LYONS, Amelia
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LYONS, Amelia Li9olo10

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LYONS, Amelia

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LYONS, Amelia Empty LYONS, Amelia

Post by Amelia Lyons Wed Oct 07, 2009 8:29 pm

LYONS, Amelia E10 LYONS, Amelia E9



    FULL NAME: Amelia Catherine Lyons

    NICKNAMES: None. Amelia despises nicknames (though Elijah insists on calling her Mia, and the rest of the school is particularly fond of “The Ice Queen”)

    AGE: 19, Graduate

    ALLEGIANCE: Neutral

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Former Ravenclaw

    CLASSES: Teaches Potions

    WAND TYPE: Willow, 11.5 inches, Unicorn tail, springy

    PLAY BY: Evan Rachel Wood


    HAIR COLOR: : Strawberry blonde, curly, layered in a medium/long style

    EYE COLOR: Blue

    HEIGHT: 5’ 10”

    BODY TYPE: Lithe, long-limbed

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: Amelia is a tall, slender young woman with fair skin and a blush-prone complexion. She has long limbs and, at times, her awkwardness can be accentuated by her physical appearance. She has long, strawberry blond hair that frames her face in curls and has a tendency to frizz when the weather gets humid. Amelia’s face is narrow with small, defined features. She has a light dusting of freckles across her nose and cheeks that give her a kind of girl-next-door quality. The most prominent features on her face are her doe-like eyes, which are icy blue and always observant and alert. Amelia tends to dress simply when her mother is not in charge of her wardrobe, and in high-maintenance fashions when Antoinette gets to make the decision. Amelia tends not to focus overly on her appearance and is accepting of her body, all except for her unusually small feet, of which she is embarrassed.


    Eidetic memory
    Thinks well on her feet
    Music (piano, violin, voice)
    Perceptive (except she sometimes misses social cues…)

    Inability to trust
    Too hard on herself
    A bit sheltered
    Flying (and therefore any sport that involves flying)
    Fear of heights
    Holds grudges

    Pleasing her parents and other authority figures
    The feeling of accomplishing a task
    Observing others
    Strawberry tarts
    Quiet places

    People who come under-prepared to class
    Prying questions
    Anyone who tries to bring her out of her shell (even though she needs it)
    Anything stewed
    Disruption in her daily routine

    To both please her parents and manage to be happy and successful in her own right (these seem to be mutually exclusive at the moment). And to see Raoul again.

    Amelia remembers everything. She has an eidetic memory, which means she is incapable of forgetting.
    Has a lot of nervous twitches: placing a hand on the back of her neck, wringing her hands, looking at her feet
    Has a mild form of OCD that presents itself in Amelia’s compulsion to have everything in order. Chaos makes her panicky.

    BOGGART: Herself, ten years in the future, as a complete failure.

    PATRONUS: Building an illegal (not Antoinette-approved) tree fort with her brother Raoul when they were kids.

    DEMENTOR: The feeling of being deserted when Raoul left.

    VERITASERUM: She is really very lonely, and wants someone to prove that relationships really are worthwhile.

    AMORTENTIA: Peppermint, New books, freshly cut grass

    MIRROR OF ERISED: Amelia, successfully graduated and employed, standing with a man who loves her and friends that support her, with her parents beaming proudly.

    PERSONALITY: Amelia is an intelligent, somewhat guarded individual. She does not trust easily, and thus tends to keep a boundary up between herself and others. Growing up with strict parents has made her hard on herself, and she is very much a perfectionist. She has high expectations of herself and is dedicated to her schoolwork. Amelia is a calculating individual in all aspects of her life. When one first meets her, he or she may think her to be shy, but it is far more likely that she is weighing her words before speaking. She is a planner, an organizer; someone who might be described as having a type-A personality. She has little tolerance for nonsense, and a caustic wit. She can be honest to a fault, and sometimes a bit too hard on herself and others.


    FATHER: Frederick Lyons, Spell Researcher

    MOTHER: Antoinette Lyons, Concert Violinist

    SIBLING(S): Raoul Lyons, rebel without a cause ((Note: Anyone interested in playing this character should contact me.))

    BLOOD STATUS: Pureblood

    RACE: Human

    SOCIAL STATUS: Wealthy

    Eagle Owl named Aurora

    No, thank you.

    A ruby necklace enchanted to protect the wearer (a Christmas gift from Elijah two years ago)


    Early Years: Amelia grew upon an estate in Birmingham, England. She is the daughter of Frederic and Antoinette Lyons. Her father, a spell-researcher, and mother, a concert violinist, impressed upon Amelia from an early age the need for order, hard work, and perfection. Her mother began her violin lessons at the age of four, piano at six, as well as enrolling her in vocal lessons once she was old enough to speak coherently. Her father taught her the properties of wand work from an early age in hopes that her inexperience might lead to accidental developments in his research, but his plan was short lived, and the only thing gained was Amelia’s advance knowledge of complicated spells.

    Her only sibling is a brother named Raoul, a year older than Amelia. Growing up, Raoul was Amelia’s best friend and the two of them survived their somewhat difficult parents together. Raoul had always been more outgoing than Amelia, who tended to be spontaneous only at Raoul’s suggestion, but they balanced each other out well. When Raoul went off to school, Amelia filled the year with music, work, and preparations for Hogwarts and was excited to follow her older sibling to school the following year.

    Hogwarts Years: Upon arriving at Hogwarts, it came as no surprise when Amelia was sorted into Ravenclaw, even though her brother was in Gryffindor. If there had been any doubt, it didn’t last long. It became apparent quickly that the advanced training Amelia had received at home combined with her shockingly good memory had prepared Amelia for academic success. She worked hard and practiced daily in the hopes of impressing her parents and teachers, whose praise she craved like it was water. Her parents put a lot of pressure on both Amelia and Raoul while they were at Hogwarts, and for several years, the two of them succeeded at school together.

    After fifteen years of parental pressure, however, Raoul began to change. He had always been the social type, making friends with nearly everyone he met, captain of the quidditch team, on course to be head boy. But during his fifth year, Raoul began to subtly rebel against their parents’ wishes. While Amelia toed the line, Raoul stepped further and further out of bounds until the parental pressure they had been bearing together became too much for him to handle. Raoul left school unannounced two years ago and aside from the occasional letter, Amelia hasn’t heard from Raoul. He refuses to tell her where he is for fear she will tell their parents. He does not contact Antoinette or Frederick at all, and they, in turn, refuse to acknowledge his existence.

    Since he left, Amelia has gone from the shy younger sister of one of the most popular guys in school to the awkward “Ice Queen” that keeps too much to herself. Raoul’s disappearance made Amelia even less trusting of the people around her, and though she tries to put up a strong front, she struggles being alone so often and bearing the weight of her parents’ expectations that were meant for two children rather than just one.

    Adulthood: Nothing to write yet.


    YOUR NAME: Amelia (alias, but that is what everyone calls me on here)

    RP EXPERIENCE: Six years

    HOW YOU FOUND US: Through a link from an old Harry Potter roleplay site I used to write on.


    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: To create a dynamic character that can interact on an intellectual level and overcome personal challenges through my writing.


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Amelia Lyons
Amelia Lyons
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LYONS, Amelia Empty Re: LYONS, Amelia

Post by Darren Thu Oct 08, 2009 12:53 am

Welcome to PA!

Good application. Accepted and sorted into Ravenclaw.

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