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Annalise Desmarais

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Annalise Desmarais Empty Annalise Desmarais

Post by Annalise Desmarais Fri Sep 17, 2010 2:56 am

Annalise Desmarais Michelle-Trachtenberg-michelle-trachtenberg-467479_300_400

Annalise Deserae Desmarais


    FULL NAME: Annalise Deserae Desmarais

    NICKNAMES: Anna, Alice

    AGE: 17 and 7th

    ALLEGIANCE: Nuetral

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Beauxbatons

    WAND TYPE: A red wood wand made with red wood and a hair from a veela

    PLAY BY Michelle Trachtenberg


    HAIR COLOR: Annalise has long curly brown hair that cascades down that middle of her back.

    EYE COLOR: Annalise has blue eyes which is one of the most noticable things about her.

    HEIGHT: Annalise is about 5'7 in height normal height for a girl her age but the shortest in her family.

    BODY TYPE: Annalise is very slender but she has some muscules on her.
    GENERAL APPEARANCE: Annalise is about 5'7 with curly brown hair that cascades down her back with blue eyes. On weekends Annalise wears any type of colors but pink for she can't stand that color. Annalise's style is alittle bit of simple and stylish depending on her mood. She can go from prep to punk in a matter of seconds but her style really depends on her mood. Annalise nevers go anywhere without wearing a necklace especailly her gold locket necklace her mother gave her. Annaliswe grooms herself very well and she isn't afraid to admit it. When she's at schoo she wears her house uniform with pride for she loves her school.


    Transfigurations, Potions, poems, telling if people are lying

    Flying, not a good liars at times, boys, her shyness

    the rain, her school, boys, shopping, hogwarts

    flying, being in high places, backstabbers, liars, cheaters
    GOALS: to graduate and become a healer or work in the ministry in french or London.

    One of Annalise's worse habits are that she twirls the ends of her hair to much when she's talking or thinking.

    BOGGART: Her loved ones dying the same way her father did.
    PATRONUS: Annalise's best patronus memory is when all her family from far came home for Christmas. It was the best Christmas ever for everyone lives far away or have majors job as Aurors so there always away.
    DEMENTOR: When Annalise's house was destroyed and her father was killed by people wo wanted to kill him. The whole house was destroyed and all Annalise could remember is her father telling her to run before he died.

    AMORENTIA: roses, vanilla, the smell of nature

    seeing her father once again.
    PERSONALITY: Annalise is a very shy and quiet type of girl which happened when her father died. Although she can be very out-going and bubbly once you get to know her and she lets you in. Annalise is very bright as very clever in many type of things. Although Annaliswe can be very emotional and ver stubborn at times but she tries not to let those happens. Annalise is very kind and sweet to everyone she meets but although don't let the sweetness and innocence fool you she can be very evil and cold hearted at times.


    FATHER: Michael Desmarais

    MOTHER: Deserae Desmarais

    SIBLING(S): Alexander Desmarais, Cory Desmarais, Cecilia Demarais

    OTHER: none

    BLOOD STATUS: Pureblood
    RACE: Human
    SOCIAL STATUS: middle class

    PET(S): a black cat named Midnight and a snowy owl called Winter

    none Annalise hates flying

    her Beauxbatons robes


    Early Years: Annalise Deserae Desmarais was born August 31st on a hot summer day by Deserae and Michael Desmarais. Annalise was born and raised in Paris French in a big manison that was passed to her family through generations. Annalise grew up to be spoiled rotten for she was the youngest in her family. That wasn't until her father died when she was ten years old when her house was attack by evil people who hated them for he haunted down or killed there family. Wanting revenge they killed Annalise's family and destroyed there nice beautiful house. Annalise family brought another house in the middle class area of Paris where they been living ever since.

    Beauxbatons years: Annalise was accepted into Beauxbatons at the age of eleven which was an honor to her. But although she was sad that she was going for that's where her father went but she went to make her father proud of her. Annalise was sorted into the same house her father and mother were sorted into which was a great honor to her. As many first years Annalise had her trouble getting around the place and getting lost and not having any friends. In her second year Annalise knew her way around the castle and fianlly gotten a couple of friends she could trust. As years flew by Annalise passed year after year with good grades for she wanted to make good grades to become an auror or healer. Now in her seventh year Annalise is ready for whatever adventures come her way.

    Adulthood: She'sw only a 7th year but it's coming soon!


    YOUR NAME: Sophia

    RP EXPERIENCE: about a year or two!

    HOW YOU FOUND US: been here since FOREVER!

    OTHER CHARACTERS: Sophia Lestrange, Emmanuelle Lestrange, Lucy Garner, Leslie Darling and Leighanna Throne

    RP SAMPLE: skip! Wink but you can look at many of my rps with my other characters! Wink

Annalise Desmarais
Annalise Desmarais

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Annalise Desmarais Empty Re: Annalise Desmarais

Post by Darren Fri Sep 17, 2010 4:48 am

Wowww so many Beauxbatons students! Accepted

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