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Emmet Arnold Fisher

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Emmet Arnold Fisher Empty Emmet Arnold Fisher

Post by Emmett Fisher Sun Oct 10, 2010 8:04 pm

Emmet Arnold Fisher Bob-dylan-20070213-210941



    FULL NAME: Emmett Arnold Fisher

    NICKNAMES: Arnie, sometimes

    AGE: almost 17, drop out

    ALLEGIANCE: Anti-war

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: ex-Ravenclaw

    WAND TYPE: ten inches, Rosewood, Hippogriff talon, springy

    PLAY BY Bob Dylan


    HAIR COLOR: Brown

    EYE COLOR: Hazel

    HEIGHT: Normal, 5'7'', though looks shorter because he slouches

    BODY TYPE: Scrawny

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: Emmett may give you the impression of one Doc Brown, because of his eccentric appearance and his rather frazzled hair. His hair is never tamed, because he does not try, merely embracing the natural mini-fro that seems to sprout from his head. He has a biggish nose and he usually squints his eyes as though he is not understanding what you are telling him. A thoughtful person, Emmett usually looks distant and out of place. Though not a token attractive person, Emmett has a drawing nature that is rather infectious.


    >Speed reading

    >Paying attention
    >Making decisions

    >Alone time
    >Critical thinking

    >Most people

    GOALS: To convince people to stop killing each other.

    His hair... Look at it. What's not quirky about it?

    He will often trail off in the middle of a sentence. Or change tracks midway, or get distracted, etc. He does not focus well.

    He always has his guitar case with him.

    BOGGART: To live a completely meaningless life.

    PATRONUS: The first time he picked up a guitar.

    DEMENTOR: One time when he was twelve when one of his mom's boyfriend's stormed into their apartment and beat up his mom. He tried to stop him and got hit with a wine bottle.

    AMORENTIA: Rain, papaya, wood

    MIRROR OF ERISED: To figure out what he is supposed to be doing with his life.

    PERSONALITY: Emmett is a poet, a bard, a philosopher, a pacifist, a thinker, and a loner. He is confused when it comes to humanity, so he is trying to figure out where he works in to the equation of life. He does not seek knowledge, but he seeks tranquility. He often has books in his backpack, on subjects ranging from a to z, all of them random. He believes in a natural balance to things and is trying to find that balance. He enjoys nature and escapes outside as much as possible. He loves music and always carries a guitar with him. He does not play for anyone but himself. He is opposed in every sense to the wizarding war they are in.


    FATHER: Frankie Rossi, 43

    MOTHER: Angela Fisher, 39

    SIBLING(S): none he knows of

    OTHER: Various stepfathers and Italian cousins and uncles he runs into now and again

    BLOOD STATUS: halfblood

    RACE: Human


    PET(S): nope


    His acoustic guitar


    Early Years: Emmett mother and father were never in love. After a one night stand, the Italian mobster and the call girl separated. Once Angela began showing, she lost her job and became a waitress and a washerwoman. Struggling to meet end's meet, Angela birthed her child into a dingy apartment and a shaky life. She got a job dancing at a club and he continued doing his own thing. His mother had various stepfathers, good but mostly bad. The main thing was he survived. He wondered the streets, learning more there than he would in most places. His mother was a squib, so she ignored the magical world. Already a distant, lost child, the introduction to the world he really “belongs to” only threw hit more off balance.

    Hogwarts Years: Emmett started Hogwarts with no friends and little direction, and he stays true to his track record. He goes to his classes like he is sleepwalking, only checking in when his sensitive spirit is aroused. He gets by with his guitar and books that he found in muggle secondhand stores, ranging from topics of religions, cults, biographies, history, philosophy... basically anything. He is also the kind of person to escape outside whenever he can and is always playing his guitar, not for anyone else but himself. At home, life is pretty much the same. The older he is getting, though, the more his mob side of the family is trying to get him involved. During his sixth year he began protesting the war and when he started receiving problems from the professors, he left school.

    Adulthood: He continued living with his mother, though he had to leave once she finally got another boyfriend, this one more rich that would take care of her, but did not think much of Emmett. Emmett moved to a flat in Diagon Alley and pays for it with the money he receives as a writer and a musician.


    YOUR NAME: Jackles

    RP EXPERIENCE: Over a year

    HOW YOU FOUND US: Jack told me

    OTHER CHARACTERS: Jack Dyllan, Elliot Cartwright, Skeeter Hudson, Salem Everwood, Simon McLaggen, Marki Gordon, Peter Bellard, Zhanna Charkov.

    RP SAMPLE: *skip to my lou*

Emmett Fisher
Emmett Fisher

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Emmet Arnold Fisher Empty Re: Emmet Arnold Fisher

Post by Khaat Lupin Sun Oct 10, 2010 10:02 pm

so bob dylan comes to hogwarts. lol. ok. works for me. accepted and sorted into "Other".
Khaat Lupin
Khaat Lupin
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