KAZAMA, Gackt Avery
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Welcome to Potter's Army

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What’s Happening?
Since every few months or so a few of our old members get the inspiration to revisit their old stomping grounds we have decided to keep PA open as a place to revisit old threads and start new ones devoid of any serious overarching plot or setting. Take this time to start any of those really weird threads you never got to make with old friends and make them now! Just remember to come say hello in the chatbox below or in the discord. Links have been provided in the "Comings and Goings" forum as well as the welcome widget above.

KAZAMA, Gackt Avery

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KAZAMA, Gackt Avery Empty KAZAMA, Gackt Avery

Post by Gackt Kazama Mon Feb 22, 2010 4:30 pm

O U T  O F  C H A R A C T E R
Name: Donna
Gender: female
Age: a lady doesn’t tell
How you found Potter's Army: threw a fiend
Any other characters on Potter's Army: none
Have your read the Plot?: yes
Have your read the Must read threads?: yes i have

B A S I C  I N F O R M A T I O N

Name: Gackt Avery Kazama
Gender: male
Race: Human
Blood Status: Pureblood
Year AND Age: 30 I was born 3-27- 1980
Preferred houses: Ex-Slytherin
Canon or Original: original
Play-by: Gackt Camui

Height: 5'10.75"
Hair: Changes too often :natural color is black
Eye colour: violet
Skin: (being of japanese im not quite sure what to put for skin, i suppose he's a little tan?
General Appearance: Gackt is one sharp dresser, be it at work or a play, he never fails to add at least one fashionable item to what he is wearing, he loves the designer clothing of both the muggle and wizarding world.

Skills: gackt is an excellent potion maker and he has been trained int various muscial styles as well as instruments and voice, he also has been learning to heal people with "western" wizard medicne and using the traditonal japanse wizard way, he also loves to cook.
* Wicked sense of humor (some people don't appreciate it)
* Women
* Babies (I'm sorry but I love babies)
* Having my rotten twin sister show everyone in our school my baby pictures.

* Comics,
* Old detective movies, 
* Dr who,
* Dark shadows
* Torchwood,
* Ballroom dancing,
* Regular dancing, 
* Animals especially dogs
* Drawing,
* playing all the instruments
*sports cars
* Gran-gran!

*: People who slam side car on my motor bikes door!
* Silkily sweet things,
* Cockroaches
* People who pick on younger kids
* Smelly feet,
* People who don't flush the toilet or wash their hands afterward

Motto: "It's not crying thats a womans weapon , it's her smile, it gets me everytime

General Personality: gackt is a pretty cool character, he will defend what is right, and try to right what is wrong if he can, he belives in treating everyone equally, unless they give him cause to do otherwise

Family Information:
* Mother - Destiny Avery Kazama(mom said ladies don't need to tell their real age but moms pretty old though she doesn't look a day over my age)- hair dresser
* Dad - Jin Kazama(neither does dad for the matter)- Musician
* Twin sister- Hyde- nurse
( OTHERS ) :1. Gran Gran (Donna Avery healer ) (older then dirt) (don't tell her i said that or shell pull out my teeths) 2.greatuncle reg(he's a botanist) 3.Uncle Miyavi Tanaka & auntie Sue-san ,housewife & keeper in japan) cousin s:khala ,kozi, yu-ki tetsu, kami, Youki, and mana,(all ages from 30 to 20 )mana is the youngest and the only girl)(all are deceased except for mana) 4. aunt Savannah and cousin little Donna(age 4) and Jude (age 11) uncle dyon (40) god father elessar garrison(age? i dunno what age Mr kitty dude(he's tiger animagus) is though he swears he's only 29 (yeah hes been 29 for hundred of years now) finacee abby kari
Childhood: n his family, he has a mother, fathe and twin sister, His father was a musician while his mother was a hairdresser. I guess we know where his good taste in hairstyles and his musical talents came from! When he was little, he was forced to learn the piano and many other instruments like his sister. But he likes it now. He was only allowed to watch educational things and listen to classical music,until later on when his obachan put her foot down and he was allowed anything he and his sister wanted, (obachan is a formiable woman, you do not want to be on her bad side) gackt allthough being fromm japan moved from there to england after obachans instance that the wizarding schools there werent as good as education at hogwarts would be for the twins, and usally getting her way in the family ,they all moved to england to enroll the twins at hogwarts where they would get a better education, and where hyde would calm down and where gackt would quit being so negative,moody and make some friends.
Hogwarts: Gackt was so negative in his childhood at times untill he came to hogwarts and met his friends Yumi and Mashara Morimoto, Ryu Yubari and his girlfriend Kimiko"Go-go" Mishima . he also met his lovely fiancee abby kari at hogwarts, it was love at first site for the slytherin as they locked eyes waiting to be sorted and then after when she bandaged his hand in herbology class when the fanged geranium bit him: gackt loved being ahogwarts then at his old school where he was constanly hit on the head when he made mistakes with the teachers fan. at hogwarts he was free to express himself and that lead to a more freer and happier gackt , which made him the man he is today.) gackt did well in most of his subjects except alchemy where he would doodle pictures of abby instead of paying attenrion, thusly abby had to tutor him so he would pass his tests and graduate which he did with a very good wizarding level of O.he and his twin also played for their houses quidditch teams opposite each other as hyde was put in to ravenclaw ,although she is the wilder of the two, she was more deciated to ehr studies at school then persueing boys at the time.
Adulthood: he's a pretty happy fellow now, still annoyed by his twin sister upon ocassion(she's been showing abby his baby pictures and pictures from his childhood before they met and some are embarassing. he looks forward to the day they are wed and can have a family , he wants as many kids as abby feels she is able to have and want. He also wants to secure a job so he can start building abby her dream house.

