Watts, Aimee Michelle
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Watts, Aimee Michelle

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Watts, Aimee Michelle Empty Watts, Aimee Michelle

Post by Guest Wed Jul 28, 2010 10:07 pm

Name: Amy.
Gender: Female.
Age: Teenager.
How you found Potter's Army: I’m not answering this question anymore.. >.<
Any other characters on Potter's Army: Jen, Rob, Eli, Cyrus & Rafi.
Have your read the Plot?: Yes.
Have your read the Must read threads?: Yes, no, maybe so! ... nah, I did.

Watts, Aimee Michelle N6354968482_5398 Watts, Aimee Michelle Fine_frenzy-200x300
Name: Aimee Michelle Watts.
Gender: Female.
Race: Human.
Blood Status: Half-Blood.
Year AND Age: Seventeen, New Graduate.
Preferred houses: Ex-Gryffindor.
Canon or Original: Original.
Play-by: Alison Sudol.

Height: 5’7
Hair: Bright, Flame-Red Hair.
Eye colour: Grey/Green.
Skin: Normal British Pale Pallor.
Other: Aimee has two tattoos. The first is a cleft musical note which is on her right hip bone and the second is a swallow on the inside of her left wrist.
Distinct Features:
- Her hair,
- Her slightly too wide lips,
- Her expressive face.


    + Wood Work.
    + Green-Fingered.
    + Foodie.
    + Amateur Musician.
    + Netball.
    + Multi-Tasking.
    + Care of Magical Creatures.
    + Dry Wit.
    + Collages.
    + Reading Music.
    + Herbology.


    + Flying.
    + Divination.
    + Art.
    + Rounder’s.
    + Clumsy.
    + Sweets.
    + Babbles on a lot.
    + Bookshops.
    + Cute animals.
    + Outspoken.
    + Easily-Intimidated.


    + Lampposts.
    + Sushi.
    + Ducks.
    + The concept of skydiving.
    + Red Balloons.
    + Toy Shops.
    + Plants.
    + Dancing.
    + Laughter and Smiles.
    + Music.
    + Markets.
    + Bubble Baths.


    + Shopping.
    + Store-bought jewellery.
    + Fast Food.
    + Unfertile Soil.
    + Plants that try to eat you.
    + Winter.
    + Bullies.
    + Loud Noises.


    + Early Riser.
    + Clicks her fingers and toes.
    + Tugs on her ear.
    + Shifts her eyebrows a lot.
    + Collects vouchers and stamps.
    + Never buys jewellery: makes it herself.
    + Always grows her own fruit and veg.

General Personality:
Aimee is just one big bundle of trouble as well as fun. She’s bubbly, outgoing and always likes a laugh but she’s also quiet, thoughtful and wise at the same time. Aimee definitely has yet to outgrow her inner child and still bounds around like a complete and utter moron half of the time. She’s sporty and spends a lot of time outside. She is one of the ones that loves life and she hates for people to be upset or angry. Any destructive emotions really upset Aimee and she never really knows what to do with them. She always likes getting into the thick of things be they battles or adventures that she likes to whisk people on. She’s an optimist but despite her happy nature she get worried over the silliest of things sometimes and it can irritate those around her but they understand (at least she hopes they do) that it’s her nature.

She’s playful, outspoken and usually knows how to get herself in trouble. Unfortunately though, Aimee is inherently clumsy and often very scatter-brained so she wouldn’t notice the brick wall in front of her until she collided with it. That doesn’t make her a bad person though as she has a lot of qualities to make up for her...well, for the fact that she doesn’t really notice what is in front of her face. Aimee is incredibly selfless and trusting. She would gladly turn her home into a soup kitchen for the homeless if it wasn’t for the fact Alexandra would go into tilt. One day she’ll sort it out though. Aimee is just your average, kind hearted young woman that wants to good in the world. Is that so hard to believe?

Family Information:
Mother: Alexandra ‘Alex’ Watts née Miller, Pureblood Witch.
Father: Nicholas Watts, Muggle.
The Watts’ were a working-class family and as such they were nothing particularly extraordinary. But that was all going to change wasn’t it? When Nicholas met Alexandra Miller it was safe to say that it was love at first sight. When they married for him it was perfection but his dreams of moving them to the countryside and putting roots down were more or less shattered when she told him that she was a witch. Nicholas was angry and scared but he learned slowly but surely to accept the woman, knowing that she’d always been a witch so nothing had changed between them. It took a little while for Nicholas to trust Alexandra again but he appreciated the fact that she hadn’t just deceived him and had in fact decided to let him into her world.

