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Rosalie Potter

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Rosalie Potter Empty Rosalie Potter

Post by Guest Sun Aug 09, 2009 4:00 pm

Out of Character:
Name: Rosalie
Gender: Female
Age: 16
How you found Potter's Army: Funny as it is I was looking for picture of Redheaded actresses and Models and on google images and when I clicked on this one it led here, the site looked really good so I decided to join.
Any other characters on Potter's Army: Not yet
Anything else: nope

In Character
Rosalie Potter Rosalie-4

Name: Rosalie Dulcea Potter
Nicknames: Rose, Rosie, Kitty (Father only)
Gender: Female
Race: Half-Veela
Year AND Age: 20, graduate
Preferred houses: Ex-Slytherin
Birthday: October 19th 1999
Canon or Original: Related to Cannon but a original (I did ask Jemma and she said it was ok.)
Play-by: Nikki Reed
Blood Status: Pureblood

Height: 5'7 1/2
Hair: Naturally curly dark golden blond hair but she has days when it more wavy then curly and then sometimes she straightens it. It is long and when straight trails to her waist and when curly is about mid back length.
Eye colour: bright but dark violet/blue
Skin: She is actually a bit of in-between a very pale skin and a tan, some have called it a olive skin tone, but it could be because the Potters were always on the pale side and her mothers family while pure had some Hispanic in their background.

Other distinguishing features: Her eyes are probably the most distinguishing, they express all her emotions even when its not the best ones. Some have said that if looks could kill her glare would be what killed them.


Rosalie is a normally happy person, and when she was a child she was always happy. Not rain or shine could make her smile fade and even when she'd do something daredevil like and break a bone she wasn't hurt enough to frown. As she grew older though she started seeing the world out of the black and white and more in Grey. She loves to smile still and many have compared her smile to that of a angel but Rose is far from angelic. She knows what she wants in life and by George she will do anything to get it.

She is also vain, self centered and arrogant, and spoiled. Her fathers family was a old pureblood family and though her grandfather, Gregory Potter was disowned for believing in the old pureblooded way and his younger brother given the tittle of heir he was still given a account to leave with that held adequate amount of money. He soon saved up and the Fortune the Potter's have now is almost the same as the main potter family. Rose doesn't hate muggle borns, but she doesn't like to associate with Muggles, in a since she fears them but she would never admit it. She is hates bullies, as though she isn't the kindness person she has never sunk that low and she loves children, but she cant have any because of scar tissue on her womb, thanks to years of bad choices.


her emotions
Thinking of others
Not trusting

Her beauty
Her family – most of them

Her nose – She thinks its to big
Her eyebrows – they are way darker then her hair and it appears brown and makes people thing her hair is died, when it isn't.

Motto: If people were meant to love everyone we wouldn't need half our emotions.

Family Information:

This branch of the Potter line was started by Greggory Potter the brother of James Potter Seniors father. He was disowned for believing in the old pureblood way so much that he called his family blood traitors and a friend of James' a muggle lover. He was also known for spitting on Muggle borns and muggles and using the word Mudblood a lot. When he was 18 his family had enough and disowned him his mother setting up a account with a bunch of galleons in it so he could leave.

Years down the line in 1965 he had a son, Marcus Potter who went to Durmstrang. Greggory died when Marcus was 18 and had been married for a year to a pureblooded American Ellen Belle. Marcus had a Son in 1980, Damien Potter who grew up in America and attended Salem. Marcus died when Damien was 20 which was in 1999 just months before Damien's wife, a Veela from France but with Hispanic in her blood as well, had the first daughter in generations, Rosalie Dulcea Potter.

Others in her family is Harry Potter, Ginny Potter, James Potter, Albus Potter, Lily Potter, and Nick Potter.

Rosalie was born in October making her have to wait a year before she could attend any school. When the time came though she asked her father if they could return to Brittan and she could attend Hogwarts. She begged for a week before her father agreed and they were off before she knew it. She was popular in Hogwarts and loved being in Slytherin, she was the first Potter to be in the house for a long time and she was very proud of this. Being as vain as she was she didn't try and hide her beauty and though she never really meant to she knows realizes as she is older and more mature now that this probably had to do with the Veela allure and not her beauty.

Though she is still vain she isn't one who flaunts on purpose anymore. She graduated Hogwarts when she was 18 as she was a year older then her classmates. She knows her cousins well enough, though she respects them she isn't known for hanging out with them.

Short Roleplay:

Rosalie smiled as she sat lounged under the tree close to the Black lake. She would always come here to think when she was in school here and now that she was seeking a job she had come back to see if they were hiring. Of course if they weren't she had a plane B. St,mungos was almost always hiring as was the ministry. Her father had been extra worried about her with the battle going on soon, after her cousin, Harry Potter had died all Hell had broken loose and she had even felt a bit of sympathy for her cousins family, but she was Potter, from a disowned branch or not and the two families had learnt things differently,

Being a former slytherin this also taught her something, never show pity towards a half blood or Muggle born..and this had also been taught to her from her family. Though she admired her father was a bit more lax on the subject compared to what was told about her grampa Marcus and great gramps Greg.

“Rose..get in here, were leaving.” She heard her mother belle like voice yell. She sighed as she stood. She may have been almost 21 years old but her mother and father still looked at her like a teenager, sometimes it was hard to get away from them on outings like this. She dusted herself off and walked towards her mother and father watching as the wind blew her mother platinum blond hair around and her crystal blue eyes sparkled. Her father stood beside them with Black unruly hair and almost Violet eyes. Their was no doubt who her parents were.

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Rosalie Potter Empty Re: Rosalie Potter

Post by Jemma Tiquelle Sun Aug 09, 2009 4:44 pm

ACCEPTED and sorted into GRADUTES.

The Potter's history worked really well Smile.
Ooooh an ex-Slytherin Potter. She sounds awesome. Vain and ambitious...wonder where she'll end up working. I like Slytherins & ex-Slytherins way too much...
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