework of being a good agent for his department and by following what they require of him.  He uses it as the armor that protects himself from being hurt.  However, he is a kind and nurturing boss to those he supervises, and genuinely cares about them and their success. In the one or two times an agent has turned on him and attempted to play him, he has turned back and become vicious out of his own need to protect either himself or his department or both.  He is unfailingly loyal to those who merit it, and keeps those friends for a lifetime.


    FATHER: Gary Shepherd, 75 (former American ambassador to the Ministry of Magic--retired)

    MOTHER:Virginia Whitting, 74, (British, Hogwarts graduate, housewife,_

    SIBLING/S: Elizabeth Darrow--sister--38
    C. Nelson Shepherd: (Claude)--age 46.  Refuses to be called Claude
    Eliza Nettleston--sister, 35
    Theodore Shepherd--42

    OTHER: several cousins, aunts and uncles.

    BLOOD STATUS:  Halfblood

    RACE: Human

    SOCIAL STATUS: Upper middle

    PET/S: Who has time for pets?

    optional.  magical artefacts must be claimed through the magical artefacts claim


    Early Years: Lee's grandfather had served as the American ambassador to the British department of magic, and so, his father had grown up, largely, in England. His father attended Hogwarts, as a Gryffindor, and it was there that Gary met Virginia, a Ravenclaw.  It was from his father that Lee gained his love of the greater good, the love of serving, and his belief in self sacrifice.  From his mother, he gained a love of learning, but it certainly did not supercede the Gryffindor tendencies.  He grew up in a rather prestigious home that was in the Hyde Park district but owned by the American government.  When it came time for him to go to school, there was really only one logical choice in front of his family--Hogwarts.  Much to the delight of his mother.  Lee remembers having a good relationship with his British relatives through these years, and being fully thrown into British tradition.

    Hogwarts Years: Lee's first memory is of the Sorting Hat making fun of him for being an American in a British school and teasing him about where his loyalties were.  Lee remembers making some sort of a snotty retort to the hat, which had earned him a bit of a smirk from Albus Dumbledore, and apparently the hat had been amused enough to place him, for some odd reason, in Gryffindor, where Lee was blissfully happy, all things considered.  His grades were good because his mother's genetics made him a bit nerdy.  But he was also adventurous and didn't hesitate to toss the homework aside for some little bit of daring and danger.  It was at Hogwarts that he started his love of jogging and running. One of the older housemates he had was using jogging to try to reduce his time in detention, and Lee decided to tag along with the older boy and decided he liked it. He has used running or jogging ever since, both for stress reduction and for physical fitness.

    Adulthood: When Lee graduated Hogwarts, his father decided Lee had enough of a mischevious, untamed streak that Lee needed to be reigned in. He "arranged" for Lee to do a few years in the American Navy.  Lee hated it, largely, but complied and became determined to prove himself. It created in him the need to succeed, and he blames it for causing his need to be married to his job.  There was always someone's life at stake, and he didn't have the luxury of screwing off like he had in school. In that regard, his father got what he had wanted for Lee. What it did do was plant him firmly in America, and he now sees little of his biological family.  For all purposes, his work colleagues are his family now.

    That, and when Robert Lupin came to office, he found a common soul in Robert. He had gotten used to meeting various Ministers, so he had presumed Robert was just one more. He initially discounted the chance to meet Robert, but when he did, they found themselves up to their proverbial eye teeth in intrigue. He discovered, through necessity, that the Lupins had the same love of danger and the same fearlessness that he had.  He formed an alliance with Robert, and that has strengthened to a strong friendship with Robert.  Its the closets thing he has in his life to an unconditional family bond.  He doesn't trust the employees that are around the Lupins, and that often makes him pull closer to them--just in case Robert might end up blindsided.


    ALSO KNOWN AS: Khaaty

    RP EXPERIENCE: hahahahahahahahahahaha

    HOW YOU FOUND US: I have a cot here backstage. I live here.


    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: After a point, its a compulsion.

    RP SAMPLE: [spoiler] Oh, come on.  You've already been thread spying.  Admit it.
Lee Shepherd
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Post by Anabelle "Hit" Mulciber on Sun Sep 08, 2013 9:32 pm

Nice, I like him!

Accepted and sorted into Graduates!
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Post by Khaat Lupin on Sun Sep 08, 2013 9:37 pm

thank you!!!

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