LEE, Alina Yajyuam
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LEE, Alina Yajyuam

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LEE, Alina Yajyuam Empty LEE, Alina Yajyuam

Post by Alina Lee Sat Sep 25, 2010 5:48 pm

LEE, Alina Yajyuam JessicaJungakaJessicaIV

Alina Yajyuam Lee


    FULL NAME: Alina Yajyuam Lee

    NICKNAMES: Li-Lee [Pet Name] & Ali [Nickname]

    AGE: 14

    ALLEGIANCE: Neutral

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Slytherin or Ravenclaw

    WAND TYPE: Phoenix Tail Feather w/ Holly Wood

    PLAY BY: Jessica Jung aka Jessica of Girls Generation


    HAIR COLOR: Brown
      Alina inherited the typical dark hair color from her parents, a dark brown that for the most part appeared to be black, but when out in the sun or under a source of light it was to tell the little girl’s hair was more brown than black. She never really did do much with her hair and usually just left it down, letting it grow and grow until her mother thought it was too long and got it cut, but even then it wasn’t cut too much, just to her mid back. Taking care of her hair wasn't much of problem as she usually didn't have too many tangles and it was naturally straight. But as her parents agreed to let her go to Hogwarts for the first time, and since she didn’t want to be mistaken for her older cousin (who happened to look a lot like her in a way), she asked for a very small favor from her brother: to lighten her hair. She had only wanted to lighten it a little bit… but Kangin had messed up a little (or a lot?) and she now had rather light brown hair, practically orange. Her mother had been appalled of course, but Kangin kept insisting she actually looked good in her new color and gradually her family agreed that it did suit her better, not that Alina could tell, being blind and all…

    EYE COLOR: Brown
      From afar Alina appears to have dark eyes, perhaps black, but it’s actually a soft, medium brown color. Though blind, her eyes retain their color and she appears to be a normal teenager at a simple glance. But, if you were to watch her eyes you would notice that they focused on nothing in particular. The pupils might move towards a particular noise or area, but they were blank and unfocused. And if she ever talked to someone and tried to make ‘direct eye contact’ it would be painfully obvious that she was blind as she wouldn’t be able to hold someone’s gaze and only guess at where their eyes were at based upon what she heard them saying.

    HEIGHT: 4’10”
      Almost five feet, Alina usually appears to be a little shorter than she actually is due to a slightly poor posture and tendency to slouch a bit.


      Typically, when Alina is at home she is often dressed in seemingly plain and ordinary clothes; however, they are of high quality. She will rarely wear anything other than dresses or blouses at home as her mother is trying to ‘do away’ with her boyish style of dressing. Her mother also tends to experiment on her and dresses her up in a variety of different styles, but it seems as if she prefers more traditional articles of clothing that are vaguely modernized or barely modernized in any way. These traditional clothes are usually that of her Asian origin due to her family being Asian themselves, but at times her mother goes for some Medieval or Western themed clothes.

      Her father much more prefers it if she were dressed in some sort of school uniform… another thing she essentially despised because nine times out of then such uniforms had low skirts or were a tad bit uncomfortable. At least he only asked she wear such clothes on special occasions (whenever they went out). Most of the time he was fine with whatever she wore as long as it wasn’t too revealing but she knew he preferred that she wear dress pants of a dark color along with a pressed, collared, light colored shirt and a dark colored vest.

      She much more preferred her father’s requirements than her mother’s but… Alina’s real choice of clothes would just simply be jeans and a tank top or a shirt at home when she could. And if her parents would allow it: shorts. Almost always she had on a pair of short ankle length socks since her feet tended to get cold pretty easily. She could care less about design or quality, just as long as it was comfortable.

      Either way, wherever she’s at or whatever she can wear, Alina sports a thin gold chained necklace and a black hair band about her right wrist just in case she does need to put up her hair. On her back, below the nape of her neck is a ‘birthmark’. In reality, it’s really an insignia of her family that’s been burned there since the day she was born. The same insignia was branded onto her brother’s upper left shoulder and on her father’s chest. The insignia is generally proof that they are indeed related and a family. It can be copied at a glance, but if looked at closely one will find that there are many intricate tiny designs within that can not be easily seen with the naked eye making up the whole of the insignia.


      Enhanced Senses
        Due to becoming blind at a young age, Alina’s other senses have improved greatly and thus she is able to hear things better than others as well as having a refined sense of touch and smell. Her sense of taste is closer to normality than her other senses, but is still slightly above average compared to normal, healthy teens.
        From early on Alina’s been one to enjoy the more artistic side of humans; however, due to becoming blind her latent potential at drawing diminished somewhat and she thus focused on literary creativity rather than artistic creativity. Her brother often mentions that she has a gift for storytelling, being able to create a story about just any topic and often times being able to make others interested in her stories, fleeting and random as they may be.
        Perhaps not quite a strength, or a skill, but considered as one in Alina’s mind is her open-mindedness to most anything. Having lived a sheltered life due to her unexpected blindness, her parents became overprotective of her and left her ignorant of many matter. Over the years she came to understand that not everything she was told was the complete truth and has thus come to judge people less often, if at all. She may hold her own opinions, but she won’t immediately put someone down for their beliefs and willing to admit that their ideals may be more correct than her own.
        Alina has a rather good memory, most likely developed because of her blindness and need to memorize where objects were located and the layout of buildings along with various other things. She doesn’t have photographic memory, but a pretty decent memory.

