MALFOY, suzannah.
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Welcome to Potter's Army

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MALFOY, suzannah. Li9olo10

What’s Happening?
Since every few months or so a few of our old members get the inspiration to revisit their old stomping grounds we have decided to keep PA open as a place to revisit old threads and start new ones devoid of any serious overarching plot or setting. Take this time to start any of those really weird threads you never got to make with old friends and make them now! Just remember to come say hello in the chatbox below or in the discord. Links have been provided in the "Comings and Goings" forum as well as the welcome widget above.

MALFOY, suzannah.

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MALFOY, suzannah. Empty MALFOY, suzannah.

Post by Founder Wed Nov 04, 2009 1:02 pm

MALFOY, suzannah. 2yla80o

Out of Character:
Name: Sue.
Gender: Female.
Age: Fifteen.
How you found Potter's Army: D-U-H.
Any other characters on Potter's Army: I don't remember. I had one, but I think it's inactive now.
Anything else: Well, I never really had an application. Ever. About time for one.

In Character

Name: Suzannah Claire Malfoy.
Nicknames: Sue.
Gender: Female.
Race: Human.
Year AND Age: 16/has left Hogwarts.
Preferred houses: ex-Slytherin.
Birthday: 5th October.
Canon or Original: Canon.
Play-by: Leighton Meester.
Blood Status: Pureblood.

Height: 5'6.
Hair: Naturally curly/Brown with red streaks/Long.
Eye colour: Dark Greenish blue.
Skin: Pale, white.
Other distinguishing features: Suzannah changes her features in emergencies, which is quite often. She usually likes to put up the disguise of a tanned blonde girl with short height.


At a first glance, Sue appears to be one of the most typical, stuck up blonde Malfoy girl. But a girl like Sue can never be understood even after years of knowing her. She is probably the most stubborn girl you could find around and the most arrogant too. Pride adds up naturally to her personality and she doesn't put up a job to disguise it. She is straight to the face and stuck-up, she calls it like she sees it. But there are qualities that make her different from the 'typical Malfoy types'. Trouble follows her everywhere, and she's not really the most honest person you could find. But she doesn't lie when she can help it. She is rather brave too, and often wishes that she could control her reckless behaviour. Most of all, she's probably the first one in her family to have thought about 'deciding' her loyalties. Sue is the evil b*tch, all right, but the idea of going around and killing each and every one of the innocent people that you can find isn't really her sort of amusement. Sue likes to boss around everyone rather than serve someone she doesn't even want to. She is Magically very skilled but doesn't like studying much. She despises just about everything that she can't do at her muse. She doesn't like mixing with people either. Her siblings and parents, all had had friends, but she is one of a kind. Sue fears many things, and is very careful about hiding them. Betrayal is probably one of her biggest fears, she's been not betrayed many times in the past because she knows better not to trust anyone. Sue hardly cares for anyone but her family. Especially her twin brother, she loves him a lot and is over-protective of him. She is aware of the fact that he probably doesn't love her back, but he isn't really wrong. Sue is pretty evil, and she knows it. She has been getting even more moodier as each day passes. The only advantage of her living alone is the fact that she's no more immature. She knows enough not to go back to the Death Eaters again. Though nowadays, she doesn't know anything about them, except that it is one of her family members re-recruiting the Death Eaters back again.


*/Dark Magic.
*/Flying. [& Quidditch]
*/Reading. [when her muse is on]
*/Being a b**ch.


*/Being confused.
*/Living alone.
*/Being nice.
*/Dark Forests.
*/Legilemency/Occlumency. [OR, blocking her head]


*/Black colour.
*/Scaring people.
*/Making people angry.
*/Being rude.
*/Chocolate Ice-Cream.


*/Girly girls.
*/Interfering people.
*/Bright sunlight.
*/Creepy insects.
*/Her grandfather.
*/Other b***hes than her.

Motto: Say what you mean, mean what you say and do what you promise to do.

