HUNTER, Jaylen Rachel
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HUNTER, Jaylen Rachel

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HUNTER, Jaylen Rachel Empty HUNTER, Jaylen Rachel

Post by Jaelyn Hunter Sat Oct 16, 2010 3:21 am

HUNTER, Jaylen Rachel 1s1ceh

Jaelyn Rachel Hunter


    FULL NAME: Jaelyn Rachel Hunter


    AGE: Sixteen

    ALLEGIANCE: Neutral

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff

    WAND TYPE: Willow, 9.5 inches, dragon heartstring core

    PLAY BY Natalya piro Piro



    EYE COLOR: Grey

    HEIGHT: 5'9

    BODY TYPE: Skinny, but muscular.

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: With Jaelyn, looks can be deceiving. She looks almost frail, but in reality, she has muscle on her body from flying and Quidditch practice. The red-headed beauty stands out from most of the other students, not just because of her flaming hair, but for the fact that she stands at five-foot nine inches. When it comes to how she dresses, Jae couldn't care any less about fashion or things of the sort. She wears what's comfortable, which usually includes jeans and a comfy sweater.


    - Athletic; Jaelyn loves sports, both those that belong in the wizarding and muggle worlds. Seeing as how she's a half-blood, she grew up around both types of sports, and thanks to her brothers and father, she grew to be good at both.
    - Intelligent; Thanks to her mother's pushing, Jae realized that she had to excel at school if she wanted to go anywhere in life.
    - Goal-oriented; When Jae has her mind on something, she makes it her main goal, and won't stop until she finishes it.

    - Has a temper; On more than on occasion, the red-head has been known to go off on both her housemates and her siblings. Her family calls it her “red-headed temper.”
    - Indecisive; Jae can never make up her mind about anything.
    - Dependent; While Jaelyn wishes she was more independent, she grew up in a rather large and close family, and because of it she tends to cling to her family.

    School, Flying, Quidditch, Athletics, Charms, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Dueling

    Being away from her family, Rain, Un-opinionated people, Alchemy, Transfiguration, Beauxbatons girls

    Do well on her NEWTs, Make team captain her seventh year

    Jae hardly ever sits still, and if she has to (like in class), she'll twirl her quill or just play with her hair.

    PERSONALITY: Jaelyn isn't exactly your typical girl – she's into sports, usually throws herself into school, and could care less about boys and make-up. She's been known to be too stubborn for her own good, and her family says that she has a “red-headed temper.” Jae grew up around three brothers and only one other sister, and it turned out that she was the only one who was a witch, which greatly disappointed her mother. However, she overcame it all by supporting her mother with excelling at Hogwarts and supporting her father with playing Quidditch and any other sports she could find, whether it be at Hogwarts or when home for the summer. When Jae sets her mind on something, she makes it her top priority, and most people know not to get in her way when she's got a goal.


    FATHER: Anderson Hunter, Muggle

    MOTHER: Catherine Hunter (nee Waverly), Witch

    SIBLING(S): Jessica Hunter, Carson Hunter, Andrew Hunter, and Jason Hunter; oldest to youngest; all muggles

    BLOOD STATUS: Half-blood

    RACE: Human

    SOCIAL STATUS: Upper-middle class

    PET(S): A small black kitten named Emerald

    BROOMSTICK(): Firebolt


    Early Years: Jaelyn grew up being the youngest of a family of five children; she also grew up being the only witch in the family, other than her mother. Jae was always teased by both her siblings and her friends for how tall and gangly she was, until she got to the point where she couldn't stand it anymore, and finally voiced her opinion. It was at the age of eight that she began with her 'attitude,' as her parents call it. When her eleventh birthday rolled around, her parents didn't expect her to receive an invitation to Hogwarts, since none of her other siblings had gotten in.

    Hogwarts Years: On her first day at Hogwarts, Jae had been a nervous wreck; she had never been away from her family like this, and it had scared her. However, once she was sorted into ____, she began to make friends and realized that she didn't need to be around her family twenty-four/seven. Nothing extremely eventful happened from her first through third years, except for when she got onto the Quidditch team at the beginning of her third year. To her, it was like being back home with her brothers, just playing around, because most of the other members of the team were older and were boys. From her fourth year on, while the friends that she had made went off and obsessed over boys and make-up, Jae would be working on plays with some of her teammates, or off working for one of her classes. The previous year, when Jaelyn had to take her OWLs, she received almost top marks in every class, except for Transfiguration, which highly disappointed her mother.


    YOUR NAME: Hales

    RP EXPERIENCE: About nine or so years now

    HOW YOU FOUND US: Filled a graphic request for one of the characters on here. (:


    ezra had been sitting back in his bedroom, watching some random show when he heard dylan's car pull up. he knew that she was coming over -- they had planned it a few nights ago on the phone -- but he had completely blanked on what time it was, and when she said that she would be there. currently he was sitting in a pair of black boxers and a wife beater, and while he knew that dylan wouldn't care what he was wearing, he still wanted to make a little bit of an effort for her. without really thinking about it, he jumped up and went into the small bathroom that was adjoined to his room, and turned on the water to the shower. ezra was notorious for taking quick showers, and really, he just wanted to wash all of his sweaty stench away.

    within seconds he jumped into the shower, letting out a quick "agh!" when he realized the water still hadn't warmed up. he shook his head and then ran his hands through his curly hair, making sure to get it wet before he put the shampoo on. not even three minutes later, he stepped out of the shower and wrapped a navy blue towel around him, the smell of his body wash drifting out after him. he could hear dylan in the kitchen now, and it sounded like she had just called out his name. "shit," he muttered, and walked back into his room, then pulled on a pair of red and blue boxers. ezra smiled and picked up his flash shirt from the floor of his closet, then grabbed a random pair of jeans off of his desk chair. once he had those on, he pulled on his blue and grey sneakers and then pulled his sweater off the floor beside his messenger bag. the rook house was always screwed up, temperature-wise. in the summer it was too hot, and in the winter it was too cold. right now, since it was almost november, the temperature in the house had greatly dropped, and erik had yet to learn that they should start turning the heat on every in early october. letting out a sigh, ezra picked up the towel he had just used and ran it over his hair, knowing that it would dry in its usual poof. not really caring much more than that, he walked out into the kitchen to see his beautiful girlfriend standing there.

    dylan hadn't quite noticed him there, but she had obviously been there for a while. he smiled at the fact that she easily made herself at home there, and let out a chuckle when she said he could make the salad. "hey, no need to yell, i'm right here." stepping forward, he picked up a head of lettuce and looked at it, trying to think if he and his brother had any knives sharp enough to cut it.

Jaelyn Hunter
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HUNTER, Jaylen Rachel Empty Re: HUNTER, Jaylen Rachel

Post by Vito Dee Symons Sat Oct 16, 2010 3:34 am

You did wonderfully on this application; I enjoyed reading it and will love seeing your character around on the site. Welcome to Ravenclaw. Head on over to the Claims Section if you haven't already and you'll be ready to get started =)
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