      Physical Shape
        Although Alina would love to be physically fit, the truth of the matter is that it is difficult for her to stay physically active and toned due to genetic factors that weaken her physical body. The ailment might have been prevented, weakened, or postponed, but as there were few outward signs of her body being much more physically weaker than others her own age and size, the direness of the ailment was diagnosed too late and is thus irreversible and treated symptomatically when needed or possible. This is mostly due to her bones, joints, and mild muscle problems. Not exactly a hemophiliac, but sometimes mistaken for one, she is easy to bruise and bleed and can often times bruise for days or bleed for hours as her body also heals rather slowly. Falling under this category would also be her skin’s poor UV protection as she can easily get sunburned (even when she’s wearing some sunscreen!)
        Asides from other bodily functions far from the norm of those her age, Alina is also blind. She was born with perfect vision (as all children generally are) and retained such vision until her older cousins misused a particular spell, the spell backfiring and damaging her eyes permanently. Although, as she was young at the time she has had time to grow accustomed to her handicap and it does not prevent her from functioning normally in most circumstances. Deriving from her blindness comes insomnia. Her parents believing her to be incapable of doing anything anymore do not allow her to do much other than sit and stay still, not exactly healthy or beneficial, but their beliefs none the less. As such, throughout the day she stores up a lot of energy but never really gets to use any of it and when night comes her body is still filled with that energy and she thus has a difficult time to sleep.
        An odd weakness, Alina can easily be tempted with Blood, Chocolate, and Sprite. The main reason behind this is because as a child, her parents were worried about her well being due to her weak body and handicap. They thus monitored not only her life, but diet as well. Her meals hardly ever contained any junk food, let alone candy. But… her brother did sneak some junk food and candy to her now and then when he could and she simply got hooked on them, already having a natural sweet tooth. She can be swayed by junk food/soft drinks/candy in general, but others are most likely to succeed when proposing blood, chocolate, or sprite to her. As for the story behind blood… (Now then, this doesn’t mean she can be controlled through blood/chocolate/sprite, but just swayed/influenced to go along with someone somewhere or maybe tell them some information, etc.)

      Blood, Chocolate, & Sprite
        Alina’s favorite food items are generally junk food and candy, particularly chocolate, so long as it is not in a liquid or frozen form. Her favorite drink is definitely sprite and most any other soft drink, but she enjoys fruit based juices as well (particularly apple juice). As for blood… A strange craving to say the least, fortunately she doesn’t go about killing people or hurting them for blood. It’s a rare deliciously for her, one that she enjoys when she can have it. And no, no, she’s not a cannibalism or anything, she just loves the taste of human blood. (And if you don’t wanna get the cold shoulder from her… don’t mention the word ‘vampire’ around her.)
      Reading & Writing
        As aforementioned, Alina has taken an interest in literary works largely because visual works of art are rather out of her reach at the moment and probably forever. Although blind, it does not mean she can not read. Through Braille she’s managed to read several novels and taken a liking to reading as being sheltered all her life, her only friends are her relatives (who visit sparingly) and the characters in the books she can envision. That being said, as she grew older, her mind tended to wander and she’d spend hours at a time thinking up of whole worlds and struggled to express such dreams. Writing itself was difficult… but as her brother took notice of her attempts and made out vague lines from the scrawlings his sister wrote, he introduced her to computers and with the ability to type came the ability to share some of her imaginary worlds and friends to her family.
      Music/Being Alone
        The two are intertwined as Alina tends to use music to block out other people now a days. She’s used to being alone, having grown up with it for years. Sure her parents always had someone to watch over her… but it wasn’t like they’d actually talk to her and befriend her. So, growing up being left alone and only called for sparingly, she’s grown quite used to it and likes it, as she’s found out when having to the few social gatherings her parents make her attend.

        Does she hate vampires? No, not really. She doesn’t really have anything against them. She just hates it when people call her a vampire because she tends to avoid being outside altogether (allergies), patches of sunlight (her skin burns easily), stays inside mostly/has a pale skin tone despite being Asian (she’s been indoors all her life since going blind…), her inability to sleep (insomnia), not to mention her seemingly nocturnal internal clock so that she was tired during the day and energized at night (odd much?), and of course… her love of the taste of human blood (an odd craving that even she can’t explain). Her brother often teases her that she must have had a vampire for an ancestor even though this is rather impossible as vampires are unable to reproduce.
      Loud Noises / Energetic-Loud People
        Used to being alone in the comforts and quietness of her room as well her family’s various extravagant rooms, she is used to the silence and when around others who are energetic and loud she tends to get a bit annoyed. She generally dislikes most loud noises as well (though oddly enough, one of her favorite genres of music is rock and most of the time her music is blaring out loudly from her room). As hinted, Alina isn’t much of a sociable person, despite her family status.
      Special Treatment
        Alina might nod and agree to this or that, but in reality she’s sick and tired of her parents’ protectiveness over her. Her brother at least understands this and gives her space when he thinks she can handle it, but for the most part you could say she’s a ‘pampered princess’ but not out of choice. What’s worse is that when she meets new people her parents often go on to say, no insist, how vulnerable and weak she was. And so from there it was a like a domino effect: no one ever really let her have a chance at doing anything on her own all the way through. She knows she can do things by herself and she knows that just because she’s blind doesn’t mean she’s useless, but when most everyone around her believes that it gets… difficult and annoying.

