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Dimitri Petrov

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Dimitri Petrov Empty Dimitri Petrov

Post by Guest Fri Sep 17, 2010 8:43 pm

Dimitri Petrov Christopher-Sylvest



    FULL NAME: Dimitri Alik Petrov

    NICKNAMES: Dee, Tree

    AGE: 17

    ALLEGIANCE: Neutral

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Durmstrang Student

    WAND TYPE: Cherry, Unicorn Hair, 8 inches

    PLAY BY Christopher Sylvest


    HAIR COLOR: Sun-Kissed Brown

    EYE COLOR: Light blue

    HEIGHT: 185 cm

    BODY TYPE: Thin, Lanky

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: Dimitri is a very handsome boy but this is often clouded by the shabby clothes he wears due to how poor his father is with dealing with money. Dimitri also has a strange variety of scars from various pranks gone wrong. The most visible is a thin, white scar that travels from his adams apple to the beginning of his shoulder blade. His sun kissed hair makes most people want to just reach out and touch it. When he moves it waves like there is a cheesy breeze in a movie coming from behind.


    x Avoiding Punishment
    x Kindhearted
    x Crafty
    x Clever
    x Can get himself out of almost any binding

    x Impulsive
    x Ill-bread
    x Greedy
    x Will do almost anything on a dare

    x Noise
    x Chaos
    x Strong women
    x Adventure
    x Sweets

    x The shy/humble
    x Know-it-alls
    x Coldhearted people

    x To become tri-wizard champ
    x To get a girlfriend before he graduates
    x To have a son

    x Doesn't make eye contact when talking

    BOGGART: A full veela in nasty form. He had one change right next to him at a young age and hasn't gone near one since. Part veela's don't bug him.

    PATRONUS: Though he would never admit it his favorite memory is when his youngest brother was born. He loves that boy like he is his own son. His patronus is a red fox.

    DEMENTOR: Dimitri hasn't really had a horrible life and doesn't really have one memory that stands out from the rest.

    AMORENTIA: Dimitri doesn't really have a favorite smell but he likes the smell of wood smoke.

    MIRROR OF ERISED: Dimitri sees himself holding up the triwizard cup with a beautiful girl latched on to his arm and his mother cheering in the background with the rest of the school. He wants his mother to come back.

    PERSONALITY: Dimitri is the class clown through and through. He does most of what he does to get attention from classmates. He loves pranking - partly because he gets a reputation and becomes respected but also because he loves the adrenaline that pumps through his veins as he runs as fast as he can away from teachers.

    Dimitri is an extream penny pincher because of his father's financial trouble. He gets really upset when he sees people waste food or money. Because he is all about adventure and pranking it is only natural that he has tried stealing a few times. It always made him feel really horrible about himself so he stopped.

    Overall Dimitri is a sweet boy. When he finds a good friend he will do anything for them. He becomes overly protective and has beaten up bullies on more than one occasion.


    Gavin Petrov - 47 - failing businessman - pureblood

    Kosta Dimova - 39 - prostitute - muggle

    Iva Petrov - 24 - half-sister and Durmstrang grad
    Angel Petrov - 15 - sister & Durmstrang student
    IIlja Petrov - 9 - half-brother
    Luben Petrov - 7 - half-brother

    Alexandrea (Comis) Petrov - 44 - stepmother - half-blood
    Elsa (Aros) Petrov - 46 - mother of Iva - deseaced - pureblood

    BLOOD STATUS: Halfblood

    RACE: Human

    SOCIAL STATUS: Between middle class and poor

    A toad named Filip. He left him at Durmstrang


    -Maple trunk with golden trim and his enitials
    -Fur cloak
    -Fur hat
    -Blood red Durmstrang robes


    Early Years: When Dimitri was born to wealthy businessman, Gavin Petrov and the muggle prostitute, Kosta Dimova it became an instant scandal. Gavin had recently lost his first wife, Elsa, and he felt lonely. The couple never married though she stayed around for about two years, and long enough to give birth to a daughter who they gave the name Angel for her stunning blond ringlets of hair. After leaving both children with Gavin, Kosta ran off of to Paris to try out her luck in the city of romance. Dimitri was two years old.

    After Kosta left things got steadily worse and worse. They went from wealthy to middle class within a few years and slowly worked closer and closer to broke. Then the beautiful Greek, Alexandria, came into their lives. Within a few months Gavin and "Momma Alex" (as she liked to be called) were married. Soon they produced two sons - IIlja and Luben. Dimitri never cared much for Iilja but he always had a soft spot for Luben. He is the only person he really loves.

    Dimitri revived his Durmstrang letter right on time. He couldn't wait to get out of his house. "Momma Alex" was driving him insane.

    Hogwarts Years: Dimirti fit right in at Durmstrang. It turns out he was pretty amazing at the dark arts, though he didn't like using them. Between his talent as a wizard and his reputation of making the everyday life more exiting at the castle, Dimitri soon gathered a posse of friends and admirers. The teachers didn't like him at all but they couldn't do anything like expel him because of his reasonable grades. Despite his handsome appearance and his popularity though, he never seemed to get a girlfriend. This bothered him sometimes.

    When Dimitri learned of the tri-wizard tournament he knew that this was the final challenge of his Durmstrang career. He knows this will make him legend (even if he doesn't win), and it has become his greatest desire. Plus, his father always said Hogwarts women were hot.

    Adulthood: N/A


    YOUR NAME: Emily

    RP EXPERIENCE: over 2 years

    HOW YOU FOUND US: I forget

    OTHER CHARACTERS: Jamie Prophet, Rhea Belacqua, Ingrid Payne

    RP SAMPLE: I refuse


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Post by Darren Mon Sep 20, 2010 7:56 pm

Yay. Accepted!

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Post by Clementine Lovegood Mon Sep 20, 2010 8:23 pm

*scream-tackle Darren* I love you at this moment XD
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