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Janae Messer

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Post by Janae Messer Sat Mar 06, 2010 12:34 pm

Name: Jo
Gender: Female
Age: 20
How you found Potter's Army: RPG-Director website
Any other characters on Potter's Army: Nope
Have your read the Plot?: Yes.
Have your read the Must read threads?: I have

Janae Messer M_a9a21cc997e84d07bd89e809d00cbe35
Name: Janae Joanna Messer - JJ
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Blood Status: Pureblood
Year AND Age: 15, fifth year
Preferred houses: Slytherin or Ravenclaw
Canon or Original: Orginal
Play-by: Eliza Taylor-Cotter

Height: 5"5
Hair: Blonde hair, which is shoulder length, and normally curly.
Eye colour: Blue, but sometimes looks darker in certain lights
Skin: A slight natural tan
General Appearance:
Her apperance is one thing JJ normally takes care of. She has shoulder length blond hair, which is natrually curly and normally left down, however, on occasion she will tie it back or attempt to straighten it. Her eyes are a bright blue color, a fact which only changes if she is somewhere dark, or in a rather fowl mood, as they apper to be darker then usual. JJ enjoys knowing about fashion, and although she enjoys wearing purples, green, blues and reds, she will occasionally wear something bright if the occasion needed it, such as a wedding. This being asaid, she prefers to wear robes, or smarter clothes, then look like a vagrant. She is small in height, something she can often be rather annoyed with, and is of an average healthy weight for a fifteen year old.

Skills: Charms,
Being in charge
Weaknesses: Not showing happiness around everyone,
Telling the truth
Her father
Likes: Dark colors
Winter months
Learning new cultures
Quiet places
Unnaturally happy people
Spicy foods
Summer Months
Motto: Live, love, learn
General Personality:
JJ only shows two personalilties. The cold and angry personaility to anyone she dislikes or whom offendes her, and just the cold personality to anyone she likes as a friend. Dealing with her mother's early abandonment, JJ fears to let anyone close to her, for she believes that they will disapper also. However, she longs for someone to talk to and who she can trust. She adores the winter months, not just because it is her birthday in these months, but because she adores snow and the cold weather, however, she dislikes the beach and summer months, because there is no snow.

She likes quiet places, and anyone who does not act like a child, and because of this, she dislikes anyone she seems as to happy, or who is unnaturally to happy, and believes they should all just leave her alone. JJ also loves to learn about other wizarding cultures, and loves travelling for she travels each some with her father. Her father is her one human weakness, for she allows him into her life, and shows her emotions to him.

She is intellgent, but tends to only show this during her exams, for she does not like to be called upon in her classes. JJ may seem like an ice queen at times, however, she is human like everyone else, and within time, she believes that someone will be able to befriend her, and break the wall which her mother left behind.

Family Information:
Father - Charles Messer
Mother - Janae-Olivia Messer
Aunt - Calliope Rhodes
Uncle - Kevin Rhodes
Cousin - Jasper Rhodes
Janae was born to Charles and Janae-Olivia Messer in late Decemeber, and was raised in the Messer family home in a small village. At first, Janae was a happy and outgoing child, constantly wishing to know about the outside muggle world, and enjoyed spending time with her cousin Jasper, who was of the same age and like her brother. She was rather close with her mother, whom she was named after, and was taught at home by her, whilst her father worked and travellled so was away from them a lot.

However, when Janae turned eight years old, her mother suddenly decided to leave, and this left young Janae heartbroken. She started to go by 'JJ', using her first and middle name initials, not wanting anything to do with her mother who left in the middle of the night, and she slowly started to push her family away from her, believing they would also leave her. She and her cousin, who had always been close, drifted apart, and the only person she allowed in with her beloved father.

When JJ recieved her Hogwarts letter, she knew that maybe school and her magic education could stop her from thinking about her mother. Entering school on the train, after loosing her annoying cousin, she made a deal with herself that she would become greater then her mother ever was. JJ and her cousin Jasper were sorted into different houses, which meant that she no longer had to aviod him, for they never travelled in the same group of students. She studied. she met some new people whom she was slightly warmer to then usual, and JJ has slowly started to feel human again, although the wall is still there. Now, JJ is going into her fifth year at Hogwarts,

Short Roleplay:

The cold breeze was a welcoming comfort for her, as she stood facing the silver farmed photograph, surronded by the other photos of those who had passed, and were left up here in the attic of the old home to forget about. Her wand tucked tightly into her belt, as she let a single tear fall from her eyes, not bothering to wipe it away as it fell. She shuddered, but not from the cold, from the feeling of abandonment she felt each time she was here.

"I did it, mother." JJ whispered, as the trees moved slightly in the wind. "I got into Hogwarts. Just like you wanted me to do.". She stared at the name again, her mothers photograph. This was the last resting place of, of her leaving and she still couldn't get over it. "I just wish you where there to see me."

She never heard the footsteps till a hand rested on her shoulder. Knowing who it was, she spun around in anger, staring at her cousin, Jasper. "Just leave me alone!"

She pushed him out of the way, storming into the opposite direction, away from her mothers photograph, knowing she shouldn't blame her couin for her disapperance. But JJ knew her cousin, knew that Jasper was her mothers favourite, even before she left. That he would always remind her of the mother she had lost. And this is why, she would never let anyone close again.
Janae Messer
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Post by Darren Sat Mar 06, 2010 12:57 pm

Great Application!

Accepted and sorted into Slytherin

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