      No one really knows what Alina’s goal in life is, but rest assured she has one. To most people she’s just trying to get over the fact that she’s blind and always will be; or that she’s hiding her desperate, deep desire to see again or be normal; but, none of that’s true. They might arrive at such conclusions because of her general shyness, quietness, and detachment from others… but that’s only because she doesn’t know how to act around people having so little experience with people. In reality, all she really wants is for someone to understand she’s not useless, someone that could be a friend to her, a sister maybe, a lover, someone who’d understand and wouldn’t treat her differently just because she was weak or blind. Granted, she might need help now and then, but she was completely 100% useless. Why couldn’t anyone seem to understand that asides from her brother? Maybe that goal could finally be accomplished once she actually started school at Hogwarts instead of being privately tutored? She’d never really thought about what she’d do once someone did understand her since it seemed like it’d never happen.

      One could say that there’s some contradictions to Alina, but aren’t there always contradictions to everyone? Of course. So the girl’s blind and weak. She loves blood. She’s a bit abnormal, okay, but everyone’s abnormal. But even Alina can admit there are some weird things about her. For instance, why in the world does she have such a fast metabolism if she doesn’t even use any of that energy or do any of that energy?

      At least it’d be fun surprising people that even if she was such a stick she did eat a lot, she just metabolized it all too quickly before she could gain weight. It was something that annoyed her. What fourteen year old was four feet, four inches tall and barely weighed sixty pounds?! Barely! She wasn’t even sixty pounds yet!

      Yeah most girls her age are concerned about losing weight or staying under this or that number, but her… she wants to gain weight and go over this or that number. Maybe it was odd in some people’s views, but to her it was just plain outright annoying. She was literally a couch potato and yet… stick. Stick, stick, stick.

      No one else in her immediate family had fast metabolisms either! They all exercised and everything to maintain or loose their weight. And the funny thing is… she’s a couch potato yet she’s always tired and feeling a bit de-energized. Sure, she eats and she can’t sleep cause she has too much energy, but when she just sits there… and sits there… and sits there… it gets boring really fast and she can’t help but yawn a little and start to nod off, but NOT sleep! And when night comes around she’s wide awake. No wonder people keep calling her a vampire.

      Interestingly enough, Alina hadn’t been afraid of the dark or any such things as a child… she was just terrified of snakes, spiders, and insects. Not scared, terrified, completely and utterly terrified of them. She almost hated them. And deep, deep down inside of her… she was afraid of being alone… afraid of becoming someone that people wanted her to become… afraid that this wasn’t who she really was, that in being blind, that her parents’ protectiveness had in fact changed who she was. Maybe that was why she wanted someone to understand and accept her so much.

      Perhaps the best memory Alina can recall is the memory of her first day of school as a witch. Her parents had planned to send her off to Hogwarts like any other family… but when she became blind they had instead invested a small portion of the family fortune to hiring her a personal tutor in the magical arts.

      It was annoying. She was looking forward to being able to go to Hogwarts with her brother and see if she’d get sorted into the same house as her brother: Ravenclaw, or maybe her mother: Hufflepuff, or her father: Gryffindor! But no… she’d spend all the years she was supposed to spend at Hogwarts at home… with a boring, private tutor… Fun. It felt like years and years and years had gone by before Christmas came rolling along and the family was going to pick up Kangin from the subway.

      She might not have been able to see him, but even she could tell Kangin had changed for the better. She was so happy that day, meeting her brother again. He had even dropped his things to wrap his arms around her and hug her tightly, lifting her up off of her feet, making her laugh. She hadn’t laughed for months! God it felt good to be laughing and smiling again. And his hug! She had forgotten how warm and comfy his hugs were!

      On the whole ride back home he had patiently listened to each and every single story she had to tell him, not complaining one bit. He even gave her ideas for some of her stories and when she at last ran out of things to talk about, he slowly began to tell her why it was he had changed, why he was so much happier now: he had a girlfriend.

      And not just any girl… her best friend! Well… Alice was his friend and only became her best friend because Kangin talked about her to Alice and Alice demanded that he introduce them. They had bonded really well, Alice and Alina. And now, after what, three years?, he had finally had the guts to admit that he liked Alice and asked her out. Alina had been waiting for this to happen for ages and ages, thinking it wouldn’t happen until after they graduated, because she knew Alice liked Kangin, a lot, and Kangin liked Alice.

      Then they got home and she thought Kangin would be sending letters to Alice and everything, but no, Alice was there! She was actually there at their house waiting for them! (Well if you could call an estate a house…) The three of them had spent hours talking and then having fun, playing games and going outside in the snow. It was also the first time Alina had ever been out in the snow, let alone ice skating for just a little while. Time flew by so quickly that before they knew it night had come and they had to go back inside.

      They had hot chocolate, warm blankets, a fire, and reminisced about the past as well as Alina teasing Alice and Kangin. It was all so much fun. She would never forget it. And… it was a memory she wanted to remember forever… the memory of Alice before she died the next few days… There would always be other memories, but this one stuck out the most to her because they had all been happy, so, so happy…

      Alice’s death affected not only Kangin, but Alina as well. She remembered the night clearly… It was near the end of the Christmas Holidays and Alice had left two days after visiting them to go back home. Kangin had gotten a little annoying, being a little lovesick and already missing Alice, but he got over it soon enough by spending time with Alina. And one such day he had asked their parents if they could go out riding and somehow convinced them to agree.

