Durmstrang Student: Alexandar Sokolov
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Durmstrang Student: Alexandar Sokolov Li9olo10

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Durmstrang Student: Alexandar Sokolov

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Durmstrang Student: Alexandar Sokolov Empty Durmstrang Student: Alexandar Sokolov

Post by Guest Tue Sep 14, 2010 9:10 pm

Durmstrang Student: Alexandar Sokolov Clothes-Stay-on-Jamie-Campbell-Bower-in-New-Moon-Chris-Weitz-States-2



    FULL NAME: Alexander Sokolov


    AGE: 17

    ALLEGIANCE: Neutral

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Durmstrang

    WAND TYPE: Elm, 9, Dragon Heartstring

    PLAY BY Jamie Campbell


    HAIR COLOR: Blonde

    EYE COLOR: Blue

    HEIGHT: 5'10

    BODY TYPE: Slender build.

    Christophe is a pretty good looking guy, even though he doesn't really make a lot of effort in looking good. He hardly brushes his hair, and barely ever visits the barber. As a result, his hair his long and untidy. He also has easily visible bags under his eyes as a result of his insomnia. Still, Christophe still manages to look good in his own way.

    He's of medium height, and quite slender. He doesn't work out much, but has high metabolism, so even though he eats like normal, he still appears quite thin. He is also far stronger than he looks. Just like his personality, his clothing is also usually dark, as is his whole appearance.


    Skilled in Magic
    Outsmarting people
    Incredibly loyal.
    Quiet. Doesn't really make friends easily
    Impatient, irritable and short-tempered.
    Large ego
    Doesn’t work well in a group.
    Generally doesn’t come off as a very nice person.
    Prone to depression and stress
    Narrow minded
    -Drawing and painting
    -Traditional Music
    -History, particularly Russian history
    -Ignorant people
    -Pretty boys and plastic girls
    -Western Culture
    -Proving his parents wrong, who think of him as a failure.
    He keeps running his hand through his hair every so often, as if that will make it more tidy.

    BOGGART: Inferi

    PATRONUS: An owl. He thinks of his best memories with his brother

    DEMENTOR: His brother dying


    For his family to be together and happy, and him becoming a sucessful artist or an author
    Alexander isn't exactly the nicest person, but he is in reality quite honest and kindhearted. But because of his quiet nature, his contradicting and critical views, his short temper, his impatience and large ego, he doesn't get along well with others, and most people generally think of him as an irritable person.

    Alexander is very stubborn and arrogant, and he always thinks that he is right, and wants the other person to know that too. If someone is stupid enough to start an arguement with him, it won't end until that person shares his views. Alex enjoys this though, as debating is his favirote thing. Still, if someone won't listen to him, he uses sarcasm to undermine and defeat them. He won't usually start a fight, he's not a violent person, but he does get into sulky moods quite often.

    His own mood tends to sway a lot. With most people who are not arguing with him and share his opinion, he gets a long with well. He's polite to any adult and respects elders, as taught in Russian culture. He does hold some very contradicting views though. He despises 'Western Culture' for example. He also dislikes people who try to be modern, like emo's, goths and etc. Anyone who likes hiphop or rap music is also frequently insulted. Basically, you have to agree with his opinion completely, or he will not like you.

    Potentially, Alex is quite smart. He just doesn't do well at school cause his head is always buried in fiction and history books. At other times, he's usually drawing instead of studying. This is something he is very good in, drawing and painting. He has that natural liking for art. Unfortunately, these hobbies take a toll on his marks, and as a result he is bad in all subjects besides History of Magic, which he always gets full marks in. He uses his intelligence for other things instead, such as outsmarting people or using them sometimes.

    If you can get close to him, like his family was, he is an incredibly honest and loyal person. He never lies to his friends and family and would do anything for them. One more thing about Alex is that he is quite addicted to both drugs and alchohol. He consumes an enormous and worrying amount of both on a daily basis, especially when stressed or depressed, and this happens often - usually by dissapointment by his family and friends.


    Dmitry Sokolov - divorced his mother and left him at age of 9 when he found out she was a witch.
    Alexandra Sokolov - Left him at age of 15
    Brother - Ivan Sokolov (17) - died when Alex was 14.
    BLOOD STATUS: Half-blood

    RACE: Human

    SOCIAL STATUS: Used to be wealthy, now poor

    PET(S): Antos - cat - 5 years old

    A necklace with a russian proverb on it - “Failure teaches you more than success. "


    Early Years:
    Alexander Sokolov was born in a small Russian village north of St.Petersburg. Alex's early years, especially before turning six, were not too bad. He spend a large amount of time with his elder brother and even more so after his parents started fighting more often. By the age of nine, his father left, and his mom went into a depressed state. When he was eight, his brother left to Durmstrang, and Alexander basically had to take care of himself. By this age he was reading and drawing more than interacting with other children his age. Three years later, he himself left to Durmstrang.

    Durmstrang Years:
    Durmstrang years were good enough. He made a couple friends, just three or four, Alex never liked to be surrounded by too many people. He followed the proverb - 'keep only as many friends as you have fingers.' Because you never knew when one might stab you in the back. Alex didn't do so well at school, instead spending most of his time reading in the library, flying (even though he doesn't like quidditch much, just like he feels about most sports), and drawing. When he was the age of 14, his brother left Durmstrang and joined the hit wizards of Russia. He was killed the same year by dark wizards. The following Summer his mother grew even more depressed, and hardly talked to Alex, who dealt with his own depression by adopting a drug and drinking habit. When he came back home after 5th year, his mother had abandoned him too, presumably leaving with her new boyfriend. He moved to his friends house, but had to leave there too, so now lives in an orphanage. He left to Hogwarts on his 7th year, even though he dislikes both Britain and the british people - he wanted to earn the prize for durmstrang, and show his mother and father who abandoned him that he was a worthy son. Besides that, he also needs the money, because he is now poor and homeless.

    Adulthood: (At least 1 paragraph of your characters history after Hogwarts)


    YOUR NAME: Darren

    RP EXPERIENCE: 4-5 years

    HOW YOU FOUND US: Long story

    OTHER CHARACTERS: Darren, Albus, Bella

    RP SAMPLE: *skips*


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Post by Darren Wed Sep 15, 2010 9:48 am


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