Family Information:

The Malfoy family is probably one of the best known families of the Dark side. Publicly, this family has always managed to keep a clean reputation on both the sides with a long string of lies. Her Grandfather was one of the most faithful Death Eaters of the Dark Lord's time of reign. Her father wasn't really a true Death Eater when he was of Sue's age. He was much too terrified of him. But when the Dark Lord was re-resurrected, then he was one of the first to rush to his side for protection and fame. One of his most foolish action according to Sue. Sue's mother would follow her father for sure. Sue was a whole lot of excited when she was supposedly 'gifted' with the Dark Mark at a very young age, but changed her mind a few years later. Sue's brother too had been given the Dark Mark against his choices. All of her relatives, as far as Sue had known had all been 'graced' with the Dark Mark. The Lestranges, the Blacks, the Greengrasses, as long as it could stretch. There had always been one traitor in each one of the families who either went to the Good Side or just stayed Neutral, but they didn't live longer than a few months. The Malfoys knew too well to prune their family trees to perfection.But there sure had been some lucky ones, and Sue just needed to try out her luck. She doesn't really want to go against her family, but she has got no choices left. The only way out of the dead hole is this way and if she doesn't seize at the opportunity of the Dark Lord's death, then she'd have to stick with the sick family all of her life.


Suzannah was born to Astoria and Draco Malfoy along with his twin brother Scorpius on the rainy day of 5th October. Her parents couldn't have been more glad. They had one daughter and one son just as they had wished. Though her parents weren't exactly too happy to have a daughter with the fiery red coloured hair. But Sue's hair colour was never consistent, it kept changing at the interval of an hour after her birth. Her mother was totally thrilled to have given birth to a Metamorphmagus. Scorpius and Sue both grew up together, though they were poles apart in everything -- from their behaviour to looks. Sue was brunette like her mother, and dark eyed. Her brother was blonde and light eyed. The only similarity -- they were very pale. Her family rejoined the Death Eaters when the siblings were just a couple of years old. As usual the meetings were held in the Malfoy manner. Though her mother was pretty careful to lock them up in their room, they would still get out from one way or the other. Sue had been really 'inspired' by the Death Eaters back then. There always used to be fights, lots of fights, and Sue would watch from her window. She was so much different from the other kids. She didn't like to interact with people at all. Sue had always been fascinated by the green light her Father would shoot at some man, and he would get all rigid and fall back into 'sleep'. Scorpius had sure advised Sue that they were 'bad guys out there' and we should just stay by theirselves. But then Sue joined Hogwarts, and Scorpius made friends at just a blink and was pretty popular too. Sue was the one left alone. People had sure wanted to talk to her. Who could blame one for misunderstanding the arrogant girl behind the oh-so-pretty, innocent face? Sue never liked Hogwarts much. She just had to learn and pass out of there, and then she could join the Death Eaters. It had been the ambition throughout her first two years of Hogwarts. Though not really a topper, Sue was magically talented, and the Dark Lord accepted her in the Death Eaters at just the end of her Third Year. She was much too appalled. She loved the way that they went to the 'missions'. She was too thrilled, and in all of her excitement she committed murder. But she had been Thirteen, and she hadn't an idea of what was happening. She was a kid after all, and the guy had surrendered, and practically asked her to kill himself. Sue had been shocked, but she was 'interested' too, she had always wanted to know what killing was like. Was it as enjoyable? After all, her parents did celebrate after winning a battle and killing thousands...After a year or two, when she was about Fifteen she was ashamed of her mistake. She had grown too, and hundreds of questions fluttered in her mind. She had already been demoted from the Head post due to her continuous absences, and it wasn't really too sad a fact. At last she decided that she'd stop supporting whatever group and just say Neutral. That very day she had decided this, the Dark Lord was killed by the Head of the Death Eaters. After that, the Order and Ministry flocked out like millions of bees in search of the Death Eaters, Sue was one of the few who were on the run. She stuck with her decision and didn't go back to her family who were probably mourning His death. Currently, Sue lives alone, and though not really happy, she will stick with her plan and stay neutral. After all, it's never too late to change yourself for good, is it?

Short Roleplay: Hmmmmm.....

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MALFOY, suzannah. Empty Re: MALFOY, suzannah.

Post by Jemma Tiquelle Sat Nov 07, 2009 10:32 pm

I'm sure you had an app...I just think it got lost when random threads got deleted.
ANYWAYS, accepted Suzy Smile.
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