      Some of their parents’ stable-hands had saddled the horses for them and when they out for a ride on the fresh, new crisp snow, Kangin had taught her how to properly control a horse. He had shown her what was a bridle, a saddle, stirrups, halters, reigns, and more. Kangin even promised he’d take her out riding every time he came back from Hogwarts and that when summer came they’d go out riding every day since she liked it so much.

      Racing across the open grasses and through the small forest on their land they had came back home just as the sun was setting, or she was told by Kangin anyway. He had said the sky was really beautiful tonight and wanted to take a magic picture of it, to show Alice, and gone inside without her. The stable-hands easily helped her dismount and lead her off towards the house. She was a sore and tired, that being her first ride ever, and went straight to bed. She didn’t expect to wake up any time soon. Maybe she’d wake up tomorrow at noon or something, but not in a few hours… much less on her own.

      But no… she remembered falling asleep and then waking up to the sound of her brother’s grief stricken voice. She had left her door open so she had easily heard him downstairs. To this day she still wasn’t sure what made her wake up: her brother’s voice or what he had cried out. It was the first time she had ever truly heard her brother so… so upset… no… so hurt… so… so devastated that she wondered if it was really Kangin. And… it would be the first time she learned that someone she was close to and loved dearly had passed away.

      She still couldn’t remember what exactly her brother had cried out, but she knew that once she had registered it she had jerked awake in bed and fell off the bed, bruising her knee against a chair or desk, whatever had been there. Sometimes when she thought back to it she was sure she had made herself forget the words her brother had cried out because she hadn’t wanted to believe it either.

      Alina could remember going downstairs, stumbling, almost falling, in her hurry and anxiety to find out what she had heard. Thankfully a passing maid managed to catch her as she slipped on the last few steps, but not before she heard the distinctive crash and wreckage of glass. She knew that sound all too well. When she had been getting used to being blind she had broken a lot of things in the house…

      The maid had held her back, but she shoved her aside, stumbling towards the room she had heard the noise come from (nearly running into a wall before remembering there was one there) and making her way to her brother but his soft, muffled sobbing. She remembered reaching out and ending up laying a hand on his back to have him turn and have her fingers brushing the side of his cheek… feeling the salty dampness of his face as he came to her and rested his head on her shoulder.

      ”She’s dead Ali… dead…” Swallowing, tears. Were they his or hers? ”W-Who?” Who’s voice was it that shook? Who was it that was breathing in ragged pants? Which one of them was the one shaking and shivering? Was it with sorrow or was it rage? ”Alice… Alice is gone… I didn’t even… I….” Was that his voice cracking? God, why did it have to sound so much like something she would say? Wait, had she said that? These arms… these hands she could feel… were they his? Were they her own? ”… Gerald, Sophia, take them to their rooms, will you? And shut the door.” H-Her father? When had he been in here?

      The next few scenes were like a blur to her. Sometimes she remembered what had happened, sometimes she didn’t. But she did remember what she felt: emptiness… nothing but emptiness… Her best friend, the young girl she had thought of as a sister, no… regarded as a sister and treated as a sister was gone… all in the blink of an eye. She remembered some of the questions running through her then.

      She had wondered… wondered and wondered if that while Kangin and her had been out riding, Alice was in pain… had been suffering… Had she called out to them for help? Could they have helped her? Why… Why was it that only Alice had to die? Why had her father managed to escape certain death from the Death Eaters and not Alice? Wasn’t it the parent who died for their child? And from her eyes game a steady stream of tears. Gingerly she raised a hand up to her eyes as she was being lead upstairs to her room by Sophia.

      When was the last time she had touched her eyes? Not since she was a child… And tears… tears when had she last cried? She had thought she couldn’t cry… The damage to her eyes… And as the tears collected on her fingertips, running off of them, she found herself crying even more, rubbing her eyes, closing them, doing anything to try to make the tears stop. Before long she was sobbing and heaving in deep breaths to get air.

      Alice… Alice really had been someone she loved, someone she loved dearly. She could only begin to imagine what Kangin was going through. And as that thought struck her, she cried even more. It must be hard on him. How much time had he gotten to spend with Alice? Sure, they had only started dating, but they’d been friends since they were kids! She felt so empty, so numb, and so alone that night. Alina had thought she’d never fall asleep and she wouldn’t have slept if she hadn’t cried herself to sleep.

      It was the most horrible memory she had. The funeral itself had been hard… but at least then it was bearable. But actually learning about Alice’s death… That hurt too much and she tried not to think of it too much. She wanted nothing more than to forget that fateful night… Nothing more than to have that night go another way.

      One would think that the rich scent of a fresh bar of chocolate would be like heaven to Alina, and it is, but it isn’t the scent she cherishes the most. The one she does cherish and loves to death is that of fried rice and egg rolls. It is one of her few favorite foods that isn’t junk food based. Whenever her mother is making said dish she can easily smells vague traces of it throughout the house and slowly gets drawn to the kitchen.

      Alina is well aware of her deep desire to find someone other than her brother who will understand how she feels or at least accept her for it and not try to change her, but what she isn’t aware of is a desire to bring Alice back to life. No matter how hard she tries to forget that night or comfort herself, she winds up missing Alice even more and spends the night crying herself to sleep again.