Short Roleplay: Tanith walked with Astoria and Ceres ,as Astoria and she continued talking."Well, thats because shes never seen anyone like me before and as a child and greenlane she's naturally fascinated with the like of me,fangs and all."She retorted as Astoria teased her for complimenting young and impressionable Ceres.

She smirked when Astoria then chided her for teaching Ceres to be sneaky regarding the chocolate she gave her."Hey the kids going to be a future slytherin right?might as well give her a head start over every other tike thats going to hogwarts."

She sat down where Astoria sat down at, which she was glad for
as the sun had beamed down a bit in the gallery in the spot they were before and Astoria's spot now in the shade was far better.
'Well being a vampire, one can afford danger then the average person no?'she said with a smirk as she and Astoria continued there conversation more.
She had missed Astoria and their long conversation which she greatly relished, being alone in Romania in that stupid castle had grated on her nerves but she wasn't about to tell Astoria that, and why she had retreated to the castle for a while..it had mainly to with Astoria's uncle. .
She shook her head and banished all thought of that man out her head and brought her focus back on Astoria."besides that, you were so cute at four! DRAGGING me a hungry vampire all the way to your father because you thought i had lost blood and mostly knew i was hungry, you thought nothing of your own safety and then your dad opens the blood bank as if it were a daily occurrence that a hungry vampire shows up there pulled by his little daughter and he gave me a crazy straw to drink out of !"the man gave me a straw!" She said as she threw her head back with laughter."
And then you wanted me to have one of your sippy cups so I could take it home with me!which reminds me i have them still ..those things, the crazy green straw and the cup."

She quickly took a photo out her pocket, it showed a Tan who smiled a fangy smile while wearing pj's and Godzilla foot slippers Scorpius had given her last Christmas ,using the cup and straw.

She then put the picture back after Astoria was done looking.
"danger should be every one last of you lots middle name, I
mean you all were safe after we all made friends, but your brother law was insane with his research,trying to see what I looked like sleeping in my coffin ....right before it was like 2 minutes before it was time for me to rise out of it and awake, I could have made him into h'dourves if i hadn't know it was him by that aftershave he constantly drowns himself in."

She smiled again as they talked about Astoria's son and in laws."Well if that sister in law of yours and old Lucius act up, i can always arrange "a little midnight visit" to their offices...as i recall Lucius always like my little "visits" she said with a broader smirk this time .
As she glimpsed some of Astoria's thoughts and inwardly tsked at the younger woman, who knew better with all those lessons on concealing the mind from all sorts.,she thought of perhaps visiting Draco when Astoria wasn't around and giving him a bit of fright, either herself or via her pet tarantula max knowing of Draco's fright of them, but she wouldn't tell Astoria of that, as she'd probably scold her and take her blood-Tunis away for a week or so.
She was interrupted mid-thought when Ceres came up to them with her dress covered in chocolate a bit and wanting them to her read the back of her chocolate froggie card.
She listened as Astoria read the card carefully to Ceres then asked her about the vampire on the card."Oh..him, yeah thats hogwash as usal..they make up the stupidest things on those cards, he's not an American vampire for one, hes French and went to America, he's quit the book business and and gotten into the rock music racket..says theres much more access to "food" and American witches and smuggles are so more stupider over there, they think vampires aren't real."she said with another even wickeder laugh."
He keeps in touch with me, but hes a bit of vain boy, i used to date him a while back but he was always competing with me to see if which one us would look the prettiest when going out for the night, honestly if it hadn't been for that painting vampire friend of his i would have pulled out his teeth for Scorpius to give to the tooth fairy ages of ago..." she smiled when she reWizarded what Astoria had asked before they'd talked about the very boring other vampire."Well i wouldn't be surprised Astoria if we are related., haven't you've ever wondered why your family has taken such great care of its cemetery and all those lovely secret crypts?"
Also why don't we get little Ceres a little gift and new frock and then perhaps pay a visit to your lovely dad so we can all check out his progress on the matter? I'd love to see who else he 's discovered on the old family tree."

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Post by Jemma Tiquelle Mon Feb 22, 2010 5:35 pm

Heya! Just a couple things I'd like to ask. Is he of Japanese descent, but born and raised in England? If he was born/raised in Japan, why he moved to England would be a nice addition. Also can you add a bit more to 'Hogwarts' please, like maybe whether he liked school, his performance (grades), etc.

Oh, and can you change your name to 'Gackt Kazama' please? If you click on profile at the top you can edit your name there. Thanks!

Love the fact that he has a twin though! Smile. Oh and welcome to the site Smile.
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Post by Jemma Tiquelle Mon Feb 22, 2010 6:20 pm


ACCEPTED and sorted into GRADUATES.
Jemma Tiquelle
Jemma Tiquelle

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