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KENELM, sheldon/flint

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KENELM, sheldon/flint  Empty KENELM, sheldon/flint

Post by Guest Fri Sep 10, 2010 2:32 am

How you found Potter's Army:My other characters
Any other characters on Potter's Army:Matt, Spencer, and Blaire
Have your read the Plot?:Yeppers!
Have your read the Must read threads?: Of Course

KENELM, sheldon/flint  Tommy_lee_jones
Name:Sheldon "Flint" Kenelm, Shelly to his dad
Blood Status:Unknown
Year AND Age:64...ish, Graduated
Preferred houses:Went to school in America, moved to Britain later.
Canon or Original:Original
Play-by:Tommy Lee Jones

Hair:Brownish Grey and Balding
Eye colour:Brown
General Appearance:
You wouldn't assume Flint to be the sort of person to dress relatively well, however, he does enjoy dressing nicely. You can normally spot him wearing a black tuxedo, mainly because of his job. His natural hair colour is jet black but sometimes he'll charm it to add some grey too make him seem more his age. But it doesn't change his personality, and you know I'm wondering. Are the admins even going to read all this? Ah well, now I'm just making it seem as though I'm typing actual appearance and typing more as well. But back to appearance...Flint is a well groomed man, but he is also a man of many different kinds of facial hair. His common appearance is normally clean shaven however he has been known to sport a mustache and a triangular soul patch. It makes him seem tough, and that changes others views on his personality a bit. I just realized the "tab" key doesn't work on PA...sadface.

Breaking the fourth wall is fun isn't it? But anyway, as for clothes. As stated above he is commonly seen wearing a black tuxedo, or even just the shirt and tie. As he works for the American FBI. When people see him, they see a mean man with plenty of experience in the art of whoop ass. It's just the general feel he gives off to others. Which would make him perfectly suited as a Death Eater (Hint Hint). But he can be seen casual clothes, whenever he's especially happy, feeling lazy, undercover, or just...feels like it. Are the most common times you can see him wearing jeans and a coloured (if your lucky) shirt.

As for hair stylings there isn't much to say, it's pretty much always the same. Yeah...always, blows your mind doesn't it? Now I'm just making it look longer, so hows your day been whoever is reading this? Mines been okay, I got homework I should be doing but whatever. Star Wars is on, yay! Yeah....not much more to put moving on! OH! One more thing, sometimes, but ONLY sometimes he can be seen wearing a pair of glasses.

>Looking Intimidating
>Piano (But keep it quiet)
>Reading Music
>Writing Music
>Blending into the crowd
>Spicy Food
>Bee's (Alergies, swells up like one of those dinosaurs you put in water)
>Causing Havoc
>Conspiracy Theories
>His muggle job
"Go hard or get the hell out of my sight!"
General Personality:
Here we go! Am I going to ramble OOC again I don't really know. What's that, I'm doing it now? Exactly......
With Flint, what you see is what you get pretty much. But he does have a different side, a side not alot of people get to see (Just like with most of my characters). But we'll get to that later I supposed, maybe...second paragraph? Who knows when that'll be, but I'm gonna just do the actual typing IC now. He fits the bill for Death Eater kind of, but he also fits the bill for American hero. He doesn't hate muggles but he has to work with them. He'd never tell anyone about his secret job in America, it would be catastrophic to his life if he did. But nonetheless he is an intimidating powerful man, with a bachelors degree in kicking ass and taking names (That sounded weird right or is it just me?)

He enjoys most things anyone would such as coffee, rain, music, getting revenge on those who defy him. He's almost half Death Eater half all around good guy. But he does have a spark of evil in him, it shows itself at times. Like, if someone really pisses him off. If he's allowed to, he'll curse them on the spot. If it's not the right time, he'll either a)though a punch b)let it go or c)curse them into oblivion. A and b are more common that c however. Now, onto his softer side that only he knows about. He enjoys piano and classical instruments and music, he plays piano, guitar, and trumpet. But he lives for the piano, he has a grand piano he recieved for his birthday in the basement of his house. He smokes, but not too often and mostly cigars. It's not like he's addicted, and he doesn't drink much. When he does, he only drinks Dos Equis. I'm just kidding, he'll take whatever beer is available if he does drink. And that's about it...anything else I'll add into through rping on the site.