      A quiet child to begin with, such quietness has been stressed over time due to Alina being alone for the vast majority of her life, thus being naturally shy and a little hesitant to do new things. But don’t think she’s just a shy girl who can’t do anything for herself. She’s quite the rebel, Alina, but this rebellious side of her is generally only seen by those who she is close to as she finds no reason to quarrel with everyone when they’ll just annoy her even more. Better to be quiet and seem to agree with them than to openly disagree and talk ill of them to be harassed and annoyed by them until you grudgingly agreed to whatever it was they wanted just so they’d stop bothering you.

      Alina might live up to her ‘Pureblood’ status as a ‘snob’ who only cares for herself and doesn’t really care about anyone else, but she’s rather caring of those who she becomes close to. She is particularly close to her brother (to the point that others either joke about them or suspect them of being incest) and is protective of him in a sense. The reason as to why she finds it more difficult to show compassion for others is because she’s not good with people, having very poor social skills (thus she often opts to remain silent or rarely speak) and unsure of what kind of compassion to show them as she understands that everyone wants compassion in different forms. Nonetheless, once someone gets to know her better she can actually be pretty talkative (to the point one will very nearly want to tell her to shut up) and open about things. She’s quite different from the person one thinks she is when they manage to get to know her.

      Being sheltered most of her life, Alina is rather ignorant of many things and often times ends up asking things that makes others wonder why her parents say that she is quite smart and how she could be ‘Pureblood’.


    FATHER: Yia Long G. Lee
      In the Muggle World Yia Long was a professional soccer player but is now retired and works as a coach. In the Wizarding World Yia Long is a rather renowned Auror. Due to his profession and social connections, he is rarely home. When he is home he tends to spend little time with the family altogether, but always makes it a point to spend some time with his only son. It can be noted that despite a gap between the two males, they have a strong father-son relationship. In regards to his daughter, Yia Long secretly adores her, but interferes as little as he can (well tries) largely because his son often shares what his sister is like with him.

    MOTHER: Yeng A. Yang
      A successful business woman in the Muggle World, Yeng works in the shadows of a large and thriving company from the comforts of her home. In the Wizarding World she runs a similar business, but on a smaller scale, owning a string of stores either involving clothes or food. Though she is generally always home and able to be with her son and daughter, she tends to ignore their own dreams and skills, instead pushing them towards her ideal dream of what her children will grow up to be. She is more lenient on her son than her daughter as he openly shows adequate leadership skills and can already do much on his own without having to rely or wait on others. Yeng secretly worries about her son’s well being despite all the encouragement and support she gives him. She and her daughter look rather similar to one another save for their hair color and skin tone as Alina 'dyed' her hair and she has a darker skin tone that Alina.

    LEE, Alina Yajyuam KimYoung-woonakaKangin100x100
    SIBLING(S): Kangin Toua Lee [Brother] (Play By: Kim Young-woon aka Kang-in of Super Junior)
      The spitting image of his father, Kangin is three years older than Alina, making him the eldest child, and he is rather protective of his sister but does understand that their parents have protected her enough as it is and if he wants to protect her he needs to let her do things on her own and not interfere too much. He is close to his father and only wishes his father would be home more often rather than the odd weekend or two and a few days during the holidays. Out of the family’s two children he gets along with his mother best merely because his own dream in life correlates with her ideal future for him. He longs to become a strong and well known Auror someday, following his father’s footsteps.

    LEE, Alina Yajyuam ImYoon-aakaYoonaIV
    OTHER: Alice Kazoua Vang [Deceased Best Friend] (Play By: Im Yoon-a aka YoonA of Girls Generation)
      A young teenage girl who died at the age of fourteen, she is (or was?) Alina’s best friend and Kangin’s girlfriend (and best friend). The bond between the two was practically indescribable. Kangin at one point had said that the two were like twins: one of them could say one thing and the other would know exactly what they were thinking. They didn’t need to speak with words, it was as if they were telepathic. And that was a little secret of theirs, Alina and Alice. Alice had known Kangin practically her whole life but had never revealed her telepathic abilities to anyone but Alina as her parents had drove it into her that none were to know of their family’s genetic gift. But she had felt sorry and pity on Alina for being blinded at such a young age and missing out on so much. It was through Alice that Alina got to see a little bit of the world after being blind for so long, if only fleeting images through Alice’s eyes at a time. Her death not only affected Kangin, but Alina herself greatly.
      • Ignis - A quiet, shy, obedient, pessimistic male House Elf.
      • Unda - A rather loud, outgoing, rebellious, optimistic female House Elf.
      • Pachia Vue - A young 31 year old personal maid to Alina.

    BLOOD STATUS: Pureblood
      Her family is long thought to be a Pureblood family and they keep up such pretenses, but in reality their blood has become tainted and they are but mere Halfbloods now.

    RACE: Human
      Although some suspect Alina to have traces of Vampire genes within her due to her... uniqueness. Nothing more than opinions though.

    SOCIAL STATUS: Wealthy
      Her family has been a part of the Wizarding World for some time, at one time being one of the Pureblooded families, but slowly and surely their blood became tainted with Muggles and thus the result of them being Halfbloods; however, they still retain their wealth. Being one of the lesser Pureblood families in the long, long past, they are not extremely rich, being among the Lower High Class or perhaps the Upper Middle Class depending on how one looked at the family.

