DENT, Jenifer Elizabeth
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DENT, Jenifer Elizabeth

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DENT, Jenifer Elizabeth Empty DENT, Jenifer Elizabeth

Post by Hugo Weasley Sun Feb 14, 2010 8:35 pm

Name: Amy.
Gender: Little fem child.
Age: Teen.
How you found Potter's Army: Oh damn. Umm... I don’t know now but I expect it was an affiliate otherwise some sort of HP-RPG Rank site. Because some of my friends were going over Harry Potter RPG’s and finding the best ones so we were board and went through nigh on hundreds which seems unlikely. But my friendly-friend found this and I’m a nonce so I didn’t find it until like a month after she told me.
Any other characters on Potter's Army: Robert Andrew Dent, Elijah Krum, Narcissa Malfoy and Amadora Althea Lunel. So that’s two canons and two originals.
Have your read the Plot?: Yep.
Have your read the Must read threads?: I’m not a complete idiot but yeah I did just to brush up on some stuff.

DENT, Jenifer Elizabeth Eva_Green%20-%201%20-%20Bond%20Casino_Royale
Name: Jenifer Elizabeth Dent
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Blood Status: Pureblood
Year AND Age: Graduate, 38
Preferred houses: Ex-Ravenclaw
Canon or Original: Original
Play-by: Eva Green

Height: 5’0”
Hair: Shoulder length, Curly, Chocolate brown
Eye colour: Chestnut Brown
Skin: Pale-Light Tan
General Appearance: Jenifer has this classic beauty about her that will always turn heads but she will never flaunt it. Despite having a good figure and a sunny disposition she will use her looks to her advantage because it is an advantage for her and she finds that men’s interests are easily captured. She usually wears her hair around her shoulders in soft curls but has cut it short in the past. She loves her hair and would say it is her best feature although most would disagree. She doesn’t stand very high but it isn’t a problem for her as she prefers being short. Despite being at 5’0” her brother refers to her as his ‘Four-foot-nothing pixie’. She tends to wear flattering clothing and keeps it simple but it is always very stylish as she has a lot of things to make up for. She’ll only wear something elaborate at some sort of party and even then it is nicely limited to what looks good on her and what she feels good in. Most people liken her to her brother although they both adamantly say they look nothing alike.

  • Charms Adept – She’s always found charms easy and had managed to master seventh year spells in her fourth year.
  • Acting – She’s needed it to save face for years and it comes in handy but over the years she has been unable to distinguish another character from herself.
  • Blind shooting – She can hit a target without being able to see it but often things will go wrong and the type of spell she has fired will change upon impact so a Stunner could become the Killing Curse as it travelled towards its hit.
  • Healing – It was something she always seemed to need so she took time out to learn how to be a healer and is now very successful in that area.
  • Powers of seduction – This doesn’t need to be explained, she’s female and hot to boot. She grew up with women who went through guys quicker than underwear so she couldn’t not learn the art.
  • Leglimency – Everyone needs to get into someone’s mind so this is a good skill for Jenifer to have.
  • Wandless Magic – Wandless magic comes a lot easier to her than magic with a wand because she finds that she can draw magic from her core better.
  • Lip Reader – It helps when you’re watching a conversation from long distances.
  • Languages – Jenifer has always found learning languages to be easy and can now speak: Spanish, German, French, Greek, Arabic, Hebrew, Dutch, Danish, Swahili and Yiddish
  • Military Tactics – They were instilled into her and she lives by them.
  • Mimicry – She finds it useful when she’s tracking and can draw the target out by using animal noises or voices of loved ones.
  • Piloting – She can drive, fly or sail anything and is exceptional at riding a broom
  • Tracking – She’ll find anyone although usually it’s her brother.

  • Mistakes – Despite being a talented person she makes mistakes. They might be few and far between but when she does make them they are drastic.
  • Selfishness – She’s a typically selfish person who likes to have her own way and gets very frustrated when things don’t go the way she wants them to.
  • Attention Seeking – She needs to be at the centre of everything.
  • Loneliness - Jenifer is terrified of being alone although she knows that one day due to her selfish nature she will be it isn’t something she is ready to accept.
  • Love – She’s terrified of not finding someone who truly loves her and it is probably what spurs the attention seeking.
  • Defence against the Dark Arts – What’s the point in defending yourself from it when you can just cast the spells back?
  • Clumsy – It’s something she can’t avoid and she’s usually clumsy at the worst times.
  • Impatient – She doesn’t like to wait long for anything and it frustrates her to no end if someone is late.
  • Honesty – She lies, it’s a growing problem.
  • Knowing when enough is enough – She has to push everything as far as possible because it has to satisfy her, not someone else
  • Arrogance – Another problem of hers.
  • Underestimates opponents – It usually ends up with an arm being severed off or something but she is very confident in her abilities and usually forgets about the skill level of her opponent.

  • Weddings – Free cake, duh!
  • Love – Isn’t it swell??
  • Vanilla Ice cream – It’s really good.
  • Parties/Dancing – She can be the centre of attention there.
  • Shopping – Fun!!
  • Clothes - They add to the appeal
  • Guns – Awesome inventions, we should be glad Muggles are useful for something.
  • Men – They’re good to leech off of.
  • Power – It’s an ally that she likes to keep close to her.
  • Duels – It’s the adrenaline rush.
  • Her family – They’re all she’s got and they’re important to her.


