WALKER, Steven Cordell
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WALKER, Steven Cordell

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WALKER, Steven Cordell Empty WALKER, Steven Cordell

Post by Steven Walker Wed Feb 24, 2010 9:56 am

2O U T O F C H A R A C T E R
Name: Darkangel
Gender: female
Age: 30ish
How you found Potter's Army:All ready member .
Any other characters on Potter's Army: Jack black heart, Jessica dark heart , Mary heart.
Have your read the Plot?: yes
Have your read the Must read threads?: yes

WALKER, Steven Cordell Chuck_norris
Name: Steven Cordell Walker
Gender: Male
Race: Half-Veela
Blood Status: Half-blood
Year AND Age: 1980 /30
Preferred houses: Ex -Griffindoor
Canon or Original: original
Play-by: chuck Norris (Carlos Ray Norris)

Height: 5' 10" (1.78 m)
Hair: Brown
Eye colour: Brown
Skin: He has golden brown skin from being tanned while working out side on his fathers farm.

General Appearance:
Steven has short brown hair, sometimes stubble. But mostly he prefers clean a shaven look. He wears Texan style clothes, a heavy light brown coat with causal trousers and black cowboy boots. His shirts always cotton and clean pressed. He will wear a suit now and again but prefers his casual clothes as he can ride a horse and they sit comfortable for him. He does jog and will wear a gray flannel jogging suit with white trainers.


Skills: American martial artist, crack shot with a gun, good shot with his wand
Weaknesses: Women in distress, kids , the lose of his family
Likes: Brown haired women, kids, dogs
Dislikes: men who mistreat women or kids, dragons , death eaters
Motto: Men are like steel. When they lose their temper, they lose their worth.

General Personality:

Steven was non athletic at a child till he found martial arts, as a child he was shy, and scholastically mediocre. Other children taunted him about his mixed ethnicity, and to this day daydreams about beating up his tormentors. As an adult he will assert what he knows but keep in mind others opinion, he won’t push people into situations he feels they can not handle leaving it up to them to decide if they can handle it or not.


Family Information:

* Mother - Wilma (née Scarberry)
* Father - Ray - mechanic, bus driver, truck driver and Auror
* Wife - Janet swan - retired Auror (Deceased )
* Son - John Peter -10 years (MIA)


Steven grew up on his fathers farm looking after all kinds of animals from hypogriffs to horses, his favorites were the horses and a young huypogriff he called Shadow because it seem to follow him like a shadow. when he was younger he wanted to be just like his father out and care free he didn no5t understand his father was an Auror and what that ment. He would play with the other children but as he grew up they turned against him because of his half blood, so he’d end up most times playing in a forest close to his father’s farm alone pretending to fight bad men or capture mythalogical creatures.


His schooling was pretty much like growing up he kept to himself finding a knack for martial arts witch he trained hard at his magic skill improved too as he found he could combine the discipline of his marital arts and the accuracy of spell casting enabling him to move while casting a spell so making it difficult to be hit. He would practice out on the grounds of the school so that nobody was hurt. Graduating he was immediately snapped up by the ministry as an Auror also choosing as his cover to join the muggle Texas rangers enabling him to capture magical creatures and evil wizards with out muggle interference.


As an Auror he moved from mission to mission fighting black wizards and rough dragons. His skills growing till he became the best in the muggle world. It was on one mission he met his wife Janet swan, they married and had a son but two years later a dragon attacked their home, burning it to the ground and he was severely injured Janet and his son both died, his sons body was never found. He never got over loosing them. Throwing himself back into his work he would take any mission he could to take away the pain of the emptiness he felt inside. Some call him reckless, others a maverick, but most call him friend.

Short Roleplay: see jack black heart/ Jessica dark angel and Abby Kari

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Steven Walker
Steven Walker

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WALKER, Steven Cordell Empty Re: WALKER, Steven Cordell

Post by Jemma Tiquelle Wed Feb 24, 2010 4:36 pm

ACCEPTED and sorted into GRADUATES.

Wow. I genuinely love this character! He's lost a wife and son though...Sad. That's awful!
Anyway...is that Carlos Ray Norris you mean by Chuck Norris, I'm assuming?
Also, when you say he's not athletic, are you excluding martial arts stuff then?
Oh and did he recover from the dragon attack alright? Like, enough to work again? Or does he have any permanent damage from it?
PS. That last line is awesome. Some call him reckless, others a maverick, but most call him a friend. <3
Jemma Tiquelle
Jemma Tiquelle

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WALKER, Steven Cordell Empty Re: WALKER, Steven Cordell

Post by Steven Walker Wed Feb 24, 2010 4:46 pm

I need to edit that bit to read as a child and thanks for the compliment.
Steven Walker
Steven Walker

Number of posts : 3077
Special Abilities : Legllimancy, Speaking to Animals
Occupation : Auror

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WALKER, Steven Cordell Empty Re: WALKER, Steven Cordell

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