Frank Longbottom Application
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Frank Longbottom Application Li9olo10

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Frank Longbottom Application

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Frank Longbottom Application Empty Frank Longbottom Application

Post by Guest Mon Mar 08, 2010 6:57 am

Age:Don't like giving it out
How you found Potter's Army:RPG-D
Any other characters on Potter's Army:None
Have your read the Plot?:Yep
Have your read the Must read threads?: Mhmm

Frank Longbottom Application Be
Name:Frank Longbottom, none
Blood Status:Pure Blood
Year AND Age:15/5th year
Preferred houses:Gryffindor/Hufflepuff, I can go either
Canon or Original:Canon
Play-by:Alexander Gold

Height:5' 1
Hair:Brown, usually lays flat on his head.
Eye colour:brown
Skin:White, partly tanned.
General Appearance:
Frank is a handsome kid, he just doesn't realize it. His hair is never actually done into anything special and usually just lays flat on his head. On occasion it will be messy, or done back when at a public event. His eyes are a brown that sparkles all the time, they say he gets it from his father. Frank is a slime and fit child, yet he doesn't starve himself. In fact, he's usually always eating. He stands at 5' 1 and is very clumsy because of that.

Herbology (His dads own fault)
Making Friends
Writing Stories
Sticking up for himself and his friends
He's clumsy
Care of Magical Creatures
His family
His Friends
His clutziness
Motto:"Nothing is foolproof to a sufficiently talented fool."
General Personality:
Frank is a very loyal and brave child, especially when it comes to family and friends. He enjoys Herbology very much, and has been known to tutor people as well. He loves spending time with his family, and always has ideas on how to have lots of fun. He doesn't mind being in front of a crowd, unless he has to do Transfiguration which he is just horrible at!

He is very confident when it comes to girls, and is and always will be loyal to whatever or whomever he believes is right. He is very fond of the Potter family, although he doesn't know if they are fond of him. If you know Frank rather well, he can start becoming annoying although he means no harm and just doesn't understand. All he knows is he can be relaxed, but he isn't ALWAYS annoying.

He is very clutzy yet he loves to help out with things. He could probably be bringing in some butterbeer from he back cupboard for his mother and then have it all crash sending it everywhere. His mother and father are used to picking things up after him as he always makes a mess even if its an accidental mess. This is also why he isn't that skilled at Quidditch, he simply prefers to cheer on his team. At school and at Home where his family are avid Quidditch fans.

Family Information:
Neville Longbottom~Father
Hannah (Abbot) Longbottom~Mother
Alice Longbottom~Sister
Frank Longbottom I~Grandfather
Alice Longbottom I~Grandmother
Augusta Longbottom~Great Grandmother
Frank grew up in the all wizard family the Longbottoms. His father Neville wasn't the best wizard, but taught him all about magical Plants. His mother made up for his fathers lack of magic though. He spent his life working in the Leaky Cauldron with his parents where his mother was the landlady. He always knew his was a wizard as since he was five, strange things happened to him all the time. One time he even dropped a plate when he was seven and it bounced around the room making rather loud squeeky noises. His father and mother almost strangled him with the hugs they gave him after that moment. And that's when he received his first pet, an Owl. He named it after his fathers old toad Trevor much to his fathers suggestions of Link or Seaweed or even Harry.

Finally when he was eleven he recieved his letter, much to the screams of his sister who wanted to go. His mother went with him to get his school supplies, but he got lost and wandered into Knockturn Alley! A mistake he'd never make again, he went through hell down there. Already at the age of 11 Frank had been blasted into walls, tortured all because he was Neville Longbottoms son for some reason. Luckily his mother came to his rescue and managed to send the people who had done what they did to him off. She has been over protective of him since, only when they're out in public though. On the train ride to Hogwarts, he sat alone as nobody wanted to sit with him. Little did he know, he would have many friends at Hogwarts!
On the train ride above, he sat alone. He wasn't totally confident of himself at this time, as he still looked a little bit like a wreck from the incident in Knockturn Alley. He kept to himself the first few days of his school life. He rode the boats with two other people, he didn't ask names just ignore them while they chatted about houses and such. He hoped he was in something good, as long as he wasn't in Slytherin he would be fine. His first few months were pretty alone, until he began making friends. By the time it was Christmas he had many friends, people simply saying hi down the hallways too. Most of his teachers liked him, and he had even been asked to study in the Library by a few girls. His first year at Hogwarts had gone well. Yet he still wished he could get into an adventure and have an actual TRUE friend.