  • Traitors – Nothing needs to be said.
  • Cowards – As useless as Traitors.
  • Blood Traitors and Muggleborns – To an extent she dislikes them but will converse if it is beneficial to her.
  • Being Ignored – It should not happen, end of story.
  • Failure – It irks Jen to no end.
  • Politics – Just, ew.
  • People who should be dead, alive – It’s a failed assignment and it’s not good news if it’s her hit walking around alive.
  • Not getting her own way – Another thing that definitely shouldn’t happen.
  • Spells not working – It’s magic for goodness sake! It’s meant to work!
  • Vegetarian Meals – Yuck!

Motto: The problem with instant gratification is that it takes too long...
General Personality:
Jenifer is an incredibly selfish person and is always looking for ways to better her life but despite this she loves her family very much and most of what she does will help them in some way or another. She has a very dark disposition despite being outwardly happy and peppy. Her true emotions lie in her eyes which are usually heavily guarded anyway and difficult to read. She despises her weaknesses and tries to tell herself that she doesn’t have them but they creep up at the worst of times and remind her that she does in fact have horrible traits that end up giving her some horrible consequences for her actions. She is a very proud person and has a bit of an ego that won’t under any circumstances go away. She loves the feeling of power and will do anything to get it even if it means going against everything she believes in. She is always looking for ways to catch someone’s attention and hates when things don’t go her way especially where attention is concerned. Her compassion is wavering and it is shutting down at a shocking rate and all the emotions are being replaced with plastic substitutes. But despite all of this there is a little girl inside of her that is terrified of dying alone without someone to love her.

Family Information:
  • Mother: Charlotte Whitlock-Dent – She’s insane.
  • Father: Joseph Dent – He left me.
  • Siblings: Robert Andrew Dent, 32, - Younger brother and otherwise innocent.
  • Mother’s sisters: Helena, Farah and Genevieve Whitlock – They’re and odd bunch
  • In-Law: Khaat Karina Lupin-Dent – Robert’s wife, Sister in law
  • Nieces and Nephews: Abigail Dent – Robert’s daughter, niece, unborn.

Up to her sixth birthday, Jenifer’s childhood was fabulous but filled with a lot of hesitance on her mother’s part. Jenny knew of the curse on the family and she too wondered why her father hadn’t disappeared. This was pushed to the back of her mind, though because she cared so very much about her father. The two had an unbreakable bond that no one could sever and she knew that he would rather be with her than her mother. She was his princess and she meant everything to him like he did to her. Jenifer believed that her father would be with them forever but then, her mother fell pregnant again. During that time her father began to drift away from them, spending more time at work and distancing himself from Jenifer. She blamed her mother for the fact that her daddy was leaving them and when he disappeared after the boat on the crossing from America at docked in Southampton, it made her hatred for her mother burn stronger. She didn’t blame her baby brother, who at the time they believed to be female, it wasn’t his fault that he was born.

After that, her mother went home to the Whitlock Manor where Jenifer was forced to get on with all of her other relatives who had been subjected to the curse and had been unfortunate enough to lose their husbands. This made Jenifer resent her mother even more and she became quiet and reclusive. After her father’s disappearance she didn’t take to well to people and when her mother started dating the local carpenter it got to the point of pure hatred directed in her mother’s direction and it was virtually impossible to get a sentence out of her. Thankfully by that time Hogwarts was nearing.

Hogwarts was the place where Jenifer got the most attention in her view. She was an exceptional student and was always getting praise from her Professor’s. She basked in it. She was forever getting attention from both males and females alike which meant that she could buy her way into getting favours. It was during her school years when she learned most of her skills. She excelled mostly in practical subjects and wasn’t as good with being able to tell the future which is why she dropped Arithmancy and Divination as well as Astronomy and Ancient Runes.

In her fifth year, Jen received the following O.W.L’s
Ancient Runes: P
Arithmancy: P
Astronomy: A
Charms: O
Defense against the Dark Arts: E
Divination: T
Herbology: E
History of Magic: O
Muggle Studies: E
Potions: O
Transfiguration: O

So then in her seventh year she got the following N.E.W.T’s
Charms: O
Defense against the Dark Arts: O
Herbology: E
History of Magic: E
Muggle Studies: E
Potions: O
Transfiguration: O

Jenifer is the only one that her brother will be involved with from the Whitlock family so she is with her brother quite a bit. Despite this though she does have a double life where she puts her dark personality to use. She is a mercenary and a Death Eater in everything but title. She would love to see the little Muggleborns die and thankfully she knows better than to mention this to Rob. She will do odd jobs for specific people who know what buttons to push and is also a bit of a seductress herself. She uses her feminine whiles to get what she wants and is taking a lot of power from the men that she can leech off of. Jenna has thought about becoming a hit witch but nothing in that job section has come out so she is waiting on it and is seriously considering taking up a job as an Auror so she can get inside the Ministry and see what powerful man-candy she can get there. So far nothing particularly interesting has happened to her in her adult life and she hopes things start to pick up soon as she is itching to get into some kind of trouble.

Short Roleplay: *Runs off*

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Post by Hugo Weasley Mon Feb 15, 2010 12:26 am

Love you Darren! x (: (: (:
Hugo Weasley
Hugo Weasley
Gryffindor Graduate
Gryffindor Graduate

Number of posts : 401
Special Abilities : Occlumency, Leglimency, Memory Manipulation, Non-Verbal Magic, Wandless Magic
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