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KEIKAN, Hindoe

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KEIKAN, Hindoe Empty KEIKAN, Hindoe

Post by Hinode Keikan Sun Aug 22, 2010 10:03 pm

Name: Kuchinashi[Alias//means Gardenias]
Gender: Female
Age: 17[Fail. xp]
How you found Potter's Army: My sister, Hidama gave it to me !
Any other characters on Potter's Army: This is my first.
Have your read the Plot?: Of course.
Have your read the Must read threads?: Yes, I have.

KEIKAN, Hindoe Yui
Name: Hinode Keikan [Sunrise of the Strong and Fierce]
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Blood Status: Pureblood
Year AND Age: 17, 7th year.
Preferred houses: --Slytherin--, Ravenclaw.
Canon or Original: Original.
Play-by: Yui Ito

Height: 5'7
Hair: Her hair originally was a light brown, like her twin sister's. But, she died it a dark brown, that looks like black and added a light brown, making it look slightly a lighter brown when the light hits her head. It is straight, soft and smooth and ends around her waist.
Eye colour: Dark brown.
Skin: Her skin is smooth and has a pale color.
General Appearance: Just like her sister, Hinode is a medium height girl that has a curvy body just like her twin but usually hides it in baggy clothing. Her brown eyes are usually glinting with mischief each time she meets someone that picks up her interest besides her twin sister, Hidama. Besides that she's usually a good girl, always behaving unless she feels the need to 'act out' when someone hurts her dear sister and shows her true, cruel side that seems only fit for someone who could possibly be in Slytherin. Besides that, she's usually quiet and is always seen with her sister, and likes wearing black tight/loose shirts with black pants and sneakers and/or boots and sometimes, she wears skirts. Also, she has a lot of accessories, mainly bracelets, necklaces, etc and wears them when she feels like wearing them. Unlike her sister, she doesn't go all crazy ear piercing and small earrings that are only noticeable if you pull her hair back.

Skills: Singing, playing the guitar, fast learner, and fast runner.
Weaknesses: Animals, sweets, her sister.
Likes: Music, stargazing, food, scaring her sister[jokingly]
Dislikes: Half-bloods, muggles, certain purebloods, spicy food, and pink.
Motto: "Anything we want, we get, hehe."
General Personality: Hinode is sometimes either the "good girl" and/or also the "serious girl" from the Keikan twins. One, is because she usually shows her serious side, and she doesn't take things easily, even if it was a harmless joke and she could be plotting to kill you in the next five minutes. But she has a good side, one that is shown rarely because she likes showing her quite b****y side where she can be cruel, and sadistic, somewhat different than her other side. But the only one that she will show her full personality is to her twin sister, Hidama. If anyone dares touch a precious hair on her Hidama's head, there will be bite makrs on that person, and probably magic used on that person as well. But she prefers her fists than anything else since Hinode is a tomboy. But she's usually nice to get along with, if you don't piss her off or you make her hate you.

Family Information: Hinode has the twin sister Hidama Keikan, and they live with their parents Mana Keikan and Ichirou Keikan in a big mansion in Rome. With them in the mansion live about 20 maids and butlers.
Childhood: Hinode had a very cheerful childhood with her twin sister. They started pranking almost before they started talking properly. Their family is a rich and powerful one, making both the girls be able to just point at something they wanted and they would get it. They were born in Japan, but their parents moved with them to Rome when the twins were 5 years old. It was said to be because of a huge conflict in the family, but no details were given to it. Hidama and Hinode were always very alike in looks, and enjoyed switching roles so that people would confuse them together. But as they started to grow up, their personalities started to shine more through and make it a little easier to know which was which. However, if they wanted to.. they could fool even their parents. As the sisters turned 16, then their mother started to get even more interested in thinking about their future... unfortunately by trying to marry them off as quickly as possible to some rich and boring men.
Hogwarts: There are a few selected friends which the Keikan girl has, but most others tend to avoid her because they know that if she wont find them interesting enough or if they aren't pureblood, then they might be next in the line to get pranked or humiliated in anyway she can. Hinode is usually seen as the "Good girl" from the Keikan twins, seeing as she's the most that shows her emotions than her twin sister, and her emotions get in the way faster than Hidama, too. Besides that, she can be a good student, sometimes forgetting what class she make take on what hour, or simply forgetting what homework she had to do, she's a good student, just has bad habits and forgets... a lot.
Adulthood: ---

Short Roleplay: Her brown eyes were looking at the bed. The young twin had just woken up, and she had a slight headache, but one that seriously made her feel irritated and wanted to scream into a pillow, which she did. Her hair was slightly messy, but to anyone else it might've looked like she just brushed her hair, since it looked beautiful to anyone but her and Hidama. "Ugh, siiiiiiiis." The girl whined, her eyes glaring at the right, wondering where her dear sister was. No response, probably she was somewhere, looking for food or playing her music, but she's never separated from Hinode too long. Those two are like ying and yang. They cannot exist without one another. Hinode got lazily off the bed, yawning every 5 minutes or so and got ready on her own pace.

After getting read, her sister appeared, making Hinode tackle the already suspecting twin and both hugged one another like they haven't seen each other in weeks, years, etc. They were that clingy to one another. Hidama showed Hinode some sweets she took after mother left the home, since she could not convince her dear, sweet, innocent twin daughters to marry to two handsome men she's chosen for them. Hinode already snapped to one of the, just telling them to leave before she uses her teeth and rip a piece of his skin off. Hidama actually found that amusing, but their mother, Mana, did not, but she could do nothing, seeing as they were soon going to set off for Hogwarts. Mana told Hinode she would talk with her when she was not all that busy, giving her a stern look but Hinode payed no mind, even though she felt a bit guilty, her own sister reassured her everything will be fine, and she believed in her twin sister's words.

It was getting to be nightime in the Keikan household, the maids were getting the bed ready for the twins(seeing as they love to sleep with one another, otherwise they would start whining and crying until they get what they want)and after they bowed and said their goodnights, the maids left and the twins jumped onto the bed, snuggling it and then cuddling with one another, as a sibling affection they would usually do every night. Both of them looked at one another, a smile on both of their identical faces and said at the same time: "Good night, sister."

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KEIKAN, Hindoe Empty Re: KEIKAN, Hindoe

Post by Khaat Lupin Thu Aug 26, 2010 11:04 pm

accepted and sorted into slytherin
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