    PET(S): Gaeul
      A small, sleek, black cat, Gaeul was given as a gift to Alina as nothing more than a mere kitten three years ago by Alice as a Christmas present. The kitten was to symbolize Alice herself in a way as the thing was already a bit rebellious and troublesome as a kit. It was a gift Alice had thought Alina would like as she knew Alina was often by herself during most of the year with no one around to comfort her or talk to, and even if Alice or Kangin couldn’t be there with her she’d at least have Gaeul to talk to.

    OTHER POSSESSIONS: Enchanted Neckace
      The necklace about Alina’s neck is actually an enchanted one. The necklace itself is normal, but her parents set various charms and spells onto the necklace shortly after agreeing to letting Alina go to Hogwarts. The necklace thus provides some protection for Alina. It deflects most low level (lowest Tier) hexes/jinxes and weakens slightly stronger hexes/jinxes (one Tier higher than lowest) by half their strength/power. The necklace is able to deflect up to five weak low level spells and weaken three low level spells. Alina is currently unaware of this as they cast charms whilst she was still sleeping and never told her of it.

    Early Years:
      When news came that their next child was going to be a baby girl, they were a little disappointed. They had been looking forward to having another son and giving Kangin a younger brother. Even so, they became happy as it would be their first daughter. At last the day came and Alina was born on a rather normal autumn day on September 22nd. She appeared to be healthy upon examination and had no real problems.

      Her big brother, three at the time, had been at home, unable to sit still or do anything other than run up to the windows ever five minutes or so and ask the maids if his parents were home yet. Things were rather light hearted and joyful when the couple came home with the newest member of their family. Kangin had eagerly listened to his parents and half dragged his mother to the living room couch just so he could sit next to her and look at his sister.

      His parents had been telling him about this for awhile now and he was just too excited. He was disappointed though. The way his parents had talked… he had thought that perhaps it would be more interesting, that he might to get play with his sister, but his sister had her eyes closed and was sleeping soundly. He had reached out to touch her, wondering if he might wake her up so they could play but before he did so she woke up, crying… crying… crying.

      Kangin was a little peeved that his parents were paying so much attention to Alina instead of him. He wasn’t used to this. But as the months went by and Alina grew and Kangin got used to what was going on (and sort of had it explained to him) he came to spend a few hours everyday just watching her. He didn’t quite get it as a child, but he could at least understand that Alina wasn’t big enough to play with him yet. But maybe if he talked to her everyday she’d get bigger soon.

      And so the years passed by until Alina was three and Kangin was six. He had started to teach her how to play with him a year ago, but today was his birthday and he wanted to spend time with his cousins, particularly Lue and Laing because they had bragged and bragged to him about how they could do magic now! They were only five years older than him, but the closest to his age and so he had learned to get along with them and play with them.

      Little Alina was still just a child and wanted to play with her brother. She had never seen all these people before and there was no one her age to play with. For awhile she had stayed with her mother as she went on and on and on about how she was such a smart girl (a troublesome one too) until Alina had finally managed to climb down from her mother’s lap and go off in search of her big brother.

      She barely caught sight of him as he was slipping outside through one of the side doors in the big dinning hall to get into the kitchens. He had saw her, she thought, since he had looked her way briefly. It had to be a game! Kangin always played games with her, and they were always fun. And so she followed him through the door before it slid shut on its own. Weaving in and out of the cooks and servers, she managed to tag along after Kangin as he followed his older cousins into an empty room.

      They had gone upstairs though… She could just see Kangin going into a room as she was climbing the stairs unsteadily on hands and knees. Was he leading her to some sort of treasure? They had done that once, where she followed him and in the end he gave her some candy. This had to be the same thing. With that in mind she tried to climb up the big stairs even faster.

      She finally got to the top and had laid a hand on the door when she vaguely heard two other people talking. They were saying words she had never really heard before and she thought she had gotten the wrong door when she heard Kangin’s voice. Smiling, Alina leaned against the door, struggling to open it and in a few seconds the door creaked forward and she was about to go in when there was a strange blast of blood red light.

      She never really knew what had hit her and probably would never know. But she’d been hit by the spell, whatever it was, and had already blacked out, extremely fast. The three boys had been worried, Lue and Laing, getting anxious and worried so much that soon fled from the room. Kangin though felt guilty for the whole thing. He had seen his little sister, but he hadn’t thought she was going to follow him. He had thought she was trying to find their mom or dad and he was just worried one of the adults was going to catch him leaving since he wasn’t supposed to leave the dinning hall…

      But now he had his little sister lying on the floor cold as a corpse, and he couldn’t tell if she was even alive or not. He didn’t know what to do and he didn’t know if he should get anyone. If he got someone wouldn’t they think he had done that to her and he’d get in trouble or something along those lines? But after a few minutes of uselessly trying to wake her up, Kangin was forced to get help, well in his case… half drag, half carry Alina back down the stairs into the dinning hall.

      No one found it too odd that he was carrying Alina into the dinning hall at first. It looked pretty normal, big brother trying to carry his little sister, child play was all. And then they noticed the tears on his face rolling down and how white his knuckles were where he was holding onto Alina. Their eyes trailing to the young girl and becoming alarmed as they soon realized something was wrong with the unmoving child.

      Healers were called and summoned forth to see if they could do anything. Child play… it couldn’t have been that harmful, could it? It couldn’t have! What could mere children do? But in their worry they had forgotten that young children had little control of their powers, and more often than not if a child found out of his magical abilities they tended to keep it a secret, something to brag about to their friends. And thus their magic was uncontrolled, wild, dangerous, deadly even.

