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Noah Archer

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Post by Noah Archer Wed Oct 07, 2009 10:14 pm

Out of Character:
Name: Jack
Gender: male
Age: teen
How you found Potter's Army: Google
Any other characters on Potter's Army: Keith, Morgan

In Character
Noah Archer Una-foto-di-randall-bentley-92850_cropped
Name: Noah Archer
Nicknames: none
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Year AND Age: 15, 5th year
Preferred houses: Hufflepuff or Slytherin
Birthday: December 26
Canon or Original: Original
Play-by: Randall Bentley
Blood Status: Pure Blood

Height: 5'4
Hair: see picture
Eye colour: see picture
Skin: see picture
Other distinguishing features: small circular birthmark
on base of neck

Personality: It takes a lot to get Noah angry but when he
is he has a cruel streak few can rival. He's quick with his
tongue and his fists, and anyone who gets in his way will get a
taste, friends included. That being said, Noah is generally
pretty laid back, enjoying sports (both magical and muggle) and
just hanging out. He can be cruel and cunning, but doesn't have
much ambition, being a pretty "go with the flow" kind
of guy. He doesn't really have a preferences when it comes to
choosing sides in a war and will go wherever the most pressure
is exerted.
Skills: Transfiguration
Making friends
Weaknesses: Cruel streak when angry
Not very subtle
Not much backbone
Likes: Girls
Hanging out
Fast things
The Dark Lord (Somewhat)
Dislikes: His Parents
The order of the phoenix (Somewhat)
Motto: “Don't worry about life, you're not going to
survive it anyway.”
Family Information: Mom: Sandra Archer
Father: David ?
Siblings: None
No more immediate family.
Background: His mother was a waitress at the 3
Broomsticks, and a loyal spy to Voldemort for years. She got
together with Noah's Dad, a member of the OoTP in a one night
stand, trying to get information out of him. It was only
partially successful, and as soon as Noah's dad found out, he
left and was never seen again.
Meanwhile, Sandra, Noah's mom, was struggling to raise a child.
She instilled in him a fear and respect of the dark lord and
obedience, but perhaps she went too deep. Noah won't push back
unless he's pushed far beyond what most people could endure,
something he has found to be both a strength and a weakness.
However, he's retained a somewhat lazy loyalty to the Dark Lord,
so she's satisfied. When he was 11, she sent him off to Hogwarts.

This is where His history splits into 2 possibilities.

If sorted into Hufflepuff: Noah contacted his mother, who flew
into a rage that he had not ben sorted into Slytherin, cursing
his father, and him, and the damn school. She called him a
failure, and imbecile....and left. Noah hasn't seen her since,
though she still works for the Dark Lord as a faithful servant,
doing God knows what. Before she left however, she imbued the
apartment with several enchantments to keep the muggle
authorities away, and left Noah enough gold to just barely pay
his way through Hogwarts, so perhaps she still has plans for

If sorted into Slytherin: Noah contacted his mother, who was
insanely happy he had been sorted into the "proper
house". For the first time in his life, it seemed like
Noah's mother actually cared about him, and he was happy. In his
3rd year however, he made the mistake of falling in love with a
Gryffindor 5th year. His mother flew into a rage and actually
snapped, finding the girl while she was on vacation and
murdering her. She fled to the safety of Voldemort, leaving Noah
with a place to live and enough money to survive.
Noah Archer
Noah Archer

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Noah Archer Empty Re: Noah Archer

Post by Darren Thu Oct 08, 2009 12:51 am

Accepted and sorted into Hufflepuff!

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