When Aimee was conceived Nicholas didn’t think for a moment that she was going to be a witch but when she was born she succeeded in shattering all of the windows on their ward. Although it was a lot of money for them to be replaced none of the nurses were complaining because the breeze blowing through the window panes was beautiful. It was clear from that point on that she was magical and the little bursts of accidental magic further proved that fact. Of course Nicholas was sceptical. He wasn’t sure whether he should have been glad or not to have a witch in the family. Alexandra had told him about the Wizarding Wars and although he wanted his daughter to be a part of his wife’s world he didn’t want her getting caught up with any magical conflicts. Plus, he couldn’t deny that the little bursts of magic scared him a little bit.

As Aimee grew up it became more and more obvious that she was a witch but it also came to Nicholas’ attention that she needed an education. Alexandra had already taught her daughter how to read and write but Nicholas wanted her to go further with her education. Alexandra hadn’t told him that her supposed ‘wonder’ school taught the basics – English, Mathematics and Science – so he wanted to ensure that Aimee learned all three without fail. Nicholas achieved that by sending Aimee to the local Primary School.

School wasn’t a place Aimee wanted to be – especially the Muggle Primary School she went to. It was full of bullies that couldn’t accept the fact that there were people that were...well, better than them. Spencer was their target most of the time and Aimee had taken it upon herself from day one to do something about it or at least discourage the bullies from chasing him around and hitting him all of the time. But she was just a child, what could she do right? She could do quite a bit actually. Aimee learned quickly that standing up to the bullies on Spencer’s behalf didn’t work so she tried to make their lives a little bit difficult. Their coats would be misplaced and their lunches would suddenly taste like soot in their mouths. She wasn’t entirely sure how she was doing it but as far as she was concerned they were getting their just desserts – even if Spencer usually bore the brunt of their frustration as a result.

Aimee tried incredibly hard to become Spencer’s friend and for a long time she considered herself just that. His mother invited her to their home a few times and Aimee’s mother happily returned the favour. They probably weren’t as close as she liked to think they were but perhaps they were -- who knows.

When Aimee received her Hogwarts letter she wasn’t sure what she was supposed to think. She had accepted that she was a witch long ago but she didn’t know how it was all supposed to work. She was immensely glad when she found out that Spencer would be attending with her, though. It made her more confident about the whole ordeal. That still didn’t mean she was looking forward to it but she definitely felt more relaxed about it.

Ah, Hogwarts. The school was a place where Aimee excelled. She loved to learn and a whole world was laid bare for her to explore. She had to admit that she was a bit of a bookworm for some if not all of her time there but she also excelled in some sport although mainly the Muggle sports were played by Muggle-born’s and half-bloods with muggle or muggle-born parents. Aimee was included in this and her favourite sport by far because she wasn’t a particularly confident flyer. Quidditch was pretty much lost on her so she didn’t do much in aid of that apart from help make some Gryffindor banners.

She was overjoyed that she and Spencer were staying close together but she couldn’t help but worry what was going to happen at school – whether there were going to be any bullies or not. In fact there were except in the form of another house. She got a lot of flak from Slytherin’s but mainly the girls. The boys left her alone, preferring to bully Spencer. Armed with a more knowledge Aimee had more effective ways of getting back at the Slytherin’s but there was only so much she could do. Hexing them so they were wearing Gryffindor colours never really seemed to work – it just got worse for him.

Eventually Aimee stopped trying to help as she just made things worse. That didn’t mean that the two grew apart, it just meant that Aimee stopped interfering. Of course that didn’t mean that she just let the Slytherin’s get on with what they were doing. She was just a little more...tactful much to the chagrin of some of her more studious friends in Ravenclaw. Somehow though she always managed to rope them into some exciting dungeon expedition and they only really got caught once but the Prefect looked pretty tired and they managed to make themselves scarce before he actually registered what he was seeing.

Aimee was a good student but she didn’t need to put a lot of work into what she was doing to get the right result. Of course she completely bombed out in Divination after breaking her crystal ball’ and spilling tea into the lap of a particularly irate Slytherin. Okay, so perhaps fortune telling wasn’t exactly her forte but that didn’t mean she wasn’t good at anything else. Herbology was probably her best subject. The rest she was pretty average in. Defence against the Dark Arts was another one she excelled in but that was only because she was good at the practical aspect of it. Aimee graduated with all E’s apart from the O in Herbology and one in DADA. Her mother was impressed with her marks while her father just nodded and smiled without a clue as to what he was reading.

Adulthood: Aimee is a new graduate so nothing particularly substantial has happened just yet.


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Watts, Aimee Michelle Empty Re: Watts, Aimee Michelle

Post by Khaat Lupin Wed Jul 28, 2010 10:08 pm

nice. accepted and sorted into grads
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