Family Information:
Father-Jonathan Kenelm (88)
Mother-Sarah Kenelm neé Hostorn *Deceased* (85)
Brother-Unnamed Kenelm (1 day old) *Deacesed*
Wife-Daisy Kenelm neé Nolin (60) (Anyone interested in playing her, just Pm me)
Son-Jonathan Kenelm (40) (Same as Daisy, PM me)
Daughter-Lilly Kenelm (40) (Same as Jonathan and Daisy)
Childhood & Schooling:
Flint was born in San Saba, Texas, America to Jonathan and Sarah Kenelm. His father was a mechanic and his mother was a dentist, but they had a secret. They were both wizards, originally from Britain they moved to America to see what it was like and stayed there. They didn't tell Flint about magic because they wanted him to live a normal life. He did, he was one of the popular kids in school until he started to experience some magical powers. For some reason he kept losing friends because of weird things happening to him. And by the time he was 14 he had no friends left. That, was when his father told him about magic. There was school in America, an unknown school that would teach him. But his father would need to teach him a few things. The same went for his mother. She tought him a few things in the world of potions. The basic things he was taught at school. This went until he was 20 and he moved out and went out into the world.
He went to a wizard school in America, well...learned it all from his dad really. But he also attended a wizard school in America.
Flint went into the world ready for anything, with newfound confidence about his magic powers. However it wasn't longer than a year later he'd meet his future wife. He was running in the park, training to join the FBI as he figured it was perfect as he was a wizard and could rock the world of crime. Anyway, back to his plot! He was running in the park and came across her running as well. Turns out she was training for a marathon, and then he asked her out she said yes and there you go. They dated for a year and then got married, but..then something terrible happened a few years later. His mother passed away from cancer. It was news to him, his father didn't tell him anything. Turns out she was in the hospital for a week prior then died of brain cancer. But there was good news that day he was going to be a father of twins. He was just happy his mother went to his wedding. But was also upset she couldn't be there to share the news of twins. One person goes, two more come. He decided to tell his wife he was a wizard that day as well. She took it surprisingly well. It was a small world, she happened to be one as well. It was rather weird, but nice.

After that, things were normal for a while he eventually got into the FBI. But then when the twins were only seven years old Daisy had a near fatal accident. Some moron wizard tried mugging her, thinking she was a muggle. The idiot overreacted when she pulled her own wand out on him and caused a dumpster to fall on her. She had been in a coma for five months, with a broken leg, every rib broken, and a fractered skull. Not once did he think to go to a wizard healer, he pretty much spent his life in the muggle world. But then he decided it was time to move on, he tracked the wizard that caused this and murdered him. They moved to britain after that, and escaped the muggle world. He decided he'd try joining Death Eaters. Keeping it from his wife, she would never find out. She hasn't yet, and the yet to come. Oh, but he still works for the FBI.
Short Roleplay:N/A

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KENELM, sheldon/flint  Empty Re: KENELM, sheldon/flint

Post by Guest Sat Sep 11, 2010 1:21 am


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Post by Khaat Lupin Sat Sep 11, 2010 12:36 pm

OMG! Have you been watching the Fugitive and Men in Black or what???

You made me laugh out loud reading this.

Flint and Robert would SOOOO get along, like buds! They sooooo have to meet.

Anyway, accepted and sorted into grads
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Post by Matthew Lestrange Sat Sep 11, 2010 7:38 pm

That can be arranged, and as a matter of fact no. I've been watching star wars recently. It was either Tommy Lee Jones or Harrison Ford xD

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KENELM, sheldon/flint  Empty Re: KENELM, sheldon/flint

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