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DEVEREUX, Reid Collin

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DEVEREUX, Reid Collin Empty DEVEREUX, Reid Collin

Post by Reid Devereoux Sun Nov 14, 2010 8:58 am

DEVEREUX, Reid Collin Adam_T__Siska--large-msg-1184456691



    FULL NAME: Reid Collin Devereux


    AGE: 24

    ALLEGIANCE: OOTP sympathizer

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: ex Gryffindor

    WAND TYPE: eleven inches, phoenix core, willow, bendy

    PLAY BY Adam Siska


    HAIR COLOR: Blonde to dirty blonde

    EYE COLOR: Brown

    HEIGHT: 5”6'

    BODY TYPE: Thin, skinny

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: Reid is not what you would call tall, though he appears to be rather so because of his scrawny limbs. He can look somewhat gangly at times, though he is not too incredibly thin. He usually wears skinny jeans and loose v-neck shirts displaying some sort of colorful graphic, with sneakers to match. He is known for donning a pair of glasses when the mood strikes him, but he is not dependent on them. When his hair is short, it is well kept, but when it is grown out, the bangs fall in his face and it is wavy and untidy. He had a strong jaw and soft eyes that often sparkle with micheviousness.


    >Video games
    >Watching out for others
    >Good memory
    >Hacking- as in computers

    >Sensitivity- at times
    >Can be careless
    >Nosy- He won't admit it but he is
    >Opionated to a fault- when he is right, he is right
    >”Yo Mama” jokes and sarcasm- they get him in trouble
    >Slight parania- distrusts government
    >Cocky- If he thinks he is doing well at something, suddenly he is an expert

    >Video games
    >Science Fiction and comic books

    >Loud music
    >Being told he is wrong
    >When Calvin brings home a new pet- which becomes Reid's responsibity
    >Video games he can't beat

    (The goals in life for your character.)

    Reid always carries a gameboy, Ninentdo DS, any sort of portable video game with him
    Did you see that dog in UP that looked at said SQUIRREL every time he saw one... Same concept, but think cats
    Tough situation = yo momma jokes
    Thinks the government is out to get him

    BOGGART: Calvin dying. He has known the guy for too long to be comfortable alone or in a world where he was not running after him to help him tie his shoe laces or replacing his dead goldfish.

    PATRONUS: That one date he went on... No. It was not really a date. He and Calvin went to an arcade and he actually ended up talking to a girl. They had pizza and he powned everyone at air hockey.

    DEMENTOR: When he received a phone call from home saying his brother Richie had run away. For two days they did not know where he was until Reid went out and found him in a park, frostbitten and terrified

    AMORENTIA: Pepperoni pizza, burned wires, and lavander

    MIRROR OF ERISED: Reid is pretty happy with life. He is not sure what could improve it. Maybe a new pair of woolen socks...And maybe a comic book store of his own.

    PERSONALITY: Reid is a geek like his best friend, though he is much more high functioning than Calvin. In school, girls liked Reid but by the time he was interested in girls more just as much as video games and science fiction movies, he had reached total-geek and adorable-best-friend-nothing-more status. Ever since he has thought he is better off without, but present him with a real life situation involving a girl and watch him get rather eager, only to crash and burn. Reid is very defensive of his friends and can talk his way out of most situations and will get as close to a fight as comfortable- but present him with a punch and he will put up his hands and freak out. He has an opinion on anything and not only that- but it is right. Always. He is a mean video game player and computer hacker and he looooves cats. Though he is the more competent of the two when it comes to ... well, existing, he lets Calvin take the lead while he cleans up the messes the guy leaves behind.


    FATHER: Larson Devereux, 48

    MOTHER: Missy Frankfert, 47

    SIBLING(S): Richie, 19
    Elsie, 20
    Tyler, 26
    Hannah, 27

    OTHER: Alice “Nana” Devereux, whom he loving calls Nana D

    BLOOD STATUS: Halfblood

    RACE: Human




    Various video games


    Early Years: Reid was an awkward child who never got outside much. If he did, he tried to lead neighborhood kids in adventures, but as soon as his older siblings and their friends walked by, immediately all the other kids deemed the games to “weird” and him a “loser” before running off to leave him red-faced. As the middle child, he was often forgotten so he did as he pleased, though he often found that if there was a mystery unsolved, the blame was shunted onto him. He often took care of his younger siblings and quit trying to be a friend to his older siblings when they expressed that they did not want a little goober to be following them around. His family was very tight knit and dysfunctional, and Nana often came by to yell at the top of her lungs about how rotten they all were, though if they listened close enough to tales of the “old country” they could receive a sweet bribe of a candy to pretend to take interest. Most of his childhood, Reid spent his time reading comic books, playing video games, watching out for his siblings, and learning to stand out.

    Hogwarts Years: When Reid entered Hogwarts he became quickly acclimated and immediately became acknwledged as the class clown. He was the one that would tell jokes, make funny noises, and be quick to point at the kid nearest him. He made a lot of enemies, but with a sharp, quick tongue he was able to dodge most situations. He was quick to inject himself into interesting situations, which one day earned him a friend for life when he spotted some meanier kids picking on a boy his age. Reid stepped in, said a few of his famous “Yo mama” jokes and scampered away with his new chum before they could react. He found that Calvin was also awkward, geeky, and fun and the two have been inseperable since. Reid always managed to keep Calvin out of two much trouble, and Calvin returned the favor by making Reid feel included and needed. Reid did well in school when he tried, but most of the time he was too wrapped up in the latest adventure with Calvin to really care what happened beyond their little world.

    Adulthood: Reid never imagined himself to be a babysitter but that is what he has become as the best friend and rommate of Calvin Ransom, the world's biggest man child. Reid was still the same guy he was in Hogwarts, though his mistrust in “The System” had grown. He even suggested his aimless friend join the Ministry, mostly so he could feel involved and pre-warned of any possible take overs, though mostly it just gave him information to rant about. Reid blogs rants and plays video games most of the time, resurfacing to make a few bucks in his part time job as a bartender, but he only goes into work once or twice a week, and it is always when Calvin is at work as well. Reid does not trust Calvin too much on his own in case Calvin falls down the stairs... again... He does need to get away from the house sometimes and for that he usually excapes to a muggle comic store or somewhere in the wizarding world.


    YOUR NAME: Jackles


    HOW YOU FOUND US: Bleeeeeh

    OTHER CHARACTERS: *takes big breath* Jack Dyllan, Elliot Cartwright, Skeeter Hudson, Salem Everwood, Simon McLaggen, Marki Gordon, *gasps* Peter Bellard, Zhanna Charkov, Emmett Fisher, Naomi Quinn-Greyback *dies*

    RP SAMPLE: The Skipper says “Aargh, I won't be doin' this!”

Reid Devereoux
Reid Devereoux

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DEVEREUX, Reid Collin Empty Re: DEVEREUX, Reid Collin

Post by Khaat Lupin Sun Nov 14, 2010 1:30 pm

lol. one more to your little family, huh? accepted and sorted into graduates
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DEVEREUX, Reid Collin Empty Re: DEVEREUX, Reid Collin

Post by Jaquellene Jack Dyllan Sun Nov 14, 2010 6:21 pm

Psht, its more of a mob by now! Thanks!
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Jaquellene Jack Dyllan
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DEVEREUX, Reid Collin Empty Re: DEVEREUX, Reid Collin

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