      Several weeks would pass by before Alina finally woke up from her slumber, completely unaware of what had transpired those past few weeks. She had thought that she had merely fallen asleep some time and been taken to her room like she always was when she went to sleep. But when she had sat up and reached for her little childish lamp to light up the dark room, no light appeared. She was more than sure she had turned on her little lamp like she’d learn to, but nothing…

      It was strange, but she supposed something was just wrong with it. Shrugging it off, knowing no better as a child, she haltingly tried to get out of bed, but found strange things on the side of her bed. After several minutes of trying to figure what it was and trying to get out, she ended up calling out for help. Oddly enough, she heard someone open the door and stop at the door, turning on the light, and still she didn’t see anything. But they came straight towards her easily enough and touched her.

      They asked if she was alright and she would nod or say yes in her own childish way. But at some point she ended up asking for the light to be turned on. It wasn’t that she was afraid of the dark, but she wanted to see who it was she was talking to. As far as she could remember, this wasn’t anyone in her family. There had been silence then and then a heavy sigh. Whoever it was who was before her slowly took her hand and asked her one simple question: “Where are you?” She was puzzled by this and answered him, telling him she was in her room.

      In the coming days her parents would come in every now and then and she’d hear them talking to that strange man again in hushed tones. She still didn’t understand why in the world no one would turn on the light for her either! But when Kangin finally came to see her, she sort of got it. Something was wrong… something with her and Kangin was sad. Why was he sad? He was never sad! Had she said something to him last time or did something? Not knowing why her older brother would be so upset she’d always hug him and say sorry, kissing his cheeks, forehead, and nose. But he’d only cry. Why?

      It took Alina a few months to fully understand what had happened, but she soon got it in a sense thus her life as a sheltered ‘princess’ began. Strict little regimes on learning Braille, memorization of the house flooring, and so on and so on started to emerge and become implemented. It was a lot to take in as a three year old… but over the years she eventually got used to it, understood what was going, and made use of it.

      Growing up to the age of eight this way was rather boring… Suuuureee her parents drilled things into her head since they were worried about her being behind in her classes since she was now ‘blind’ and she’d been revealed to have such a weak body (even weaker now because of that spell), but she didn’t have any real friends… Kangin had already been enrolled in Hogwarts so now it was just her and her mom alone at home (with their maids, House Elves, servants, and what not of course).

      Her personal maids and House Elves (Ignis & Unda) had tended to her even more ever since the accident, but… they hadn’t really bonded or anything (mainly because Alina’s forbade the maids and House Elves from associating with Alina in any way other than servitude and would punish them if they did, and they had taught Alina that they were less than human too). Still, despite her either ignoring them or treating them like she’d been taught to, she couldn’t help but wish that they would talk to her some or something. Being alone… it… it was undescrible.

      It was around this time that Alina would begin to start writing on her own. Day after day she’d consume book after book. Wizarding books, Muggle books, fiction, nonfiction, she read it all. She could identify with the characters and had formed her own ideas and opinions, but there was no one to talk to anymore. The first couple of weeks that Kangin had gone to Hogwarts he had wrote to her daily, but now further on into the school year he only wrote once a week at most… So there really was no one to share her ideas with.

      For awhile it had gone on like this until her brother visited during a vacation and finally introduced her to his best friend (and complete crush): Alice Vang. They immediately bonded. Alice was one of the first few people to truly disregard her blindness and treat her like she was perfectly normal. She never bothered to do anything for her or help her with anything unless she asked.

      And so, because of Alice, Alina gradually became more independent and less dependent on others. It was something she would never get to thank Alice for. Her parents noticed this and had mixed feelings about it though. On one hand they were overjoyed that their daughter wasn’t as helpless as they thought her to be, and on the other hand they thought she was becoming too confident of herself. That one day she would be so overconfident as to forget her disability and make some fatal mistake. Either way, they had to deal with it as Alice wrote constantly to Alina, called her, sent her videos, chatted with her, visited her, and even slept over when she could. The three of them, Alice, Alina, and Kangin, obviously had a very close and strong bond with another, a bond that was arguably beyond friendship, maybe even family. Alice even went as far as to break her own family rules and tradition to share her 'secret' with Alina about a year after becoming friends with her.

      Ever since Alice had shown her her telepathic ability, they had grown even closer. Alina herself had already developed a sort of crush on Alice two years after meeting her (the age of ten) and slowly came to realize that the feelings she had for Alice was much more than friends or sisters, but something new… something she’d never really felt before. But, through her link with Alice she became aware that her feelings were strangely similar to Alice’s feelings for her brother. They had talked about it once, a few times before she and Kangin officially went out and in that talk Alina came to realize that she loved Alice.

    Hogwarts Years:
      A few years passed and Alina was of age to attend Hogwarts Academy of Witchcraft and Wizardry, but her parents wouldn’t allow it. They were terrified of thinking about sending their one and only daughter to an unknown, foreign place full of students who would no doubt take of advantage of her and be mean to her (at least in their minds). Even if Kangin was 13 and still in Hogwarts, they fully believed that Alina would only suffer if she went to Hogwarts. However, that did not mean they didn’t want their daughter to go without magic.

