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Aleski Mikkonen

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Aleski Mikkonen Empty Aleski Mikkonen

Post by Guest Wed Aug 12, 2009 8:28 pm

Out of Character:
Name: Ty
Gender: FtM
Age: Fourteen, soon to be fifteen
How you found Potter's Army: RPG directory
Any other characters on Potter's Army: None
Anything else: Just as a heads up, I've been known to overuse commas. Sorry.

In Character
Aleski Mikkonen L_85ef63c01a7857a5dc05b87301b7211c
Name: Aleski Jarkko Mikkonen
Nicknames: He will occasionally go as Leski, but most people tend to stick with Alex.
Gender: Male.
Race: Human.
Year AND Age: 5th - 6th year/16
Preferred houses: Don't care.
Birthday: Fifth of November
Canon or Original: Original
Play-by: Jamie Campbell - Bower
Blood Status: Half-blood

Height: A little on the shorter side, but not to worry, he'll catch up eventually. Hopefully.
Hair: The length of his hair often changes, but most of the time he keeps it just above shoulder length and it never strays far from its natural dirty-blond colour.
Eye colour: Olive green.
Skin: Caucasian, pale-ish.
Other distinguishing features: Aleski has a gap between his top front teeth, which stick out slightly, and has his right ear pieced.
Having grown up in England with a Finn and a Scott, his accent is fairly mixed although it mostly resembles that of a Londoner.

Leski doesn't often come off as the most likeable person, but he can be nice, honest. He's very stubborn. Not in the sense that he always has to get what he wants, but he always has to be right, at least to a certain extent. If you have a view on something that contradicts his own he will debate it to no end, even if you don't really want to. His temper is short, and although he generally isn't a violent person he likes to sulk when pissed off. He has been compared to a grumpy old man because of the way he mumbles and groans when annoyed.
When it comes to arguing, one of his favourite weapons is sarcasm. He may not be the wittiest man on the planet but a mocking joke here and a snide comment there gets the job done nicely. Often used in combination with this is brutal honesty. 'No, I don't like your new hairstyle, it looks like a bird decided to nest on your head. Now that you mention it those jeans do make your ass look fat. You did ask. Your toad is probably going to die. Pessimistic? I'm just telling the truth.' It's not that he's mean per say, he's very nice to those he feels deserve it, he just thinks that pleasantries are a waste of time and manners are the worst idea since Pete Wentz decided to pick up a bass.
As far as intellect goes, he is potentially quite smart. He just doesn't try as hard as he could when it comes to schoolwork, especially in the subjects he regards as useless, such as charms or astonomy. The NEWT subjects he is aiming to take are transfiguration,history of magic, herbology, defence against the dark arts and potions, as these, along with arithmancy, are the only subjects he passed in his OWLs as they are the only subjects he could be bothered with.He doesn't know what he wants to do as a career when he leaves school, but he does know that he's going to travel,a nd possibly go back to Finland.
Aleski has a few hobbies, none of them really serious. He likes to fly for fun and has often been encouraged by friends and family to try out for the Quidditch team, but personally he finds the sport boring and pointless. He has a keen interest in literature and loves to read and occasionally write, and has considered one day writing a book, although what about he doesn’t know. The two single genres of music he listens to are classical and traditional metal, and believes that most other genres are simply a waste of time.
He is a hopeless romantic at heart and hopes to get married eventually, although he isn’t even completely sure as to what way he swings yet. Although he has had problems lending people his trust in the past when he does trust you he trusts you completely, almost to the point of foolishness. Packaged along with his stubbornness is loyalty and dedication to anything or anybody who he feels deserves it, which isn’t a lot. He drinks Firewhisky whenever he can get his hands on some and occasionally smokes.

- Can lie easily under pressure.
- Is intelligent, if he wants to be.
- Knows how to be stealthy.
- Surprisingly good with children.
- Incredibly loyal.
- Impatient, irritable and short-tempered.
- Takes some things too seriously, and other things not seriously enough.
- Is God-awful at charms.
- Generally doesn’t come off as a very nice person.
- Doesn’t work well in a group.
- Has trouble taking orders from authority he doesn’t respect on his own.
-Traditional metal and classical music
-History, particularly Nordic history
-Ignorant people
-Pretty boys and plastic girls
-All genres of music except metal and classical
-Pop culture
Personal mottos are for pussies and emo kids.
Family Information:
Biological Mother – Jannike Virjonen, Finnish, halfblood.
Biological Father – Unknown, most likely Finnish, believed to be pureblood.
Adoptive Mother – Hanne Mikkonen, Finnish, pureblood.
Adoptive Mother – Sarah Mikkonen (Munroe), Scottish, muggleborn.

Not much is known about Aleski's true parentage. He was the result of a drunken one night stand between seventeen-year-old Jannike Virjonen and an unknown partner, and was born in a hospital in Vantaa, Finland before being placed in the care of the Finnish national children's home for the magically gifted. When he was nineteen months old he was adopted by Finnish native Hanne Mikkonen and her Scottish born wife Sarah Mikkonen, who had been trying to adopt a child for almost three years.
When he was four they moved to the village of Culloden, situated near Inverness, Scotland, so that Sarah could look after her elderly mother who lived there and Alex could have his name put down for Hogwarts, as the Finnish school of magic was suffering at the time.
When Alex's grandmother passed away when he was six years of age, they decided to use the money she had left them to move down to London. His parents debated on whether or not to send him to a muggle primary school, but decided that it would probably be safest just to home-tutor him. Although he lived in an area with plenty children his own age, he didn't socialise with them much and instead preferred the company of teenagers and adults. One of his main role-models growing up was his next door neighbour who bought him a guitar at the age of eight and attempted to teach him to play it, without much success. After getting frustrated with it one day, Aleski managed to make the guitar smash itself against the wall and was confused as to why exactly his parents seemed happy rather than angry.
At the blossoming age of twelve, he first boarded the train that took him to his new school. He then began to experience the complete and utter nightmare that is puberty and went through numerous friends, enemies, girlfriends, boyfriends, had a few temper tantrums, got a few detentions and eventually managed to pass his OWLs with decent-enough grades.
Short Roleplay:
Aleski Mikkonen lay on his bed, bored. It was a Saturday, and a sunny one at that, so naturally the dormitory was deserted. Everyone just wanted to go outside and enjoying the scorching heat while it lasted, and it wasn’t likely to last long, this was Scotland after all. Everyone except Aleski, who was levitating a pair of old socks with his long, mahogany wand. Sunshine was overrated, and it was too busy out there anyway. There were first years daring each other to swim in the loch and screaming whenever the giant squid came anywhere near them, girls running around squealing when their friends splashed them and couples eating each others faces. No, he was much better off in here, on his own. He just wished he had something to do.
He had just finished his last book and wouldn’t be able to buy any more until the next Hogsmeade weekend. The library was closed today except for students who wanted to study, and he really didn’t feel like studying today, although he knew it would probably be a good idea. He made the socks to somersaults in the air and glanced out of the window, where he could just make out figures by the loch. He could hear voices from outside and it was starting to get on his nerves.
Sighing he flicked his wand and the socks landed gently on his bedside table. He climbed off the bed, attempted to flatten his long, blond hair, stuffed some parchment into his pocket and made his way down to the library. He might as well just get his transfiguration essay out of the way

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Had a hard time on deciding the house xD
And by the way, your App. was great!!!!!!!
Welcome to Potter's Army, anyways!!!!!!!!

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