DARLING, Andrew Paul
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DARLING, Andrew Paul

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DARLING, Andrew Paul Empty DARLING, Andrew Paul

Post by Andrew Darling Tue Oct 26, 2010 2:04 am

DARLING, Andrew Paul Zac_efron_1194487514

Andrew Paul Darling


    FULL NAME: Andrew Paul Darling


    AGE: 24

    ALLEGIANCE: order

    HOGWARTS HOUSE:Ex-Gryffindor

    WAND TYPE: 12 inches, red wood phoenix core good with charms

    PLAY BY Zac Efron


    HAIR COLOR: brown spikey

    EYE COLOR: blue

    HEIGHT: 6'0

    BODY TYPE: slender but muscular

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: Andrew cares very much about his appearance and grooms himself very well. Andrew stand about 6'0 tall with brown spiky hair and blue eyes. When Andrew not working he wears normal muggle clothes at times but mainly formal clothes with a tie. Andrew usually wears a ring o n his right hand fourth finger that his parents gave him, he sometimes wear necklaces but not much.


    DADA, flying, herbolog, charms

    Divinations, Transfigurations, girls

    girls, flying, reading, writing poetry

    annoying people, people bugging him when he reading,
    to become a really good auror

    runs his hair through his hair alot, taps his quill or pencil when working, bites his buttom lip all the time.

    BOGGART: him never getting to see his family again

    PATRONUS: when he gotten accepted to hogwarts

    DEMENTOR: when his family gotten in a real bad car accident

    AMORENTIA: roses, vanilla, old books
    MIRROR OF ERISED: him becoming a great auror

    PERSONALITY: Andrew is very sweet and very down to earth type of guy who's very much of a gentlemen. Although he can be as stubborn as a mule and tends to get his way at times he's very caring and loyal. Andrew is very brave as well as a troublemaker when he wants to be but he tries not to seeing how he's older. Andrew can be very emotional at times but tries to hide it for it's a man thing and he has to be strong for his family. Andrew is very bright and clever but sometimes his cleverness leads him to trouble at times. He very protective of his family and friends especailly his little sister Leslie who he loves to death.


    FATHER:James Darling
    MOTHER:fatherLeanne Darling

    SIBLING(S): Wendy Darling, Daniel Darling , Leslie Darling,

    OTHER: None
    BLOOD STATUS: thinks muggle-born but really half-blood
    RACE: Human
    PET(S): an owl named Shadow



    Early Years: Andrew Paul Darling was born by James and Leanne Darling July 4th on a hot summer day. Daniel grew up on a farm with his family in America in the state of Texas with his three brothers and sisters. When Daniel was little he was home schooled until he was at the age to go to Hogwarts for his parents wanted him to work on the farm. Daniel learned all the basic muggle subjescts just like in school but at home with private teachers. Daniel had a couple of friends when he was young for he went four wheeling with a couple of boys around the country.
    Hogwarts Years: Hogwarts years for Andrew was like any other Hogwarts student it had there ups and downs. In Andrew's seventh year his parents gotten in a bad car accident but luckly they weren't killed in the accident. Andrew Almost didn't graduate his seventh year because he took time oof to take care of his family and the farm. Luckly he was able to pass his seventh year doing summer homework and extra credit work. Andrew was prefect or Head Boy and never gotten the change to play for the quidditch team but he did dream of it though.
    Adulthood: After Hogwarts Andrew took it easy and went back to Texas to work on the family farm for awhile. Deciding that wasn't his destiny Andrew came back to London trying to presue his dream as becoming a auror. Although it's a bumpy task Andrew isn't giving up that hard but he's working at different muggle jobs waiting for his chance. ndrew doesn't want to fail his family and doesn't want to fail the wizarding world. He wants to help the wizarding world and fight off evil hopefully his dreams will come true soon.


    YOUR NAME: Keegan
    RP EXPERIENCE: about three years

    HOW YOU FOUND US: I have other characters on here
    OTHER CHARACTERS: Hugo Wealey, Keegan Flinch-Flentchley

    RP SAMPLE: Skip! Razz

Andrew Darling
Andrew Darling

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DARLING, Andrew Paul Empty Re: DARLING, Andrew Paul

Post by Vito Dee Symons Tue Oct 26, 2010 5:52 pm

Accepted & Sorted into Graduates. I'd like to see how he and Vito interacted XD
Vito Dee Symons
Vito Dee Symons

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