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KEIKAN, Hidama

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KEIKAN, Hidama Empty KEIKAN, Hidama

Post by Hidama Keikan Mon Aug 23, 2010 1:42 am

Name: Elfie
Gender: Female
Age: In the twenties
How you found Potter's Army: On Forumotion
Any other characters on Potter's Army: Nope.
Have your read the Plot?: Yes I have.
Have your read the Must read threads?: Yes I have.

KEIKAN, Hidama Haruna11
Name: Hidama Keikan
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Blood Status: Pureblood
Year AND Age: 17, 7th year.
Preferred houses: -Slytherin-, Ravenclaw.
Canon or Original: Original
Play-by: Haruna Ono

Height: 5'7
Hair: Her hair is originally of a light brown color but she has it dyed in a dark brown one, almost to the point of being black. It's straight and smooth, and reaches almost down to her waist.
Eye colour: Dark brown
Skin: She has a very beautiful smooth skin that's pale colored.
General Appearance: Hidama would be described as a medium height girl with the right curves here and there which attracts the boy's / girl's attention. Her smooth skinned face is very beautiful, and her big almond shaped eyes have an intelligent and yet a mischiveous glint to them. When she laughs or smiles, the dark color of her eyes seems to turn to a slightly lighter one. Her light pink, full lips are always ready with a snappy comeback at anyone or then a very sarcastic smirk or a smile that reveals a row of straight and white teeth. Her dark brown hair seems to be always perfect, even when she has it set up in a messy way. Her clothing consists usually of somewhat rocker outfits, black T-shirts with pictures of various rock bands on them, dark jeans with spikes and chains, sneakers, leather jackets and so on. She also loves wearing skirts and high socks. She has 3 earrings in her right ear and 4 in her left one, she's always forced to take those piercings out when she's at home since otherwise her mother would have a heartattack.

Skills: Playing the guitar, pranking, smart, fast runner
Weaknesses: Sweets, staying up too late at nights, her twin sister
Likes: Pranks, reading, stargazing, sweets, music
Dislikes: Muggles, half-bloods, deep water, spicy food.
Motto: "If you can't beat them... arrange to have them beaten."
General Personality: Hidama has a rich sense of humor, but unfortunately for most then her humor involves pranking others and making sarcastic comments that could send most running away with teary eyes. She loves her twin sister, Hinode, more than anything and is almost always seen with her. If anyone dares touch Hinode, then that person will get to know just how much Hidama likes plotting cruel revenges. Hidama loves all animals and she loves being outside in the nature. She's a somewhat of a rocker and a rebel, but can be sweet when she wants to. The words most of the other dorms would use to describe her would be; A B****, arrogant, pretty but too cold. While the ones on her dorm would most like her because of her ability to always be able to lighten all moods with a joke.

Family Information: Hidama has the twin sister Hinode Keikan, and they live with their parents Mana Keikan and Ichirou Keikan in a big mansion in Rome. With them in the mansion live about 20 maids and butlers.
Childhood: Hidama had a very cheerful childhood with her twin sister. They started pranking almost before they started talking properly. Their family is a rich and powerful one, making both the girls be able to just point at something they wanted and they would get it. They were born in Japan, but their parents moved with them to Rome when the twins were 5 years old. It was said to be because of a huge conflict in the family, but no details were given to it. Hidama and Hinode were always very alike in looks, and enjoyed switching roles so that people would confuse them together. But as they started to grow up, their personalities started to shine more through and make it a little easier to know which was which. However, if they wanted to.. they could fool even their parents. As the sisters turned 16, then their mother started to get even more interested in thinking about their future... unfortunately by trying to marry them off as quickly as possible to some rich and boring men.
Hogwarts: There are a few selected friends which the Keikan girl has, but most others tend to avoid her because they know that if she wont find them interesting enough or if they aren't pureblood, then they might be next in the line to get pranked or humiliated in anyway she can. Hidama does well in her studies and shows all the teachers respect, since she was raised as a proper lady.. even if that wont always show. She tends to sometimes be a little late to classes, since she has the habit of staying up too late at nights if she has an exciting book or if the night is beautiful enough to take a stroll outside.
Adulthood: ---

Short Roleplay: "Siiiiis.. common we gotta hurry!" Hidama tapped her foot against the wooden floor while she glanced for probably the 10th time at her watch. They were at the dorms now, and today was a Saturday. The perfect day to just kick back and relax... but that wasn't very likely when the Keikan twins had a mother which was obsessed with getting them married as soon as possible. Hidama had gotten to know through a text from one of the maids in their mansion that her mother was on her way to drag the twins to a double date which she had set up. Most probably with very boring gentlemen, which would wanna make the twins try and commit suicides with their forks. But Hidama and Hinode were most certainly not going to be dragged to that, as they had gotten dressed in less than 5 minutes, or well Hinode was still at it, as they were planning to flee the dorms and wait outside somewhere until their mother would give up in searching.

Finally her beloved sister walked out of the bathroom, even if she had only taken like 1 minute longer than Hidama then the darker haired twin was almost flailing out of impatience. "Come on, let's hurry!" Hidama reached her hand out, and took her sister's hand in it, before sprinting out of the room with a small cheerful laughter escaping her. She loved doing things like this. Loved the excitement and sneaking around while trying to fool someone. Their feet carried them fast down the stairs and towards the main doors. Their hair was flowing in the air, their eyes sparkling while the grip in their hands got tighter. Hidama knew that nothing in this world would replace her sister, and so she was determined never to get married if that meant having to spend more than a day away from Hinode.

So on they ran, feeling a little sorry for their mother which thought she was only having their best interest in mind, but when it came to matters like these... then there was no way they were going to cooperate.
Hidama Keikan
Hidama Keikan

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KEIKAN, Hidama Empty Re: KEIKAN, Hidama

Post by Mariana Diggory Tue Aug 24, 2010 1:17 am

Awesome app accepted and sorted into SLYTHERIN
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