      Instead, they opted to hire private tutors for Alina. Such tutors were instructed to speak about only what was necessary and only teach Alina the arts of magic. And so, even with private tutors at hand, Alina was yet again… alone. She obviously needed to develop social skills, badly, but if her parents weren’t going to allow her, how would she? Only through the confines of her infinite imagination. Respect and proper conduct she learned through the stories she read. Practically everything non educational she learned from stories or through Alice and Kangin.

      Compared with other students her age, she would be considered among the top of the class, not quite THE top of the class, but among those students. But surprisingly she knew very little of the outside world. No she wasn’t stupid, just ignorant. One prime thing many people wouldn’t know about her was that she literally had no idea who “He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named” aka “Lord Voldemort” was at all. Nor had she ever heard of “The-Boy-Who-Lived” or “The-Boy-Who-Had-Lived” aka Harry Potter. Her parents had strictly disallowed Alina to learn about the Wizarding World’s history, well parts of it anyway. Muggle History, they didn’t care too much about. Although, they did carefully censor her books and reading material so the “strange things” that happened in the Muggle World never co-existed with the “real event” that had happened because of the Wizarding World. In short, her parents were half succeeding with trying to make her believe the world was absolutely perfect and wonderful.

      And then the disaster happened: Alice died. –See “Dementor”– It took a long time for Alina to get over that and Kangin became a little detached from not only his parents, but Alina and his friends as well. They were worried about him being suicidal, but after two years had gone by it was clear he had just been upset. He was still upset at 16, but… he was starting to get over it and move on. Alina on the other hand… she might have appeared okay for the most part, but perhaps that was just because no one really knew her or paid attention to her habits. To be truthful, she still mourned for Alice.

      A year later, she finally developed the nerve and courage to ask her parents to allow her to go to Hogwarts after recalling a talk she and Alice had shared. Alice had urged her to pester her parents to be allowed to go to Hogwarts as it was a life experience she couldn’t miss out on. It was already bad enough that she had had to miss her first couple of years at Hogwarts, if she missed any more years it’d be pointless for her to go to Hogwarts. Besides, as Alice always joked, she needed to “get some color”. It was a reference to how everything Alina had was always white, colorless. (And in Alina’s mind, how she was a blank and empty canvas that desperately needed to be colored and in a sense, it was true.)

      She was well aware that her parents were likely to say no to her, but she asked Kangin for help and something he said to them made them let her go. Sure, the school year had already started and all but… they pulled some strings and Alina was finally going to go to school. What would she experience? What would she learn? Plenty… plenty. The experience might scar her a little, being as ignorant and unsociable as she was, but it would be a learning experience all the same. And who said that you went to school to learn about magic? Maybe you went to school to learn how to talk to people, to interact with others, to learn about the world… to realize that your way of thinking is wrong or needs to be modified?


    YOUR NAME: Alina

    RP EXPERIENCE: 2½ to 3 years ?
      Can't really remember when exactly I started RPing but... I got into it somehow. First RP: Naruto. That's mostly all I've RPed about, but... a little bit of Bleach as well and some Vampire Knight, tried Kingdom Hearts/Final Fantasy but its not my thing. Yes, I'm a bit of an anime/manga/Japanese freak, but I like other things too. First time at a Harry Potter RP though. ^^ But I have read the series and remember most of it well enough. Write a lot on my own too. So it should be fun to see how this will go. Perhaps I'll branch out to different RP settings if this goes well.

    HOW YOU FOUND US: Google
      Simple enough, initially started looking for an Avatar the Last Airbender Role Play but couldn't find any good ones and ended up thinking of Harry Potter and remembering a site I had found a year or so ago? Looked around and found it again. Did some reading, refreshing, and thought I might as well take a shot at RPing Harry Potter for a change.

      Swallowing just a little, Alina started to take a few cautious steps forwards. Her parents had said they had already talked to the Headmaster and that all she need do was wait for the Headmaster to show up and he’d guide her to her first class. That shouldn’t have been too hard to follow but… it’d been an hour since she was dropped off. Where was the Headmaster?

      ‘D-Don’t tell me he forgot or something…’ thought Alina in a slight panic. Normally she wouldn’t have been so worried but this was the first time she had ever been at Hogwarts and she had no idea where anything was. And according to Kangin, if she got lost here… she just might be lost forever! At the thought of Kangin she brightened up just a little bit. ‘H-He might be able to show me around! … … … Ahh I forgot, he doesn’t even know I’m here yet, I never did get the chance to tell him…’ sighed Alina, getting anxious again.

      Just where in the world was the Headmaster…? Come to think of it… where was everyone? It was so… quiet… Didn’t Kangin say Hogwarts was always busy or something? That it was never quiet or anything? She swallowed again. She was starting to get scared. Vaguely she wondered if this is what First Years had felt like when they first came here. Then again, they had been there with teachers and other newbies.

      Mentally sighing and frowning, her face still pretty blank and calm on the outside, Alina got annoyed with herself. Why was she scared?! She had been looking forward to this ever since she had asked her parents if she got to Hogwarts and they’d said ‘yes’! To hell with the Headmaster. If he wasn’t going to show up she could find her own way around. How hard could it be? Kangin had told her plenty about Hogwarts already, she was sure she could get to the Great Hall at least.

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._. Finally done. Ready for review I suppose.
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Brilliant work on the application =) Welcome to PA. I'd sort you into Slytherin, but I really, really don't think that Alina deserves to be treated like a stereotypical pureblood. I personally think sorting her into Ravenclaw would make things interesting. Now off you go to the claims section, that is, unless you’ve already done so.
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