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Gavin Darklighter

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Gavin Darklighter Empty Gavin Darklighter

Post by Guest Sat Nov 07, 2009 12:39 pm

Out of Character:
Name: Andrew
Gender: Male
Age: 22
How you found Potter's Army: RPG Directory
Any other characters on Potter's Army: N/A

In Character

Gavin Darklighter Mcgee

Name: Gavin Darklighter

Nicknames: Gav, Zippo

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Year AND Age:1995, 25

Birthday: September 3rd

Canon or Original: Original

Play-by: Sean Murry (NCIS)

Blood Status: half-blood

House Graduated, Gryffindor

Height: 5'9

Hair: Brown, Trimmed very short

Eye color: Blue

Skin: Caucasian

Other distinguishing features:Scars: lower back and right arm

Personality: Gavin has become paranoid, while he does have a few friends and does relax from time to time, His code of Honor, Duty and Operational Security over ride all other concerns. He never sits with his back to a door, heaven forbid if he had to sleep without a plain view to the door. Most people see Gavin as serious, others as off putting.
His quest for information about a person sometimes is outside the lines of normal conversations this usually causes a normal person to wonder about Gavin and his motivations and where they may be. Those whom Gavin trusts find him to be a reserved, happy person he is quick to a joke, quicker to a practical joke depending on the circumstances of their meeting.

Skills: Observation, Ability to read Body Language, calm under pressure

Weaknesses: paranoia, over estimation, self doubt, distrust

Likes: Puff Pasties, Butter Beer, Running, Winter, Technology

Dislikes: Bertie bots every flavor beans, dark magic, Anarchists, bunnies

Motto: Servare Vitas- “ To Save Lives”/ Its not enough we do our best, sometimes we have to do whats required.

Family Information: Father: Oleg Darklighter Mother: Amelia (Isabella) Darklighter, stayed with father while ill after briefly working for the Ministry of Magic

Background: Gavin was born to Muggle Oleg Darklighter and British witch Amelia (Isabella) Darklighter, Gavin’s father was a police officer in America before moving back to the United Kingdom with Amelia so Gavin could go to Hogwarts. While waiting to attend Hogwarts Gavin read his father’s training manuals on everything from criminal investigations to traffic control. From a very young age Gavin knew that he wanted to be in Law Enforcement, at the time he was not sure what that role would be. After a typical Hogwarts schooling, at the age of 18 Gavin applied to the Ministry of Magic. He didn’t care where he got in as long as it was in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, he wanted to make his father proud. After training and then Field training, Gavin was assigned as a Muggle Liaison officer, explaining away things to Muggle law enforcement as needed by the Ministry of Magic. Soon after that Gavin’s father Oleg began to fall Ill, his mother unable to care for him caused him to return to his family’s home to tend to his father forcing him to take a leave of absence with the ministry. After missing his line of work, to generate income Gavin signed on for the Muggle police, better known as the Metropolitan Police Department. Two years later after the death of his father, Gavin returns to his world, to find things have changed.

Short Roleplay: Gavin entered the three broomsticks, automatically his habits kicked in, he looked to the left, right and center. “Clear” he said to himself, his habits kept him alive. As he walked to the bar, he scanned the room still occasionally looking Left, right and center. From what Gavin could tell he had not yet sparked anyone’s interest, yet. His orders had been to meet his handler here; the owl that they sent said that it would be someone he knew. He counted in the back of his head, that only narrowed it down to a few hundred people.

(OCC: Admin, my apologies if this Application is not as it should be, i've never filled one like this out before, please advise me of any changes that may need to be made-Andrew)

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Gavin Darklighter Empty Re: Gavin Darklighter

Post by Jemma Tiquelle Sat Nov 07, 2009 10:37 pm

Great app! It doesn't show you haven't filled one out before. Can I be nosy and ask what different -styled applications you've filled out before? I like the Police section in the background/history by the way Smile.
Oh and you can choose the house as you're a graduate - it's just so we don't get a million people in a specific house at one time, we try to vary it, but for graduates it doesn't matter so much. Just like an interesting fact, I guess you could say.

ACCEPTED and sorted into GRADUATES.
Jemma Tiquelle
Jemma Tiquelle

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Gavin Darklighter Empty Re: Gavin Darklighter

Post by Guest Sat Nov 07, 2009 11:56 pm

Well I've filled out a few,but never one coded in BBC format, one admin told me i had to make my own application format...... another was basically to write down the background of my Character,One admin just wanted my name characters name, After talking to a friend they sent me to the RPG directory, thank goodness, this is the best Post Potter RPG that i found. Very well put together and very awesome admins with a reply in less than 12 Hrs! Thank you and i look forward to RPing Smile


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Post by Benjamin Macmillan01 Sun Nov 08, 2009 12:34 am

Ah, ok. I just put in the codes so it's easier really. Not everyone is amazing at coding. Like if I say 'code it yourself' some people will do it really well but some might not. Plus some might blind me with colours Razz. We just ask for more things, I guess. It cuts down on the people that just post an application then leave the site, really.
RPGD is awesome. I'm on there and I like it. Glad to think we're the best Post-Potter RPG on there. That reminds me, I need to bump the topic.
I like to think the site is well put-together! And indeed, very awesome admins Wink. We all live on different time-zones, which can be annoying for communication, but useful as one of us is usually online.
Thanks for all the praise already, and I look forward to RPing with you too! Very Happy

Benjamin Macmillan01
Benjamin Macmillan01

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Gavin Darklighter Empty Re: Gavin Darklighter

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