His second year, went by fast. It was the same as the previous year only with a few twists. He had almost failed Transfiguration, and he had lost his wand for a week. He had been given detention for losing it and was banned from leaving the site of any teacher until his wand was found. Eventually one of the teachers found Peeves trying to stuff it in a suit of armour. Frank was given freedom but was already banned from visting Hogsmeade the next year with his other friends for two months. This ended the respect his teachers had for him...well for a while anyway. He then spent as much time as he could studying for his subjects to gain the respect and trust back. He lost most of his friends, and pretty much stayed away from Girls this year.

His third year, was nothing like the previous ones. It had taken him all summer studying (He was punished for losing his wand from his mother and father, Grounded for one month) and practicing spells and such. He finally earned his respect and trust back, although not all of it. Some of the teachers didn't say hello to him. And normally didn't call on him when he was the only one with his hand up. The worst was Transfiguration, he had almost flunked it. Luckily he pulled through because of all the studying he did during the previous summer. He had passed Herbology of course with flying colours, and gained all of his respect back from that teacher. Eventually, his bann from Hogsmeade was lifted and he was aloud to go. He usually went along, unless a girl invited him. Or he went with a large group of friends, eventually he'd ditch them and go hang out with his TRUE friends. After a while he drifted away from those people who had spent time with him only because of the girls he was with and because of his popularity. He has no ties with them anymore, and only spends time with actual friends he trusts.

His Fourth year has been his best so far. His life has completely changed since then, he is still the friendly and couragious Frank as before. Only now, he has a little sister running around Hogwarts. Yes, Alice has come to Hogwarts and is annoying the hell out of Frank. He has learned to ignore her and pretty much avoid her in the halls. (I am leaving out common room things as they might not be in the same house) He has grown smarter in his classes, but still excells in Herbology. And still miserably fails in Transfiguration, he needs tutoring in that class. But he tutors people in Herbology. His fathers respect has also been returned and his mother trusts him. Only now, she's EVEN MORE protective of him.

(He is currently in his fifth year so I'll just not post him in his fifth year. I'll roleplay it on the site Razz)

Short Roleplay:
Frank exited the common room, and made his way to the Great Hall. His (Hufflepuff or Gryffindor) robes on, his hair laying flat on his head he took a seat at his table. He picked up a piece of toast and looked at the staff table. Every teacher seemed to be there...only the Herbology teacher seemed to be sick as the usual substitute was sitting in his place. He took a bite into the piece of toast and waved to someone as they said hi. First class was Transfiguration, might as well get Hell on earth over with. As one of the teachers waved to him, he waved back smiling. He took a sip of apple juice and picked up his bag which he had carried down to the Hall. He opened it up and pulled out his Transfiguration book, he had read it already but there's always room for improvement as his great grandmother had always said.

He propped the book up on a bottle of Ketchup and took a bite into some eggs. He had about five minutes before class, most of the teachers and students had left the great hall. Only those in their NEWT year and had a free perioud in the morning were left. He put the book away, finished off his eggs and drink. And got up, smiling at a fellow (Gryffindor or Hufflepuff) and began his way up to class. He ran into his sister on the way but ignore her when she said, rather loudly "Hey Frank! On your way to the Loui?!?". He entered the Transfiguration room, a large smile on his face. And took a seat in his usual spot, in the second row. Opened his books, pulled out his wand and sighed. "This is going to be a long class!" he said to himself.

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Frank Longbottom Application Empty Re: Frank Longbottom Application

Post by Guest Mon Mar 08, 2010 10:02 pm

I finished my App, just so you guys know Smile

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Frank Longbottom Application Empty Re: Frank Longbottom Application

Post by Mariana Diggory Mon Mar 08, 2010 10:08 pm

Your canon is Gryffindor.

Accepted and sorted into GRYFFINDOR!!
Mariana Diggory

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Frank Longbottom Application Empty Re: Frank Longbottom Application

Post by Guest Tue Mar 09, 2010 2:42 am

Thank You Smile

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Frank Longbottom Application Empty Re: Frank Longbottom Application

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