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MURRAY, Blaire Kennedy

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MURRAY, Blaire Kennedy Empty MURRAY, Blaire Kennedy

Post by Guest Sun Apr 25, 2010 1:45 am

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MURRAY, Blaire Kennedy Late-show-craig-ferguson
Name: Blaire Kennedy "Ken" Murray
Race:Human, Wizard
Blood Status:Half Blood
Year AND Age:47, Graduate
Preferred houses:Ex-Hufflepuff
Canon or Original:Original
Play-by:Craig Ferguson

Height:6' 2
Hair:Short and Graying
Eye colour:Blue
General Appearance: (One paragraph.)

*Making people laugh
*Building things the muggle way
*Flying (Quidditch)
*Playing the drums
*Figuring things out
*Wand making
*Magical Creatures
*Young Children
*Physical Activity
*Rude People
*Sitting around doing nothing
"Bloody Brilliant!"
"I don't give a rats ass"
General Personality:
Blaire is a fair and nice enough man, when you're on his good side. When people first meet him, they never really know him. He enjoys the simple things in life, and values everything around him. He never wastes any time, he likes to get things done if they can be done quick. He likes to spend time outside and loves to camp. He'll camp in the rain he loves it so much, as long as he can be outside. He loves being around people he likes, and is usually cracking jokes around them. However, he is short tempered when it comes to people he doesn't like. He won't stop until he has proven he is right when he normally is, but will not argue when he knows he is wrong.

He wants to have a family however he does not have one yet. He has given up hope, as he is fifty years old, and spends time with people who are like his family. He has a scottish accent sometimes confuses people, but he doesn't mind repeating himself. He is great at changing his voice, and changing his accent. He can imitate any accent you could think of on earth. He really loves being social and is involved with any kind of social group. However, when people are on his bad side. It's a whole different story!

When people are on his bad side, they get to see a whole different part of Blaire. Normally, the people on his bad side never bother him. But lately they've liked to stick around, as though Blaire has become soft. The people he does not like, don't usually live. Once they've made an enemy out of him, they're screwed. It's as though rage makes him stronger, rage makes his magic more powerful. He has no regrets in killing anyone, but he is loyal. He does his best and is loyal to his friends.

Family Information:
Mother (Witch)-Esmeralda (McNeil) Murray *Deceased*
Father (Squib)-Jamie Murray II *Deceased*
Grandfather (Wizard)-Jamie Murray I *Deceased*
Grandmother (Witch)-Mary (Cullen) Murray *Deceased*
Blaire grew up as a very hard working child. He always had time to play, but there was always work to be done! He had many friends at his town of Glascow in Scotland, and always managed to find time to hang out with them. Most of them were muggles, and about three of them were wizards and two of them were witches. These were his closest friends, they however ended up going someplace different than Hogwarts. His parents had divorced when he was five so he was a muggle for half the year and a wizard child the other half. When he was a muggle, he lived on a farm with his father. He always had work to do there but his friends helped him out. He enjoyed it only because he was good at it and managed to build up muscles by age eleven. His grandparents died when he was young as well, and his father was a squib! So he was used to hard manual labour, and it made him feel better!

However, when he was with his mother he was treated very well. His mother was a witch so he got all the perks of a wizard child. He didn't like it much because he felt that doing work made his attitude better and himself in general feel better. He still feels this way to this day! All his friends when he spent time with his mother were magical children. The way he managed to keep his muscles so they didn't soften when he worked on his fathers farm again wasn't easy. He asked his mother to help him out, and as much as she didn't want to, she bought him a set of weights. So by the time he went to Hogwarts, Quidditch would come naturally. And dueling was only too easy for him.
When Blaire finally received his Hogwarts acceptance letter, his mother and father were very proud. His father was worried, he thought that Blaire might not have magical powers like his father. But his father was just as overjoyed as his mother. Had his grandparents been alive, he could only wonder the special treatment. His mother however, pretty much took over that for them. He hated all the special treatment so he eventually ran off to his fathers home. But his mother tracked him down and thus ended the special treatment. Then, on the train ride to Hogwarts, he sat alone. He never really managed to meet anyone until he was sorted into his house. Hufflepuff was where he was to belong. A great house in his opinion, full of a whole bunch of nice people.

He had a few friends at school, always socializing. The first couple years of school went by rather boring. During the summers he stayed with his dad, and during the breaks he stayed with his mom. In his fifth year, his mother died in a duel with a Death Eater. The Death Eater was after his mothers fortune that Blaire had no idea about. Sadly the Death Eater got it, and Blaire vowed to get revenge on that Death Eater. So he stayed at Hogwarts for every break except for summer. He needed a way to get his anger out, so he joined the school Quidditch team. He was their star player for three years, playing the position of beater. And in sixth year he was named captain of the team. He skipped out on being head boy or a prefect, he didn't really like the rules.
Life was okay the rest of his years, he built his muscles well. But only a few days after he graduated from Hogwarts, his father drowned in the pond on his farm late at night. He was drunk at the time and Blaire found his body the next day. Thus, the farm was left for Blaire which he shares to this day. But he never really uses it, he gave it to a family friend.
Ah, the cruel life of adulthood. His life was alright, but it wasn't good. He was the last Murray left in the clan of them. The Death Eaters had wiped his family out, and he didn't know why. It was quite a mystery to him. Yet, they never seemed to go after him. Maybe it was his build, which he still maintains to this day. It's not freakish, but it isn't wimpy either. He doesn't have a job, and is still wondering weather he should join the Order of the Phoenix or not. He get's by on the fortune his mother left for him, and the money his father left for him. To this day, he is still looking for the right woman. He still wants to find her, but really doesn't expect to find her.

He spends his time everywhere, he likes to go to the Ministry of Magic just to get out of the house. He has considered getting a job there, but he doesn't like the way things run in the Aurors department. And he really doesn't want to be part of the Wizengamot. So he's waiting for the prefect job, yet he loves all the little things. He'd settle for working at a no name coffee shop or something. He likes to duel and is involved with anything to do with physical activity. He is also considering working as the Quidditch Coach at Hogwarts. But right now, he has no job and likes it that way. But it couldn't hurt to get one, and is still looking for friends as everyone he had before is either dead or he has lost contact with them,


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Post by Matthew Lestrange Mon Apr 26, 2010 1:54 am

Finished it guys! Hurry and accept it!!
(That means you Mari Wink)

Edit:Screw it I'm accepting it myself!

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Post by Mariana Diggory Mon Apr 26, 2010 8:53 pm

LOL oh impatient one i don;'t hang here 24/7 you know? Razz
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